UK End Of Year Hot 100 RANKED

Hater THIS IS FOR THE UK!!! also, YES, I'm kinda late to this

God Awful Tier [0/5]
#95- Panda- Absolutely terrible
#94- 7 Years- And I STILL hear this on the radio
#93- We Don't Talk Anymore- please I... I give up, LIKE CHARLIE PUTH SHOULD
#92- One Call Away- *groans*
#91- Treat You Better- ...
#90- NO-all you need is right there in the title.
#89- Can't Stop The Feeling- Most Overplayed Song Of 2016. What's that? The 361st time I've heard this song?
#88- Stitches- Just no...
#87- Work From Home- Even More No

Unbearable Tier [1/5]
#86- This Is What you Came For- Repetition. Overplay. Lazy.
#84- When the bassline drops- nope- not again Craig David
#83- Don't Wanna Know- Why Maroon V why you make me do this.
#82- Fast Car- *yawn*
#81- Pillowtalk-Okay Zayn, now can you stop trying to be big on your own? You kinda need 5 idiots for that. Thanks.
#80- No Money- Not quite as bad as Peanut Butter Jelly
#79- What Do You Mean- overall bland and stale. Only reason it's on 1 is it's catchy
#78- My Way- Lazy
#77- How Deep Is Your Love- Lazier
#76- Good Grief- my god this was disappointing
#74- Dangerous Woman- Dangerous to my ears

Bad Tier [2/5]
#73- Love Yourself- Needs No Explanation
#72- Controlla- Just your average Drake song
#71- Sorry- 2 billion views.... at least See You Again, Gangnam Style And Uptown Funk had 1 thing to deserve it.
#70- Cake By The Ocean- This was okay, but the lyrics... no
#69- Let Me Love You- Justin, stop pls
#68- Perfect Strangers- pretty bad, similar to fast car
#67- Just Like Fire- P!nk what happened
#66- Hotter Than Hell- Boring AS Hell
#65- You Don't Know Love- Yes I do, better than you anyways
#64- Hotline Bling- belongs in a trash can
#63- Heathens- This got old fast
#62- Don't Mind- I mind when I hear this terrible song.
#61- Say You Do- Oh no I don't I can't I...
#60- Nothing Like This- Craig David has still not changed, I didn't even like him before.
#59- Starving- ... AW-KWARD
#58- In2-ugh, hate this.
#57- Girl Is Mine- nope
#56- I hate u i love u- nah
#55- Sweet loving- no no pls not again I'll pay you not to play it pls I beg u
#54- Needed Me- meh.
#53- Can't Feel My Face- I don't like this: pls no hate

Okay Tier [3/5]
#52- Sex- Why do I kind of like this song?
#51- Secret Love Song- yeah whatever it's kind of bland
#50- Get Ugly- Meh
#49- Bang My Head- yeh pretty meh, Fetty Wap doesn't add too much
#48- Lush Life-Not bad, not good
#47- Closer-I actually don't hear this much. I like this more than I should...
#46- Cold Water- The best Justin Bieber can do. Seriously, this is his best song, and a 3.
#45- The Hills- Eh
#44- Don't Let Me Down- Meh
#43- Too Good- Meh
#42- Tears- okay I liked this song but idk, it doesn't have the same feel to it anymore
#41- Shout Out To My Ex- good but...
#40- Middle- eh, it's in the middle of good and bad
#39- You Don't Own Me- OK, but she sounds like she trynna be Amy Winehouse
#38- Shout Out To My Ex- meh
#37- The Greatest- Not bad
#36- Alarm- Yeah this is the kind of song that gets STUCK IN YOUR HEAD GO AWAY
#35- Hair- Okay, I Don't mind this
#34- Say you won't let go- yeah it's ok I guess
#33- Sexual- yeah pretty catchy, not many reasons to hate it

Good Tier [4/5]
#32- Cheap Thrills- Sean Da Paul
#31- Faded- like it a lot more now
#30- Shut Up And Dance- .............. *dances*.........
#29- Lean On- awesome but overplay
#28- In The Name Of Love- Yeah I don't mind it- drop is a bit loud and in your face but it's not bad
#27- One Dance- Drake when he's good (ish)
#26- Chandelier- Powerful voice and decent- ish lyrics
#25- I Took A Pill In Ibiza- Great song that ironically hit number one
#24- Hymn For The Weekend- Amazing ish could be a teeny bit better, but still love Yellow and Clocks, my favourite Coldplay songs.
#23- Tears- it's rly gd m8
#22- Into You- it has grown on me
#21- Dancing on my own- Pretty powerful
#20- This Girl- Pretty Sure people only like the drop
#19- Girls like- I like this more than I should, at least it wasn't overplayed
#18- Stressed Out- Deciding where to put this stressed me out
#17- Adventure Of A Lifetime- Coldplay.
#16- Me Myself And I- yup, again, like it more than I should
#15- Hello- It's me
# 14- Side To Side- yes I like it!
#13- Shut Up- Man try say he's better than me...
#12- Send My Love- It's Adele.
#11- Rockabye- yeah I can enjoy it

Legendary Tier [5/5]
#10- Light It Up- Great song, great production, great drop, great..................2 hours later.......
#9- Black Beatles- why do I like this so much?
#8- Starboy- yes it's amazing- but there are better.
#7- When We Were Young-I heard good things about this, I was not disappointed
#6- Never Forget You- I really like this. I don't know why.
#5- Roses- Thus far my favourite Chainsmokers song, not saying an awful lot though
#4- Sucker For Pain- Rap Masterpiece

Just Too Good [6/5]
#3- All My Friends- I am so glad this was on there
#2- 24K Magic- It's in the aaaiiiirrr
#1- Panda- Absolutely Amazing

Songs I Haven't Heard Enough Of To Comment On
Final Song
Sugar (Robin Schulz Not Maroon 5)
The Sound
Eyes Shut
Still Falling For You
Let It Go
*These will be added and updated ASAP*

Right, so technically now there's only 95, but will be updated. the current score is 255/500. 2015 one and a new list should be up soon, so stay tuned for that.
If anyone notices flaws in my maths comment about it pls lol


Good ranking.

If Final Song doesn't end up in Great I will hunt you down and kill you jk. - ProPanda

Aha lol thanks

don't please. Hunt down Charlie Puth instead please lol - Hater

Because he somehow managed to get 2 songs in the 0/5 tier - Hater

I can't believe Chandelier made the Year-End UK Singles Chart three times. - visitor

I know, it was in the charts for over 100 weeks, and only left it a few months ago - Hater

What's your favourite British band? - TwilightKitsune

As of now, I really don't know. Do you mean ones that are alive now or can they be older bands? - Hater

Glad the Panda joke caught on.

Also, When We Were Young would top this ranking if I did it. - WonkeyDude98

Actually no it'd be Starboy lol - WonkeyDude98

Woah. You saw this? Awesome, like your rankings, you have a great musical taste! You were actually the first user I started looking at when I first joined the site, to think you saw this is amazing. When you left I was so sad and then when I heard you returned I instantly went back to your profile.

And we'll see where that ends up, I'm updating it with every song there hopefully tomorrow, but it's quite doubtful because school. I'll try my hardest. - Hater

Also, yeah, I kinda pinched that joke from you lol. Soz - Hater


Also, no probably. - WonkeyDude98

Wow! Never thought so many people would view this! Thank you! 2015 is coming after I update this one - Hater