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1 Duncan

Duncan is one of the best characters in Total Drama! Why? His rebel personality is just something that you have to love. I love how he always plays the bad boy and pulls pranks on anyone he doesn't like. (P.S. I kind of feel sorry for Harold.)

I absolutely love how he's so rude, rebellious, and an amazing rule-breaker on the outside, but a caring, friendly person on the inside who cares for his friends like Geoff and DJ and is open to relationships. Plus, I liked his relationship with Courtney. She is so sexy and hot, and I love how she bosses Duncan around for always being the cool, laid-back prankster guy.

I felt so sorry for her when Duncan fell for Gwen. I mean, she was sexy too, but still. I felt like Duncan's character drastically changed later in the series, but he remains one of Total Drama's greatest characters all the same. His rebellious bad boy nature is just something you cannot move on without thinking about!

2 Heather Heather was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers, and was one of the finalists in Total Drama World Tour representing Team Amazon.

Although I didn't like her in TDI, in season two she was funny. In season three, it was good when Alejandro was there. She tricked him multiple times and dominated him in the finale.

I can't express how much I love Heather. She never disappointed me in any season. She is literally the reason why the show is called "Total Drama." She made the show incredibly enjoyable to watch and got robbed every season, including World Tour, which she won until Ezekiel took the money.

Firstly, she is one of the few characters who never experienced character derailment. Her personality and ways never changed. She was always ambitious for the win. She definitely deserved the million dollars more than anyone else.

In Island, she made many enemies right at the start but still made it to the final three. She was skillful in grabbing people's votes and always had brilliant plans. For example, she turned Eva's teammates against her, managed to get votes for Justin, and executed her most genius plan by setting up Trent. She was responsible for many eliminations, including those of Eva, Justin, Beth, Trent, Lindsay, and Izzy's second elimination. She also won many challenges in the merge to secure immunity. No matter what, she would do anything for the win, even ditching her most loyal allies to advance her game. Her presence made Island incredibly interesting to watch and is one of the major reasons why Island is my favorite season.

In Action, I agree that this was her worst season, excluding All-Stars. After her performance in Island, everyone distrusted her. However, she didn't really do poorly. This season was particularly challenging for her. She had to go the entire season without hair and had difficulty in challenges because no one wanted to help her. Despite these obstacles, she persevered until she was eventually voted off, overshadowed by Leshawna's apology.

In World Tour, she excelled. During the team phase, she performed well in challenges and stayed under the radar most of the time. She even tricked DJ into singing so he wouldn't be eliminated and outpaced Alejandro in a race. Heather made several strategic moves, like allying... more

3 Gwen

Gwen was a great character during the duration of TDI and TDA. However, her character experienced a derailment in TDWT and TDAS. I didn't appreciate the fact that she didn't take accountability for kissing Courtney's boyfriend. Yes, she admitted she was a horrible person, but she seemed more worried about Duncan's elimination than being heartbroken over her actions.

Despite her "wrongdoings," Gwen is an amazing character! People might perceive her as a harsh, mean, insolent, "weird goth girl," but deep down, she wants to be understood. Gwen is outspoken, independent, kind-hearted, clever, and pretty. Although I can't get over the whole "boyfriend kissing" thing, it was in the past. Gwen is an awesome character! Go Gwen!

4 Owen

There's a reason why Owen is the creator's unofficial mascot. He's the heart and soul of the show. Even discounting all the hilarious moments involving him, he has great chemistry with the entire cast. His friendships with Duncan, Izzy, Geoff, Lindsay, and even surprising ones with Noah and Gwen all feel completely genuine.

Owen's simply the total package: he's a major source of comedy, his attitude makes him always lovable, he works well with every character, and his presence in general makes the show fun to watch. Maybe it's because he's not on the show to compete for the money and just wants to have fun. It's that kind of stuff that makes his victory in Season 1 so satisfying to watch.

Total Drama has so many great characters, but Owen's the best character the series has ever had.

5 Noah

Noah was okay in the first season, but when he returned, they significantly improved his character. His popularity also surged due to some ridiculous challenge outcomes. For instance, Noah and Owen did what they were supposed to do, but the girls (and Cody) still won when they caught Duncan. Not only do fans dislike his elimination in World Tour, but it also causes some to resent Duncan.

I suppose you could say the creators didn't think he could stand on his own, but with Owen there, the episode I See London... becomes not only one of the funniest but also shows how Noah is by himself. He's learning from past mistakes. He didn't try in TDI, but in World Tour, he's a team player. I hope he competes again.

6 Alejandro

Game player! Honestly, I cheer for the manipulators because at least they're playing the game. He and Heather deserved to make the finals of World Tour.

Owen was a floater, Gwen sort of played, Duncan and Beth didn't do much other than be involved in drama, Lightning was a floater, Cameron played the game, Mike and Zoey both just got lucky, Sky was a floater, and Shawn was an okay move to the finale. He's smart, cunning, and someone I wouldn't want to go up against because I'd run the risk of getting voted off very fast. I respect this guy!

7 Courtney

Courtney is the absolute best! She is honestly such a queen and deserved to win at least one season. Even with all the C.I.T. talk, she is still a number-one contestant.

What's not to love about Courtney? She has an amazing voice. Did you see her in World Tour? Saying anyone else is better would be an insult to yourself and your family. Honestly, she is just the perfect personality, and I quite resemble her. She gains so much respect and bent the rules for herself (go Court!). Her lawyers and defense really had everyone orbiting around her!

Saying she was good is an understatement because she was stunning, brilliant, intelligent, and such a queen! Sorry, Duncan, you really had the best girl, but you threw your chances away for Gwen - the uber-lonely, weird, goth girl! His brain is even smaller than Lindsay's in that stubby little head with a giant, ugly mohawk. Courtney did not deserve all the rigged cheating and hate. Honestly, what's best about her is that she's not scared of people hating her because she knows she can take them down any day.

Honestly, a queen is someone who battled a shark and their mates, who won loads of lawsuits, got a delinquent to run around for her, has an amazing voice, and who has commitment at 100%! All of those Courtney has and did, and I could write a whole documentary on her, and it would never finish! The way she fought Duncan was amazing, and he totally chickened out. Why is a scaredy-cat on first? She is also so gorgeous and stunning and is super smart. Period.

8 Lindsay

Okay, so she might not be the smartest. However, she is kind and cares for others, unlike some characters (e.g., Heather, Duncan, Courtney, and sometimes Leshawna).

Lindsay really was an amazing character. She was voted out so unfairly in so many seasons. She was supposed to win Action, and that would make sense because she (and maybe Izzy) has the highest chance of being a movie star.

But instead, they made Duncan and Beth win. Okay, I love Beth, and I wanted her to win out of the two. They gave her such a good character in Action - she had no business in the finale. Seeing Lindsay go from being manipulated and wronged by Heather in Island to see her win was great. Lindsay was cute and lovable (she kinda reminds me of Karen Smith).

9 Bridgette

Bridgette is the type of character you need. She has a normal personality, except for her surfer chick aspects. She is really chill, and I love her relationship with Geoff.

In Island, I think she had her best season because she didn't show up much more after that. I wish she had a larger role in the seasons she actually competed in. If we get a new season, she is one of the first in line to win, in my opinion.

Bridgette should win a season because she was eliminated for unfair reasons in season 2 and season 3. She was eliminated first along with Geoff in season 2 because they made out. In season 3, Alejandro tricked her into kissing a pole, leading to her elimination.

The writers only seemed to care about her when she made it to the merge in season 1. Bridgette is a good character who should come back and at least make it to the merge again.

10 Harold

A well-developed character who is AWESOME! This guy has mad skills and is very entertaining to watch. He's a great kid with lots of quirks but is very funny. Harold should have won Action, but I still love Duncan too.

I don't understand why he is so low. People love him! Come on, guys. Let's get him higher on the list!

Number 23? Harold is an easy number one. I love how he says he has mad skills and actually does have mad skills. He saved his team twice in a row in Island and made it to fifth place in Action. Plus, the way they made a geek like him look smart and super skilled was fantastic.

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11 Mike

Mike is unequivocally the best Gen 2 character. I find it easy to relate to him, much like Owen. His sweet, shy, and easygoing personality resonates with me profoundly.

Speaking of personalities, his Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is something I particularly adore. I believe there needs to be more Total Drama characters with disorders. My favorite personality is probably either Chester or Manitoba. Mal is an intriguing character as well, but I didn't appreciate how his plot was resolved. Is there a possibility of finding a better resolution to eliminate Mal without losing Mike's other personalities?

Additionally, Mike and Zoey are the most outstanding couple in the series. That concludes my thoughts on this subject.

12 Leshawna

I honestly absolutely loved Leshawna and was very disappointed with how they handled her and Harold's relationship. There was literally no reason that they couldn't be treated like any other official couple when they obviously liked each other.

I loved her outgoing personality. She's a large part of the reason that I even watch the show! She was honestly the one I related to the most in the show, despite being a bit of a caricature.

13 Cody

Cody's elimination in TDI didn't put him in the top ranks of contestants in terms of popularity, but you'll rarely find someone who hated him. When he came back in World Tour, people were like, "Yeah, you know what? Cody deserves a second chance." And, as time passed, more and more people found themselves cheering for him.

Cody's jump to popularity came from some very clever dialogue, a good personality, and, of course, a heroic role when surrounded by so many villains and crazy people. He should have been in All-Stars... and won! But then again, maybe that would have hurt his popularity more than it would have boosted it.

14 Izzy

Izzy is a hilarious character. Her insane personality and adorable relationship with Owen make me laugh whenever she's on screen. She's an eccentric character, and I admire how she got such a fanbase despite placing low in basically every season. I think she is a great character and should definitely be in another season if they ever make one.

I love her crazy personality. She's hilarious! I love how she comes back even after being eliminated, and I love the other characters' reactions to her! I also love that she always manages to surprise us and is unpredictable. She likes people for who they are on the inside and is very sweet, adding flair to the show!

15 Dawn

The creators really should have kept her in for longer - she had so much potential. I wanted more information on her abilities, but she was voted out relatively early. I like her characteristics and personality, though.

Dawn is my absolute favorite Total Drama contestant ever! She was so sweet, and my favorite thing about her is that she could always be herself and didn't care how everyone called her weird and creepy. I also disliked how everyone thought she was weird and creepy. I mean, she's being herself.

I personally would befriend her for life! Additionally, I like her because she reminds me of Luna. HP fan for life!

16 Zoey

She's so sweet and beautiful! She reminds me of myself when she's so caring. Her and Mike are my favorite ship! I also like that she is a damsel at times but can defend herself too.

She's also very loyal, and I don't find much wrong with her. Commando Zoey kept forgetting about being a team player but soon realized and came through. She was really brave and cunning in that episode! She is one of my favorite characters.

She deserves a better place. Stop thinking of the new characters and start thinking about her. She is third place of Revenge of the Island and the champion of All-Stars. She is friendly, strong, smart, and is a god of Total Drama.

17 Brick

Brick is an amazing Total Drama character. I don't get why he wasn't in TDAS instead of Sam. In fact, why was Sam even in there? Brick gave up immunity to save his original team, while Sam was a lazy slob who did little to nothing heroic.

I would have liked All-Stars a lot more if Brick had replaced Sam.

Total Drama is a show filled with good and bad characters. In my opinion, if there's one character who comes close to being almost perfect, it would definitely be Brick. He possesses nearly all the qualities of a great Total Drama character: he's nice, funny, heroic, and a team player.

He's even sympathetic in some ways. He was eliminated for saving lives. How is that not amazing in any way, shape, or form? Brick should have been in All-Stars, and he will forever be my favorite character in this franchise.

18 Scott

I love the fact that he wants to play the game to win, by any means necessary. He is a villain, and what I like about him is that he loves being a villain. He doesn't care if you don't like him because he doesn't like you either.

Scott's my second favorite. In TDRI, he was decent, but in my opinion, he became hilarious in TDAS. He would never get a break. Scott wasn't even that villainous anymore because he had no time to be with all the time spent getting hurt and being strange. Plus, his line "I'm sad, and when I get sad, I eat dirt" is iconic.

19 DJ

How is DJ at number 17? He is literally the nicest character on the show. He deserved a spot in All-Stars. Maybe that would have made a disappointing season a bit better.

The only thing I have to complain about with his character is how unfair each of his eliminations was in the first three seasons. His elimination in World Tour is one of the only complaints I have about that season, but it made sense. After that, I was never a big Alejandro fan, but he's still a good villain.

I approve of his refusal to eat dolphin-dogs in Total Drama Island. I also like Bridgette for that. Who cooks dolphins? They're the innocent souls of the ocean. My only complaint against DJ is his cooperation with Duncan and Geoff against Harold. Sure, it's Harold's fault, but teaming up with Duncan? You can do better than that.

20 Ella

I know one of Pahkitew Island's biggest faults is having characters with over-exaggerated personalities to be the real world of Total Drama. But to be fair, Total Drama is not your average reality show. I think having at least a few silly characters would be a little fitting for the show.

Besides, Ella is no different than Dawn. Ella is an absolute sweetheart, and her elimination felt unfair. Chris could have just put a shock collar on the chick and let her be, though that probably wouldn't be better. I want more of her.

21 Trent

Trent has always been my favorite character ever since the beginning of Total Drama. In Total Drama Island, Trent ruled. However, in Total Drama Action, they destroyed his character. If they were going to break up Gwent, they could have at least had a better plotline than Justin overhearing it.

Now, for the future season that is coming up, Gwent needs to be revived. Literally, 90% of the community agrees with the fact that Trent needs some serious redemption. Also, a lot of people even see Trent winning the season. He should at least make it to the merge - final eight, in my opinion. Trent is a character who generally deserves it.

22 Chris McLean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Ummm, hello? Why isn't Chris in the top ten? He's the life of the party, and there would be no Total Drama without him. He's hilarious, and I love how much he doesn't care about the campers' well-being. Chris is sarcastic and witty. I want to punch him in the face every time he opens his mouth, and that's great. I just love Chris. Oh, and he's also really cute.

He was overall a really great character for me. Him being the host was great. He was funny, kind of a rebel, and all the stuff he made the other characters do was hilarious.

23 Jasmine

She is my favorite in Pahkitew Island because her British accent is great, she is quite nice, and she is funny. Her British accent is wonderful for two main reasons:

1. To me, it sounds beautiful.
2. It aligns well with her Australian stereotype.

She is nice because she befriended Sammy in TDPI Episode 3 (I believe) and encouraged her to stand up for herself. She also developed a relationship with Shawn and gave Sugar a disapproving look for laughing at Ella when she was down.

She is funny due to her British accent and her interactions with Shawn. I was rooting for her to win the season. Overall, Jasmine is a great character and my favorite in Pahkitew Island.

24 Shawn

Shawn is awesome! He's my third favorite contestant! I think it's funny how he believes in the zombie apocalypse. He's got some amazing skills, and his armpit serenade was epic!

I also loved his relationship with Jasmine. It's a shame Amy came back in 'A Blast from the Past' and ruined it! If she hadn't come back, Shawn wouldn't be hiding, and Jasmine wouldn't be angry with him!

Shawn was by far the best character ever to play this game. I wanted him to win right from the start. I liked how he believes in that zombie apocalypse thing. And by the way, my name is Shawn.

25 Geoff

This dude is cool. At first, he might seem annoying, but the better you get to know him, the more you will like him. He knows how to bring a smile to people's faces, which is a good thing!

Geoff is iconic. He is one of the best characters from the first season and has made a significant impact on the show overall. He can be funny, he's radical, and he's one of the most relaxed characters on the show. Geoff was only a bad character in the second season, but other than that, he pretty much dominated the game and was a formidable competitor.

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