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The Office is an American television comedy series that aired on NBC from March 24, 2005 to May 16, 2013.


Perfect combination of hilarious comedy and connection with the characters. I'm a guy and this is one of the only shows that's every made me cry, and its made me cry plenty of times. Whether it be from a perfectly written and performed joke or an incredibly sentimental performance, which all characters are capable of. You find yourself really caring for characters that are also just sort of a joke in themselves. They also do a wonderful job of making "the little things" like a coworker relationship seem so monumental. Changes the way you look at life and that's not an overstatement.

I truly believe that this is one of the greatest shows of all time. Michael Scott is a truly unique character. His antics, awkwardness, and lack of common knowledge make him hilarious and at the same time you feel bad for him because of his loneliness. The rest of the ensemble is amazing as well. We get to see the characters develop and their inter-personal relationships evolve as the series progresses. The writers did a great job of taking something simple as a boring paper company and turn it into a hilarious comedy whilst making us care about the characters in it.

Fantastic show. The first three seasons are so classic that even having seen every episode many times over, I can still watch any of them from those first three and laugh so hard it hurts. - dawgburt2000

With all other sitcoms you can watch it and pass time and enjoy yourself, but with The Office, when you finish an episode, you're always compelled to watch the next. Guaranteed to make you laugh every single time. Too many times I've watched it late on a work night and ended up exhausted because I kept saying "just one more." While I enjoy the other top 10, none of them give me that "need to watch the next episode" feeling. 100% in every way possible.

Revisiting the show 4 years after it left us was eye-opening as to how amazingly funny this show still is. The filming and how the characters interact with the cameras add a unique extra layer of comedy that other shows can't match. Plus the relationships of the characters and the tension between Jim and Pam are the best. Just wish Carell would come back for the reboot!

I can't help it. There is something about Michael's alter egoes that kill me every time. Michael Klump? Classic. Ping? Hysterical. Prison Mike? Maybe the funniest "schticks" I've ever seen. This show has wit and charisma. It's dry and honest humor ranges from toilet jokes to highbrow stuff. It's that middle barrier that gets me every time. And don't get me started on T.V. 's greatest relationship... Michael and Ryan. Oh, I guess Jim and Pam are pretty good too.

Obviously. Hilarious, heartfelt, with characters that are lovable. The comedy comes from whats funniest: real life, then exaggerated to the point where you can't stop laughing. Every character is unique is some way, Great performances, you be crying, laughing, and when it ends, you've got off a nine season rollercoaster.

I don't know how this is #20. It's cast of actors portray their characters really well and made me fall in love with the show. Most sitcoms don't make me laugh out loud but this one definitely does. It should beat out most of the shows currently in the Top 10. Big Bang Theory at number four? It's a pretty funny show but that's all it is.

The growth and development of the characters is second to none. You become so connected with every character and if you're anything like me, you'll cry when it all ends. You won't be able to stop laughing when watching The Office, and you'll have your moments when you'll cry as well.

This show is amazing-stunning. It has made me laugh to tears and endlessly sob. The comedy, the romance, the drama. The character development. The camera movements adds so much feel to it. It breaks the fourth wall so much. I love this show and will continue to

This show is unbelievably good. The same characters that can makes you pee your pants laughing can also leave you a mess in tears. The ending was so beautifully emotional and nostalgic. The Office is certainly a 10/10 and I would recommend to anyone to watch.

This show is simply perfect. You can watch reruns till you die it's ridiculous to the point of funny still maintaining a storyline. All the characters are brilliant it's almost too hard to pick a favourite

So much emotion in every episode. So many amazing characters and so much depth with each one. I mean, who saw Dwight as the one with the biggest heart? And who saw Michael as the sweetest and most dependable guy? Also... so funny!

Steve Carell's awkward, delayed delivers is truly something of genius. The no laugh track allows for "anytime laughter", as the show can portray multiple types of humour for any audience. Definitely should be top 5.

Dwight and Michael are fantastically hilarious characters. The show is filled with brilliant moments. I can watch an episode several times and notice a new joke that I hadn't caught previously.

Should be #1! Absolutely flawless acting, and all-star cast, and hilarious and outrageous comment and situations that will make you cry laughing. By the way, how is Parks and Rec not on this list?

It's just not close. I can watch episodes of fourth and fifth time and see innuendo that I'd missed before. The most brilliantly written comedy of all time.

The best show ever in my opinion. All of the characters are unique and funny and I love the romance between Jim and Pam. All of the actors who are on the show all 9 seasons (and Steve Carell) are phenomenal.

One of the best shows EVER! It can get me through hard times and makes me laugh hysterically when I watch the best episodes. Michael Scott is the best T.V. character of all time.

The absolute BEST show ever on television. No cheesy laugh-tracks to tell you when to laugh. Just uncomfortably funny content from the first episode to the last.

steve carell kicks ass, rainn wilson sticks to his character brilliantly, and the rest of them mix so well just hysterical - petoria

I just got done watching every single episode and I am amazed this wasn't in the top 5! It is the best sitcom ever made and it deserves more than #16.

Brilliant writing and characters that can be both incredibly annoying and wonderfully touching. The chemistry of the cast is amazing.

One of the best- no, THE best show I've ever watched in my life. You can easily fall in love with all the characters.

No laugh track is a huge plus. Wonderful acting, best character development, and the best series finale to any show ever.