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How I Met Your Mother is an American sitcom that originally aired on CBS from September 19, 2005, to March 31, 2014. The series follows the main character, Ted Mosby, and his group of friends in Manhattan.


How I Met Your Mother is the (literally) mother of all shows. It's new and refreshing, it was the program that got me into T.V. in the first place. I understand Friends being the top, because it's an amazing show, but personally I prefer How I Met Your Mother because it is simply legendary. All the shows characters have their own stories to tell and are larger than life, yet still grounded in it (Swarley esp. ) and concerning pop culture references it's only beaten by Community. A purely amazing show with incredible life lessons and moments of uplifting comedy and harrowing drama.

How I Met Your Mother was a great show... but new? How I Met Your Mother copy Friends, I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, but it's NOT new. And every other comedy series copy Seinfeld.

It surely stands apart! The versatility of character personalities and traits and the dynamism with which they are presented and developed is a stroke of genius that masterfully presents the masterpiece of awesomeness that How I Met Your Mother is. As you are taken into the lives of these friends, you are carried off into a land in which you get to witness the joys, sorrows, hopes, fears, failures and successes of these characters and it is spontaneous to find that you have been carried off into a world that feels so real and it is as if you are an unseen participant and member in this group of friends as you witness the moments, events, flashbacks and entirety of their experiences. It is not only in an unprecedented of class of classics, but How I Met Your Mother is a masterpiece of awesomeness! It is almost as if the members of the cast were predestined and born for the sole purpose of playing the roles in this legendary masterpiece of awesomeness!

It's so engaging & different. Its the only sitcom that's telling a story & has an outcome that the audience is constantly piecing clues to try & figure out. It's really awesome how what seems to be a meaningless (but always funny) scene from an earlier season/episode comes back into later episodes & ties in to the story future Ted is telling. It's almost like every season & episode has already been written & is now carefully being put together & crafted to with flash backs & flash forwards that all tie together perfectly in the end!

Nothing in the world can ever beat how I met your mother... the characters the dialogue... the A to the Z everthing is awesome... if anthing can beat this sitcom its only how I met your mother its self... if you just watch one minute of the episode you just can't stop talking about it and watching it... if anybody out there only watches one part of it and stops please contact me... or probably your watching the wrong sitcom... cheers to all the charaters of how I met your mother... you, ll are legend... wait for it... dary

Have never seen an episode of Seinfeld. That being said, I think How I Met Your Mother is without a doubt the funniest/most well written sitcom ever. This coming from a guy that has seen Friends from the pilot to the end four times. The fact is, no matter the similarities, How I Met Your Mother simply has better writing. "The group" seems to really connect on both shows, but the chemistry is even better in How I Met Your Mother. While Friends do include more dramatic storylines, How I Met Your Mother's overall better (in my humble opinion) comedy and truly genius build-up towards to bigger picture (continuing build-up), such as Barney's and Robin's future together, the life of Marvin Waitforit Eriksen and of the revelation of the mother, make this a pretty easy decision at the long run. How I Met Your Mother > Friends.

Unlike friends and Seinfeld, How I met your Mother is a show with a main point in mind; to tell the story of how Ted met his wife. It also has relatable characters that are involved in most people's life. There is Barney, who lives for one night stands, Marshall, who is a man-child, who believes in Mermaids, Bigfoot, etc. , Lily, who enjoys kids, Robin, who is anti-commitment, and Ted, whose goal is to meet a girl he wants to marry. These characters separate this show from the others, and make it a funny show that almost everyone can enjoy.

That's the best sitcom ever... Why?

If you see the Friends comments they are always talking about this show, because they know that this T.V. show is much better, with a better story, better storyline, flashbacks and flashforwards in each episode, and of course, Barney Stinson...

They say Friends is funnier, but How I Met Your Mother is not just comedy, it has drama also...

Its simply a magical experience of laughing and compassion... Recommended!

My favorite sitcom of all time and in my Top 2 Comedies of all time. Binged Seasons 1-8 on Netflix and Season 9 on iTunes because it was so good. The cast and storylines make this show absurdly realistic to the point 99% of the audience can relate to it. As I said, the cast play off each other remarkably well and they are my favorite on screen ensemble in any show. Speaking of the cast: Cobie Smulders was an unknown when she took the role and completely started a career, Josh Radnor is the most relatable and want-to-root-for-him guy, Jason Segal owns his hilarious role, Alyson Hannigan is great (she was awesome in the American Pie movies and is even better here), and Neil Patrick Harris was nominated for an Emmy 6 times as Barney and unbelievably never won once. He steals the entire show. Like I said, the cast is out of the ball park, the storylines are awesome, every season is great (I like 2 and 8 the best myself, though they are all great) and this is a show you will thank me for ...more

I didn't start watching it until this year (2011), and with one episode, I was smitten. So many great sitcoms have good laughs throughout, but How I Met Your Mother is the ONLY show I know where each and every one of the characters can make me laugh. It doesn't matter who the ep focuses on, because I can watch any of the wonderful cast and still enjoy myself!

Firstly How I Met Your Mother does not rip off Friends at all. Friends has that awful childish quality that makes me want to cry when you compare it to the genius of How I Met Your Mother. The characters are so much deeper and it has a masterplan unlike other sitcoms. Also, the theme tune! Hey Beautiful by The Solids is such an AWESOME song. The only thing that ruined How I Met Your Mother was the ending: A it ended and B why doesn't Robin and Ted happen?! Looking forward to the rumoured alternative ending where Robin and Ted happen

How I met your mother is an amazing show, not only because of the little relatable characters and their problems, the whole the. Mn thing. The show has the ability to have a good message at the end of the day and still make the show interesting to watch. It makes you want to come back for more and I hope one day, we'll all have amazing stories to tell our children because... What is life, but the gifts we give our children.

This hilarious, mind-blowing and popular show CERTAINLY deserves a MUCH better position on this list. Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, Marshall and The Mother are wonderful characters that make this show what it is. AWESOME! The ups, downs, laughs and weddings that this gang has had makes the show memorable and enjoying. This show is SO MUCH BETTER than The Big Bang Theory, Seinfield and The Simpsons. Honestly, reality always beats animation. And the annoying duo of Leonard and Sheldon gets on my nerves sometimes. How I Met Your Mother is definitely... LEGENDARY! - davakoh

I just love Barney, Robin, Lil, Marsh mellow, Ted, Ranjeeth (the cab driver), Stella, Victoria, Norah and every little thing I find in the show... HIMYM is like family to me... those guys are Awe... wait for it... some...

HIMYM is the best of all shows.. even friends annoy me a lot of times.. but with the perfect team and timing, this show is great

Additional to the earlier comments it is also great how the characters change during the seasons. SPOILERALERT! From the single guy, nailing a chick every night to a married man or from a child-hating, career-focused woman to a family- and relationship person... All in all HIMYM is the most awesome sitcom ever... Can't wait the 7. season.

Unique way of story telling, very enjoyable ride to see how Ted found the one. This show is smart, not those ordinary one scene background lets talk and people will laugh kind of traditional sitcoms. It has flash backs scenes and some are just great editing to give us a flash back like ourselves about our own awesome past, about the pursuit of love and youth.

How I met your mother is very different from other shows. It takes you to some other happy world which isn't afraid to be dark at times. I like how no character's perfect in this show everyone has done something wrong or hurtful which makes it more realistic and funnier and the stories are simply wonderful!

How I met your mother is the grown up, more mature version of friends. The characters are less irritating in their idiosyncrasies, and they show development throughout the show, unlike friends, where each episode makes their personal quirks and neuroses become worse and worse. One of the only true shows out there... with pure, unfiltered heart

How I Met Your Mother is one of those shows were you can actually relate to the characters and see yourself in them (my hubby and I are so a Marshall and Lily! ). Not to mention the amazing quotes that come out of the show! For example- "When I am sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead... True story"

How I Met Your Mother changed comedy, it cut out the build up-build up-joke strategy used in every comedy, it made us laugh through things that were happening, not to mention the best sitcom character ever barney, it's comedy is a root to new kinds of future comedies unlike those used in every other half good sitcom nowadays

How I Met Your Mother is the most amazing show ever! The characters are deep, complicated, and realistic, the atmosphere is hilarious and the jokes are deep and creative. Not only that, it has the coolest storytelling style ever!


One of the funniest shows I have seen in recent years. I become more sentimental and consider it an even better show now that it is in syndication on multiple channels. I would have to say that it has passed Arrested Development, Seinfeld, Cheers, & MASH, the other great sitcoms of the past 30+ years.

I can relate to this show so effortlessly. Can't deny that I've had my share of bizarre and crazy misadventures with my friends, which makes me appreciate the humor of the show all the more, plus I think it delivers a lot of truth about the process of "growing up. " Let's face it, there are a lot of 20 and 30-somethings out there who want to know that it's okay they haven't achieved everything in their lives they intended to just yet. It's timing.

How I Met Your Mother is by far the best out of these sitcoms! While shows like Friends and Frasier remain classics, How I Met Your Mother has amazing characters and storylines - not to mention the shows running jokes which are hilarious and clever. Barney

The best sitcom I've ever seen. A lot of people keep comparing it to Friends, but to be honest the fact it's being compared to a show as good as Friends just proves how good of a show it is. The love triangles, the mystery, the plots, it's all so addicting and just leaves you on the edge of your seat. Plus Neil Patrick Harris is literally life!

I love How I Met Your Mother, but I only started watching it as a bit of an accident for turning E4 on too early to watch the Big Bang Theory. I love them both equally; they're just so feel-good and make you forget your own life for half an hour. It's just a shame that they made How I Met Your Mother a show that has to have a final series.