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1 SportsCenter
2 This Week In Baseball

This show revolutionized the sport in more ways than one. It was the first weekly show to include major highlights of key games and personalities. It was the forerunner of today's MLB Network programs.

When TWIB began doing more lengthy profiles and stories beyond baseball in the late 1980s, it paved the way for other sports shows to go beyond the scores and previews. One of them is the one and only College GameDay, the football edition.

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3 College GameDay
4 NFL Game of the Week

There's something about this show that, back in the old pre-cable TV days, was the place to be to see which great NFL game made the cut. Down through the years, there were so many of those great games that made NFL history. For example, the 1977 AFC Divisional Playoffs: Ghost to the Post, among many of those great games.

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5 Pardon the Interruption
6 NFL GameDay Morning

This is the show of the future, with four exciting hours to get you ready for Sunday football. This great NFL Network show will get you ready to head out of the tunnel!

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7 Sports Challenge

What I remember about this show is the legends who appeared on it. Many are no longer with us, but their magic lives on, especially when Billy Martin thought Bear Bryant was a baseball manager. Not true, but very funny.

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8 Sunday NFL Countdown
9 NFL Live
10 Pro Bowlers Tour

2020 is no doubt a different year than past years. The past was a better time, and Saturdays for 35 years (1962-1997), the Pro Bowlers Tour on ABC was the place to be. It was a place where 300 games happened, where a trophy break happened, where a 7-10 split conversion happened, where the Firestone Tournament of Champions happened, where the Bowling Tip of the Week happened, and where Chris Schenkel and Nelson Burton Jr. happened.

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11 Greatest Sports Legends

Here's the godfather of sports biographies. It even got a Sports Emmy nomination in 1982 for a biography on Jackie Robinson. This series brought me, for the first time, stories on such legends like Yogi Berra, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, and, can you believe it, Bob Uecker.

Long live Greatest Sports Legends, and long live its legend.

12 The Superstars

It was the ultimate show where we wondered how athletes tried to do new sports that many had never done before. This ABC American edition saw Joe Frazier, a legendary boxer, sinking in swimming, or O.J. Simpson trying his hand at bowling, or that obstacle course where anything, I mean anything, could happen. It's a way to enjoy watching those athletes give it their best shot.

13 ABC's Wide World of Sports

There are sports shows, and then there was this show. This show paved the way for other great sports shows and eventually sports channels.

This show featured lots of thrills of victory and agonies of defeat. It showcased NASCAR in a way highlight films never did before. It brought us The Harlem Globetrotters traveling around the world, including Disney's Hollywood Studios. It brought us Muhammad Ali, from his beginnings to his sad retirement as a goodwill ambassador. Wide World totally rocks.

14 The Best Damn Sports Show Period
15 Around the Horn
16 SportsCentury

This series won an Emmy in 1999. Don't take my word for it, because I love the series. Even more, they show in virtually every episode all the great vintage magazine issues with a spotlight on an individual on the cover. I know I love reading those vintage magazines (TV Guide, Sports Illustrated, Sport, The Sporting News) because they bring back great memories for me.

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17 NFL Blitz
18 Who's Number 1?
19 Baseball Tonight
20 RollerGames

Why RollerGames? This was sadly a case of a show that would've been one of the all-time great sports shows. Rating-wise and critically acclaimed, this was truly the greatest one-season wonder in TV sports history.

21 NFL Total Access

NFL Network's signature show keeps getting better year after year. During the season on Mondays, it's your perfect pre-game show for Monday Night Football. You can't get better than this. Great hosts, great experts, and great action, that's what it's about.

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22 Stump The Schwab

Yes, I know it's a game show, but it's also sports trivia at its best and even funniest. The highlight of this show is when Howie Schwab gets stumped by a contestant. It's like winning horse racing's Triple Crown. This show is classic. R.I.P. Stuart Scott.

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24 The Way it Was

When it premiered on PBS in 1974, it was something we had never seen before. In the first episode, the 1958 NFL Championship was seen through the eyes of six competitors, and their stories were great.

But my favorite episode was when six Negro League players got together to tell great and funny stories about playing Negro League Baseball. This show was a pure classic, and that's the way it was.

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25 Friday Night Lights
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