Top 10 Reasons Why Republicans are Better Than Democrats

The liberals who can't handle that I support Trump are aggravating me. So here's a list why Republicans are better than Democrats.
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1 Republicans are better at economics

Depends on who you're talking about.

The economy was well under Eisenhower, Reagan, and Bush Sr. The economy was horrible under Nixon, Ford, and Bush Jr. So it's about split up the middle.

They're better at improving the economy of the super-rich, that is. Reaganomics did nothing but unfairly distribute money among the classes. The Democrats aren't amazing, but at least they're more moderate.

Statistically, the US economy does much better under Democrats than under Republicans. Look it up.

2 Republicans realize that Common Core is stupid

I did great in school, too, until that came along. Democrats are like Dolores Umbridge, Republicans are like Albus Dumbledore. Democrats equal more rules, Republicans equal rules that are only necessary to keep us protected and ones that will actually help us.

I did great in school until Common Core came along.

3 Republicans believe that those who work harder should get paid better, and shouldn't have to pay more simply because they have more money

Stupid logic! Not everybody gets the chances in life to pay for expensive studies or to find a decent job. How could they? If everybody was rich, there would be no more rich people (which is also why comments like "socialism makes everybody equally poor" are stupid and illogical).

Who will change the oil of your Rolls Royce or whatever big expensive car you have? Who will serve your coffee? Who will clean the toilets at your work? Everybody is needed in a society. The master-slave mentality is over, but it seems that Republicans are willing to bring that back again. In a society that is "correct," it's normal for those with more money to pay more than those with less.

For instance, someone earning $8,000 a month has no problem paying an insurance premium of $500. A person who earns $1,000 a month is losing half of their pay for the same insurance. Is that a "sane" society? Why should the person who has no problem with the $500 insurance be rewarded?

4 Republicans don't whine and protest, they actually go to work and do stuff

I honestly dislike Trump and conservatism, but after he won, the entire Hollywood and liberal community acted like crybabies. But it's their fault Hillary did not win. They kept telling us to vote for her when they didn't even bother to vote the entire time! Shake my head. What do people not understand about practicing what you preach?

So when was the last time the Republican party made a group similar to Antifa? When was the last time that Republicans caused as much trouble after a Democratic inauguration as Antifa did?

Even Trump himself has gotten more done in four years than everything Biden said he planned to do in four decades.

5 The most effective presidents have been Republicans

Woodrow Wilson: Democrat. He tried his best to keep our country neutral, but when it was time to take action, he led us through WWI like a true leader.
William Howard Taft: Republican. Got stuck in a bathtub.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Democrat. Even with polio, he served four terms and led us to victory in WWII.
Herbert Hoover: Republican. Promised us hope after the stock market crashed, but ultimately did nothing.

John F. Kennedy: Democrat. Greatly improved black rights in the 60s and is considered one of the best presidents ever.
Richard Nixon: Republican. Was involved in a scandal at Watergate, which made him resign.

Barack Obama: Democrat. Accepts everyone and improved relations with many countries.
Donald Trump: Republican. Has nothing better to do than call everything "fake news" and bash everyone.

President Trump is the best thing that happened to the United States. When people want the American dream, some Americans do not appreciate the opportunities they have. Why should liberals take a one-way ticket to Venezuela? They will be eating dogs there. See if the girl from NY and her other two friends like it. They should love the country that opened its doors to them and gave them the opportunity to participate in this great democratic experience.

6 Republicans recognize that marriage should stay between a man and a woman

Listen, I'm about as right-winged as anyone from my area comes, and this might sound bad, but I never understood why gay marriage is a bad thing. I am pro-gun and pro-life, but I'm for same-sex marriage, just simply because it's not harmful to anyone.

You actually think that gays should not be allowed to marry? Basically, someone cannot marry another person if they agree to it?

Read Spodermanfan1000's quote. He's right. What is wrong with gay marriage?

This is like saying, "Men know that white men and the government should remain the only voters." Like, come on, deal with it. Just as women weren't allowed to vote back then but now can, marriage was once only between a man and a woman, but now it can be between both genders. Things are changing around here.

7 Republicans hate abortion

Everyone should hate abortion. How could anyone possibly think that ending the lives of innocent babies is okay? Legalized abortion is one of the greatest evils of our time. It has claimed more lives than the Holocaust or the Black Plague. Legalized abortion amounts to the genocide of the unborn.

Um, I thought these were reasons why Republicans were better than Democrats, not the other way around. Sometimes people NEED to have an abortion, or they could die. And sometimes the baby might not survive as well. So, are you suggesting we should let both die instead of saving at least one life?

I'm a hardcore liberal, and I think abortion is the most stupid thing. Just because it's in the womb doesn't mean it's not alive. There are no "Republicans" or "Democrats" fully. It's the people, not the party.

8 Republicans will use the military as a first resort to end a potential threat to the nation

Bill Clinton, when 9/11 happened, wanted the military to shoot one missile at the last second. So, do you guys want another 9/11?

Because that all went well with George W. Bush starting our war in Iraq.

I totally agree!

9 Republicans don't make strict gun regulations

Criminals/terrorists will likely steal weapons when they go do their crimes, so gun control laws are moot since they don't follow them. Trying to enforce gun control regulations will actually make us law-abiding citizens more vulnerable.

This item is stupid. Gun laws should definitely be stricter. Right now, people can go and buy guns at Walmart (or whatever shop there is in America). Anyone, anywhere, any time. Doesn't that sound absurd to you? Other countries have stricter regulations, and as a result, we don't have to worry as much.

Okay, but there's a new school shooting on the news every other day. There was just one at UCLA a couple of days ago. Whether or not you believe in gun control is irrelevant to the fact that something needs to be done.

10 Republicans don't support a healthcare that is like Obamacare

Yeah, millions of people who didn't need saving were "saved," like those with drug addictions and individuals attempting to make money because they enjoy it, not because they need it. And because of that and other recent events, we have something called inflation. Say it with me: inflation. Do you know what it means? If you don't, look it up, because I'm not helping a Democrat. Ew.

Thanks to Obamacare, millions of people have been saved, including babies, who, not under Obamacare, were denied coverage because they were "too fat".

We have an equivalent to Obamacare in Australia, and it works amazingly well. You guys need to stop being so opposed to socialism.

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11 Republicans handle foreign policy better, and don't let other nations walk over the U.S.

While ISIS is killing Christians and causing terrorist attacks, Obama is saying they're misunderstood. Not to mention Obama and his associates are trying to force Islam on everyone.

Yes, Bush was a Democrat, and Trump alienating allies and befriending dictators is good foreign policy, I guess.

12 Republicans try to expand the military, which will make the U.S. a stronger nation

My father was in the military when 9/11 happened, and Bill Clinton said only shoot one missile, which missed. That makes America and the military weaker. Oh, and Obama is doing nothing.

Spodermanfan1000, your father made that up. George W. Bush was president during 9/11, not Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush did absolutely nothing to stop 9/11.

Instead of educating its very own people. No, the military is better because it must cause civil wars in other countries. (Sarcasm)

13 Republicans have helped the country's economy, Democrats have put us in debt

This is not true. George H.W. and W. Bush both left the economy in worse shape. Clinton and Obama left the economy in better shape than their Republican successors.

And Obama also reduced unemployment and dealt with the Bush deficit. But it is true he hasn't done anything about our federal debt, I'll admit that.

Reagan drove us far into debt.

14 Republicans follow the Bible

Yes, and that's why they should bring back the practice of stoning women who have sex before marrying and other pearls of wisdom from those times.

Republicans know that just because Jesus died for our sins, it doesn't mean earning a free pass to go against God's commandments.

Next, tell me Republicans are excellent because they follow everything the Harry Potter books say. It's the same thing.

15 Republicans are more mature

I've seen liberals protesting and behaving immaturely, claiming their riots are peaceful, which I disagree with. Liberals say they are more educated than Republicans, which is not true. Just because they're young and clueless about real-world problems like terrorism doesn't mean they're more educated. They're just inexperienced.

Trump is actually an amazing example of showing how immature the liberals are. Instead of just accepting what's going on, they all have to go on their protests of IMPEACH TRUMP!

The worst part about this is that people online who are liberal use this immaturity to manipulate arguments.

16 Republicans are politically incorrect

The only point I could really agree with (unless this is the trashy new version of political correctness that's exceedingly exaggerated) is that while I do agree political correctness has gotten out of hand, it's usually associated with "libtards" like me. I also recognize that the idea of political correctness is just as in line with freedom of speech as political incorrectness is. Us Democrats have made mistakes in seeing political correctness as objectively correct when really, political correctness is just the avoidance of insults and pejoratives that certain sensitive people can't withstand.

The empathetic nature of Democrats results in disputes of these words as hate speech when arguably, they're just strong insults. Republicans who are forcefully and vocally politically incorrect are equally as bad as the Democrats in this instance because the line between what is and isn't hate speech is too thin, and neither Democrats nor Republicans can see eye to eye on the issue due to stubbornness.

In conclusion, Republicans see "politically incorrect words" as just ways to enunciate a point and enact their freedom of speech, similar to regular swear words, while Democrats see "politically incorrect words" as legitimate hate speech that put down the people or ideas that the words are describing. While it doesn't necessarily make Republicans better than Democrats, Republicans are politically incorrect and to some people, that's a reason they're better than Democrats.

17 Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Theodore Roosevelt are considered the greatest presidents of all time.

One, Lincoln and Roosevelt would most likely be Democrats today. They both identified as being progressives. Two, Reagan is massively overrated.

Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt would be considered Democrats today. And Ronald Reagan was actually terrible, if you dig deeper.

If it wasn't for Lincoln, slavery would still be a thing today!

18 Republicans put facts before feelings

What facts? Republicans lie all the time. All the facts support the Democrats on most issues. Or do you mean "alternative facts"?

Democrats just put feelings first instead of the facts, which aren't very helpful. Facts are proof, not just what some idiot feels.

We just need you to wear a mask.

19 Republicans don't like socialism

You are partially correct about the United States being in a bad financial situation currently. That's why we should stop allowing Democrats to spend our nation's budget on nonsense. In the first 100 days after our last Democrat left office, not only did our nation's stock market jump up 5%, but six months down the road, we continued to better that number. Our unemployment rate has hit a record low that hasn't been seen since 2007. Numbers and actual fact checking will prove that Democrats are the downfall of our country.

Ronald Reagan said, We are the last stand on earth. If we fall, there is nowhere else to go. If we become like all the other countries with our policies and government, then we'll lose all the great freedoms we have. Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence keep us free. We shouldn't ever change those. Republicans will fight for the Constitution. Democrats want to destroy it. Everything America was built on, they want to tear it down.

20 Republicans don't support terrorism

Republicans make terrorism a priority, this is why we need an expanded military in the U.S. We need a stronger force to fight terrorists. We actually care about our people and put problems as priorities.

Terrorism needs to stop immediately!

21 Republicans love America

I hate people who say America is a bad country (mostly Liberals). "America is racist" - Obama was elected twice. "America is homophobic" - At least you won't get killed like you would in Islamic countries, and plus, I'm sure most rightists aren't homophobic. "There used to be slavery in America" - It was abolished 165 years ago, and if you didn't know, there is slavery still around in other countries, so there is not much to worry about here.

You see, America is a good country because you are allowed to say here "America is a bad country" (free speech is a good thing about living here).

Democrats are all about changing the constitution, the legacy of our founding fathers, our morals, and belief in God, etc. They think all the founding fathers were racist and that our constitution isn't good. They think they need to change everything. Well, guess what - America was founded by God. The constitution keeps this country together and America is the land of the free. It's the best country. So if Biden and the other Democrats want to change this country so badly, then they should just leave. Then they'll figure out what socialism and communism really are and they'll realize they don't want to live in a communist country after all.

22 Republicans don't push their liberal views on our nation's youth

It appears that colleges in general are strongly influencing students towards Democratic thinking. The students love to hear that the Dems want to pay for their college. But think - when has anyone ever paid for something without wanting something back? Yes, if the government is paying for your college, they will then eventually have the right to start governing how many students will be eligible for specific paths of study, mandating certain percentages of students for each major. Government management - a certain pathway to socialism and loss of freedom.

All Democrats do is find something that is innocent, act all offended over it, and push an agenda. Some products that have been around for years have just now been labeled "racist" and "offensive".

Of course, they aren't immature like lefties.

23 Republicans are pro Constitution

Imagine supporting the Constitution with your whole heart. Sure, the Constitution was modern for its time when it first came around, but now it's a big mess. The Second Amendment, enough said. Also, Republicans violate that very amendment as well. "The right to bear arms in a regulated society." Since when were the US' gun laws ever well-regulated?

You do realize that Trump, only three months in, has already violated the Constitution?

24 Republicans don't lie

Ha! How many lies has Trump told since being in office? Who's paying for the wall? Not Mexico. Liar. Did you sign up for Trumpcare? Nope, because there isn't one. LIE. Where's the 10% tax cut for the middle class Trump was talking about to buy votes? There never was one. LIE. Who was in control of the House and Senate for the past 10 years? Republicans!

No other President in history has been so blatantly racist, bullying even his own party, insulting leaders of other countries, and praising dictators! Trump was a Democrat before he ran for president. When he was asked during an interview if he would ever run, he said if he did, it would have to be as a Republican because they believe everything you say. The one true thing he's actually said!

He even insults his followers, and you still support him! Surprised people still support him knowing he's not only a terrible President but a person as well! By the way, how many lawsuits are pending against Trump, his family, his foundation, and his business? You only listed one Democrat, and she was never president!

25 Republicans don't use the race card

They appeal to minorities just to get more votes, and they hardly do anything for them! It's absolutely disgusting.

Walker as the token black Republican is what?

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