Top Ten Best Smallville Seasons

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1 Season 10

I love the series finale so much.

2 Season 4

The end of the 'good ol days' where Clark is in high school. This season also delved into the DC universe showing that it was not just superman alone in the universe, but it also did not oversaturate the show with all the other heroes like Season 8,9,10 and kept the focus on Clark. There was also an overall story arc to the season with the stones of power which was a nice change from past seasons. The season started off strong and ended with a great cliff hangar.

It was one of my favourites, clark finishing highschool and finally making the football team. Also the intro of the flash, the teagues coming to smallville and lois being in the show

3 Season 9
4 Season 1

The good ole days where things weren't as weird and Clark wasn't so stuck up and serious. It focused on the atmosphere and characters a lot!

Season 1 starts the whole show off and I really love it how it shows Clark all innocent and his relationship with Lana.

5 Season 8
6 Season 6
7 Season 5
8 Season 7

I'm part way into season 8 right now.

I found season 7 by far the best season so far. The storyline just kept getting better and better. I found the first two seasons, even part of season three to one dimensional with the "freak of the week" episodes. to me one of the best seasons of T.V. I've seen.

9 Season 3
10 Season 2
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