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1 Season 5 Episode 9: 100

Wow! I just saw episode "100". It was very good but at the same time very hard to watch. I'm glad that the reaper was killed and Thomas Gibson's acting was amazing!. I myself will not watch it again, but it does get a five star review. One of the most chilling episodes ever.

I am a CM addict but hat when Haley is pursued, then killed that it was my most favourite yet heart-wrenching episode. Thomas Gibson absolutely deserved an Emmy. Every time I see it, I cry like a baby, because I have followed Hotchs difficult decisions which were at a huge cost to him. So glad Jack survived the Reaper!

Always thought this was the best! The way it was filmed in "looking back" way! T Gibson's acting was/is flawless here & every emotion is felt! Our satisfaction when Hotch gets to kill REAPER AT LAST with his bare hands% And the sadness of loosing Haley, as the team was listening & as she said goodbye to Hotch & wants her son to know how they fell in love & insisting he teach Jack LOVE IS MOST IMPORTANT vs the JOY of learning Jack survived & "WORKED THE CASE" leaves this episode as one of a kind! WONDER WHY IT WAS TITLED "100"?

I cried. It was so sad. The talk Haley had with Hotch on the phone was so sad! And Jack, how sweet and innocent he was to the whole situation was so touching. I just can't explain my love for this episode.

2 Season 6 Episode 18: Lauren

I watched this episode three time and each time it brought me tears and yelling at the screen for Emily to not get revenge on Doyle of becuase she died at the end of the episode. So sad...

This and all the ones that lead up to this are my favorites. Also the one where Prentiss leaves after they try to force her to turn on Hotch. Loved her character!

Emily has always been my favorite, but this episode put her above and beyond any other character.

3 Season 2 Episodes 14-15: The Big Game/Revelations

Made me cry like a baby, I couldn't bear seeing my sweet, adorable Reid going through all this! And he was loyal & selfless despite all his suffering... He was willing to sacrifice himself to save his team & the other citizens! "Revelations" completely devastated me, but this episode made me fall in love with Spence even harder, and I loved it, even though it was so painful that I barely could watch it! If you are a fan of Spencer, you should definitely watch these two episodes, but really prepare to feel absolutely horrible, and not even completely relieved at the ending...

I loved these episodes. Made me cry at the end and some parts in between. Reid is my favorite character. I didn't even realise how emotional these made me feel until the end when I could finally breath knowing Reid was safe. It's unbelievable how emotionally connected the show can make you. The characters are so real, I forget that everything is fake. I had to remind myself in these episodes that everything was fake or I would have freaked out. Huge fan of Spencer Reid and the show period.

Such an incredible episode, I really love Spencer and that episode made me love him even more! I very rarely cry, but the episode "Revelations" made me cry so much! I couldn't bear seeing Reid suffering, and it was incredibly painful to watch! And the ending... is just shocking! I was VERY devastated after watching this, but this is seriously the best episode of criminal minds I've ever watched!

Matthew reminds me of My son, Matthew. If we see Spencer will be in danger, I think to myself, " Matthew, watch out". Or else, his way he has about himself. If it's a good scene, I think to myself, " Wow, great scene, great lines! " I watch reruns. I like to watch everone's acting.. Yes, you are right everyone, this was so good, Spence was so vulnerable to the guy. Even at the end when he's dying and "they are gone,", he thanks Spencer. So good.

4 Season 1 Episode 14: Riding the Lightning

I ever thought I would encounter such an amazing episode so early in the show. I cry all the time though, so I got my sister to watch it, and she is made of rock. She is still in her room crying. This shows a mothers love in a completely unique way. It is also different because in every other crime show like NCIS, they always achive what they set out to get. But in Criminal Minds, it changes your perspevtive on what is a true happy ending or not. This eiosde will always catch me of guard in the most random of ways. If I'm cooking or doing dishes, I will remember this episode and just start bawling.

This episode deserves to be at LEAST in the top ten. Just amazing. Wonderfully written story with twists and turns, outstanding acting, and the only episode of any T.V.-show to date to leave me with tears in my eyes. This is one of the best of 'em, for sure.

Outstanding acting... Left tears of joy... Dis episode tells about the mother's love in a unique way making it extraordinary...

A mother's love has no ending, even when she's on her deathbed... This episode will make you cry.

5 Season 4 Episodes 25-26: To Hell and Back

Just watched these, they were brilliant.

Love this episode!

6 Season 3 Episode 9: Penelope

One of the best episodes of Criminal minds. A real team job. Love each scenes, the camera twist. The cast, great Job KV and the rest of the cast.

We kick off this Top 10 Criminal Minds with Garcia fighting for her life after being shot.

I loved this episode. You learn a lot about Garcia.

Love this episode.

7 Season 4 Episode 1: Mayhem
8 Season 7 Episodes 23-24: Hit and Run

JJ and Will getting married was the best part. I love those two and Henry so much, and they are just an extremely cute family. The fact that JJ was kicking and screaming when she saw will going into the bank was so sad, but it shows that she loves Will to death and that she would do anything to protect her family, including fighting Izzy to save Henry. I just love the show Criminal Minds and I just love JJ's family.

9 Season 8 Episode 24: The Replicator
10 Season 1 Episodes 2: Compulsion

So suspenseful, totally shocking when you begin to put everything together.

Most interesting arsonist case! Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!

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11 Season 4 Episode 18: Omnivore

The Start of the 'Reaper Saga'.

12 Season 2 Episode 12: Profiler, Profiled

From the moment in season 1 where he wouldn't talk to Reid about nightmares, I knew that he had some sort of haunting past. This episode was well written and well executed by the actors to bring to light Morgan's past as well as share more of his character.

It's so sad yet so good

13 Season 2 Episode 7: North Mammon

Creepiest episode ever, I got goosebumps when Brooke killed Kelly.

I honestly didn't not the ending of this I was mad that Brooke tuned on her instead of Kelly, I just didn't like it but it was honestly pretty good other than that part

14 Season 1 Episode 6: LDSK

Hotch's contemptuous slaydown of reid in front of ldsk had me completely fooled until that last line of " it's front sight, trigger press, follow through", that and Reid's Oscar level wounded puppy dog looks. Make me love this episode

I love the part when Reid shoots the guy straight in the head! TOTAL TAKE DOWN! And when he says to Hotch, "I was a twelve year old prodigy in a Las Vegas High School, you kick like a nine year old girl." Totally loved it.

15 Season 1 Episode 3: Won't Get Fooled Again

Gideon was at his best1 Miss him.

16 Season 6 Episode 2: JJ

I cried when JJ said her final goodbyes to the team.. especially with Garcia. Showed the real emotions they had because they thought she was actually off the show for good.

The best one yet so happy they got married!

17 Season 3 Episode 7: Seven Seconds

The acting is fantastic in this episode.
I was crying like a baby at the end.

The 50th episode the team have to find a young girl who has been kidnaped.

Very emotional episode! I loved it!

One of the best plots!

18 Season 2 Episode 1 : The Fisher King Part 2
19 Season 3 Episode 10: True Night

This truly had me in tears sobbing just as Revelations did. I watched this episode at around 1 AM and I couldn't stop myself from leaking tears and crying the entire time. This episode is very VERY underrated and needs to be brought to attention. It gives you the view of the killer, unlike all these previous episodes. We don't watch or witness the steps it takes to arrest Jonny, but we see his scattered point of view. Truly, one of the very best episodes. As an artist, though I may not be a murderer, I relate.

In my own world, I believe that artists are the people who suffer more than regular people. Artists have lower self esteem and you have to be careful everyone. Say the wrong thing, and you may never know what happens behind the screen.

This is my favorite episode so far. The quote from Emily Prentiss is always stuck in the back of my head. I just can't get it out. At the end of the episode, she said to Rossi "it just makes me wonder... are we all capable of something like that? ". Ugh that just really gets me thinking. That's when I start to understand what Spencer mean when he says that he is afraid of his own mind. What would it take for me to go through a psychotic break? What would it take for any of us to completely lose ourselves?

I'm the only person I've encountered that truly loves this episode. This one really allowed me to connect with the killer like no other episode did or would do. The ending to the episode is absolutely amazing. This is the only killer I've really ALMOST seen his actions as justifiable. This is far and away the most underrated episode of Criminal Minds.

This emotional episode really makes people notice the few corrupted people in the world, and the effects of their gruesome deeds. You could really feel for the murderer, who was driven insane after he was forced to watch his fiancé being slaughtered by gang members. He really didn't even comprehend the fact that he had done anything bad, or even that his fiancé was dead. This episode was one of the few in which the audience could really feel compassion for the killer.

20 Season 1 Episode 7: The Fox

The ending and just the concept of the episode in general was just so chilling.
When Gideon revealed the amount of rings in the box it caught me completely off guard and was honestly terrifying.
This one definitely wins in my opinion.

Brilliantly cryptic ending, when Gideon reveals the rings in the box you can't help but piece together how many people were murdered by this serial killer

The moment Gideon screams to check out the neighbors reaction.. Goosbumps

21 Season 4 Episode 22 - The Big Wheel

My heart almost broke at the expression on the child's face, the torn emotions that were probably racing through his mind. The actors were all amazing, and the plot was so heart-wrenching that everybody should watch this episode.

The actors are phenomenal in this episode. Very very convincing. Amazing plot. Directed by the very best - Matthew Gray Gubler.

My favorite episode by far. Definitely recommend to everyone.

"You helped me see."

Waterfall came out of my eyes. FML. I'm a grown man dammit.

22 Season 5 Episode 16: Mosley Lane

It was just an amazing episode... Not particularly gory, but the storyline was so touching... I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and the final minutes made me cry, out of joy and sadness at the same time. The ending, although kinda sad, was so relieving! The directing was amazing, and the casting too! Especially Evan Peters, he was extremely touching! He's so talented! I loved him in this episode (and I love him anyways! ). It's a wonderful episode!

It's such an amazing episode! The directing was brilliant! It made me feel grief and happiness at the same time... I so loved it! Matthew Gray Gubler did an unbelievable job at directing it (and it's actually the first episode he directs! ) and Evan Peters was simply amazing. His performance as Charlie Hillridge was so touching! Mosley Lane is very thrilling, and the ending is very moving! I VERY highly suggest you watch this episode more!

The moment in which the mother who held out hope for her son for years finds out that he died just a day before the other children were found was heartbreaking.

Must watch! I cried, it literally shows humanity! Couldn't be a better episode!

23 Season 3 Episode 12: 3rd Life
24 Season 5 Episode 6: The Eyes Have it

Oh my. I saw this one today. The yucky was very high on this one. Have you seen it. All I can say is yuck. I think it was more of a yuck to me do to the fact that I was eating lunch when I was watching it.

So, Hotch has stepped down, Morgan has taken over, and, oh yeah, there's a guy cutting people's eyes out.

25 Season 2: Episode 5: Aftermath
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