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1 Cycle 15

I loved it so much. It was the first ANTM cycle I watched (because the show came in my country late) and I just loved it. So great casting, amazing photographers and Tyra came up with amazing ideas for photoshoots. So hard to choose my favorite model from this cycle! I loved Ann, I admire what Kayla stood for and how proud she is for herself, Chris is so sweet, Chelsey is so beautiful - meant to be in Vogue Italia!, Lexie is so unique and has the most personality, I love Kacey's runway walk, Sara is so sweet and I loved the fact she rapped in her first audition, Terra is sometimes over - emotional but she is so kind and there for her sister, Kendal is so highfashion, Chris is just Chris so outgoing and stunning, Anamaria is so confident, Rhianna is so unique... Hope I didn't forget anyone.

2 Cycle 11

First cycle I EVER saw of america's next top model and everyone is so strong and good at modelling. It's almost painful to find another cycle that has as many talented girls in it!

It was amazing and the cycle had so many talented girls in it.

Definitely not a cycle to miss.

3 Cycle 3
4 Cycle 1

Here my take on the girls that cycle

Tessa not a very good model
Katie loved her and she went home too soon
8 NICOLE she ok
7 ebony she was pure gold of T.V.
6 Gisele she was all over the place
5 kesse how did robin get further than her
4 robin was so mean
3 elesy sorry for my spelling
2 shoonen again sorry for my spelling she looked a a star and she was robbed on all stars
1 adreeann again sorry for my spelling she really knowed how to model

5 Cycle 16

This cycle had an amazing set of girls competing. The shoots were amazing and Tyra had amazing ideas for each shoot and the people involved were some of the top people in the industry, even the prizes consisted of spreads in vogue and IMG models which is the top model management. I'm glad Brittani won, I was hoping she would win from the start. She had a strong walk and profile and the other girls were also amazing models.

The cycle was nice, but overall only a few girls were pretty and knew how to model. I think that Brittani, Alexandria and Molly were the only REAL models in this cycle. All the others sucked so bad.

6 Cycle 6

The best thing in cycle 6 was jade, she in the main character of the season, and the top villain of the show!

My name is Jade. The ace of spades. Furonda, my dear, I know your skin is bumpy, but my skin is flawless and you look really lumpy.

Cycle 6 to me was the most entertaining! The challenges were fun to watch and the photo shoots!

7 Cycle 7

The stunning elephant noses, water shoots, and Fabio?! My favorite winner CariDee, Gorgeous Melrose, and sexy twins galore!? This cycle has it all!

Melrose and CariDee was the most neck to neck top2 the show has ever had. Great challenges, great photoshoots e great casting. For me, a favourite along with cycle 11.

I absolutely loved that season... Melrose was my favorite but I liked Caridee also!

8 Cycle 8
9 Cycle 14

It was nice to have Angelea back. She really brought something different to the competition. I think that was the best thing that happened in CYCLE 14.

Best cast ever, from the first eliminated to the winner, they were all amazing and the photoshoots were really inspiring

10 Cycle 13

It was so awesome that they actually made a cycle for short models. Nicole Fox is by far the best winner in the history of the show. I don't know her personally, but I'm proud of her and the fact that she made her dreams come true and became succesful after the show. She really inspires me.

This cycle had a fantastic range of personalities, great photo shoots, and short girls! The nerdy girl who rocked it from beginning to end proved everyone else that models don't have to be stereotypes.

This cycle had some of the best photo shoots of ANTM! And Nicole Fox was by far the best winner in the show's history. And all in all the most interesting group of personalities.

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11 Cycle 2

I LOVED some of the girls in this season.. Yoanna, Shandi and April are some of my favorit personalities, and I think they all could model very, very well!

The most beautiful season in ANTM history

Yoanna, April, Mercedes, Sara were all stunners. I loved this seasons photo shoots as well

12 Cycle 10

Yea, I agree. High fashion girls throughout the season. Anya was amazing. Fatima was exotic beauty. Katarzayna and that walk. Lauren's overall look was a money maker. Marvita was edgy as hell. And the rest were just as good. Sidenote: Kartazanya looks almost identical to Kendall Jenner. Marvita favored Kelly Rowland. And last but not least Fatima= Iman

Every episode was worth the wait every week. Every girl was high fashion. Every challenge and photo made sense. Every day I want to watch at least one episode of this cycle. Anya, Fatima, Lauren and Katarzayna were my faves.

13 Cycle 4

One of my favorite cycles at all! I like the contestants, South Africa was amazing, the photoshoots and challenges just WOW, and I love that naima win, sh is just unique!

Cycle 4 of ANTM is the best. Cycle 4's Kahlen Rondot is one of the best top model contestants in the history of ANTM. The photo shoots are very good and the photos are amazing and the judging panel and the candid moments are interesting.

People freak out about Naima, but I actually liked her talent and her persona! Yes, Kahlen was stronger in photos, no doubt. But I cannot hate Naima and her win!

14 Cycle 18

Most people criticized this season because the British girls just so happened to appear on the Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model show, but no offending the producers of Britain, but compared to America, the UK is a crappy gateway to the modelling world. Annaliesse and Sophie said it best: "England is just a teeny-weeny island".

Plus, I loved the personalities from almost all the girls (Alisha, Annaliesse, Catherine, Ashley, Sophie, etc. ) makeovers were great and I loved the photo shoots.

Just perfect! The flirty and fierce AzMarie, Ashley's lovely accent, Sophie funny comments, Louise fighting back Kelly Cutrone and Annaliese "fan dabby dozy" moments. Seymone mad at the meaningless things, Laura saying the truth to Eboni, Laura's panick attack, the cute friendship of Laura and Sophie. Loved it, beggining to the end.

15 Cycle 21

Afwul season.. I didn't want to vote but I wanted to share my opinion. Everybody was just so unlikable. And the boys were not models at all and the top 3 was super weak. Should have been Lenox + Kari + Chantelle if you really look to modeling potential. ANTM has been ridicilous since cycle 17. And it's only getting worse. Everything is only about entertaining and not about who has the best potential for a good model. Also the voting system sucks.

The most interesting and personable finalists and handsome top three.

16 Cycle 20

Cycle 20 was the best! Love the contestants,love the dramas, the photo was an AMAZING cycle.

17 Cycle 17

ALL STARS! Everyone is so perfect in this cycle and they were all so great in their cycles. I really don't know who is the worst, they are all perfect.
My favorites are
They are also the best models. I also like Dominique and Isis!

I really like the all stars cycle, they were not searching for models they were searching STARS!

18 Cycle 9


Just because she isn't a bubbly person doesn't mean she has no personality. She had the best portfolio and the most high fashion look. Also, definitely the most down to earth model there.

Yeah right! Jennah was robbed! She should have bagged the title. But the photo shoots are actually great! Just hated tyra banks for choosing saleisha A.K.A. dora the explorer laugh out loud

Cycle 9 had the best and talented models ever, Lisa, Jennah, Chantal, Bianca, Heather, name it, unfortunately the worst winner (Saleisha).

19 Cycle 22

Really enjoyed this season! The models were awesome, they all had different personalities which made it fun to watch.The group was very diverse so the house was always crazy. They really chose a strong group of models this cycle with some interesting characters to say the least.Thought they chose the wrong girl to be in the semi finale but in the end the right person won. Sad that this way the last cycle though

Love this cycle - shame it's the last one! So much character and interesting challenges. Glad they got rid of the social media thing!

20 Cycle 5

All the girls have interesting and unique personalities and I didn't know who was going to be the winner.

21 Cycle 12
22 Cycle 23
23 Cycle 19

This season was so interesting! Every model had their own background and personality, from mean Kristin to Disney Brittany and characteristic Victoria. The twist on college edition made the season so much better!

This was hands down the worst cycle of the show.

This was better than Cycle 21, Cycle 21 is the worst.

24 Cycle 24
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