Just a Reminder, They are Your Lists, Not Ours

The following are messages we have received from visitors to the site. Instead of responding to each person individually, I'm going to simply post them here and remind everyone that we do not dictate the items that are on each list or the order they are ranked in. You do.

So don't worry about wasting your time asking us to fix lists or do our homework. If you disagree with a list, do you part to correct it. Vote on items that need to be ranked higher, add comments to convince others of your opinion, and add items that you feel should be in the list.

"Your list is comlpetely wrong. Do some more research and then fix your list. Mariah Carey should be number one!"

"Are you kidding me with that list?!! Your top ten is all jacked up! 1. Oscar Robertson 2. Jerry West 3. Wilt Chamberlin 4. Michael Jordan 5. Bill Russell 6. George Mikan 7. Kobe Bryant 8. Larry Bird 9. Magic Johnson 10.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lebron James is not even worthy yet of being in the TOP 10. Your top 100 is even a joke. J.J. Redick? Earl Boykins? Noah?? These are "good" players but definetly not worthy being called the Greatest Baketball Players of all time. Apparently, you and your voters don't know basketball history very well. Everyone is addicted to fad players rather than realize what is actually good from not. Kobe is a great player bc like MJ he can do it all pass, shoot, defend... Lebron is a terrible defender and is inconsistent. Kobe and MJ are not. Anyhow do your homework. Don't disgrace the names of those who built this empire to be what it has become."

"Ustedes creen que los mejores cantantes son gringos o ingleses,ha, ha, ha. El mejor cantante del siglo veinte en cualquier idioma y en cualquier genero se llama Camilo Sesto, de España. ¿Lo han escuchado alguna vez? Mejor no lo oigan, porque barre el piso con cualquier cantante estadounidense o ingles. ¿Que es lo mejor que tienen? ¿Freddy Mercury? ¿Elvis? ¿Michael Jackson? ¿Frank Sinatra? "

"I am laughing at your top ten list because even that has not been left out of the dirty politics your governments are imposing on the lovley and orginal nations of the world at the top of which is Iran. Just for your information and so that you learn a little bit about where the food is, the Persian Cuisine offers an endless number of delicious, energetic, nutiritive, stylish and delicately cooked vergeterian and meat-eaters dishes and together with a large variety of desserts and puddings as well as salads and soups that it offers, your list is nowhere to match it. Bring up The Persian Cuisine at the top of your list and give your list some genuinity and luxury. By the way, I am no professional cook but I surely know well the quality, taste and look when it comes to food."

"you must be an american to believe that usa is the best place to live in the world, because being canadian, "usa is only for the selfish". i would need to see more humanity in a country before i would live there."

"your list was totally messed up and backwards. Dane Cook is a no talent hack only famous because he's "good-looking". Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Louis ck, Sam Kinison should be on the top list. Sorry but your idea of funny is warped."


dane cook is a no talent hack though - biscuits

Whoa whoa... calm down everyone *as he sets up the cages*. Its so sad how everyone is so quick to judge quick to anger (quoting Rush). - fireinside96

Who the hell would blame the Top Tens for this crap anyway?! - Pikachulover1

Look people, these lists are mostly opinions, if you would like to vote on a certain item, then vote on it! Don't blame other people for showing their opinion, jeez. - NerdyPweeps

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