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The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, both of whom serve as executive producers on the series, along with Steven Molaro, and also some wasted guest stars from time to time.


There are compelling examples as to why the Big Bang Theory deserves to be on this list. Great scripts featuring clever use of pop cultural references and even manages draw humour out of the realm of science and scientific terminology. Seamless meshing of a solid ensemble cast. Finally, the talented Jim Parsons continues to exhibit why he is quickly becoming one of the great comic actors of all-time. He certainly deserves a seat in the pantheon of comic greats alongside the likes of Robin Williams, Rowan Atkinson, Ted Knight, John Cleese, John Belushi and Jonathan Winters.

Big Bang Theory has surpassed Chuck Lorre's other great series Two and Half Men in terms of being the best American sitcom currently airing on television.

To me this is the greatest comedy of all time. I did not watch it the first year as I just thought it probably was some silly, generic comedy to fill an empty time slot. Boy, I could not have been more wrong! The first time I watched was probably one time when there was nothing else of interest to me on T.V. that night and so I just watched it to pass the time. I was hooked immediately, and regretted all the shows I had missed. It was intelligently written, the characters were all unique, the casting was perfect, the dialogue was truly funny and not contrived, and they did not have to rely on off-color humor (i.e. Two Broke Girls, etc.) in order to get their laughs. It was plain and simply the clever, brilliant, thoughtful writing (and delivery). I look forward to it every week and I am never disappointed. They are not only hilarious, but there are also occasional tender moments that can bring a lump to your throat. It's been fun watching Sheldon become almost "human" as his ...more

The Big Bang Theory is an exceedingly funny and delightful show. It shows most things for an intellectual point of view I love that. The script is comical and very cleverly written. I don't see how How I met your mother can come before but all I know is this show is awesome.

I makes you learn while having a good time watching the episodes and the relationships between characters are so real. It is magical.

The way how the characters are portrayed is amazing and the actors/actresses do a great job. Particularly Jim Parsons AKA Sheldon. The circle of friends is very real with there being a snob, a person who wants to get out there more, a pervert and a nervous wreck.

It shows how socially awkard people feel and as Simon Helberg said " The show is like a voice for nerdy people."

Please vote for this fantastic show x

The funniest, the best, the most hilarious show of all time. Who couldn't love a show about adorable nerds, a below-average-intelligence neighbor, a socially awkward genius, etc. The bonds and relationships are so strong between the characters, it also has a strong emotional side. Leonard and Penny make an adorable couple, and the friendship between Penny and Sheldon is extremely complicated, genuine, and sweet. Raj, Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon are also the best, cutest group of friends. All their quirks really bring the show together.
Love it!

Best sit com I have ever seen, it never tries too hard to make you laugh but you laugh because it's funny. You start liking their life, you start feeling a part of the show. It's simple, hilarious, informative and the best. It makes you love the characters, it makes you to be happy in life. It teaches that the fun in life lies in even the smallest things, if you want to enjoy life, enjoy it like a kid.

The humor in this sitcom can't be classified as 'dumb jokes' in comparison to others, all the intellectual references are proof enough, although that isn't the actual highlight of this show. All nerds and geeks in most films were badly portrayed, they never got it right. That is until The Big Bang Theory came in front of the film industry and show them how it's done.

With all that is on T.V. at the moment, this show is top notch.

When my friend first made me watch the show I was like why would I want to watch a show about a bunch of nerds? Ever since that day I have watched every episode and every minute of it is honestly hilarious! You will learn to love every character on the show! If you haven't seen an episode of The Big Bang Theory yet I suggest you do so immediately. Every episode will crack you up and you will become obsessed like me!

Most unique sitcom ever watched, can't believe its below friends in rank. Moreover, friends, and how I met your mother is one of those typical overlapping sitcom talking about their life and all, while the big bang theory purely gives us laugh without telling stories but showing how their life goes and giving hope to the nerds all over the world that they could get a perfect women for them.

No 5? That's not possible. This deserves to be at THE top otherwise I's too good for this list.

Your argument is invalid. That's it! You just CAN NOT do this to the BIG BANG THEORY. I will just not take it. Sheldon Cooper will haunt you at night! - doppelganger31

The Big Bang Theory have made watch sitcoms again after the likes of Seinfeld and Frasier came to an end. This show is absolutely brilliant and curl up with laughter with every episode. This show will soon hit the TOP 5 soon. Unfortunately we in South Africa are now only watching Season 4 whereas the rest of the world are viewing Season 5. Can't wait. Michael South Africa

I've watched many sitcoms this far, many of them were funny. But I am afraid, that after The Big Bang Theory, I will hardly find anything funny or interesting. Great characters, funny jokes, developing story. I hate the thought that some day there won't be new episodes.

I had been watching old episodes of Frasier and Friends for years, not seeing anything new that was worth watching. Then I chanced upon an episode of this and I was hooked. You have to have this love-hate thing with Sheldon. I mean, he's hilarious, but you would never want to be his roommate.

Comes to something that this is number 4 when it has much higher ratings than the majority of other shows, more memorable lines and scenes than most other shows and more fans than other shows. It has a developed cast which is not funny because of only one character (cough How I Met Your Mother. It has not declined in quality (Cough the Simpsons) and it is not boringly repetitive (Cough Friends).

Literally, a television show has not made me laugh this much since Friends, and I'm not even American! I have tried ither sitcoms like New Girl (which was the best tried), Two and a half Men, How I met your mother, but nothing comes close to be honest. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if this became one of the best shows of all time.

This is the best show in the universe! Why is Seinfeld on here. Jerry isn't even funny! Sheldon is a hilarious character! I think some of the IDIOTS here just watched a tidbit when Sheldon was rambling on about something and were too stupid to know anything and just thought of it as a bad show! It is hilarious! The other people who agree with me are really smart and actually understand humor!

A really stupid show! BAZINGA!
Extremely funny characters which makes you love nerds! Dr. Sheldon Cooper for the win! Anyone who hasn't watched this show yet, watch it. You will thank me for asking you to!

This is my favorite show currently on television. I done generally even like sitcoms at all, but this show is hilarious, and well developed. The characters are all different, and the actors are wonderful.

Sheldon Cooper is one of the greatest characters ever written for a comedy sitcom. And Jim Parsons is cast perfectly for the character. The show is very well written. And its replay value is infinitely larger than any of the shows listed above. Peace.

Big Bang Theory is the best... BAZINGA... BAZINGA about the other BAZINGA... Sorry if it doesn't make sense... My English not very good... Anyway... Big Bang Theory is the best... Penny and Leonard are so cute together and no-one can ever be wrong about that...

I just discovered Big Bang Theory. I have watched several episodes, and none of them have failed to make me laugh out loud several times. Seinfeld used to be my #1 - I consider Kramer and George to be two of the greatest characters of all time, and now Sheldon is right up there with them!

This is a complicated as sitcom but honestly the sarcastic humour in it is priceless, who doesn't enjoy sitting down for a Big Bang Theory marathon. I should try that one time. The boys never fail to make me piss myself laughing

No doubt in my mind that the big bang theory is not only the best sitcom, but the best show of all time. Nothing compares to the hilarious character of sheldon. Every character fits in the show so perfectly. Nothing else compares to THE BIG BANG THEORY!

This show is awesome, I can't believe they don't show it more often. My favourite character has got to be Howard, then Sheldon. Friends is also a great programme. I also enjoy the Simpsons. But I can't believe the big bang theory isn't in the top ten yet! ):

Just brilliant...
It gives new dimension to comedy...
Just love...
It makes you laugh like a nut...

I agree with all the posts, this has pretty much made every other sitcom not crap but... Well, incomparable in terms of entertainment and laughable moments, it just cannot be beat, the words my partner used "Once this stops I'll be so depressed, it just makes all other shows not funny in comparison" and I cannot help but to agree in every way shape and form.