Best Pro Dancers On Dancing With the Stars

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1 Derek Hough

I thinks the biggest reason I like him because he is from Utah, and we are known for our great ballroom dancers. And I also like him because he is HOtt! I watch this show just to see him dance. I don't care about the Celebrities.

I love Derek because he produces amazing choreography and really cares about his partner - this is why he has won three times!

He is definitely the best choreographer and performer on the show. He always choreograph to his partner's advantage.

He's the best hands down, no exceptions, no further discussion needed!

2 Mark Ballas

I love how Mark is kind of a rebel with choreography. He is so creative and always comes up with amazing dances. He works best with young girls.

I love to watch Mark. I love to watch him more now since Sadie Robertson is his dance partner for season 19

He is impeccable

3 Valentin Chmerkovskiy
4 Maskim Chemerkovsky

He shouldn't even be on the list. His choreography is one note, bland and unimaginative. He has a very poor, immature personality. He is jealous and short sighted. Doesn't own his accountability to his lackluster finishes. Finally, moaned and cried his way to a win.

Love his attitude, straight forward and pushy ways. Doesn't hurt that he's very attractive as well.

Maks is just a great dancer. His personality is hard but gentle

5 Cheryl Burke

The best of the best! Very creative & Fabulous dancer!

6 Sharna Burgess

A fabulous dancer and supportive partner, she is always on fire on the dance floor!

She is talented, nice, and beautiful! A triple threat!

I can't take my eyes off of her she is amazing!

7 Witney Carson
8 Peta Murgatroyd
9 Julianne Hough Julianne Alexandra Hough is an American dancer, singer, and actress. She is a two-time professional champion of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.
10 Allison Holker

She is very unique and has a very nice dance style. I hope she wins some day (even though her and Riker should have won).

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11 Lindsey Arnold

I love Lindsey because she is always bubbly and full of energy. Her choreography is so amazing!

She can make miracles with anyone! Check the stats, her record is better than the majority.

12 Emma Slater

Emma is the best. She is patient and she's such a sweetheart. I hope she finally gets a good partner!

Emma always gets old men! You can tell she is a good dancer. You just can't teach old dogs new tricks!

Very underrated because she never gets good partners!

13 Lacey Schwimmer
14 Jenna Johnson

Jenna is a great dancer! I also got to meet her, Brandon, Britt (she's in the Troupe), Val, Witney, and Bobby Bones and they were all very nice

15 Artem Chigvintsev

He stirs your soul when he dances he is so passionate in his fantastic moves.

I love Artem, they should have never taken him off the show!

He loves himself too much.

16 Sasha Farber

Sasha's a great dancer and teacher! He has an amazing personality, and he's always patient when working on the show. He deserves the chance to get a phenomenal partner this year!

17 Edyta Sliwinska
18 Alan Bersten
19 Karina Smirnoff
20 Chelsie Hightower
21 Gleb Savchenko
22 Tony Dovolani

The producers always give him the older ones or the terrible ones because he is nice! Melissa was excellent though!

23 Britt Stewart

Britt is amazing, she learned sign language to help daniel and has really made him shine

24 Brandon Armstrong
25 Kym Johnson
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