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1 Regina Mills / Evil Queen / Roni

I loved her in Season 1 because that's when she tried to do her best to get rid of Emma. It was so awesome and sweet at the same time because she was trying to keep Emma from her son, who she cared about so much.

Thanks to Cora, Regina was not able to have kids, which is why this is so sweet. It's awesome because I love when Regina goes all dark because she is so cool when she does. You can see how much she doesn't care. It shows that she would do anything to get what she wants and shows how much effort she puts into what she wants.

2 Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold / Det. Weaver

He is completely misunderstood. Belle is the only one who gets him.

From the beginning, he became the Dark One to stop a horrible war and save his son. He never meant to let his son go and spent around 200 years trying to get him back. That's a long time. He cared a lot. He might have done some bad things, but he was trying to reunite with his son.

When he meets Belle, he loves her so much, even if he messed up by making her leave. For someone to be my favorite character, and I think it's the same for a lot of people, they have to do some bad things. A character who is good at heart but does some bad things makes their character deep and awesome.

That's why I hate Neal/Baelfire. Even though Rumplestiltskin spent about 200 years looking for him, he couldn't forgive him. Even if he was just a villain (which he's not) with no good heart, he would still be awesome because he is funny, manipulative, and great with deals. If that was the case, he would have just been a great villain.

He may have done some bad things, and he may be a coward, but he has a good heart and cares about the people he loves, which makes him my favorite character.

3 Killian Jones / Hook

I really liked him in Season 2 and even Season 3. But after that, he became more or less a lapdog puppy totally infatuated with Emma Swan.

I find this very strange because he used to be a really witty and layered character. Now he is just twisting himself into bizarre situations in which he must prove himself to be worthy of Emma Swan by being good. Captain Hook shouldn't care how he is labeled. He is a bloody rapscallion pirate, and he only cares about living life and living by his code. That's all.

4 Emma Swan

How is she not above Rumple? She is perfect in an imperfect way. She has many flaws and has gone through many hardships but is still very heroic, not in a Mary Sue type way. She resisted darkness, whereas all Rumple ever does is go back and forth between being good or evil, claiming love for one of his sons or Belle. Clearly, he doesn't care enough about them to turn good.

He also doesn't have any character development. He just randomly is good or evil for an episode before he is on the good team for the last episode.

5 Red Lucas / Ruby

Red was an amazing character! After that one episode with her and Dorothy, I was just like, that girl is one of my favorite characters now. I couldn't even explain why. I just loved her so much.

Ruby was one of my favorites from the beginning. She has a heartbreaking backstory, but she is a strong female character and absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful chemistry between her and Dorothy, as well as the fact that she is layered and deep. Ruby will always be a favorite in my book.

6 The Huntsman / Sheriff Graham Humbert

Everybody loves him. His death was sad, but not as much as people say. He was a nice character, but I think Neal and Killian are hotter. #SorryNotSorry

I felt awful for him when he died! It was sad because Emma was finally opening up to him, and then he died.

7 Malcolm / Peter Pan / Pied Piper

Definitely the best character and villain on Once Upon a Time. He kept Wendy to make John and Michael (her brothers) do his bidding.

Spoiler alert: he tricked Greg and Tamara into doing his work. He also took Henry's heart to ensure that the magic of Neverland did not run out. He used his Lost Boys to attempt to ambush the team after they cheated by using the map Pan had given to them and a locator spell. The boys' arrows were laced with Dreamshade, and it wounded David. Rumplestiltskin had to sacrifice himself to defeat Pan (though he was revived due to Baelfire's sacrifice).

Even though some people say Zelena killed Baelfire, I think it was really Pan since defeating him was the cause of his death. If you think about it, Pan was the only villain who needed a sacrifice to die, and he was the toughest villain to beat.

8 Henry Daniel Mills

I really loved Henry in Season 1 and Season 2. He fought for everything.

The only thing I want to know is how exactly he left Storybrooke. That, in flashback, would have been a cool episode, like the flashback in "Save Henry," where he got the book and had to battle with the idea that his mum didn't want him. But, through his faith and intelligence, he brings Emma to Storybrooke and tells her he understands that she gave him up because she wanted to give him his best chance.

In Season 2, he told Gold that his son might understand why he gave him away, and it was really cute when he had the hot dog. Honestly, there used to be so many cute Henry scenes, like in "The Name of the Brother," where Henry has a horse, but later it disappears. I was like, "Wow, Henry has a horse!"

But when Henry meets Violet, he doesn't seem sure about her horse. Like, what?

9 Belle French / Lacey

She's both strong-willed and compassionate, motivated towards goodness but still able to see light in characters like Rumple. I love that she's not just a beautiful woman there to give the bad guy a love interest but a well-rounded character, intelligent and independent, and not afraid to do what's right.

It's amazing how she could love Rumplestiltskin even after all he's done. I love how she sees the light in everyone and always is the better woman. She never wants revenge but still knows how to stand up for herself. Plus, she's gorgeous and really smart.

10 David / Prince Charming / David Nolan

David/Prince Charming makes the perfect ship when put up next to Snow White/Mary Margaret. He, like Snow, wants to do anything to protect his family but tries to go about it the right way. He is courageous, and may I mention... hot!

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11 Snow White / Mary Margaret Blanchard

Okay, Snow White/Mary Margaret is my absolute favorite and always will be. She is the fairest of them all, obviously. I love her relationship with Charming and Emma, and she would die to protect her family.

They turned a stereotypical princess into an actual character.

12 Mulan

Baelfire: "They made a movie about you. It's actually pretty good."
Mulan: "What's a movie?"

Seriously, if only she knew how much of a badass she really is! She is a determined warrior and does whatever needs to be done. I felt so sorry for her when she was heartbroken over Aurora revealing she was pregnant. Poor Mulan, not being able to tell her how she felt about her.

Then when we thought she would have a happy ending with Ruby, Ruby ends up with Dorothy instead. Mulan stood there just chillin' while she is the series' first lesbian character. GIVE HER A TRUE LOVE ALREADY! SHE DESERVES IT!

13 Jefferson / Mad Hatter

Sebastian Stan is my all-time favorite actor. He's been amazing in everything I've seen him in (most of his roles), and I think that he played Jefferson perfectly.

You can feel the pain he feels and see the pain in his eyes. I think the thing that made Jefferson the perfect character was how he says he's not crazy until the end, where he freaks out when Emma and Snow escape. It shows us how easily some mental patients can act. Perfectly calm one moment and out of control the next.

They need to bring Jefferson back. Plus, Sebastian is an adorable puppy, and everyone loves puppies.

14 Zelena / Wicked Witch of the West / Kelly West

I seriously loved her. She reminds me of myself sometimes. I tend to get envious most of the time. I also felt extremely sorry for her.

She was abandoned by her mother, raised by an abusive 'father' who didn't even want her, and then bullied by Regina endlessly. Of course, Regina and Zelena eventually make up and finally become sisters, but Regina still acts like the overprotective sister and even blames Zelena for the death of Robin Hood, even after she saved her life from Hades!

Seriously, she is such an iconic character. I love her when she's an antihero. She's just saving the day but desperately wants to use dark magic and be mischievous while doing so. I also adored her wickedness! She was having fun using her powers, and she enslaved Rumplestiltskin, something that not even Cora was able to do!

Let's not forget about the part where she hid right under our noses as Marian just to get pregnant with Regina's true love to ruin her happy ending.

15 Baelfire / Neal Cassidy

Kind, brave, strong, vulnerable, and complex. An amazing, relatable character since he was young until becoming Neal Cassidy.

Yes! He is one of my favorite characters. After all the ships/romances Emma has gone through, he is my favorite.

Neal is so good. It was so sad when he died. I wish Emma and Neal had gotten back together.

16 Queen Elsa

Her character on Once was well-written and had great chemistry with the cast, especially with Emma and Regina.

My favorite character in Once Upon a Time!

17 Pinocchio / August Wayne Booth

I absolutely loved this guy and was really upset when he died. Always hoped that Emma and August would become a couple.

He's cool, and I love how he got his happy ending by turning back into a boy.

18 Princess Anna
19 Robin of Locksley / Robin Hood
20 Cruella De Vil / Cruella Feinberg

Of all the villains portrayed thus far, she is the ONLY one who doesn't have a motive to become evil. It's clearly stated that she was a troubled child. She poisoned her own father and both of her mother's subsequent husbands for no specific reason.

She was born a true sociopath. She takes the things you love and destroys them. She watched her own mother get ripped apart by dogs, and then killed them also. The only thing she wanted from The Author was what he took from her: the ability to kill again. She is a TRUE villain in this series.

In conclusion, she deserves the Evilest Villain award.

21 Tinker Bell
22 Tiger Lily

I love Lily because she is the daughter of Maleficent. I like that because it means that the generation of dragons is not over.

23 Genie / Magic Mirror / Sidney Glass
24 Ingrid / Snow Queen / Sarah Fisher

It's not fair. She never deserved to die, and neither did Helga or Gerda. Let's face it, Ingrid would've been there to meet her equally empowered niece, Elsa, during Elsa's childbirth. Helga would've been there to meet her other niece, Anna, during Anna's childbirth too if those stupid, idiotic writers of Once Upon a Time hadn't killed Helga off or put Ingrid in that urn back then.

25 Dr. Victor Frankenstein / Dr. Whale

I just really, really liked his story. I have always been a huge fan of Frankenstein in every form, and this was no different! From Penny Dreadful to OUAT to the Mary Shelley classics - Frankenstein will always have a place in my heart.

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