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1 Lois Lane

Out of all the other Lois Lane incarnations in T.V. and movies this one was the best. She had the attitude, confidence and savvy to do whatever she put her mind to. She may not have had superpowers or a costume but she felt just as important as the heroes on this show. She wasn't a damsel in distress type although she did often get into trouble. But she handled herself well and could kickass when needed.

Lois Is the best character ever! She can kick butt and look good, while doing it! Her witty personality and the way she doesn't let people walk all over her and her fighting skills are why shes my fave!

Lois lane is by far the best. Shes funny and kicks ass all the way through the show. She is with out doubt the best

Lois lane is by far the best character ever. Shes funny and loyal to everyone around her

2 Clark Kent

Most people think superman is just this perfect person but smallville shows the fact that he isn't perfect and he has a complex life. People forget that Clark Kent was once a teenager and he had all his secrets but when it came to making a decision he would always make the right one. And also Clark Kent is definitely the best character in smallville his storyline is the most interesting and entreging. And plus the series is about Clark Kent.

This show gives a Clark Kent/Superman that I can actually relate to (somewhat) unlike in the comics.

Well, this is not thinkable, it has to be the big guy...

Clark Kent / superman is the best character.

3 Chloe Sullivan

Come on, everyone can't just vote for Clark. This show wouldn't have existed without Chloe. Neither would have half the characters. She's saved her own share of lives.

A true and loyal friend to Clark. The fact that Allison Mack is very, very cute is a bonus.

Amazing. Journalist kind of gives the show a touch of mystery which makes interesting and shes always on top of things

She hardly ever messes up. Smart and pretty, always there for Clark.

4 Lana Lang

She is so strong and sweet. She's a hero by choice and greatly responsible for the formation of Clark Kent! Inside and out. Her character is one of perseverance, forgiveness, and redemption. Every mistake she has overcome. She belongs with Clark, but according to the Legion, she will be remembered thousands of years into the future for far more than her romance with Clark. She is humanity at it's best.

She made clark who he is! Shes a good character who has made mistakes which is why you can relate to her! Unlike chloe and clark who always seem to do the right thing! She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty! Yeah she did want honesty from Clark... But everyone wants honesty... Don't hate on her because you might just be like her

Hated her because she was so full of herself. She always wanted to be treated like some prom queen. Always gave clark a torrid regarding honesty bla bla bla. She should have accepted that some people will let you know who you are when they are ready. So different from cloe

Many People may disagree but I feel Lana was easily the third best of all of the people. She was so innocent and became more interesting, when she left the show people where glad and her part in Season 8 left a bitter taste in many fans mouth. But besides dating Whiteny Lana was a great charcter

5 Lex Luthor

Lex as number one is exactly how it should be. I wouldn't have even bothered with smallville beyond a couple of episodes if it wasn't for him. Which is why I only watched till the end of season 7 and stopped when Michael Rosenbaum left the show and then I watched the finale because Lex came back. Lex is the most interesting character, the psychology, mythology and ambiguous morals behind Lex and how he slowly changed and geared towards the dark path was amazing and heart breaking. I actually wanted him to be saved but we all knew superman needs his enemy. I still think of all the what ifs. Even though his father had the most to do with Lex's turn into evil, still I think clark had a hand in it too even if he didn't mean it. Of course the women who betrayed Lex and tried to kill him for money and all the hate directed towards Lex since he was a child also played a big role. He was such an underdog and he was treated guilty till proven otherwise. I seriously enjoyed his character from ...more

Lex Luthor is easily the most memorable aspect of smallville. Giving him the number one spot as the best character is no surprise to me. From a self-destructive young man with huge ambitions and a genius mind to a cool collected factory manager who is trying desperately to free himself from his father's reputation and fate, trying so hard to prove himself as a friend and a good person while being rejected all around and while facing his own father head on and fighting his own upbringing and shady ways.
After many betrayals from people around him he starts to slip again and his slip causes him his one and only friend that he adopted as his brother and things just go down hill from there.

He's a genius who knows how to plot and manipulate people around him and he's ready to do anything to achieve what he thinks is right. A villain who wants to save the world by controlling it.Our heroic and tragic villain should, with no doubt, take the top spot.

Michael rosenbaum's Lex ...more

Lex Luthor showed that the journey to darkness was not a light switch(unlike season 10 where you were either pure of heart or not) and his doomed relationship with Clark Kent highlighted that concept. His chess games with his father were also entertaining and his inner conflict with "Alexander." His performance in foreshadowing his role as Superman's greatest enemy was amazing. His ability to use morally ambiguous tactics to get things done was very interesting as well. Rosenbaum should be nominated for an Emmy.

The best character on the show. Brilliant and sophisticated can be the most tender man on earth and can also be the bad boy. His tragic descent into darkness was heartbreaking to see. He is a friend, a son, a lover, a husband, a brother but when he was pushed away over and over and over he became their worst nightmare.

6 Kara Kent

Kara had a potential major part in Smallville as a guide to Clarks Kryptonian past. She may have been a little iriatating but I feel if she was still on she'd win over the hearts of many

She had to find out her home planet was destroyed knowing what it once was

7 Tess Mercer

Love tess. At first shes bad the she becomes good. She kicks ass as well. She should be second. Shame lex had to kill her

8 Lionel Luthor

He wins the most horrible father ever award hands down. But even though he was such a sadistic SOB specially towards his son, I still enjoyed his character.

9 Martha Kent Martha Kent is a character from DC Comics and is the adoptive mother of Clark Kent, also known as Superman. Alongside her husband, Jonathan Kent, Martha finds the infant Clark after his spacecraft lands near their farm in Smallville, Kansas. She helps raise him with strong moral values, which later influence his decision to become a superhero. Martha Kent often serves as a grounding and emotional support for Clark.
10 Jonathan Kent

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11 Oliver Queen

I like green arrow

12 Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy was the most genuine character on the show. The actor for him was AMAZING. When Jimmy was upset in the show I could feel it!

13 Alicia Baker
14 Dinah Lance
15 Zatanna Zatara
16 Jor-El
17 Bizarro
18 Brainiac

Dr. Fine can play with people's minds easily. Should I remind you that he was still a threat in season 8 as he harmed Chloe even though he died in season 7.

He is totally badass that's it.

19 Conner Kent
20 Grant Gabriel
21 Nancy Adams
22 Maggie Sawyer
23 Ryan James
24 Davis Bloome
25 Aquaman
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