Top 10 Best House of Anubis Villains

House of Anubis was a popular Nickelodeon show that aired from 2011 to 2013. The show followed a group of teenagers who lived in a mysterious boarding school called Anubis House, where they uncover secrets and solve mysteries related to the school's dark past.

Throughout the series, the students faced many challenges and obstacles, including a number of devious villains who were determined to keep them from uncovering the truth. From sinister teachers to mysterious strangers, these villains kept viewers on the edge of their seats as they plotted and schemed to keep their secrets hidden. From the conniving and manipulative Victor to the mysterious and enigmatic Rufus, these villains posed a serious threat to the students of Anubis House. Each with their own unique motivations and methods, these characters kept viewers guessing as to their true intentions until the very end.
The Top Ten
1 Rufus Zeno

Rufus is the best villain! He is so scary. He even scares Jerome and Victor!

He is really scary! He is a really good villain!

Rufus cares about nobody but himself.

2 Robert Frobisher-Smythe

He actually tried to summon Ammut from the underworld, to eat everybody's souls! That is dark. Why is this a Nickelodeon show?

I think he's the best because of his sinner work.

3 Victor Rodemer

Victor is so mean. I feel like he is just a really unkind person. I wish he was not as evil and as mean as he is. I wonder what it would be like to have just one episode where Victor has just an ounce of kindness, where he does something that is pleasant and something that benefits someone in a positive way, not a negative way. Just one episode, that is all I am asking for. I am sure some other people agree with me on this idea.

I would love to know him as a nice person for a minimum of one episode and a maximum of three episodes. That is all, just one episode, that is all I want. I know his character is supposed to be mean and grumpy, but I wish they would show for an episode or so as someone who actually cares about someone other than himself or his little secret society. Thanks so much!

4 Caroline Denby

Caroline Denby is not scary. She does not scare me at all. I love her like a sister.

5 Vera

Vera is the most beautiful evil in House of Anubis. I wanted her to stay in the house.

6 Evil Patricia
7 Eric Sweet
8 Mrs. Andrews
9 Joy's Dad
10 Jason Winkler

I don't think that Jason is evil. He just wanted to live because he had an awful illness.

The Contenders
11 Scenkara

Senkhara definitely should have been higher on this list. I mean, she cursed people, frightened people, and had a lot of evil tricks up her sleeve. That sounds pretty villainous to me.

She killed King Tut and was so close to murdering everyone in Sibuna and anyone associated with them. Also, she tricked Nina all along and was going to steal her body. She is the number one villain.

12 Nurse Delia
13 Evil Fabina

I love Fabina, and it is so sad he is evil. But he is so nice that he is really not that evil.

14 Evil Alfie
15 Harriet Denby
16 Mr. Eric Sweet
17 Joy Mercer
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