Top 10 Best Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Characters

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1 Sebastian Michaelis Sebastian Michaelis (セバスチャン・ミカエリス, Sebasuchan Mikaerisu) is the titular deuteragonist of the manga and anime series, Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). He is the demon butler and a senior staff member of the Phantomhive household.

Well I think everyone in the history of the black Butler fandom can agree Sebastian is good looking. But he's got a lot of other traits that makes him so likeable and enjoyable to watch. He shows emotions in a wide variety despite being a demon and is deeply intelligent and able to do things will with an air of confidence that shows little fear. Sebastian shows talent in a variety of ways and is a cunning and deadly opponent. I like the class and capability he has but also those moments of uncharacteristic innocence. The way he is around cats brings the MOST joy especially when you love them too!

Sebastian is most definitely one of the top reasons to watch Black Butler! Yes, everyone just goes on and on about him and here is what I have to say: Yeah, he is a demon. That is what makes him better, he has a past and everything and it only makes his character more interesting. He is supposed to be this character that hates mankind (and dogs) but not really, he warms up over time and that just makes him better in the long run!

2 Ciel Phantomhive Earl Ciel Phantomhive (シエル・ファントムハイヴ, Shieru Fantomuhaivu) is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series, Black Butler and the current head of the Phantomhive house, the notorious Queen's Watchdog, the owner of the Funtom Corporation, and an Aristocrat of Evil. He is the son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive and the younger twin brother of "Ciel Phantomhive".

Everyone is like, oh, Sebastian is amazing, oh, Sebastian is perfect. I don't have a grudge against him, in fact, I think Sebastian is a great character, but I just think Ciel is better. The reason Ciel takes the place of number 1 character in my mind is because I can relate to him, whereas I just can't find anything relatable in Sebastian. Voting always seems to be based around looks these days and although I guess Sebastian is kinda cool but I think more on the personality of the character. Ciel for me is better as I feel for him ( no not like *that* ) but I feel upset for him as his past really gets to me, and we know more about him than most other characters. So sorry Sebastian-lovers, but Ciel is my fave.

I love Ciel, his amazing brat moments are funny, and he has such a well developed character, his backstory is sad, and you just have to feel Sorry for him, at the end of season 1 I sobbed for over 5 hours, thank god for season 2. Sebastian is great and all but you have to admit he really is a liar deep down. Alois and Grell are funny but their actual character is not nearly as good. If Grell were to get injured or something I honestly wouldn't care very much. (Sorry Grell fans) Ciel is so amazing and I really admire his becoming a Earl and company owner, as well as the queens guard dog all at the young age of 13.

3 Grell Sutcliff Grell Sutcliff (Japanese: グレル・サトクリフ, Gureru Satokurifu) is a Grim Reaper and a major antagonist in the manga and anime, Black Butler. She is part of the Retrieval Division of the Grim Reaper Dispatch. Grell initially posed as Angelina Dalles's butler and conspired with her as Jack the Ripper. She was suspended for some time as a result, but is now a fully active Grim Reaper.

Grell is one hell of a reaper! His love for Sebastian and the color red make him an awesome character! He can make you laugh at his antics, but he can make you mad if you don't like him, but lots of people love him, so that doesn't matter. This lovable reaper has a thing for sexy men and the color red. He also wields a death scythe that happens to be a chainsaw! Grell is awesome, cute, and lovable. Hopefully Sebastian gives in to him!

Every episode of Black Butler, I'm waiting. Patiently waiting. For Grell's voice or silhouette in the moonlight! He is such a character! His personality makes me laugh most the time especially in that episode where he's running after Sebastian to take pictures of his poses. I have a strange thing towards him. I mean he's a reaper, he can use a chainsaw and he's just god damn awesome!

Grell is the reason I got to know the series in the first place, and the major reason I keep following the series.

I love how Grell is always themselves regardless non-supportive people around them. I love how their way to be 100% devoted to things that matter the most to them, not afraid showing their feelings even when turned down.

I also love the fact that Grell is kind of like Hatsune Miku of LGBT; they can be anything (gay - bi - transgender - transvestite - just crazy) depending on the mind of the viewer :D Grell is at their best when not too precisely defined!

4 Undertaker

Let's just take a moment to appreciate Undertaker. He took on 2 Reapers & a Demon without glasses, meaning he was at a disadvantage, yet he was still able to damage them all severely. Add on the fact he was able to walk off without a scratch, only losing his mourning jewelries, so in my opinion, that makes him the most powerful character.

Unlike A lot of the other characters, Undertaker has a lot of depth and ambiguity to his character. His face reveal displayed his good looks, but even without them, he is undoubtedly my favorite character. He simply keeps me interested and absolutely hooked!

Undertaker is awesome. He's kinda creepy, eccentric, and an all around oddball. His mind is like some sort of puzzle. His character design is amazinh to. His hair, scars, clothing, well everything ties in with his personality so well.

5 Finnian

He's so adorable! And just look at how strong he is. He's like, a sensitive, strong (both with how he can lift a tree out of the ground with his bare hands like its nothing, and mentally for pulling through with all that bad stuff happening to him) and adorable boy and I just love him so much

Finny is the most adorable character, and he cracks me up all the time. He got a surprisingly high place based on other poles I've taken! My second vote would have been Ciel.

I really love Finny as a character, aside from Grell, he is my favorite. He has so much character in the little clips that he is in and he is just simply to ADORABLE!

6 Alois Trancy Earl Alois Trancy (アロイス・トランシー, Aroisu Toranshi), is the main antagonist of the anime series, Black Butler II and the head of the Trancy household. His real name is Jim Macken (ジム・マッケン, Jimu Makken).

Alois is an interesting character in my opinion. His personality is unique and cunning, it just makes feel like he's such a cool character. Like Ciel, he has gone through so much. It makes feel sad every time I see his flashback, but he keeps his smile up. Alois may be sly and spoiled, but he some very unique traits that I don't think any other chracter has. Also, I love his ash blonde hair.

Alois is my favorite character and I HATE claude for killing alois. In my opinion Alois was a badass psycho blonde that everyone needs in an anime. In my opinion alois definitely should have lived and I would actually pay to bring him back. But alois is a love-hate character for some people. If Alois ever comes back count me in.

Okay Alois has the saddest backstory. Like his parents died then his brother did! Then there was that old man who abused/raped him. And Alois' death was so damn sad! He expressed his love for Claude then he killed him. Like seriously. And Alois is the hottest character. Actually Grell was my fave but like a year after I watched the series Alois randomly became attractive and meant a lot

7 Mey-Rin

Why is Mey so low? She has such an amazing story and is very relatable!
Although clumsy at times, she's a pretty powerful character that's just trying her best to do her job. My opinion I think she should be at least 4 or 5 in the ranks!

I absolutely love Mey-Rin, she such a beautiful badass and my favorite character. She's kind and loyal and a deadly fighter with an epic story and good character development even though she's a mystery

Mey-Rin is so sweet and caring. Yeah she's a bit clumsy, but her shenanigans are funny and Sebastian fixes them all anyway. I think it's cute how she has a crush on Sebastian.

8 Tanaka

Yes, your absolutely right! Tanaka is a total babe!

I love how he sits and drinks tea so calmly!

He's so cute! I want to hug him to pieces!

9 Angelina Dalles

I really liked her back story, and I was so sad when Grell killed her. Even though he is my favorite character, next to Finny, I will never forget Madame Red.

Grell, why did you kill Madame Red off?! She was such a great character! Not to mention her Japanese voice actress is the same as Edward Elric from FMA and Temari from Naruto.

Madame Red is such an elegant character. She searches for love throughout her screentime, working with Grell because of this reason. She was unalbe to kill Ciel because she LOVED him. Upon finding love she refuses to kill Ciel, causing her ultimite demise.

10 Bardroy

Once he blew up the kitchen with dynamite.

Dynamite not a cooking utensil

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11 Claude Faustus

I just love how Claude is so serious and evil, yet he has such unexpected activities. Who would've thought a strong demon like him would like to knit? I just like how he can be really adorable at times, like with the birds. He's such a gentleman as well. His eyes are beautiful and remind me of a cat. I also love how he just randomly starts tap dancing. He can be a little creepy when it comes to Ciel, but that's what makes him funny. I tend to like guys with colder personalities anyway. And everyone says that Claude is copying Sebastian, I like to think of them as brothers.

He's a HORRID person, but he is no different from Sebastian. The only few differences are the facts that Claude killed Alois (Sebastian was going to kill Ciel for the soul but couldn't), Claude was a tad bit more obsessive (He killed his 'Highness' to get to Ciel), and finally, Claude didn't have human morality.
At least he didn't kill a bunch of people like Sebastian did, and didn't lie to him (Alois) as much as Sebastian did to Ciel.
FINALLY, I wish a new character would come in, and get a demon to bring back Claude, Hannah, Alois, and older! Luka, then just scramble everything up. Show us something we haven't seen before.
Maybe a fallen angel or something.
Just - bring back Claude and Alois.

12 Doll

I relate to her so much, after watching the Book Of Circus arc, along with reading it, she became my favorite character!

This boy is my second kinnie ! he cares for his friends and cares about them I think he's a good character

I want kill ciel for her

13 Lau

Most people think he is a jerk, but I think he is really smart, if not necessarily nice. He does manage to trap Ceil, and Ciel only escapes with the help of Sebastian.

He is smart thank u!

14 Prince Soma

Why is Soma on such a low rank? He is such a sweet little cinnamon roll, especially after learning his lesson in the Indian Butler Arc! He shares bread with the poor in Season 2, cares deeply about Ciel because he sees him as his best friend (I think it's a shame Ciel doesn't see him as his friend either.) and he even tried his best to be there for Ciel when he was ill in Season 3! Dammit, he sat next to his bed for a full night! How can one not love this underrated prince?

Soma is one of the most caring and sweet black butler characters. He isn't like many in the series and is what you can consider to be a good hearted character. He had to malicious intentions, he simply wanted what was best for Ciel. Also can we talk about agni? Soma cares for Agni so much that it is quite adorable and heartfelt

I don't know why, but Prince Soma is so relatable to me. Every time he cries for ciel (his memory loss, etc) it always hits me so hard. And when he opened the black gift box with the "in memory of Ciel Phantomhive" at the end of season 2, that was- that was just ugh. I cried.

15 Beast

Beast is one of the most hated characters in the Black Butler series.
One reason fans hate her is because of her sexual relations with Sebastian of which she had no choice. News flash: She was seduced using Sebastian's super demon powers.
She was a girl that fell in love with someone who couldn't love her in return. Maybe he would have fallen for her if he didn't meet an untimely end.
She also tried to put an end to the Baron Kelvin's scheme by proposing that they run away.
Beast was strong and cared about her adopted family. She deserves more credit.

16 Snake

Snake is such a little cinimin bun (like doll/freckles) he deserves to be higher and I hate how Ciel lies to him about the other members being alive, but I guess there would be no more Snake if Ciel didn't lie. Lets not forget how much Snake cared for the other members and I know its not a very popular ship but in my opinion Snake x Joker is my favorite ship in the series.

He's cute and I love snakes so that's why he's my favorite!

17 William T. Spears

I honestly can't believe how attracted I am to Will. I like how stoic he is, and, in The Story Of Will The Reaper, how he goes against Grell just to do his job properly.
Will is in my top five, there's no doubt about that.
He is handsome too, and his eyes are amazing!

He is the poster child for tall, dark, and handsome! His stoicism and devotion to his job are really attractive to me. He deserves more credit than he's given.

He's wonderful, handsome and gets things done. His backstory episode The Story of Will The Reaper made me like him even more.

18 Joker

He's so cool and handsome!

19 Drossel Keinz

I love how he sort of speaks to himself, but at the same time speaks aloud to everyone to announce what he's thinking. I love the fact that he is in fact a doll, and he is so creepy that he's perfect!

Personally I think Drossel is a really cool character and I was kinda sad when he died. I wish he would have been taken into the manor but I know. it was the master's orders

His character is fairly interesting. I love the creepy doll feeling he gives off.

20 Elizabeth Midford

No, no, no no no. Elizabeth is a horrible character. She's too childish, too over the top and she's very vain. She's always fussing about how she looks and dictating how everyone around her should look. Like, when she broke Ciel's ring just because she didn't like it. She's a major B-l-T-C-H. And then she starts crying just so nobody gets angry at her... like it's pathetic. She's such a brat. Sure, she might have gotten along with Ciel when they were little but they're not little any more, and they don't relate with each other anymore. They're a bad match, a bad pair and I don't ship them. She goes off in a fit, gets herself in bad situations and puts the people around her in danger just because she can't be mature. She has the mindset of a 7-year-old and I'm honestly surprised that someone like her would be getting engaged already. I feel sorry for Ciel-kun, honestly.

On Netflix, there was only the book of circus so I watched all the episodes. While watching it, I decided to look up the characters and soon found Elizabeth Midford whilst looking in Ciel's Wikipedia. It described her as very loyal to Ciel, a good fighter and not-as-she-seems. She can be annoying for others, but she is a great character! Just watch her defending Ciel from the zombies!

21 Agni

He should be with Soma!

22 Angela Blanc

Angela is definitely evil, but she is hot and her voice is awesome and she is super fun and interesting to watch (and finnians crush on her is so cute! )

23 Dagger

Noo mah husbando! He NEEDS to be higher! He's so dramatic, adorable, funny and WAY to underrated! Show him some love!

Dagger should be in top ten he is kawaii and jumbo is not better. Aloud is not better either. His love for beast makes even more kawaii.

24 Sieglinde Sullivan

I feel bad for her ya know? every one betrayed her and used her, that's sad. but its great how wolfram treats her they're so sweet!

Sieglinde is so cute! I just love her!

Best girl, should be so much higher.

25 Ronald Knox

From the lawnmower, finally a creative weapon, to his personality, not to mention his smexy looks, he should be higher on this list, by a lot.

The lawnmower is perfect

I like him he cool

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