Top 10 Best Power Rangers

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1 Red Ranger

I remember choosing the Red Ranger as my favorite Ranger, especially Jason due to his piloting the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord (which I love because T. Rex is still and always will be my favorite dinosaur, reptile, and animal). But now, I no longer have a favorite Ranger. Instead, I have a least favorite Red Ranger, and it's Jack because of his rebelliousness. Therefore, I like Sky better due to his love for rules.

The Red Ranger is the bravest and best fighter on the team. Come on, he gets the best weapons. They're all cool, with the exception of some like Scott. Come on, he was playing butt darts on Spartacus. Please, he should have been the Pink Ranger.

2 Blue Ranger

My favorite Blue Rangers are Kai, Sky, and Theo because their personalities are like mine. I hate all who hate those guys. If they were never uptight, chaos would reign supreme. So all of their haters can suck it!

Blue Rangers are the reason why my favorite color is blue. They are fun, caring, and intelligent. Though they are second in command, they do the majority of the work.

Kevin and Sky are my favorites! Super Samurai series was the best. BLUE RANGER IS THE GREATEST RANGER!

Blue Ranger is a sympathetic, intelligent fighter - the philosopher and karate master. He is up behind the blue mask, and he takes down his glasses. Blue Ranger is an energetic, fit boy - my champion of the color Rangers.

3 Green Ranger

Tommy is the single best plot-driven character, particularly as the Green Ranger but also as the White Ranger. He is the most psychologically compelling character with the best story progression. If that ain't enough, he has his own themes in both guises (Go Green Ranger Go and White Ranger Tiger Power). Tommy all the way.

The thing that makes Green Rangers cool is the fact that they will end up being another color like red, blue, black, or white.

Red and green are my favorites, but any series after 1995 with the second cast were just gimmicks. The original cast was the only one I cared to watch.

4 Pink Ranger

She is the best forever and gives hope to the team as a whole in times of distress. In every series, she is as beautiful as a queen, and everyone on the team loves her. She has so many fans all over the Earth.

Pink Ranger is beautiful - mask, off-mask, woman, good fighter, fit lady. Speed girl to super kick and shoot.

5 Yellow Ranger

Yellow Rangers are best. My favorite and the best are Trini and Gia.

6 White Ranger
7 Black Ranger

I like the Black Ranger. He is the coolest Ranger, especially Dillon. He's either a core team member or the sixth. The only Green Ranger I liked was Tommy. Since him, the Green Ranger has been nothing but a joke.

8 Silver Ranger
9 Gold Ranger
10 Robo Knight
The Contenders
11 Titanium Ranger
12 Lunar Wolf Ranger
13 Mercury Ranger

He's my favorite of the Operation Overdrive Rangers because he's the easiest of them for me to handle. Hell, he isn't as humorous and unpleasant as his teammates are.

14 Quantum Ranger

Quantum Ranger is a badass extra Ranger of all Power Rangers.

15 Jungle Fury Ranger
16 Rhino Ranger
17 Graphite Ranger
18 Shadow Ranger
19 Wolf Ranger
20 Magna Defender
21 Purple Ranger
22 Lord Drakkon
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