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1 Season 4

The writing was at its best in Season 4. Having survived cancellation, they were a little more willing to push boundaries. I think a mix of not going too far like in later seasons and a little luck resulted in some solid jokes and wordplay. It's the longest season at 30 episodes, but it delivers some fantastic ones:
Fast Times at Buddy Cianci High
Peter's Got Woods
Jungle Love
PTV (The ' FCC is an amazing song)
The Father, The Son, and The Holy Fonz
Brian Sings and Swings
Stewie B. Goode (Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Part 1)
Bango Was His Name Oh! (Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Part 2)
Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure (Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Part 3)

2 Season 3

Season 1-3 are when the show peaked. The writing and especially the humor is really disappointing. It's just lazy jokes and the characters are awful for example the transformation of stewie and brian. They recycled jokes and they have a heavily political message shoved down the viewers throat. Overall the newer seasons (4 and beyond) will never be up to par with the first three seasons.

Ok, before I begin, those who say that Seasons 1-3 were the only good seasons, quit it. Seasons 4-6 are a lot better, but as for this season, great.

3 Season 2

OKAY Season 2 should at least be Top 3. Not #8. This Season his Stewie at his best how can you not vote this season

I honestly like all the earlier seasons better.

He's too sexy for his fat is a very funny episode.

4 Season 5

One of my favorite episodes from this season is Saving Private Brian.

5 Season 7

This Season is Family Guy's most acclaimed season. Family Guy was the second animated series to be nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series (The highest Award giving body for Television). The Flinstones was the First to achieve that feat. This was the only season that Family Guy got very high Reviews. Great season!

P.S.: 30 Rock won that award.

My favorite road to Germany love blactually the man with two Brian's oceans three and a half the juice is loose 420 and stew roofs are my favorite episodes of the whole show. Season 7 should be one then 5 then 4

6 Season 1

Season 1 of Family Guy is Decent. While not the best, it's far from bad unlike Seasons 8 or 12. The animation is not as good as later seasons and the voice acting isn't as recognizable as later seasons. This season does bring us good laughs and there is no denying. A decent start, but it gets better in Season 2.

7 Season 9

The most unique season of all.
Season 1 is a classic. It's low on this list, but it's not that this is bad, just the other ones are better.
Season 2 is possibly my least favorite, because it's slow. But I like it.
Season 3 is an amazing continuous season and I think if they don't cancel it, the show would turn different from here. This is why I love this season.
Season 4 is not really a better one for me, but it has really good episodes, but not everything in it is gold as some of you think.
Season 5 is hilarius. Really, this may be the most Family Guy like season of all.
Season 6 was cool, but short.
Season 7 really starts character development and I like this.
Season 8 is EPIC. Really. My second favorite. (also, the Cleveland show)
Season 10 is a bit darker and edgier, but it's fun to have a season like this.
Season 11 overused the cutaway gags, but made actually good storylines.
Season 12 was rally enjoyable. Some episodes more, some episodes less. The death part was actually heartwarming for me, and the episode Life of Brian had really much good gags, but nobody noticed it. And it finally had more Chris episodes.
Season 13 varies from not really good to really good. For me it's a really homey season. With Cleveland here, family at home endings it's a feel good season.

SEASON 9 is the best for me. I know it hasn't got the cutaways, but episodes like the opener, the boxing one, and Welcome back, Carter are really movie-like and it's fun. This season makes the show for me.

Family guy has repetitive and overly long gags. It was always there. Some hate it. The show is not for them. I love it.

8 Season 6

Good, But I think this season along with Season 7 started the gradual downfall before the abysmal Season 8 came around.

9 Season 8

This season is super hit or miss. Like the same problems with seasons 7,10-11, the good episodes are really good but the bad episodes are awful. Overall it's just a meh/mediocre season. I can see why some love it and why some hate it. I'm just mixed on season 8.

Edgier and more erratic, Season 8 is one of the multiple high points of the Family Guy series.

10 Season 10

I just need to vote.

Seahorse Shell Party and Lottery Fever were pretty funny

Back to the Pilot and Stewie goes for a Drive were EXCELLENT.

Viewer Mail 2 was good as well :D

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11 Season 11

Has some pretty decent episodes despite all the shock humour, and sometimes low reviews.

12 Season 16

This is actually the best family guy season... And I don't understand why they have done so right compared to the other seasons.. Probably everyone else watching family guy disagree because almost everyone except me are butthurt about the show changing... And this time actually for the better.. The show has never been close to bad and I have never understood what is the big problem with the show...

This season is actually starting to have better plot lines compared to other seasons.

13 Season 12

It was a really good season, "Life of Brian" was so sad.

Boy oh boy is this the Worst Season of the show.

14 Season 15
15 Season 14

Not a bad season and this season shows they are improving.

16 Season 13

Yes it has, and it's over now. Ayway, the first episode in the season is a crossover wih the most popular animated show ever, The Simpsons.

17 Season 18
18 Season 19
19 Season 17
20 Season 20
21 Season 21
22 Season 22
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