Top Ten Reasons Why Books are Better Than Internet

Love books? This is the list for you! Join me in the effort to try to prove that Books are really better than the Internet!

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1 The internet posts too many lies

Whereas, books are less likely to be untrue. - Blight

LoL this list is pretty weird but I can't argue with it because it IS true. Internet is just more ADDICTING. - Mcgillacuddy

Because people made the internet and they put the stuff that's no the internet on the inter net

If you hate the internet, then don’t use it!

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2 Books are more relaxing

Yes I agree it helped me a lot to decrease my depression

3 You never need to take a break from reading

TECHNICALLY, you do - but who cares?

4 Books are more fun
5 Books smell good

Definitely! I love going into book shops and smelling new books. I even love the smell of old books in a library. There's something very calming about the scent. - Britgirl

That is weird - djpenquin999

6 The internet is virtual, books are tangible
7 Books make you look smart

Totally- I have glasses and that completes the look.


That’s true

8 Books are easier to carry
9 Books don't have network connection problems

Because books don't have Network connection. Wow, I think you made this list for the heck of it, because most of these reasons are inaccurate (except for No. 1) - EpicJake

So true. - Blight


10 Books look better

The Contenders

11 Books have their own library, internet doesn't
12 You can get more ideas from books than internet

It is nice provrbs

13 The internet has way too much information

Way too much false information.

That's a good thing actually. - EpicJake

14 The internet can be inaccurate

Books can be inaccurate too. I own a book on prehistoric life where it says the Arthropleura is a centipede when in reality it's a millipede.

15 Books are the first format of knowledge

Yah that's why most of choice to be a teacher...πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ’•πŸ’•

16 In a book, there are no YouTube comments
17 It's harder to get addicted to books than it is for the internet
18 Finishing a Book Feels Like an Achievement
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1. The internet posts too many lies
2. You never need to take a break from reading
3. Books are more fun
1. The internet posts too many lies
2. Books smell good
3. Books look better


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