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The Fairly OddParents is a 2001 animated television series that follows Timmy Turner, a boy with two fairy godparents named Cosmo and Wanda who grant his every wish, which usually backfire.
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1 Channel Chasers Part 1

The best episode of the series without a doubt. Its time travel story, parody of famous TV shows, and deep message about growing up all fit together perfectly.

The Channel Chasers episode is the best out of the whole series.

I love the channel chasers episode!

This episode was genius.

2 Christmas Every Day

Here's 5 FairlyOddParents trivia facts (and the episodes that I found them out in) that are not on cosmo's post FairlyOddParents Trivia Facts.

1.Veronica is in love with Timmy (Information Stupor Highway)

2. Cosmo sunk the city of Atlantis 9 times (Something's Fishy)

3. Vicky has a dog named Doidle (Dog's Day Afternoon)

4. Timmy's dad is good at making computers (Information Stupor Highway)

5. Cosmo and Wanda met at a diner (School's Out: The Musical)

Yeah it's amazing how all the kids of the world worked together to help Timmy, and how it had the true Christmas spirit in it. Great episode by far.

Ok, I do have to admit that this episode is pretty unpleasant, but that's because of the singing(I had to go to the hospital to fix my ears twice every time I watch this episode. But the rest of the parts are great

Best Episode Made by the fairly odd parents.

3 The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker

This episode made Mr. Crocker my favorite character. It's so sad to learn that he had a childhood similar to Timmy's. (Ignoring parents, evil babysitters, and of course, FAIRY GODPARENTS! ) Timmy's Fairy Godparents spazzes are also hilarious. Definitely one of the best FOP episodes ever.

This episode shows a side of Denzel Crocker that we hadn't seen before and shows the audience why he is so obsessed with fairies. I liked how the show took the time to show us the past basic of one of the shows main villains, and how it impacts the present.

This episode shows Timmys caring side and made me actually like Mr. Crocker. I also love the time traveling!

4 Fairly Oddbaby

I love this one and if I was in this, I would squeeze cosmo lightly!

Strangely this episode is my favorite out of the entire show.

How come this episoide is not banded. Cosmo has a baby! I hate the close up of him.

My Favorite too I love Poof Why do they have to replace him with an dog and a girl

5 The Boy Who Would Be Queen

This episode could have made Trixie and Timmy best friends and/or become a couple. This episode added a lot to Trixie and it boosted her character development until Season 4 messed that up. They could have kept this side of Trixie, so that it would have made her a big role-model for viewers of this show. Also in this episode, Trixie reveals that she just wants a friend who likes her for who she is. Timmy (disguised as a girl) was Trixie's only real and true friend who shared the same interests she had. When Timmy said he liked boy and girl stuff, Trixie said he was sweet for saying that, but she was peer pressured into forcing him out of her party. This episode is another piece of evidence that shows Trixie does like Timmy, but keeps it a secret in order to appease her fake friends. This is also one of my favorite Timmy X Trixie episodes alongside "A Wish Too Far and Wishology."

I love how it back hands stereotypes that all girls love ponies and rainbows, and that all boys love super heroes and videogames, and says that not all boys are one-way and not all girls are one-way.

I love how this tries to break gender stereotypes! It also makes Trixie into a better and more rounded character, which is always awesome!

I love episodes that break gender stereotypes and show different sides to a character. This does both, so it's an absolute win!

6 The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour specials are a great example of how to do crossovers right. If only Danny Phantom wasn't cancelled, Butch Hartman could have made a crossover between The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom. After all, Hartman himself said this. Anyways, I think the second installment (the one with the Friday the 13th plot) has to be my favorite in the entire trilogy - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is awesome! 2 shows in 1! This should be third and Fairly Odd Baby Fifth.

Two of my favorite Nick shows growing up in the same universe? Pure awesomeness! Now let's get a Spongebob and Danny Phantom crossover! (If Danny Phantom ever returns...)

This was my childhood

7 Channel Chasers Part 2

Channel chasers part 1 and 2 should be number 1!

8 School's Out: The Musical

THIS is what Atlantis Squarepantis shoulda been. The songs here move the plot, are pretty nice to listen to themselves, and have some pretty intelligent lines.

This is so good, I almost want to see it made into a 1 hour musical for kids to perform.

I watch this every year school ends and I love the whole school's over theme.

Very underrated. I didn't like channel chasers part 1. Should be much lower

9 Wishology

This should have been the series finale and it almost was, until moolah craving executives at Nick decided to give the FOP seasons 7-10, which weren't really good at all and led to it's decrease in content and I like this episode, because it finally made Timmy get together with Trixie. I ship Timmy X Trixie, because of their even/similar values and not many FOP characters understand their true side. Timmy just wants to live a simple minded life who has some one that cares about him. Trixie just wants to be her true self and enjoy comics, as well as having a friend who will like her for just being herself. In the end, Timmy and Trixie would make a great couple because they are afraid to admit their true selves and when they do, they're shamed by people for being "weird." Timmy X Trixie Forever! :)

Besides the atrocious ending, I thought this was pretty good, and I don't even like faily odd parents.

10 Timvisible
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11 Meet the Oddparents
12 Abra-Catastrophe

How is Abracatastrophe this low? This right here along with Channel chasers is peak FOP

13 Power Mad

It's the best episode of FOP in my opinion, and along with "The Big Problem" is very good start for the series. Episode is funny, 3D graphics, and interesting plot at all.

The 2nd episode's opening is pretty epic & amazing also a great message also a great middle a 8.7/10

So cool. I've always wanted to go inside a video game.

I wish I had that game

14 Channel Chasers Part 3
15 Just Desserts
16 Crime Wave

Baby Boulevard so fun girl and cutes she's now get used to pooping in diaper

17 The Big Superhero Wish!

What is this doing below The Big Fairy Share Scare, the worst episode?

18 No Substitute For Crazy
19 The Big Problem

My favourite episode.

When the legend born

20 Information Stupor Highway

This was pretty much the first episode, and was extensive.

While the internet jokes are dated now, back in my time it was a hilarious parody of early 2000s technology

21 The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad

Any episode with the Crimson Chin, Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad, or any other superhero in the FOP universe is totally a great episode.

22 Birthday Bashed
23 Chin Up!
24 Shiny Teeth
25 Love Triangle

This is my favorite FOP episode EVER. The voice acting and 3/4 of the plot and 2/3 of the jokes and the ending are the best things about the episode. 1/3 of the jokes and 1/4 of the plot is kinda bad (including when the narrator calls Foop a big stupid-head; worst joke of the entire episode)
Grade I would give it: A (91%)

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