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This is all based from my favorite show, Cross Fight B-Daman. This is my list of favorite B-Damans. If you disagree, well, add your comments and make your own list, my FRIEND!
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1 Dracyan

Dracyan is a power type and his user is Riki, obviously a Dragon type because of the "Dra"in Dracyan. The B-Animal is the Blue Dragon, Eastblock players say it's an amateur, but it's good enough to take down Eagle. Dracyan has 7 power, 4 control, and 3 rapid fire.

Dracyan is the main character in Cross-Fight B-Daman. He is powerful. He is actually a power type. He hits anything really hard. He is like the only B-Daman with the drive strip. The drive strip spins the marble. He is my favorite B-Daman. It is really hard to beat it. VOTE FOR DRACYAN PLEASE.

2 Dravise

Dravise is one of the 5 dragons. He is a good Rapid Fire Type. He is the supporting character of Dracyan but they are different. Dravise actually has wheels that make him roll. He is a good B-Daman. GO DRAVISE.

Dravise is the Best because he is a Rapid-Fire type b-daman and he is owned by a great player named Samuru Shigane.He is a White Dragon Type B-Daman and also has 4 power, 7 rapid fire and 3 control with the total of 14 points, Even Beedle, Garuburn, Deathciel and Dragold is more powerful than him, for me Dravise is the most Powerful.

3 Dragren

Hey! Vote for Dragren! Just do it! Dragren is a great control type or mabey considered the best control type b-daman in the show. He has his gravity arm for stability and his horn for sight. Dun forget he also combines with Round Tigare to make Mighty Dragren! I know this doesn't involve eS series but in season 2, Dragren upgrades to a mode/ form change b-daman! Strongest b-daman next to the b-masters b-damans, that quite impressive. So vote for Dragren! Don't forget his owner is pretty compelled to control types to! He is a great control and power type! Even if he is not technically a control type ;D

4 Drazeros

Drazeros is another Dragon Type and a Special Type.Actually he is TWIN DRAZEROS, can shoot 2 marbles at 1 TIME! Twin Drazeros is a two headed dragon, or at least it's B-Animal is.Drazeros is an amazingly amazing B-Daman.It's perfect for Break Bomber and any competitive games that the WBMA can develop.

Drazeros is uper cool. He is a twin headed awesome nightmare like b-daman. He is the obvious choice, with a power of shooting two marbles at once!

He shoots two at once and can store marbles!

5 Lightning Dracyan
6 Dragold

I created this list, and, since you can't post your favorite, I of course had to start with the main character's B-Daman in the top spot. Well, this is my favorite B-Daman, if only we could change it, and since I practiacally own this list, please vote for this so I can change this list, so I'm sorry for the weird changing. He has mode changes, which is vastly superior. The Rush Mode is great, and it makes Rapid Fire, Sniper, duh, Control or Accuracy. Power Mode is very obvious, and his perfect specialty, the Ultimate Smash Dragold. It starts with coping Drazeros, and on his arms will the wings to attach, then Dravise and Dracyan's was copied, and then the Drive Strip on Dracyan and the Rollers from Dravise. Finally, in the battle, Dragold was able to copy Dragren's power which attaches the horn on the Dragon crest of Dragold. That's it, and remember, as the creator of this list, VOTE FOR HIM!

7 Cobra

Cobra's B-Animal is obvious: a cobra. He is taught by Dragren that a heart full of hatred is the strongest type. He is a control type, which means he is one of the most amazing B-Damans, apparently. Strike Cobra has 3 power, 6 control, and 3 rapid fire. He is perfect for the game I'm showing you, people.

Put 2 bottles and make a big gap for the first level. Shoot a marble between them. If you fail, try again. You have 3 chances for the first level, blue level. For the next level, put the bottles closer and try the red level. You have 2 chances. If you fail, try and try again.

The last one is the gold level. The bottles are closer, and you only have 1 chance.

8 Eagle

Eagle is the best B-Daman of the east, before Dracyan that is.He was the guy who told Cobra that only a heart without hatred is the only one that is stronger than anything and that hatred just keeps you down and less power, you become number 1 if you just have fun and no hatred for any other B-Shot, there are no bad B-Shots at all.Eagle is a Control type and has 4 power, 6 control and 2 rapid fire.He owns a resturant that can serve anything for the customer.

Eagle is a good Control Type. He is very accurate. He has 9 Control. He also has good power which is 6 Power. He is a good B-Daman because he used to be the best B-Daman of the East before Dracyan. He actually is powerful and very accurate. VOTE FOR EAGLE EVERYBODY.

9 Spike Phoenix

Spike=Phoenix is a Power-Type B-Daman. It is a legendary B-Daman possessing the power of Crest Land's Phoenix B-Animal, one of the Ultimate Holy Beasts, and the arch-enemy of Triple=Gillusion. It is the fourth B-Daman by far in the Cross Fight B-Daman series able to perform Super Fusion. It is also the second B-Daman by far in the series to perform Super Fusion with four other B-Damans in the mix, with Smash=Dragold coming before it. Although, this is more of a cosmetic enhancement, rather than a performance-based one.

10 Drive Garuburn

Drive=Garuburn is a Power/Rapid Fire-Type B-Daman The only other B-Damans to have both a Drive Strip and rollers in its core. All of Garuburn's Version-Up Parts are Arm Parts. It's the third B-Daman in the anime to be based on a bird, in which case being the Vermillion Bird of the South. The first was Strike Avian in the previous season, with Steer=Swallow coming thereafter.

I think the Sonic dravise is not better than Drive garuburn he is the only who one have both power and rapid fire type.

He is so good he should be after Dracyan or dravise.

The Contenders
11 Leo

Leo is a B-Daman that is a power type. Just like Dracyan, he has a drive strip, but this time, it is on the side causing a sideward spin. He is a cool B-Daman that is very powerful. SO WHAT NOW, VOTE FOR HIM

Leo is just like Tiger but cannot combine.He is obviously a Lion and is second cousins with Tiger.Leo finished 2nd in the tournament right after the great and powerful Dravise.He was eliminated 3rd at the finals.Leo is just like Simon but a real winner and when he says it, it's true, well, most of it.He is a westblock player and was one of the people who got Swallow and said that Rory's B-Daman will be gone forever.

12 Rising Dracyan

He is the best b-daman that I ever used and he has been the best b-daman without a magazine. Rapid fire types need to have magazines to actually do damage but without it a rapid fire type is a b-daman that is super weak. What is better to have than the most powerful b-daman in the whole series. Techically spike phoenix is the strongest but he fires not with control and is really bad because it mostly shoots high upand is very bad. that's why

He is even better than dracyan. He deserves to be in first place.

13 Lightning Fin

It's B-Animal is the shark which is obvious because of the word fin in it's name.It has a white color and fin to resemble a great white shark.

It is very good in Rapid fire. It

14 Sonic Dravise

Sonic=Dravise is a Rapid-Fire Type B-Daman. The Core's name may also be a reference to its high rate of fire.

The Sonic Core shares a common body shell with the Gatling Core. Sonic=Dravise's Leg Parts resemble upgraded formations of Rev's Leg Parts. Basically white, the feet have now become larger and bulkier than before, mainly due to the ability to accommodate B-Dama.

B daman sonic dravise has 8 rapid fire and the people who have this they win the battle easily because the rapid fire is helpful take down the heavy targets.

15 Scorpion

The user who is Simon was once mad because he lost against Riki.Scorpion is a rapid fire type and is not so common.Simon is so confident and says he is the best, like this, Ha, it's so easy! My Scorpion can easily do that! Non of you can do that! I won't loose! I'm the best!, that's how you should describe Simon.He has 3 power, 3 control, and 6 rapid fire.With his magazine he is one of the best rapid fire types, but not as good as Dravise and his amazing SUPER MAGAZINE!

I own a lightning scorpion and it shoots b-dama like a bullet, thus, the best rapid type b-daman!

16 Triple Gillusion

His central bodies's head armor composes of the head aromor from Drake, and the Mane Parts from Stallion.

17 Gatling Deathshell

Gatling=Deathshell is a Rapid Fire-Type B-Daman. Gatling=Deathshell has a singular Emblem Part consisting of a hexagon surrounded by six other hexagons, giving the effect of the patterns on a tortoise's shell. It can be taken apart and mounted on either Arm Part. The Gatling Core features a two-handled crank known as the Gatling Unit, which can be turned backwards to fire a stream of B-Dama, and has a removable grip that can be put on either socket. It uses the same body shell as Sonic, and it is clear purple with black parts. Unlike the Sonic Core, it has no rollers on its Hold Parts, but its cylindrical tips do resemble rollers. The prototype of Gatling=Deathshell (see the Toyline section of the Gallery) had this Core Part in a metallic gray coloration, with the Trigger and Gatling Unit colored a pearlescent white instead of black.
Fragility Issue

18 Tiger

He can combine with Dragren and Raydra, he is a Rapid Fire Type and a Control Type.He is a south block B-Daman and was the fake boss of the south, but it was Dragren.They teamed up as bad guys, but Riki believed that there are no bad B-Damans.On his last battle, Tiger ran out of emblem power, so he and Dragren had to combine so only Dragren had to be controlled.

Awesome b-daman, its easily underestimated, but can pull off a lot of wins through its control.

19 Rev Dravise
20 Kreis Raydra

Kreis=Raydra is a Control-Type B-Daman. Unlike Round=Tigare however, Kreis=Raydra is a pure Control-Type, rather than a hybrid of Control/Rapid Fire as with the former. Kreis=Raydra is the third known B-Daman to be based on a white tiger, with Round=Tigare and Go-Tiger from Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! Being the second and first respectively. The type of body shell used by the Kreis Core would later be used by Assault=Dragren.

This has high control but lower power. However, its emblems are amazing and make up for it fully. It can also combine.

21 Prototype01
22 Garuburn

It is from b-daman es, has an emblem charge and it is very powerful

23 Rabbit
24 Jaku/Jacker

Jaku is a type of power, controled and a rapid fire and good in fighting in a fights. It can do drift shot or call as curve shot. The will be a new outlets for Jaku mode so just wait and be patients. It will be ultimate Jaku mode

25 Burst Bison

He is so strong no b-daman has more power then thunder bison you can even get the horns to the arms and you get even more power so that is why I vote for burst bison/thunder bison.

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