Top 10 Best Total Drama Characters

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1 Duncan Duncan

Love his character design and delinquent characteristics. He was one of the smartest contestants, and his bravery was unmatched at times which made his character stand out more.

The bad boy who slowly makes himself into a good boy when he makes a relationship with Courtney. But when he falls for Gwen, Courtney starts to hate him and Gwen. Nice one for 4th Duncan!

Duncan is one of the best characters in Total Drama! Why? His Rebel personality is just something that you have to love! I love how he has to always play the bad boy and pull pranks on anyone he doesn't like! (P.S. I kind of feel sorry for Harold). I absolutely LOVE how He's so rude, rebellious, and an amazing rule-breaker on the outside but a caring, friendly person on the outside who cares for his friends like Geoff and DJ and is open to relationships. Plus I liked his relationship with Courtney! She is so sexy and hot and I love how she bosses Duncan around for always playing the cool, laid back prankster guy! I felt so sorry for her when Duncan fell for Gwen. I mean she was sexy too, but still. I felt like Duncan's character drastically changed later on in the series but he remains one of Total Drama's greatest characters all the same! His rebellious bad boy nature is just something you can not move on without thinking about!

I had a huge crush on him when I was a kid, I still do now at 16! This may shock people but Canadian high schools are like American ones on HBO, with more sex, and I'm one of the unfortunate kids who is bullied constantly to the point where I've had to file a restraining order. Despite being cast out by my classmates I can actually see myself getting along with Duncan just fine. A lot of my interests are considered to be dangerous by the norm of society, basically I'm a lot like Gwen. He's the kind of guy who I could easily respect, and he just might be like my guy friends and stand with me in a time of need. The biggest difference is that he's more intimidating (no offense guys).

2 Gwen Gwen

The goth girl who starts off not knowing anything about the planet she lives on, but then makes relationships with Trent which I adore! Nice one for making it to the finals Gwen!

She was a well flashed out character, she had flaws, a personality, hobbies, emotion and genuine relationships with others. At first Gwen was a character that was really pissed off at the world but she had a pretty decent character arc that made her change, not drastically but enough to make her intriguing. Her character designs is amazing! Gwens reactions to certain things are relatable and something a normal person would do. I understand her side of the story and don't feel irritated by her in any way. She makes mistakes, like most human.

Gwen is SO the best! I hated that in Action Trent went crazy and started throwing challenges for her. It's not fair that she gets blamed for everything. And she didn't CHOOSE to vote out Trent! They forced her! I HATE Justin so much! Poor Gwen only broke up with Trent because she THOUGHT that their relationship was making him go mental. She tried to HELP him and gets blamed for kicking him out! I hate the way they characterize Gwen as a "bad" character in Action, whereas she is still pretty much everyone's favourite character! The producers should not have chosen to do that, because it made A LOT of fans very angry! Also she so should've won in Island! Izzy helped Owen cheat! Gwen did hard work to win, and kicked ass while doing it, whereas, even if I like Owen, he's just a smelly fart machine addicted to food! So yeah Gwen is THE BEST.

Gwen is awesome! She is even better then Duncan. She is stylish and smart and she knows how to beat a challenge. I hate Courtney when she's trying to beat Gwen up because she kissed Duncan, but I wish Courtney would just shut up because she is annoying and talks too much and complains about EVERYTHING. I think that Gwen should have won in the first show, "total drama island" because even though Owen is "funny" he is just annoying and smelly and I actually like Owen because he knows how to put people in a good mood. But usually he is annoying and loud and stupid, and he didn't deserve to win the competition because Gwen was right in front of the finish line and Izzie Cheated and put a plate of brownies in front of a fan so Owen could beat Gwen. That should be considered cheating because the contestants shouldn't receive help in the final challenge! Gwen is my favorite person because she is a realistic version of a person who struggled in life, yet again a bit of a cliche. Goth girl. ...more

3 Heather Heather Heather was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers, and was one of the finalists in Total Drama World Tour representing Team Amazon.

Heather is absolutely the most thoroughly developed character on Total Drama. Her time in season 1 was amazing where she had character to build off of, relationships for most characters starting from the first episode, and we got to see her evil side, which as nasty as is, is still one of the best things to come out of the show. Her ways of staying in were great, even when she got out, it seemed a little sad and unjustified. In season 2, let's face it: they trashed her and her character wasn't easy to look at, for reasons other than her physical appearance. Besides getting to see her ass at one point, it wasn't a good time. Season 3 was most definitely her peak. She got even more character development and we got to see new side of her, more than the 1 dimensional evil mastermind. I don't think anyone minded getting to hear her sing or seeing her new friendships or relationship with Alejandro. I though she was great. We also got to see her flirts, smarts, curves-I mean friendly side. ...more

Oh, Heather, how much I hate you! She's bossy, manipulative, strategic, selfish, and just straight up mean! She read Gwen's diary in front of the whole viewing world, she ruined Gwen and Trent's relationship, she was making the campers do things for her, she was so mean to the other campers, and she was just scary to the campers! She also used Lindsay and Beth as her own puppets, and poor Lindsay, she just didn't knew to what a horrible person she was working for! But honestly I just LOVE how such an airhead like Lindsay curses her in front of the campers, that was AWESOME! But besides all this, Heather was mostly hated by kids, but as adults, they look back on her and realize they like her! After all, she was the classic first villain in TD history, and I think she did do pretty good. I still hate Heather, but maybe later on, I may realize that I like her! She totally deserves to be 3 on this list, because despite all her flaws, she is still one of the greatest characters in Total ...more

The best antagonist in any show by far. Super smart and plays the game how it should be played. She's very realistic when it comes to the competition.

I didn't really like Heather in TDI, started to like her in the next season, then in world tour she became one of my favorites! She should have actually got the 1 million dollars (in my opinion). She was also pretty, I loved how she looked like since I started watching Total Drama.

4 Owen Owen

He is the funny, lovable goofball. He made the whole series what it is. TDI was the best season by far and Owen winning it all made it that much sweeter. He rarely had anything bad to say, befriended almost everyone, and even found love along the way with Izzy. TDI had me wondering will they/won't they. I loved their hilarious and crazy relationship. And his song in TDWT, after Izzy broke up with him, brought tears to my eyes. It was simple, yet moving. It truly showed how much he loved her and always love her. He's the ultimate hero of Total Drama and deserves another shot at the money after being convinced to give up his prize money.

He is the best character in this whole damn show. You see, ou turn your head and there's something related to Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, Heather, Alejandro, Mike or a few people. Owen is better than all them.
You see, humiliation is always in fashion on the show, either on the islands or around the world. But now? What's humiliation? A kiss? A relationship? What about farts, funny quotes and funny scenes? Look at Owen. He is the symbol of the show. He's Total Drama in a person' s body. Just forget about all the girls that love Duncan and the damn relationships. We have an Owen to beat them all.

He's underrated and sweet. He made mistakes and felt bad. He doesn't want to hurt anyone. I like how in action his mom bought a cheese seller and got the whole family broke so Owen tried cheating to get the money was Chris was forcing him to cheat and he felt bad because he didn't want to. He was forced and most of us wouldn't know what to do in that situation either.

Why is Owen #4 instead of number #1? Sure, Duncan is #1 and he won a season before, but Owen won Total Drama Island, which was the best season! Have you seen the remixes? Owen is #1 in a lot of them! Even missing out on Total Drama All-Stars was a good thing because Total Drama All-Stars contestants (except Mike, Zoey, Gwen, Cameron, Alejandro and Heather) were trapped in balloons, weren't freed, and got blown away to the sun! Because that never happened to Owen, he was able to compete in The Ridonculous Race! He's awesome! GO OWEN!

5 Noah Noah

Noah is the best character of the show. He's hilarious and likeable. Wish the creators did more with his full potential. Either way he's still great.

'Throwing a ball, how mentally challenging,'
Noah is hilarious! Dodgeball as he sits on the sidelines, reading a book, sarcastically cheering on his team makes him eliminated 2nd. Best character ever! Bring Noah back!

Noah was okay in the first season but when he returned they just made him such a good character, his popularity is also boosted by the stupidest results to challenge ever, I mean Noah and Owen did what they were supposed to but the girls (And Cody) still won when they caught Duncan. Not only do fans hate his elimination in world tour but it makes some hate Duncan in return. I guess you could say they didn't think he could hold his ground on his own but with Owen there I see London is not only one of the funniest episodes but we actually see how Noah is by himself. He's also learning from past mistakes, in TDI he didn't try but in world tour he is a team player and I do hope he competes again.

You people who think Noah's funny are liars. I find nothing funny about him due to his seriousness, sarcasm, and know-it-all behavior. And those are characteristics that can make me relate to him sometimes even though he isn't my favorite character in Total Drama anymore.

Another way that I can relate to Noah is that I've been treated like a nerd by more than one bully when I was in school. And that makes me hate bullies like Duncan.

Anyway, I'll always reject any humor that all people claim Noah to since I hate most funny stuff nowadays. Therefore, I'm more into serious things and people as I can relate to them.

6 Courtney Courtney

I really liked her kind yet determined character in Island. Her role in Action was integral to keep the season interesting after all the Gwen and Trent drama, where she really stole the show with her relationship with Duncan and underrated rivalry with Lindsay. She was the best singer in World tour and her feud with Heather was definitely a highlight. Although the later half of World tour and majority of all-stars definitely screwed her over, she still delivered some of the best lines, and I stoped watching after Sunday Muddy Sunday.

Courtney is my absolute favorite character. At first, I didn't care about Gwen. Then, when she took Duncan, I knew we were enemies! But, I love how skilled she is. She should have totally won at least ONE of the seasons!

The councellor in training who turns into a right troublemaker! Her relationship with Duncan turns her from nice to naughty, but on the night she gave the kiss, harold switched the votes and courtney went home.
Keep it up Courtney!

She is so underrated! She deserved to win a season in my opinion the third to show everyone that nothing could let her down! The fact that Gwen took her boyfriend even when they were friends kinda makes me mad but I do feel that she is still an amazing character. Courtney has just so much personality and her attitude and competition Asda's the icing to the cake. She is just an amazing character overall but the script writers did her dirty in a way by making her look like a stupid little girl who is spoiled and doesn't care about anyone! She is my favourite character and even though the ship may be over but I still love duncny as well as gwuncun but duncny is my favourite couple.

7 Bridgette Bridgette

The surfer who get booted for her smell. It was adorable when she wouldn't eat the dolphin hot dogs because they were her friends. I cannot believe she got voted off that quick. Next Season Bridgette, you get 'em girl!

Bridgette is the type of characters you need. She is like a normal personality except her surfer chick aspects. She is really chill and I love her relationship with Geoff. In island I think she had her best season because she didn't show up much more after that. I wish she had a larger role in the seasons she actually competed in and if we get a new season she is one of the first in line to win in my opinion.

"The surfer girl. She's incredible I think she should be higher but Bridgette still isn't perfect and I can understand why she's never won the million.

Bridgette should win a season because in season 2 she was eliminated first along with geoff because she always made out in season 3 she was eliminated for kissing a pole because alejandro tricked her. The only time the writers seemed to care about her was when she made it to merge in season 1. Bridgette is a good character who should comeback and at least make it till merge again

8 Alejandro Alejandro

Delivers some of the best lines, master manipulator, amazing ship. The list can go on and on about why he is my favorite, and why he is amazing. Its like they took Justin, and then gave him a makeover, making him better. In the two seasons he was in, he was amazing, and had some of the best characterization.

GAME. PLAYER. Honestly, I cheer for the manipulators, because at least they're playing the game! He and Heather deserved to make the finals of World Tour. Owen was a floater, Gwen sorta played, Duncan and Beth didn't do much other than be involved in drama, Lightning was a floater, Cameron played the game, Mike and Zoey both just got lucky, Sky was a floater, and Shawn was an OK move to the finale. He's smart, cunning, and someone I wouldn't want to go up against, because I'd run the risk of getting voted off very fast. I respect this guy!

Alejandro and Heather deserved it during World Tour, Alejandro is a wonderful villain, Heather is a comedic relief and an anti-hero. Now lets compare to the other winners. Owen was mediocre, Gwen kinda played, Duncan and Beth were OK, Lightning was a bland floater, Cameron played the game, Mike and Zoey were OK, Sky was bland, and Shawn played the game. He's overall the best villain and one amazingly manipulative player.

He is the best player there is! Compare his debut season to Heather's debut, he is so much better a manipulating then she is. The only reason he lost is because heather got a cheap shot, plus he is the first and arguably only main antagonist to win a season. VOTE ALEJANDRO!

9 Lindsay Lindsay

She is hilarious! I absolutely LOVED when she was eliminated! 3 swear words (or more) about Heather! She really did learn how to fend for herself.

As you can tell from my profile picture, I just absolutely adore and love Lindsay (I like Beth a lot too !). Lindsay is one if the very few characters who in my opinion, never had any derailment and her character remained consistent in every season she was in, which is in my opinion good, since most of the others did suffer derailment. But Lindsay is just a great hilarious character, I can't recall one time where she failed to make me laugh. She's super cute and I just can't get over her personality, she was definitely robbed Action and shouldve won a season. She is the best character in Total Drama for me :)

Lindsay is by far my favorite character after rewatching the series. I mean she's the most hilarious character in the show, she never fails to make me laugh and she has a cute personality. There was that golden moment where she cusses Heather out, she was super robbed in Total Drama Action and deserved Final 2, her and Beth carried their team despite only winning like 3 times, and in World Tour too, she still had her cute and funny personality and loved her, but she still lost despite DJ trying to throw.
I just really love Lindsay she's hilarious and cute, that's it.

Lindsay really was an AMAZING character she was voted out so unfairly in so many seasons. She was supposed to win Action an that would make sense cause her (and maybe izzy) have the highest chance of being movie stars! but instead they made duncan/beth win and ok I love beth and I wanted her to win out of the two and they gave her SUCH a good character in action she had no buisness in the finale. And seeing lindsay go from being manipulated and wronged by heather in island and to see her WIN. Lindsay was cute and loveable. (she kinda reminds me of karen smith).

10 Cody Cody

Cody is really cool and he is aLiEn. I just wish he had more personality, you know? He's like the kid in the grade that has lots of friends, but is very shy and isn't popular. And in Total Dramarama, he's very quiet and weird, he's still a pretty smooth character.

Cody's elimination in TDI didn't put him in the top ranks of the contestants in terms of popularity but you'll rarely find someone who hated him. When he came back in World Tour people were like, "Yeah, you know what? Cody deserves a second chance." and as time passed more and more people found themselves cheering for him. Cody's jump to popularity came from some very clever dialogue, a good personality, and of course a heroic role when surrounded by so many villains and crazy people. He should've been in All-Stars... And won! But then again maybe that would have hurt his popularity more than it would have boosted it.

Back in season 1, I thought he got eliminated too early and didn't even get to show off his full potential. I thought he was a sweet, funny, and relatable character. I later learned I was right when he came back in World Tour! He never got enough attention in TDI, but World Tour made up for it. He deserved to win something and should've been in All Stars. He was so thoughtful when he sacrificed himself for Sierra!

Cody is my favorite since the first time I watch total drama island long time ago when still aired. I was very sad when he gets eliminated to early in island, but in world tour the writers give him justice. Now I just want to see him back in the new season 2017 for good! please please please, he is such a good character and I'm glad he became so popular, give him the chance like with noah in RR.

The Contenders
11 Izzy Izzy

Crazy ginger with a wild attitude. Brings spice to the table and never disappoints, but I think the way season one started off with her could have been better.

Izzy is a hilarious character and her insane personality combined with her adorable relationship with Owen just makes me laugh when she's on screen. She is an insane character and I admire how she got such a fanbase while placing low in basically every season she was in. I think that she is a great character and should definitely be in another season if they ever make one.

I love her crazy personality, she's hilarious! I love it how she comes back when she's eliminated and I love the characters' reactions to her! I also love that she always manages to surprise us and is unpredictable. She likes people for who they are on the inside and is very sweet, she gives flair to the show!

Yes, to all my carbon based life forms! She's so amazing and cool, and really smart. You never know what to expect with Izzy, but you do know it's going to be great! My favorite character for sure. I heart marshmallow sauce, okay? - Lilyshine of ThunderClan

12 Mike Mike

To be honest, I use to be a Duncan and Gwen fan. But Duncan has changed a lot since he first appeared for the worst. Then Revenge of the Island brought a new cast. Make is the one who made me like the new cast. And just when I thought I couldn't like Mike more than I do when he appeared in Revenge of the Island, he came back for All-Stars. I was happy to see him come back! He is hilarious and kind. And he is very quirky. I love all of his alternate personalities--ESPECIALLY Mal. He made the All Stars season interesting. He constantly is having inner conflicts on top of the crazy challenges Chris comes up with. Mike deserves to be the best. And I hope we haven't seen the last of him and his other personalities--including the Malevolent One!

He is an adorable character! I love how he is so sweet and loves Zoey! He is a good-looking, smart, fair, and funny character. He also is one of the kindest! His MPD just made him even better. All his personalities made me laugh (except Mal). I hate how Mal took over him completely in All Stars, but he was a great antagonist and brought more drama. On the contrary, I think Mike didn't get enough screen time because in the beginning, Mal was come-and-go, which I thought was cool, but then after only a few episodes, he took over Mike, who's one of my most favorite characters, and I really missed him. He and Zoey is my favorite couple. I wish they were going to make another season (featuring Mike)! He is one of my most favorite characters in TD ever! His missing tooth is also cute. I love how he went from insecure to confident and gave Mal what he deserved! Episodes with Mal and no Mike felt a bit empty. I also missed his other personalities. ROTI and/or AS should've been full seasons so ...more

Ok he is not my favorite but I think his splite mind and personality is so cool I love svetlana . Also I think he's cute with Zoey. (my opinion)

If you ask me mike is my favorite! He was awesome in revenge of the island and he deserved to win all stars. He's cool, strong, nice, and smart. He punched a shark in the face like it was nothing! And him controlling his multiple personalities is awesome, and did you know they where planning for mal since total drama revenge of the island? I never knew until I rewatched the episode he fought his personalities and he said this head is under new management mine and before he said mine you could see the shadow of mal appear behind his shoulder when I saw that my mind was blown! Mike deserved to win at least one total drama season he's a true all star!

13 Dawn Dawn

Dawn is my absolute FAVORITE total drama contestant EVER! She was so sweet and my favorite thing about her is that she could always be herself and didn't care how everyone called her weird and creepy. And I also hated how everyone thought she was weird and creepy, I mean she's being herself, I personally would friend her for LIFE! And secondly I like her because she reminds me of Luna. HP fan for LIFE!

Dawn is my third favorite. She's so amazing, and reminds me of Luna from Harry Potter. She can talk to animals, and is nice to everyone. She was smart enough to find Scotts plan, but it was too late. She shouldn't have been voted off. - Lilyshine of ThunderClan

Is it just me or is Dawn overrated? Face it, if you like her you probably just like her for her ability to read auras. She was a fan favorite before ROTI even came out. I admit, however, that Dawn is pretty cute and watching how others react to her "creepiness" is pretty awesome to watch.

She's so cool! She should've been in All Stars instead of Sam! I love how she senses the auras and how the characters are so surprised at her amount of personal information on them. She's kind of like a real life Luna Lovegood, except a little less quirky! I love her character

14 Zoey Zoey

She's so sweet and beautiful! She reminds me of me when she's so caring. Her and Mike are my favorite ship! I also like that she is a damsel at times, but can defend her SELF too! She's also very loyal and I don't find much wrong with her. Commando Zoey kept forgetting about being a team player, but soon realized and came through. She was really brave and cunning in that episode! She is one of my favorite characters

Zoey: My seventh favorite character! She's so cool and nice, and I loved when she got all tough and wild. I love her and Mike together, and her friendship with Cam is so cool. She could have had a million dollars, but she chose to save Cam instead. Go Zoey! - Lilyshine of ThunderClan

What? Zoey is 13th place?! She is the prettiest, most thoughtful person ever! She's amazing at parkour, and SUPER cute. She is nerdy (in a way), and doesn't care what other people think. She is a red-headed, nerdy version of Sky the awesome.

I love Zoey. She is super beautiful, the most beautiful character in all of total drama. She is nice to all the other competitors, meanwhile still being one of the top competitors, finishing in 2nd and 1st.

15 Harold Harold

Super funny and funnier catchphrases. Totally ship him and Leshawna. Though he did sabotage Courtney, I still live his character, design, and geeky features/tendencies.

A well developed character who is AWESOME! This guy has mad skills and is very entertaining to watch. Great kid has lot's of quirks but very funny. Harold should of won Action but I still love Duncan too. I Don't understand why he is so low, people love him! Come on guys. Let's get him higher on the list!

Number 23? Harold is an easy number 1. I love how he says he has mad skills and actually does have mad skills. He saved his team twice in a row in island, and made it to 5th place in action. Plus, how they made a geek like him look smart and super skilled was fantastic.

Harold is way too underrated, in Island he won 2 challenges IN A ROW for his team. Also he stuck it to Duncan by knocking Courtney off of the Island, plus, he has mad skills! Since he is a geek, people automatically think he sucks.

16 Leshawna Leshawna

Bow down! Leshawna is the QUEEN of Total Drama. She is the reason I literally started watching the show. She is sassy, outgoing, and very entertaining. All the times she's pranked Heather just is so amazing. Take that Heather! And plus when she locked heather in the freezer I also bowed down to this queen. If I were to be friends with Leshawna I would be her friend for LIFE! Although she's been doing worse and worse in the seasons there will be a season where she will take the crown as the next winner of TD. Just you wait!

Urgh, her!? Yes, lots of people love her, and I respect that. But I don't like her. She likes to think she's the Queen and thinks she's perfect. She's a bully, and sometimes a Mary Stu. She's going to be the Queen... of losers!
Sorry if I sounded rude. If I upsetted you, sorry, pretend I don't exist.

Attitude is best when it comes to LeShawna. She is without a doubt the BEST CHARACTER in the Total Drama series. I love how she always speaks her mind and is never afraid to tell the truth. She is funny and her relationship with Harold is satisfying.

Without a doubt my favorite character. So sassy and bootalicicous. She definitely needs to come back for another season. First of all, she has some unfinished business with Harold, and second of all, when she was unfairly eliminated on TDI, TDA and TDWT was her redemption. But unfortunately every time Leshawna played the game, she did worse in worse. (Season 1: 5th, Season 2, 8th, Season 3, 15th). Definitely needs to come back.

17 DJ DJ

The most loveable character by far. Such a big softy who gets easily scared. Love his design, but would have made him even more relevant in the show if it were up to me.

Dj 17?!? how? he is amazing and cool and nice. it was chef's fault he was eliminated in action and in world tour it was just terrible. I wanted to see him in the ridonculous race but didn't. He was never voted of by his team and his elimination was so unfair. He is my favorite player ever!

How is DJ at number 17? He is literally the nicest character on the show. He deserved a spot in All-Stars, maybe that would've made a disappointing season a bit better. The only thing I have to complain about his character is how unfair everyone of his eliminations were in the first three seasons. His elimination in World Tour is one of the only complaints I have about that season, but it made sense. After that, I was never a big Alejandro fan, but he's still a good villain.

I approve of his refusal from eating dolphin-dogs in Total drama island. I also like Bridget for that. Who cooks dolphins? They're the innocent souls of the ocean. The only complaint I have against DJ is his co-operation with Duncan and Geoff against Harold. Sure, it's Harold's fault, but teaming up with Duncan? You can do better than that.

18 Chris McLean Chris McLean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Ummm hello? Why isn't Chris in the top ten? He's the life of the party and there would be no Total Drama without him. He's hilarious and I love how much he doesn't care about the campers' well being. He is sarcastic and witty. every time he opens his mouth I want to punch him in the face, and that's great. I just love Chris. Oh and he's also really cute

He was overall a really great character for me, him being the host was great, he was funny, kinda a rebel, and all the stuff he made the other characters do was hilarious.

Chris is the greatest host ever. It wasn't the same watching the Ridonculous Race. Don is okay, but Chris is awesome. He was the only reason I watched season four.

Chris and I have so much in common. We both despise teenagers. He is the only reason I watched season 4. I hope he comes back for another season.

19 Trent Trent

I was so excited in the first episode when I could tell that gwen and trent were gonna fall in love but then gwen was rude and didn't appriciate that he was throwing challenges. Don't get me wrong I do like gwen but that made me a bit sad. I do think trent is cool tho.

Trent has always been my character ever since the beginning of Total Drama. Total Drama Island, Trent ruled. In Total Drama Action they destroyed his character, if they were going to break up Gwent they could have at LEAST had a better plot line then Justin overhearing it. Now for the future season that is coming up, Gwent needs to be revived. Literally 90% of the community agree with the fact that Trent needs some serious redemption, also a lot of people even see Trent WINNING the season, he should at least make it to the merge-final 8 in my opinion, Trent is a character who deserves it generally.

Trent on Island was a pretty cool dude. He was that laid back, sane character that made the madness around him more evident because of his comments on the matter. What they did to him in Action was horrible character derailment and my opinion is shouldn't have happened, but Island Trent was definitely a guy I rooted for.

He and Gwen were cute, fun and just brought a light touch to TDI, which admittedly is my only canon season.

Trent was so underrated. I think Gwen was just so ridiculous when it came to Trent. She hated that he liked her, and if I were Gwen, I would've appreciated my boyfriend throwing challenges for me-but nope! She was a complete brat.

20 Ella Ella

^You wish that Ella's amazing. She's deluded, for cryin' out loud! Even though she was able to charm a bear with her song, she's still too black and white for my taste. Therefore, she's better off givin' up on her excessive optimism. Besides, I'm no longer an optimist. Instead, I'm a pessimist an' proud of it.

As much as I love Ella's adorableness, a part of me wants to see her realize her life isn't a fantacy and face the harsh truths of reality. I just think it would be an interesting conflict for her and make for some good character development.

Ella is very nice and one of my favorite characters. Her singing can get a little annoying though.

She's really pretty and her voice is so beautiful and she has such a kind HEART!

21 Scott Scott

I love the fact that he wants to play the game to win, by any means necessary. He is a villain and what I like about him is that he loves being a villain. He doesn't care if you don't like him because he doesn't like you either.

Scott's my second favorite, in TDRI he was decent, yes, but in my opinion upon reaching TDAS he was hilarious. He would never get a break and wasn't even so villainous anymore because he had no time to be villainous with all the time spent with him getting hurt by things and being strange, plus his line "I'm sad, and when I get sad, I eat dirt."

I don't see why people hate Scott. I liked him in revenge of he island but all stars is why he is my third favourite contestant. He is pretty funny and come on "I'm sad. And when I'm sad I eat dirt" was gold

Scott is one of the best villains on the show. I didn't think they would be able to create a character as good, if not better than Heather, but they managed to pull it off.

22 Geoff Geoff

He's an ionic character and he and Brody are the best of friends. I also like him and Bridgette and Dj. Duncan wasn't really nice to him or Dj. Anyway Geoff is all the way up here while Brody is super low.

Geoff is iconic. One of the best characters from the first season and made an impact on the show overall. He can be funny, he's radical and is one of the CHILLEST characters on the show. He was only a bad character when it came to the second season but other than that, he pretty much dominated the game and was a formidable competitor.

How is Geoff only 30! He's one of my favorites for being such a chill and honest dude who's just trying to have a good time. I loved it even more when he came back in the ridonculous race, him and Bridget are actual goals.

He's the type of guy you would want to get high with honestly! He's super chill, so nice and positive, and he would have your back no matter what.

23 Chef Hatchet Chef Hatchet

Such a funny and loveable chef who can't cook. Best character design in the show and love his scenes with Izzy, Duncan, and Justin.

Guy's awesome. I love the humor he brought into the series. He acts as Chris' foil being a rather tough guy more than willing to get down and dirty.

Basically the heart and soul of the show, and one of the best, funniest and most entertaining characters of the show, if not the best ever.

Hands down the funniest character and my second favorite. It's a disgrace that he is this low!

24 Brick Brick

Brick is an amazing Total Drama character. I don't get why he wasn't in TDAS instead of Sam, in fact, why was Sam even in there? Brick gave up immunity to save his original team while Sam was a lazy slob who did little to nothing heroic. I would've likes All-Stars a lot more if Brick replaced Sam.

Brick I a very interesting character. He's large and in charge, but has no problem taking orders from others. He's tough, but polite. He's determined, but sticks to his morals. He's manly, but has a desire for fashion. I want to see him and Jo become a thing! They have great chemistry! I want to ee him in future seasons

Brick is a really funny character. I love how when Cameron won he said he's going to fashion school. Why the heck was Sam in All Stars that was Brick's spot. He lost immunity to save the other team.

Total Drama is a show filled with good and bad characters. The are people who are amazing, but if there is one character(in my opinion) that comes close to being almost perfect, it would definitely be Brick. He has almost all of the qualities of a great Total Drama character. He's nice, funny, heroic, a team player, he's even sympathetic in some ways. He got eliminated for SAVING LIVES. HOW IS THAT NOT AMAZING IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM?!?!?! Brick should've been in All Stars, and he will forever be my favorite character of this franchise.

25 Cameron Cameron

I love Cameron! He is so sweet and helpful! He never cheats and He does not really talk about all realationships! He is just awesome! He even got Jo eliminated! Cameron is awesome! He should have won Total drama is Revenge of the Isalnd! He was so close! Sadly Lightning won. Cameron should have won! I used to be a HUGE gwen fan but now I like Cameron better and how is sky Better then CAMERON? The only thing Sky does it talk about realationships with Dave. Annoying! Cameron is the Best! GO CAMERON!

The "Iron Boy" suit he made to beat Lightning was awesome. The Cameron ending should not have been the alternate one.

Cameron is by far the best character to ever win the show. He is smart and hilarious.

He is a little, well little, but I love bubble-boy's character!

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