Top 10 Most Hated Big Brother (U.S.) Contestants

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1 Paul Abrahamian Paul Raffi Abrahamian is an American reality television personality, clothing designer, and musician born in Tarzana, California.

This guy is the definition of vain. He's constantly primping and preening in the mirrors all over the house. He's self obsessed with some "image" he thinks he's created for himself when he just comes across as a huge douche. It certainly did seem like BB19 tried to manufacture a win for Paul with his 3 week head start and knowing multiple contestants prior to show start. He played a "friendship" game but he showed his true colors anytime his back was against the wall. He resorted to attacks, bully tactics and aggressiveness towards smaller female contestants when he thought he was in danger. This guy was a snake who was set up in a house full of fan-boys his second time around still couldn't manage a win. He acted like a spoiled brat in his second winners jury and couldn't be happier that he's now nothing more than a two-time loser.

Production is straight up trying to get this guy to win and everyone thinks he's amazing for it. They gave him three weeks of immunity, let him know about the double eviction in advance, had him play a bunch of comps he had already won from last season, put in him the house with Raven (who he knew in real life) and they sell merch in their store with his face on it. I mean come on... he tells the house to bully people and even call out Cody's time in service and his daughter. He's a douche canoe and only perceived as "good" because production is pushing him and put him in a house of lemmings. It's ridiculous.

Whether if you liked Cody and Jessica or not I h. Cody not only disliked Paul but realized that Paul was a good player. I think he should have won against Nicole. And Jessica was going to follow Cody and was never one of Paul's minions. Even though Cody had a bad strategy and didn't tell anyone his plans on his HoH he was right about Paul. The problem was people flipped on him when he put up Christmas. Paul was saved by the 3 weeks of safety thanks to you all. Cody saw through Paul's game and so did Jessica. Paul really played the game so well this season better than I thought he would. I hope he wins.

Agree 100% with the person who said:
"This guy is the definition of vain. He's constantly primping and preening in the mirrors all over the house. He's self obsessed with some "image" he thinks he's created for himself when he just comes across as a huge douche. It certainly did seem like BB19 tried to manufacture a win for Paul with his 3 week head start and knowing multiple contestants prior to show start. He played a "friendship" game but he showed his true colors anytime his back was against the wall. He resorted to attacks, bully tactics and aggressiveness towards smaller female contestants when he thought he was in danger. This guy was a snake who was set up in a house full of fan-boys his second time around still couldn't manage a win. He acted like a spoiled brat in his second winners jury and couldn't be happier that he's now nothing more than a two-time loser."

2 Frankie Grande Frank James Michael Grande Marchione (born January 24, 1983), usually credited as Frankie Grande or Frankie J. Grande, is an American dancer, musical theatre actor and singer, producer, TV host and YouTube personality. He is the older half-brother of singer and actress Ariana Grande.

Hands down the most annoying houseguest ever! He is so full of himself. Media mogul, yeah right! If you check out his YouTube channel all of his videos that I could bear to watch (only two) had a reference to his sister. He is a z list celebrity that is comes across as a contestant in a beauty pageant. Which is not a good thing, all his diary room sessions come off as rehearsed and fake. I also hate how he leveraged his sister's fame to gain back house support. I guess you cannot blame the guy for using this tactic, it is all he knows. He does the same thing in his YouTube videos.

How is Frankie below Aaryn? Good lord, she said some bad things especially early in the season but my hatred for her slowly dwindled until the end where I kind of felt bad for her. Frankie on the other hand was 9 years older than her when entering the house (22 vs 31), said just as vile coments, and had the immaturity of a 16 year old boy. And being the sibling of a famous popstar made him look worse.

One word for him, Diva. Because he was voted to be in team America, a member in many alliances, and the brother of a struggling pop star makes him the king of the world. By the way why didn't just take money out of his own pocket to donate, he did say he owned a part of a major company.

Oh ya.. only think I hate here is that by voting, means we talking about him, wich means he's getting attention.. And if were not careful CBS will be giving this vile little "shim" a host spot or a future role on something... He is disgusting and totally has kept me away from subscribing to "LIVE FEEDS"... I am sorry but I don't want to watch a grown ass man perform rwach arounds on other grown ass men for my money all evening... And they wondewr why we have iussue's with gays... Frankie makes good gay people look bad...

3 Aaryn Gries Aaryn Elizabeth Williams is an American reality television personality, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former model from San Marcos, Texas. She is best known for her appearance as a contestant on the reality television show Big Brother 15.

I'm so shocked by her personality & grateful I never met anyone as disgusting and hateful as her in my life. DEFINITELY should be number one

Aaryn Gries is a perfect example of how a pretty package can be rotten inside! She is a racist and a hatemonger who spewed her venom on anyone and everyone. She is a disgusting human being who should have never been on the show!

I've never seen a less capable or likable person on this show. What is she thinking? Even if she were to make it to the end nobody would vote for her as her strategy if ignorant and savage.

She is by far has the most hideous character. Her racist rants and taunts of the minorities in the house were deplorable and I have no respect for a person like her.

4 Jackson Michie

Worst person ever! He is such a bully, the way he treated everyone in the house is ridiculous. HE is extremely disrespectful and vicious. And he did not deserve to win! The way he treated men and women proved that he so disgusting and awful. That kind of behavior should NOT be rewarded, Nicole Tommy or Cliff should have won

Entitled, bratty, annoying. Cheated as a have-not, but productive loved his good-for-nothing lousy ass for some reason and rewarded him with a bunch of watermelons. The only thing he contributed to the game are crabs in the HOH bed and a very unfortunate shower stool.

Jack in the top 10, and yet this guy isn't even on the list. Jackson was just equally as hateable as he was. This guy rubs me the wrong way considering how he won was very dirty compared to the past riggings I have seen watching this show. Oh, and try breaking the rules not eating slop.

5 Swaggy C

Arrogant People sometimes step up the ladder of success but take no responsibility for the people who get stepped on on their way up. People get hurt and while they may forgive, they never forget. Karma is a hitch and Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. What a tool!

Chris is a very Young Man, & has had a rough upbringing. Chris Father passed away, and he had long separations from his Mom. His arrogance is a form of Chris hiding behind his obvious insecurities. In time Chris will grow up, & become the Man he was meant to be.

Self absorbed and not the least bit impressive.

What a buffoon!

6 Mike "Boogie" Malin

At the end of his first appearance, he fake-proposed marriage to another contestant. The couple split up almost immediately, but not until Mike had received some publicity and media attention. During his second appearance, there was the infamous "ho-mance." Mike seems to have little regard for his female housemates.

I really think he did not like women. His strategy was always demeaning to the all the women in the house. In both years he never befriended a women in house. I think that is strange.

I hate him he's annoying. He tried to play the "Dr. Will" of BB14 and miserably failed. He was so frustrating with his huge arrogant demeanor and every time I saw him on the screen I wanted to punch him in the face of vomit.

He is disgusting for trying to pressure that poor girl into sleeping with him. What a perver and a creep. He wasn't very nice to Erika on S7 either.

7 Ivette Corredero

She is so clueless and entitled, she wouldn't even consider being on this list is a possibility. She probably still can't fathom why she was never on the most loved, respected, or wanted back in the house list.

Rewatching S6 now and she annoys me more than all the other houseguests. She is down right cruel in the diary room. She acts bratty, entitled, and hypocritical throughout the whole season. And her voice is annoying as hell.

So annoying from day one. Cries nom stop over a friendship she made a week ago. Thinks her sexuality is a major plot line. Not intelligent nor a good player.

I couldn't stand it just listening to her speak. She was so annoying.

8 Jack Matthews

His racism comments were horrible, and he refused to acknowledge them, and what makes me even more mad is the fact that he was protected until he was evicted. At least he got completely clocked once he was evicted.

Let's face it, Jack has potential of winning this season but when live feeds are active many of us turned on him due to his actions made on the feeds.

I love how no one laughed as his jokes during his eviction. He's a coward and lied about the racist comments he made. Awful human being.

This is the worst cast of all seasons by far. BB needs to find a better quality of people. Jack is the ring leader and his miserable band of ungr8tful snobs.

9 Eric "Cappy" Littmann

HE started the Nerd Herd and when he was HOH he had the audacity to act like he owned the Big Brother house! Plus Eric played a really bad game. Started by making a final four deal w/ James, Michael, and Kaysar on DAY ONE and then he went against Michael because he liked to flirt w/ the girls and he turned the situation into a school yard bullying session by getting those coward girls to worship him! And don't get me started on how he and the Nerd Herd thought America was gonna vote him back in and we were going to love him! Ugh!

He and his whole team disgusted me. They liked to think of themselves as the "nice people" when the entire country saw them as the evil and stupid people that they were. Emotional basket cases every one.

I was so happy to see him go! Anyone that was part of the lame "friendship" alliance was wack!

Small, hairless, yapping puppy. Delusions of being a Great Dane.

10 Raven Walton

Raven thinks she is so cute and she literally expects to win the money with her looks and voice, Even though she does nothing! All she ever focuses on is her showmance, Matthew Clines and not the game whatsoever! how does she expect to win! Plus she gets so feisty and really annoying when she is mad! The house better get her out soon!

Vile, selfish most delusional BB player. Yes, I believe she has GP and no doubt it is no fun, however, she milks it for simpathy more than all its worth. The number of blatant lies she has told are almost too many to count and her constant need to own everyone's attention or to " one-up" every housemate with a bigger more bogus storey. Plus she did "NOTHING" in the game except screw fellow NOTHING-DO.ER Matt and obey Paul's every direction...PATHETIC!

Besides the game play and social game she "had" she really was gross and messed with Matt every night and would clean herself down there with lotion on camera. Can't believe her.

She should be way higher. The #ravenexposedparty is booming and I'm sure as time comes she will shoot up sky high on this list. Raven is definitely the most hated houseguest ever next to Aaryn. I don't know why Amanda is in first

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11 Bayleigh Dayton

Obnoxious, ignorant, privileged, irrational, and possibly crazy based off that blowup she had. Really unpleasant to see on the screen. Not even a good villain to love to hate, just irritating.

Turned a normal conversation with the potential to learn about someone else's life and culture into her being a victim of racism. I've never disliked a contestant more than her

Hateful, entitled, never understood where she was in the game and went insane. Can't wait until she gets home and see's how bad she was. Too bad Zingbot did not get a chance at her.

Arrogant, hypocritical, and empowered (in a bad way). Only thinks her voice matters and talked over everyone to try and prove it.

12 Paulie Calafiore

Big Brother portrayed him like the boy next door when he wasn't. He disobeyed quite a few rules and was a sore loser. He's spiteful, misogynistic, and very disrespectful. If I'm not wrong, he has some issues he was working through before being brought to the show. He mentioned a therapist he never told the producers about. Though, he did have the whole house wrapped around his finger, he deserves a rank on this list. I can't believe Julie didn't even mention his bad attitude during his interview, but I guess that just has to do with him being a straight white man. Glad Periwinkle Crap is in the jury house where the girls will knock some sense into him.

He acted as if he had played the game before and liked to think that he was better than all the other houseguests. He never stopped talking about his idiot of a brother and always bragged about how he knows Derrick and how great his brother's alliance was. Derrick basically did everything for his brother, yet he acts like he comes from a family of amazing players. He was a jerk to everyone in the house, he treated Zakiyah like garbage, but she let him. He cried whenever things didn't go his way and he would constantly try to get sympathy by using his aunt's cancer. He was also extremely rude to Natalie who had done nothing but expose his gross disgusting ways. He displayed how he has no clue what a feminist is to Bridgette, shown when he equates feminism to racism, and his screaming match with Michelle from a different room was just embarrassing because he thought he was running the house when everyone hated him.

Paulie is cocky and misogynistic! His family should be ashamed of his behavior on Big Brother instead of being angry at CBS for editing him badly! CBS tried to make him look good, but in Paulie's case, they simply could not help but show America what a creep this guy is! Shame on the Caliafiore's for not apologizing for his behavior, instead of excusing it and blaming it on Big Brother!

The only thing worse than Paulie's behavior is how the show was edited to favor him and make him appear as a victim. I was thrilled when they aired his comments about Nat's chest, but unfortunately that was all they showed. Still makes my blood boil. He claimed to be claustrophobic and afraid of butterflies for sympathy. Pathetic all around.

13 Christine Brecht

The only person from her season to be 'BOOO-ed' on stage when leaving the house! How she got a man to marry her in the first place is baffling, but how/why he is staying with her after she practically flaunted an affair while on the show is BEYOND my comprehension. Worst person to EVER be on big brother in all of Big Brother history! So rude and mean and disrespectful! Not just to the other players in the house, but also to her family, to her husband, to her God, and most of all to all of AMERICA!

A complete embarrassment to her family and to her husband, just looking at this young lady "hurts"... Not blessed with one appealing quality about her, I am getting ready as its coming.. The part where she becomes completely befuddled that she is about to get sent packing... And her whiney little voice and that Big Bird stair of her's... it's a lot for one fan to handle... She is about to go ON and ON about how could they... typical player who honestly believed her skills way surpassed others, its going to take some convincing to makew her realize each week was a mere gift from the group.. It truly saddens me that a player like Nicole doesn't have the oppertunity to send "Big Bird " packing... shes not even remotely in the same level as Nicole

Really Was a Floater and dare I say a bad one too, In her B.O.B With Donny, She was supposed to throw it, she didn't even have to do anything cause she was literally in the dark and Donny couldn't see what She was doing, And in her Effort in helping the opposing team she literally gave them a Bone that Didn't fit on either boards. She Deserved to get Booed

What an awful player (I use the word player loosely). She was way too touchy with Cody, and when she got boo'd on national T.V. I almost died of laughter. She stabbed Nicole in the back and treated her like crap when Nicole truly had her back. She was manipulated by a bunch of guys, yet was one of the most bitter jury members. So sad.

14 J.C Mounduix

He's just so annoying and arrogant. I can't stand to watch him take credit for everything. Plus, production is blatantly favoring him by giving him so much positive screen time. It's actually surprising, considering how awful some of his actions have been. He's so disrespectful, I don't understand how people can stand him.

Unpopular opinion: I just find him cringy and unwatchable. His sense of humor just makes me roll my eyes and cringe beyond my normal level of cringe. He's at least smart (game-wise but education-wise... suprised he even passed high school) so I'll give him that. Honestly everyone from that season except like 5 people were or became cringy and unlikeable in my opinion.

15 Zach Rance

He keeps on getting by each week, even though He is constantly being a d- bag to nice people for No reason! I hate him.

He tries so hard to be the villain of his season when Christine is the villain so easily and effortlessly.

Zach is the kind of guy that you would probably bang but then you'd feel gross about it afterwards.

Zach blew up to much but if you look past that than he was a good player.

16 Gina Marie Zimmerman

She should be #1. Not only did she float the entire game, but she said worse things to Candace than Aaryn did. Aaryn apologized to Candace once she saw her in jury. Candace gave GM an opportunity to apologize during the finale, yet GM deflected and contributed her actions and her personality to New York. What a wonderful representation of NY; I'm sure they loved another stereotype.

Gina Marie is the most annoying person I've ever had to watch out of all 17 Big Brother seasons. I seriously hope to never ever see or her from her again. BB15 would have been one of my top 3 favorite seasons if it wasnt for her.

Should be in the top 10. In my opinion she is worse than Amanda or Aaryn because she is a bully outside of the house to.

Ignorant, racist individual. She tried to be the tough girl and just looked like an ass.

17 Todrick Hall
18 Amanda Zuckerman

Amanda Zuckerman is the most controlling houseguest in the history of the game, which is a bad thing because she just wants to show that Big Brother is easy, which it is not. And when she got nominated by GM, she was just whiny and thought it was dumb move on Gina Marie's part and everyone in the house wanted to evict Elissa. Not only a controlling personality but a lack of self-awareness too. She is also the biggest hypocrite on her season because on Week 2 when Aaryn was make derogatory remarks, she tried to tell her to stop. That just flew out the window 4 weeks later and it continued. Let me put it this way, it seems as if she was raised by Ann Coulter

Watch the live feeds, or at least a YouTube compilation of her behavior. She dwarfs Aaryn's racial insensitivity, and generally, has derogatory statements for all walks of life (overweight, gay, puerto rican, black, hispanic, etc). Further, she is not physically or intellectually adept, and cries whenever McCrae, her showmance, doesn't let her win. A producer of the show for many seasons is a friend of Amanda's, and that is why Amanda is on the show, if not, favored (dare I say "pre-selected") by the network to win. That is why fans voted for her to be on the block every single vote. Those of us who watch the live feeds or the content compiled understand that she is 100X worse than the portrayal the network has given her, which is beginning to become more negative as the fanbase expresses there frustration for the bias. Lastly, McCrae doesn't even know that Amanda has a boyfriend at home. She is just completely terrible in every way imaginable. If she wins, Big Brother's reputation is ...more

I'm watching this season now. I thought Aaryn was bad but, upon watching her Exit interview with Julie, I think she (Aaryn) was genuinely sorry. This particular season was very uncomfortable to watch and at times I actually cried. Amanda is a filthy, foul human being. I wonder why the Big Brother people didn't kick her out.

Amanda tops the list as the biggest bully on BB. She intimidated people and cried when she couldn't get her way. It was also apparent that she needed psychological counseling. I would say that Big Brother should have screened her better before letting someone with anger issues into the house, but she was a friend of the director so that explains a lot.

19 Maggie Ausburn Margaret Ausburn is an American known for winning the reality TV show Big Brother 6, broadcast by CBS in 2005.

Couldn't stand to look at her face during diary room interviews. All her stupid alliance did was idolize Capi and cry after his eviction and talk about how good of people they were when they were obviously terrible. She was also grossly controlling.

Say what you want about Aaryn, Amanda, and Frankie. They have fans and there's a strong chance that they'll return to play Big Brother in the future, neither of which apply to Maggie.

If she is ever your doctor, no matter the circumstance, get a different doctor. Maggie said that she has killed her patients. She should be in prison right now!

Hated her and the nerd herd. I wish Janelle would have won and she could have evicted Maggie before the finale. That would have been great.

20 Nicole Franzel

Cry baby. Cry baby. CRY BABY. All she does is complain and she was constantly so insecure and needed to others to give her compliments and reassure her. She is by far my least favorite to ever play the game. When she came back after 16, I literally rolled my eyes at the TV. THEN SHE CAME BACK AGAIN, and I almost didn't even watch all stars specifically because she was there. But then kaysar and Janelle showed up and I was likeā€¦ okay I will weather this storm. The fact that she blocked Cody on everything and refused to speak to her bc he made a GAME decision. Like ma'am, you've won this game already (unjustly"). Gtfo

She absolutely did nothing to deserve to win. She stayed in bed most of the time and didn't socialize with anyone (except the person she had sex with on the live feeds). When anyone reached out to her to include her in the game she immediately turned against them. She was lazy, unlikeable, and basically worthless. She wasn't even a good villan. Some unlikeable people make interesting T.V.. She couldn't even do that. She has no personality. Jury members disliked her but were led to believe (either by production or by a few other players) she had actually been playing the game. Other people who actually competed and fought hard to stay in the game were clearly more deserving than this floater.

She's not interested in winning the game. She just wants the boy. GO ON THE DATING GAME, NICOLE! Her only game moves are under the covers, with Corey. She contributes absolutely NOTHING to the entertainment values of this show and its live feeds. She lies and she sleeps...just like a snake. It's sad that someone else didn't get on the show, because she got the spot...again. She says she's willing to give the win to Corey...her family must be so proud.

Casual viewers love her. It's pathetic. She has made no improvement since being brought back. Still threw her game down the drain for a guy. If anything, she should be at he top of the list for most disappointing houseguest.

21 Alex Ow

I actually really like Paul because he made Alex look like the biggest idiot in BB19. Glad he sent her packing and gave her a reality check. Not nearly as good (or as hot) as she thinks she is. I love that she gets to sit at home and see for herself how badly she sucked. Whiner, hypocrite, brat. GO KEVIN!

Disgusting person. When people like someone who had said some of the awful, bigoted, dangerous things Jason has said more than they like you, there is a big problem. She's an awful person who's in for a big shock when she leaves the house.

I don't do this normally, but I wouldn't mind if she got hit by a truck.

Trash, hates women, hypocrite, disgusting.

22 Cody Calafiore

Cody was one of many this year (Season 16) on BB... Completely at a loss on how to play the game.. The one or two times he DID have any real control you would have thought he had just contracted the Napolean disease.. His attitude took over and he actually quit listening to what others wanted and any coalition talk.. Even with Derrick... power went straight to this kids head... They talk about about Victoria hanging on Derricks zipper? Cody is EVERY bit as bad... And has been all year.. Not a REAL competitor by ANY means... He should be going soon too.. Derrick would be best to kick him and kept Donny or Nicole... and THAT is gonna bite Derrick eventually you watch! Oh wait were still tallking about Cody arnt we... See how quickly he gets forgot about... that happens when you arnt a strong player...

The pretty boy athlete that failed to make a bug game move against rival Caleb! After his HOH reign Derrick took him under his wing and is hating on fan favorites Zach and Donny (who play better games than him).

So arrogant and disrespectful, hate him so much!

Dumbest Decision Ever at final 3. So egotistical too. Screw this kid

23 Paloma Aguilar
24 Josh Martinez

The biggest bully and baby I have ever seen on the show. I would have LOVED to see Cody beat the living crap out of him and Paul. They called Cody a coward, HA HA it took a hell of a lot more bravery, courage, and integrity to not flat lay them out. I don't think it would have been much of a fight either. I actually had to quit watching and skip some episodes because of these two.

This guy is literally the worst. His instinct is to kick people when they're down and then stomp on their head. He's an aggressive bully who acts like a victim, ultimately "playing himself." He exemplifies the worst human behavior.

He is socially semi-retarded. He is a parrot who repeats everything that Paul says. Then he almost gets smart enough to make a big move and then backs off. I hope he wins.

Bullying comes natural to him because it's probably the only kind of attention he ever got from his peers fit to his being a total bi-polar cry baby loon!

25 Christmas Abbott

Racist and woman-hating. She said Da'Vonne and Bayleigh (two black women) were aggressive and going to shoot her for putting them up when she is the one with a gun tattoo and a violent criminal record.

Lied about her past not a cross fit champion and that NASCAR pitcrew was a publicity stunt which she failed miserably at. Please please don't bring her back.

Call her Kwanzaa...a phony holiday is a better nickname for a phony person.

Very rude person

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