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1 Alien X

Why do people think that Ultimate Ben is more powerful than Alien X? If Alien X just thinks of something, it will become true. I hope nobody forgot the fact that Ben has mastered Alien X and can use it just like he wants to. Here is an accurate list of most powerful Ben 10 aliens:

1: Alien X (Two words: Over-powered)
2: Clockwork (His Chronosapien time bomb is amazing)
3: Waybig (This guy can destroy planets)
4: Diamondhead (Can regenerate, and is indestructible)
5: Chromastone (Absorbing any blast you shoot at him and he can shoot it back? Awesome! )
6: Ghostfreak (He can possess people)
7: Atomix (Tell me, since when did nuclear power go down in popularity? )
8: Upgrade (Technology control is amazing)
9: Big Chill (Freezing matter? Breathing out air that is 0 degrees Kelvin? Stupefying! )
10: Goop (Getting atomized cannot even scar this guy)

Alien X is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Celestialsapien from the Forge of Creation. Celestialsapiens are infinitely powerful, capable of controlling both reality and space/time to their will. Their reality warping is so powerful, that their mere thoughts become reality. However, a Celestialsapien cannot do anything unless at least 2 out of 3 or all of its personalities agree on it. They have spent eons debating before using any of their powers (Alien X was so backlogged by debates that it was still undecided on whether it should save the dinosaurs from extinction).
Ben acknowledges Alien X as his strongest and most powerful alien; however, he cannot afford the cost that comes with becoming the alien.

Definitely Alien X is a strong and powerful selestialsapien that can change the fabric of space himself. But with so much power has a bad part, he has two stubborn other sides of Alien X's mind. But they were arrested which gave Ben Tennyson the ability to control Alien X willfully and without wait. But Ben can't be to grateful of alien x being able to do anything because if Albedo was able to get Alien X's DNA from the omnitrix, He would be unstoppable. So Alien X by strength, skill, speed, reflexes, and brains would give him the advantage anytime but alien x is still too risky to use most of the time

Alien X is practically like god in Ben 10. He can do anything he wants and he can destroy UNIVERSES without even lifting his hands. Ben doesn't think that Alien X is too hard to control, he just thinks that transforming into a Celestialsapien isn't worth the time because he would need to get Alien X's multiple personalities to see each other's point of view and that is very difficult. But when the 3 personalities agree, they can destroy multiple UNIVERSES without bothering themselves much.

2 Ultimate Way Big

Ok so I've been doing some research on Unlimited Waybig and Alien X.
Although Alien X has more powers and is a little bit stronger then Unlimited Waybig,. Unlimited waybig is easyer to access and easyer to control. Also, Unlimited Waybig has a biger time limit. He will stay Unlimited Waybig longer then alien X staying alien X. Here's something you might not now. Alien X intorfers with Ben's thoughts and feelings, witch could cause to bad choices and decisions. Once in awhile alein X can erase membery from him perminitly, even in human form. I think that unlimited Waybig is cooler then alien X.

P.S: If we were comparing raw power, Alien X would win.

This alien is truly the strongest. I've been doing research on Unlimited way big and Alien X. The results? It is true alien X is a little stronger in power but Unlimited way big is almost as powerful and is easyer to control unlike Alien X. He can stay unlimited waybig for a longer time then he can Also X and is waaayyy cooler. So Unlimited Waybig wins.

P.S If we were comparing jest power then alien X would win.

Ultimate way big is the strongest alien and he will be in the first number. Yes he will because ultimate way big defeated atomix and alien x. Its true he will in the fist.

Way Big is a colossal humanoid creature with a large fin on his head, which is black at the front and red at the bottom.

3 Ultimate Ben

This is so damn stupid ultimate ben the power of alien X and every other alien! So how are way big, ultimate way big, and alien X better than ultimate ben!? Ultimate ben is the best! People can go on and on but this guy is gonna come out on top. For the last time, ultimate ben is the best

Go ultimate ben! He can be every single alien! Why are people giving this guy more thumb-ups? If you don't know how then just push the button on the right of the comment that you or other people type and press thumbs up!

Ultimate Ben can use Alien X's powers in this form without turning into Alien X. Therefore, all the powers of Alien X without the problem of multiple personalities.

I think all aliens in the list qre good but again the thing is ultimate ben can change into anything without waisting a second.

4 Ultimate Humungousaur

Way Big was up against 5 ultimate aliens and he easily tossed them away like nothing. Way big only lost because he was caught off guard. 1 on 1, he will easily beat Ultimate humungusaur. Also, atomix >> Ultimate humungusaur. He should be 5th place.

At the peak of his power he will beat the thing, hulk, and even the juggernaut.

Ultimate Humungasor has lost more battles than any other Ultimate, so putting him so far up is unrealistic.

He is very strong. He can turn his arms into firing missiles. He is the best

5 Waybig

I think Waybig is the strongest because he is like 100 feet tall. He could might even take down 200 Dna Aliens. He can destroy Jet Ray. Waybig can scramble him up. And he will be mashed. He might even take down Humongasaur to be honested.

Way big is the strongest and most powerful alien he can cause earth quakes just by punching he apered in secrets of the omnitrix. I love him so much he's the
Best alien ever

Way big can defeat alien x beause last time I saw a video of way big deafeating alien X. I knowthat you have not seen it. The video was very difficult to see,. It was on YouTube please see it

He's my favorite he is can do any thing!

6 Rath

Rath can rival Fourarms and overpower him with brute force (fact from the official page of one of Ben 10 magazines) and while not being the smartest alien out there, he's more durable, faster and more agile and will never give up, he's a fighting pro!
Ben should have used him way MORE often!

I think Rath has a great potential considering the fact that that he has a lot of serious advantages as a fighter let alone inhuman strength.

Lemme tell ya something! Rath is the strongest alien and don't try to argue because you'll just make him ANGRY!

Let me tell ya something!
I am so not gonna leave alien-X on top and will soon beat waybig he is just a chump!

7 Ultimate Echo Echo

Remember that ultimate echo echo's sonic doom attack almost killed ultimate kevin after just some seconds. Sonic Doom can easily kill weaker enemies and humans.

He is 2nd best ultimate after ultimate humungosaur

What isn't feedback on this list? He's by far one of the most powerful transformations and should definitely be on the top 10. Ultimate echo echo on the list but he isn't? Come on people!

He could have killed ultimate Kevin when no other alien could even get close. Sure, Alien X can control the universe, but what's the point if the power is impossible to use

He defeated Kevin 11 single handedly without gwen or grandpa max.

8 Atomix

Atomix is explicitly noted by Derick J. Wyatt to be Ben's second most powerful form after the omnipotent Alien X. The surface of his power hasn't even been scratched, and considering that he has the power to make tiny, stable green stars with minimal effort, that's saying something.

Its true that Alien X is the most powerful, but what's the point if you can't even use that power? Atomix defeated Ultimate Albedo, even when he used 2 Ultimate Aliens! Now who can beat that?

Dudes. Derrick J Wyatt has stated that Alien X is no. 1. Atomix is no. 2. So there is no need for discussion. Ultimate ben doesn't exist. Ultimate way big is gone
And derrick J Wyatt stated that way big is ben's 6th strongest alien.

Well if Atomix is the second best alien and has atomic rays then I like him!

9 Diamondhead

Diamondhead defeat feedback I see in the you tube. Diamond head body is hard. I love diamond head because he is stronger.diamond head defeat malware, vilgax and kevin.I think diamondhead would be 6. Diamond head can also defeat swampfire and heatblast. Now you see what I right. This is true. You have to go Google and search it. Wow I love it my diamond head.

Diamondhead is awesome he is invincible (almost) and he can shoot diamonds! (the diamonds should rip through a person's skull).

Diamondhead would be be one of the strongest because Ben's had most experience with him, as he practiced as Diamondhead the most. He beat Vilgax really easliy with him

Diamondhead is made of hard crystals and can morph his arms into effective rudimentary weapons.

10 Humungousaur

He is the strongest

He's really strong

The Contenders
11 Vilgax Vilgax is a fictional character and one of the main antagonists of the American animated TV series and media franchise Ben 10 created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.
12 Chromastone

Chromastone is so powerful because he can do shields that can stop attacks and he can absorb attacks. He can also shoot pure energy blasts. I know he runs out of energy butt if he can find enough energy like all the energy of an anidite or diagon or the most powerful substance in the universe

Yes time does not effect crystal. Hence he is even more powerful than alien x. Also his energy is more than 10^30.His specie is also least known. This was told by tetrad and Ben. He is also saviour of his planet. Has force field so no one can attack him even alien x is poor in front of chromastone.

Chromastone is even power full than alien x. Due to his unbreakable able crystal body he can even absorb alien x. Have ability to face time bomb because he is a crystal and crystal do not have age while alien x cannot do this

He is unstoppable if he absorbs so much energy and can destroy everything if he can find enough power.

13 Feedback

Boy I feedback is wow can you just believe that he defeated malware so easily after unlocking him. Feedback is my favorite alien should be first or second

My best alien FEEDBACK! Do you know how he kicks his opponents on the face dude he's awesome! But do you know before he was bens favorite alien

Way big is number 6 but he couldn't even defeat malware but feedback could and that's why he's my favorite alien.

Feedback should be first

14 Evil Way Big

Super intelligence, super strength, enhanced durability and cosmic rays I say no more

15 Heatblast

I love Heatblast, because he's super powerful. Also, my favorite element is fire.

He made a fire tornado, and can reach the temperatures of the sun!

Heatblast has been my favorite alien since I was three years old.

He beat vilgax

16 Swampfire

Swampfire his invinsible to bullets because they pass through hi. If humangosaur tries to crush him, he can come out from another plant. His firepower is stronger than heat last since he can use his methane as a conducter

17 Benvicktor

Ben victor has an electric body that is a good advantage for his body

Good but look crazy

18 Four Arm

Because he was chosen for a feat of strength when competing.

Very strong alien but also overrated as hell.

He can destroy victor

Four arms should be 4

19 Big Chill

Ivisiblity, flight, eats metal, freez attacks close and ranged.
One of the few alien that can survive out in space.

He is the coolest alien

He is the best

20 Clockwork

Just saying Clockwork is unreasonably downplayed. This alien is somewhat durable, but it can apparently be damaged by Captain Nemesis's arm cannon, which isn't that strong. Also, damage taken will be permanent. Also, it took 2 Clockworks to take out Eon, where one Alien X could probably decimate Eon.

Clockwork can beat ultimate waybig 100 times over. He can stop time and use literally and resource at hand!

He can control time, one of the mandatory forces of life, and a Clockwork like creature defeated Ultimate Humongousaur.

Clockwork can do everything about time. He can freeze time, accelerate time and slowdown time, he could do this by using his time ray or b not. Clockwork could travel throughout space and time, and he knows all about time.

21 Upgrade

Honestly, I think upgrade should be number 8, Upgrade is one of the best aliens to get ben out of sticky situautions or trouble. Upgrade can control almost everything that is metal or a object that moves. He has a beam that blasts out of his head that can melt anything, hotter than lava.

When there's ben 10 and generator rex crossing episode, ben upgrades rex's building machines! And that's so awesome!

I think upgrade is not best alien because in ben10 destroy all aliens movie, when he transforms upgrade alien Gwen wears her power, his omnitrix is destroyed
But I not saying totally waste, I want to give him 16 grade( rank)

Upgrade is a loser

22 Gravattack

Gravattack can control gravity to manipulate the weight and motion of objects, allowing him to suspend and levitate targets in the air, send them flying back or fourth, or slam them down to the ground with hand gestures. His control over gravity allows him to change its direction, allowing him to telekinetically send targets flying upwards or across the air as if they were falling. He can also place objects into an orbital track, causes them to fly in circles at various speeds. When using his powers, he emits an aura of hazy energy. He can even form this energy into walls, barriers and domes.

Gravattack could move a planet and a sun, I'm pretty sure he'll soon be able to move a solar system

He could just move his hand and defeat any villain and should be number 3

23 Eon

Eon is awesome! He can travel through time! He can destroy every time line and can rebuild them in his image!

He is villain! Dude

24 Ultimate Alien X

It should be number 1

He is the 5th best

25 Goop

You know, goop can actually be better than swampfire. I mean, plants can be harmed by acid, so, goodbye swampfire or any other methanosian when in contact with goop.He also has shape- shifting abilities, can shoot, spray, or hose his slime that can be acidic or adhesive, can fit through anything, and, theoretically, can self- duplicate or grow into a large goop. Think about it, with his regeneration, his leftover slime can be sentient because that leftover slime is still ben, and the omnitrix might make another anti- gravity disc for the leftover blob. But that's just a theory, AN ALIEN THEORY, and no, I'm not matpat, I just stole his line.

Goop is the best alien ever. I mean seriously he is made of acid and goo he is the BEST! You can not damage him! PERIOD

Goop attack by just shooting slime to vilgax which he should not be in this list because he sucksss! His fighting skill sucks

Goop is very flexible and take any shape.

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