Turkey Rants: Shouldn't This List End Already?

Turkeyasylum This list I have decided to rant about is called "Most Overrated Users Of TheTopTens". There's already something wrong with the title- the word "Overrated". So how do we judge who is overrated? Isn't it your opinion how much attention someone gets? How can we measure how much attention everyone gets? These questions are what we need to ask. Also, as Mikey said in his blog post, we seem ti be misusing the word Overrated. We criticize users based on how much we like them, but some of them get little to no attention. Some of the names are also fake names, which leads us ti the next thing.

Fake names. Are you serious? Who thought it would be funnly to add Candy, Zoey, Two, Pizza, or Booger to the list? Well, some 8 year old shouldn't even be playing around with the top tens anyway! And if those are real names, why haven't we heard of them? Wouldn't that leave them disqualified from being on the list?

Now to the disrespect. As we ALL know, two TopTenners, Puga and SevenLizards hate each other over ARTHUR. Shouldn't they stop arguing over an animated aardvark? Well, apparently they are arguing over other useless stuff, too. They need to stop bickering, and if they don't stop being jerks to each other, I might as wise listen to rubbish like Anaconda instead of being on this hellhole of a site! Is this really what this site is coming to?

Also, this list is turning into a clone of Worst Users! That list was by far the worst list that has even been on this site! So, anyone on here, vote or remix this list to first on the lists of Worst Lists On TheTopTens and lists that need to be removed. That's all.


Sorry, mate, but your argument doesn't make sense. - PetSounds

For the 500th time its not a fight about the show anymore. - Puga

Yes it's true that Puga and SevenLizarads needs to quit arguing, but SevenLizarads needs to stop being a douchebag. You and other are always protecting his bad behavior while Puga and other people that don't like him have to go through the pain having him.

You have to understand is that SevenLizards is a bad person not an angel. - visitor

This. You sir, have absolutely nailed it. - Puga

Thank you. - Garythesnail

I'm getting very bored with arguing with Puga. I've got better things to do on thetoptens. - visitor

lol - Puga

I agree here it caused the SevenLizards and Puga argument to start - simpsondude

I do agree that you should that people out fake names like "Visitor". But people who made lists like "users who don't severe to be on (This list)" are just mad. - Mumbizz01

"Isn't it all a matter of opinion who we find overrated"
Well duh. By that logic we should every single list on this site. - Puga

"We seem to be misusing the word overrated"
Says the guy who put these three in the top three of his remix:
1. SelfDestruct (underrated)
2. Comparisons (not rated)
3. Comments (not rated) - Puga

Well, Self Destruct is overrated, and Comparisans and Comments are just his other troll accounts. SelfDestruct is overrated since he bashes other users. - Turkeyasylum

I changed my remix since then. - Turkeyasylum

Since then, I've changed my remix. - Turkeyasylum

TurkeyAsylum, It doesn't mean he's overrated because he bashes other users. Overrated means you get too much attention. You could say he mean or something like that. You're misusing the word "Overrated"

Damn. Some people here don't know what overrated means - CoolCat999

They should remove it - BigBrotherSucks

Some people don't know what overrated means - EpicJake

You're right. - Mumbizz01

Including yourself, Jake. - Puga

I changed my remix Puga - EpicJake

No that's you Puga. - visitor

I hate this list. I will tell admin to end it right now. - cosmo

He said let it be - JaysTop10List

For crying out loud do people know what overrated means?! - CoolCat999

This list doesn't makes sense. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

I'm not really against this list anymore... it's gaining a purpose. - Turkeyasylum

Love this list actually - visitor

Wow, I'm laughing looking at my old posts! - Turkeyasylum