First Round Review and Second Round Predictions for the NBA Playoffs

So with the first round done let's look at the winners and losers

In the West

1 Warriors VS. 8 Trail Blazers
The Warriors swept the Trail Blazers. The Warriors just beasted and feasted, but their are a few problems with the Warriors that series.
1. Steve Kerr is still sick.
2. The inside Defense was not consistent.
3. They don't have confidence with Durant.
If they fix these things they will do well in the second round.

2 Spurs VS. 7 Grizzlies
This series was fun ending in six games. Tony Parker showed up and had a great series for the Spurs. Kawhi Leonard showed up and really carried them. This also where we got the new meme "Take that for data." This comment was from David Fizdale and Gregg Popivich running away from a camera.

3 Rockets VS. 6 Thunder
This series was great ending in 5 games. The Battle of MVP'S did really good, but ended up with The Beard's team coming up on top.

4 Clippers VS. 5 Jazz
The Jazz surprisingly won this series with both Gordon Hayward and Joe Johnson destroying the Clips in 7 Games. Blake Griffin did get injured though which might have contributed to the lose.

In the East

1 Celtics VS. 8 Bulls
The Celtics somehow came back after being down 2-0 then went on a 4-0 run. Ronda getting injured might have pressed Wade to play better and he did it is just Butler didn't. Which gave the Celtics a open door.

2 Cavs VS. 7. Pacers
The Cavs won in a sweep. The Pacers were so discombobulated with Paul George trying to be all bad, but then missing the game 4 winning shot. The Cavs defense turned it on most of the series, but they still have a lot to do.

3 Raptors VS. 6 Bucks
Dang I really wanted the Bucks to win Giannes Antekutompo played great. Toronto did win though with some great moments, but they crapped on defense and you don't want that against the Cavs.

4 Wizards VS. 5 Hawks
Wizards won this one easy.

So on to predictions for the second round.

1 Warriors VS. 5 Jazz
The Warriors Jazz. I think this will end in a 6 game series with the Warriors winning, but if the Warriors do not do what I stated earlier they will probably lose. The Warriors must play defense on the inside the Jazz attack the paint a lot.

2 Spurs VS. 3 Rockets
I don't know who to pick. Both teams could easily win this, but I have to go 3 Stars instead of 1 star so the Spurs might win, but I just don't know. I do know it will be a 7 game series for sure.

1 Celtics VS. 4 Wizards
I am going Wizards in 7. The Wizards have John Wall and Bradley Beal. Both are on fire and Isaiah Thomas is on fire, but two players on fire is better then 1 player on fire.

2 Cavs VS. 3 Raptors
The Cavs will win in 5 games if the defense really holds up. If not 6 games. LeBron James will not let the Raptors beat the Cavs without a fight.

So that is it tell me what you think.


Cavs had a hard time winning Game 1 & 3 even though they swept Pacers.

Clippers is really, really cursed.

Warriors had great offensive and defensive plays.

They will sweep Jazz

Cavs will win 4-1 - TristGamer

Go Cavs. Lebron haters can suck it. - Mcgillacuddy