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1 Don't Stop Believin'

This song was always performed on turning points in the show. Now that I have finished watching the series, when I go back to the past performances of this song by the Glee cast, I can't help but feel nostalgic. The first performance lays the foundation to the creation of the Glee club, forcing Schuster to stay and give the kids music in their lives. That performance is basically the most important performance in the show. Next comes the time when everyone is sad because Finn dies and the Glee club has to be disbanded. When you watch the performance, again, a wave of nostalgia comes over and leaves you all gooey and mushy inside. This song, although a seminal classic on its own, changed the way I viewed musicals and was basically the backbone of Glee. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Glee is this song and the way the cast performed it.

Just amazing. The pilot was just epic the only song that really catches up to it nothing. They should of wrote this song not the gut who wrote it. So much better than the original. This song made Lea and Cory's voice shine. This is the song I think of when you say the word 'Glee" that song was the begging of a whole knew era, and it changed my whole perspective of life.

2 Rumour Has It / Someone Like You

Am very much surprised that its not on the top 10list
Its considered as the best performance after don't stop believing! These songs of adele are performed amazingly

I hate Adele but I love this song! I mean Adele sucks! All her songs are about break up because no one likes her! This song Rocks my socks off!

Love this song so much! Any duet between Santana and Mercedes is always so great! Their voices mash perfectly together.

3 Teenage Dream

Darren Criss, as always, nails this song. The first version he does is amazing, with the Warblers, and the second version makes me cry every time I hear it.

Blaine has a wonderful voice and from the moment he performed that song on the show, I fell in love with his voice.

Anytime this comes on, it is impossible NOT to sing and dance (step and click) along. This just embodies joy.

4 Don't Rain on My Parade

One of the best performances on Glee EVER. Rachel has a beautiful voice and she should always sing that song because it's like her anthem.

Rachel shines the brightest when she sings that song. I liked Santana's version too but Rachel's is pure Barbra.

I LOVE this song after I heard it I practiced singing it for like a month...I got pretty good at it

5 Defying Gravity

They were both so awesome.! Definitely hard to choose. Eccept of the fact Kurt messed up the high F (in purpose), I really don't know if Rachel is best than him or he's better than Rachel. However, I think that I would choose Rachel. She's not one of my favorite characters, but she was remarkable in that song.

Absolutely breathtaking performances from both Chris and Lea. I could listen to this cover forever. These two are the beating heart of Glee, and this was the moment where they really began to shine for the first time, I feel.

I love defying gravity, rachel and kurt make a such good battle with this song, I think they both are very good singers, I love them and I love the song. I love don't stop believing too.

6 Loser Like Me

"Loser like me" is one of the original Glee songs and it's just amazing. It represents perfectly what GLEE is about. And Mercendes really rocked in this one...and Rachel...and Finn. They all sounded perfect in that song, it was very inspiring. And I loved the fact that Santana and Brittany had like their own solo, like a cheerleader kinda thing.

This song is what Glee is all about. Being proud of who you are even if people call you a loser and try and chase your dreams. It's upbeat, funny, hopeful and always puts a smile on my face.

People better like his song! Maybe you might feel it about your life.

7 We are Young

Fun would have got no where if glee had not have sung this song, We Are Young is the meaning of glee! Everyone in the club, reunited, together once again! Amazing solos from everyone in the club

This is so much better than Fun! This should be number 1! And Teenage dream, Marry you, and one of us. Glee cast rocks!

My favourite song! I'm so happy that they covered it and fun. Is famous now, only because of them. Won't be tired to listening to this song

8 Smooth Criminal

Naya Rivera + Grant Gustin + 2 Cellos! What more could you ask for in a cover? Santana and Sebastian are both rude and funny and their voices combine so perfectly and there were sparks flying everywhere. In my opinion, it was better than the original by MJ

Are you kidding me? Santana and Sebastian singing together? How can't that be epic? They are so awesome together. They were sparks flying like crazy over there.

This is definitely top 10 material.. Santana and sebastian singin an amazing feud.. Hate rolling in their words

9 It's All Coming Back to Me Now

One of the best Rachel's solos, up there with Don't rain on my parade, People, Cry and Being good isn't good enough.
This solo really brightens her voice and she sounds so powerful.

This song gives me SO many chills I've watched that episode around 5 times already...

My top 1 Rachel Berry solo!

10 Girl On Fire

I think that Santana has an awesome voice in this song. I have alwazs felt like her voice was always so underrated. This song is incredible and I feel like Santana is thinking of Britt when she is singing it.

Hate the original. Santana brings this song alive and makes it powerful and emotional.

Santana won that battle!

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? Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours
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11 Bohemian Rhapsody

I totally love the original version by Queen, but Vocal Adrenaline get the notes spot on and manage to stay harmonized throughout the whole song.

I love this song very much. For me, the glee cast version is better than the original song. In that episode Vocal Adrenaline deserved to win.

I love this song long long before...
Jessie St. James - nailed it!
Quinn Fabray - amazing acting!

Unforgettable. Iconic.

12 Cough Syrup

This song is one of the most amazing songs on the show. There was so much raw emotion put into it, and it always sends shivers up and down my spine. Darren Criss's voice was so beautiful in this song, and the entire thing just makes me cry.

Cough syrup is literally like my favourite song and Darren Criss is such an amazing singer and he really does the song justice and it's just so emotional it makes me cry.

Yes Glee has awesome songs but this is just beautiful. Darren Criss has a unique voice and this has to be number one maybe 2 after Teenage Dream.

13 Songbird

Santana singing that song made me cry. It was such a personal and sweet moment between her and Brittany and it really spoke to my heart.

What love, a very complicated couple but things out and they do everything maturely.

14 Total Eclipse of the Heart

This song is so great. ! I loved Bonnie Tyler's original version and Glee's version was great too!

Love Rachel's tremendous voice in this with the contribution of puck, Jessie and finn

15 Paradise by the Dashboard Light

How is it possible that Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Gold Digger and Thriller/Heads Will Roll are ahead of this.

The most underrated Glee performance. I never heard anyone praising it even though it was so amazing.

Winning piece! And Finn's best performance!

16 Thriller / Heads Will Roll

This was such a fun performance to watch, it just makes me want to jump up and dance when I hear it! It shows the newfound comradery between the glee club and the footballers, vote for it!

One of the greatest numbers they did. Loved the costumes and the zombie make up, and Artie's solo.

Looked amazing with the smoke, costumes and makeup. Naya Rivera (Santana) also has an amazing voice! Great mashup.

17 The Scientist

Finn really impressed me with that performance. His voice has a new maturity he was just a talented kid in season 1 in songs like Can't fight this feeling and It's my life/Confessions but with that song he showed new power and passion.

The song have it's own Magic! Something that just makes you feel rejuvinated and a different amazing feeling. This song is one of my favourite which will surely touch your heart.

Chris and Blaine's part are amazing!

18 I Feel Pretty / Unpretty

One of the best mash up Glee has ever made. It also passes an incredible message to young girls to just love themselves. Quinn and Rachel are so amazing. I'm so happy they are now friends. I hated it when they use to fight.

Fun fact: This song was voted Best Glee Song of All Time by TV Line readers in a July 2011 poll. (Gleewiki)

That is why this song deserves to be in the top spot, and easily my top 1 mash-up song of Glee.

Best duet, their voices are different but they go well together, like a true mash up.

19 Gives You Hell

A great performance, one of the funniest moments. Rachel is just being Rachel, giving angry looks at Finn while belting out the song and Finn looks so uncomfortable. I also liked the fact that Brittany and Santana were harmonizing in the background even though Rachel was mad at them too. Hilarious!

The first time I heard this song I was like "Oh my gauch, that girl can sing! ". It was the first time I appreciated Lea's voice.

I love this song its amazing, better than the original!

20 Marry the Night

Adam Lambert was a great addition to this show! He really fit well into the whole Glee dynamic and the NYC crew with Kurt, Santana and Rachel. In that song Marry The Night, he sounds incredible.

Why is this only no:23?
This is the song which made glee this much famous and you guys can't vote?

Adam, you are fabulous.

21 I'll Stand by You

This song makes me cry because I think of when Mercedes performed it after Finn died.

To the late Quarterback, Finn Hudson. We love you.

I love all finn songs

22 Some Nights
23 I Want to Hold Your Hand

This is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard. Chris Colfer is absolutely brilliant here!

I cried when I listened to him sing this. The whole song took on a new meaning.

I literally almost cried when I listened to this! Chris you are amazing!

24 Valerie

OH MY GOD! This is so much better than the original! I love this song so much, I think this is my favorite Glee song. It is very important to the story and Naya slays at life! I just can't...!

This is Santana at her best! This song illustrates an important point in the plot between Brit and Santana, not to mention Naya slated the vocals!

25 New York State of Mind

Marley and Rachel's voices sound beautiful together, one of the best performances

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