Ludicrous Lists- Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 Of SpongeBob SquarePants

Turkeyasylum Welcome to my new blog post series: Ludicrous Lists- where I explain how a list is ludicrous. So, let's start. This list seems innocent, right? Well, in case you haven't noticed, it's not. The list has been overrun by lunatics who think SpongeBob and Sandy having sex would make for a good episode, or think that Squidward and Gary should be abused for 10 mnjtes straight. The list began as an innocent list, with ideas like Mario Pays A Visit or To Love The Krabby Patty Formula being the worst the list had. Then, Patrick Abuse came in. Why kfcnyacat, WHY? That idea also came along with SpongeBob x Sandy earlier on, and THAT idea spark one of the worst to this day: Kissy Kissy Love You. That idea was basically about SpongeBob and Sandy kissing. But it only gets worse: we later get Patrick x Pearl, a whole montage of useless crossovers, and pee and poop jokes. Some ideas are actually good, such as Pearl's Mom, El Cheapo La Chica, Best Day Ever 2, or Bad Neighbors, but we also got struck with Squidward and Gary Abuse, Spongebob Pees, Spandy Day, and Subliminal Message Girl Visits.After those, we got 50 POINTLESS DISNEY CROSSOVERS! Oh, but it just gets worse. Much earlier, we got Extreme Suicides. But now, we get Patrick Day and Different Way. So guess what Different Way is about quick? Just guess SpongeBob peeing into Sandy's mouth. Disgusting. Not only that, but we got Different Way 2 and 3. This once good list was ruined by trolls and idiots. Here' a few more ideas to sit on:

SpongeBob Poops, Racist Sponge, Bikini Bottom Nazis, Spongebob Watches 2 Girls, 1 Cup, Gay Sponge, Gay Star, Squidward Gets Tortured, One Coarse Meal 2, Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: Extensive, Gary's Death, Everyone Dies And The Show Ends.

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Believe it or not in early August SpongeBob x Sandy somehow managed to be a good idea until people started to hate it - PatrickStar

Guess who added "Everyone Dies And The Show Ends"?
Spongebobsuxx from this website.
Note: I am not a Spongebob fan - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

If Gay, Sex, and Suicide Pants, Spongebob x Sandy, SpongeBob/Sonic Weekend Marathon, or The Simpsons Pay a Visit actually became a reality, then this wouldn't be a terrible idea. - kfcnyancat

This list is awful now. I admit, I've added a few silly ideas, but none that were inappropriate or TERRIBLE. - Garythesnail

It Starting To Make a Comeback Near The End - visitor

Yeah those idiots ruined it.. - visitor

That sad part is only 30 ideas were actually appropriate for a kids show like spongbob. 😒trolls. - Imyourstalker

Patrick Abuse was intended as an idea for a harmless slapstick episode with a blunt title (if I actually directed the episode, it would basically be a glorified Looney Tunes cartoon with little in the way of backstory. ) I wanted to see it because unlike Gary or Squidward, Patrick actually DESERVES abuse.

But I'd hardly blame myself for ruining the list, when I first found the list, SpongeBob/Sonic Weekend Marathon, The Simpsons Pay a Visit, Band Geeks sequels, a few shipping episodes, and a bunch of those terrible ___Bob____Pants ideas were already there. I added Patrick Abuse the second time that I read the list, not the first. - kfcnyancat

Gary's Death would ripoff the Rugrats episode "I Remember Melville". - OhioStateBuckeyes

#stoprhis - visitor

This list sucks why is full of crossovers with non-nick shows (AdventureBob TimePants etc), character abuse, rehashed old episodes, spongebob-sandy sexual ideas, adult show crossovers (The Simpsons visits the town), disney movie crossovers (LionBob KingPants), discusting ideas that belongs on Sanjay and craig or Breadwinners and more more crossovers. Are you agree with me? - visitor

People actually cared about this list back then BWAHAHA. Makes me think current me would've ended the war in ten seconds. - Puga