Top 10 Best X-Factor Indonesia Finalists

The Top Ten
1 Fatin Shidqia Lubis

Fatin is very unique talent from Indonesia. She has her own vocal character. Not much power like the other singers, but she has beautiful and remember voice.

Character is more than anything, and she has it.

Fatin nice, cute, talented, faithful, you can do it girl!

After winning the first Indonesian xfactor little girl is so in later by millions of eyes and ears.. Because the uniqueness of his voice that did not dull our nation has a proud Indonesian singer DUFFY and BRENDA LEE class. (Fatin SHIDQIA)

Yeah, everybody knows that she's THE BEST
I have a friend that always adores her.
She's great! So, the she's the best X-Factor Indonesia Finalist!

2 Mikha Angelo

Mikha is one amazing musician and artist! He's a forward thinker who already knows what to aim for with his multiple musicality, talents and skills and could care less about winning a competition. A genius and an international star in the making. He's got it all and over time he'll be a great one. All he needs is a huge support after his X Factor performance... <Sarah, NYC>

He is cool and handsome. He is smart, nice and also friendly. But the most important thing is he so talented. He can praise Jesus with his talents.
Mikha Angelo is the best vocalist of The Overtunes ever! He can inspired everyone specially teenager. He made me believe even I'm still young, I can catch my dream, I can make my dream come true. So, I don't have any reason to hate me. I'll keep support and loving him. :) God bless

He is way really talented! And at his young age, he really is a good music thinker! He doesn't only sing the songs, yet he CREATES it! Indonesia must be really proud to have him in their music industry!

I'm 30 yo and love his music, his personality and the passion he puts on his future. For 15 yo boy, he goes beyond the other teenagers. Very strong character. Inspiring young! Proud of Mikha Angelo Brahmantyo!

3 Shena Malsiana

The voice is so good and unique in singing a jazz song! And have a talent to sing a song out of her genre (jazz)..

Absolutely Shena Malsiana. She's one of a kind.

4 Novita Dewi

Just novita dewi, Indonesian singer who have a completely packaging, beautiful looking, great technical song, wonderful character, best stage act, and many more that I can't explain..
You deserve to go international...

I was very impressed with her.. First I thought she was just a singer who has a remarkable voice, but it turns out she's also a humble and not arrogant.. Thank you for being an inspiration to many people

She deserve much more than number 5! Com on indonesia! Think!

She truly has a great talent.. She has 'factor x'

5 Nu Dimension

They have a same thing with oneD I think. So, I hope someday they will go international like oneD. Keep the spirit up! X

6 Isa Raja
7 Alex Rudiart

Good luck alex, you're better than the others, just keep calm and get the better ways in this country..

8 Agus Hafiluddin
9 Ilusia Girls
10 Gede Bagus
The Contenders
11 AKU
12 Wahyu Galaxy
13 Dicky Adam
14 Rossa Anggun Bebi
15 Awan
16 Yohanna
17 Yohanna Febianti
18 Dalagita
19 Nurjanah
20 Yahya Putra
21 Joshua Haiko
22 Mochamad Ridwansyah
23 Emak Errot
24 Emak Ijah
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