Top 10 Best Gravity Falls Monsters

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1 Bill Cipher Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. He is known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. He... read more

He finds pain hilarious. He's a yellow, one-eyed triangle with a bow tie, a top hat, and a cane. He infiltrates mindscapes, dreams, and alters alternate universes.

He knows a whole lot. He's always watching. He calls Dipper Pine Tree, which is adorable. He's cunning, feisty, smart, and ridiculously hilarious. He knows how to make really good deals and knows the weakness of minds.

How is he not the coolest monster ever?

Bill Cipher is my favorite character of all animated cartoons. He is just creepy, funny, and embodies everything any character in any show should have - except for being able to really relate to him.

But there are no antagonists in any other show that are as stunning as he is.

2 The Summerween Trickster

An excellent, multi-layered villain. I loved the homage to No-Face from Miyazaki's Spirited Away. He was creepy and awesome. He instilled genuine fear.

I am dead serious when I say this: he is creepy! I mean, what is more messed up than eating a child alive on screen? Definitely worth second place!

I feel bad for the Summerween Trickster, and he reminds me of No-Face from Spirited Away.

How great would it be if we celebrated Summerween!

3 The Gnomes

Why do they have a category for gnomes and Shmebulock? He's definitely the best gnome, but he's really no different than any of the others (other than his limited vocabulary).

They barf rainbows! Does anything else need to be said?

The gnomes hurl rainbows! And how can you not love Shmebulock?

4 Rumble McSkirmish
5 Gobblewonker

I love the "Real" Gobblewonker - not the robot, but the real one. I mean, we barely see him, but he looks better than the bot. I would tell you to shut up and take my money if they made a movie all about the Gobblewonker.

I also hope he comes back if the show does, because he is awesome!

6 Multibear

Only appeared once, but still made it on the list. The damn bear needs more recognition for his disco girl songs!

Bears are awesome. Bears with eight heads are even more awesome!

7 Manotaurs
8 Giffany

Overly attached girlfriend meets Gravity Falls. Not my favorite, but needs to be on the list at least.

She should be second. She is FNAF for kids. None of these people can be FNAF, except Bill. She was willing to destroy anyone, and almost did.

I will also admit I like her hair.

I agree. What is creepier than a haunted dating simulator!

9 Elderly Ghosts

Definitely the nicest monsters, even though they sort of kidnapped the teenagers.

The only monster I can relate to.

10 The Shape Shifter

"Should I be one or the other? How about both!" Oh my God, that was the creepiest moment on this show, period. Plus, he can be any monster, can talk, and is probably the reason the Author wrote "Trust No One!" in Journal #3.

This may be a kid version of The Thing, but make no mistake, the concept will still keep you up at night. Next to Cipher, there is no doubt in my mind Shifter comes second.

Oh my God, the shapeshifter is utterly terrifying. Anyone remember the part when he reveals he's the shapeshifter, or the morph he did of the Mabel+Dipper thing?

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11 The Swamp Monster

This monster was actually good.

12 Dipper Clones

"What would you do if you were trapped in a closet? Break out."

"No, it's just me, good ol' number 7." (7 falls off.)

Did you see 2 and 3 in the credits?

13 The Pterodactyl

Anyone remember Stan punching him? I do.

The dinosaur is not around today. Who thinks that the Pterodactyl is extinct?

14 Shmebulock

He's one of the gnomes. Get him off the list.

15 Northwest Mansion Ghost

Come out! Come out! Come out wherever you are!

16 The Hide Behind

Yeah, it is really creepy. At the end, when he suddenly appeared from "behind" that dead tree, it gave me chills.

Have you seen the episode on him? He's the only monster to give me the chills.

17 Aoshima
18 Bill Cipher's Henchman
19 The Handwitch

"Can I have my hands back now? I have a certain gesture I'd like to share with you."

20 Candy Monster
21 Time Baby
22 Deerper
23 Mermabel
24 Unicorn
25 Flavor Pups

Would you like to eat my candy paw?

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