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1 D.W. Read

I just hate and despise and loathe and contempt her and her parents and even Aunt Jessica and cousin, Cora, all just because of how they are aardvarks. Aardvarks are antisocial and inhospitable creatures and animals.
How social are aardvarks?
Aardvarks are a little anti-social—and even inhospitable. They are mostly solitary mammals and only come together for mating. Even though they are nocturnal, they sometimes come out during the day to sun themselves.
She and them all just don't deserve to live.
they're just not worth it.

This obnoxious twerp and vapid pipsqueak has got a huge bunch of nerve and explaining to do over her antisocial mischief and inhospitable narcissism and dramatic whining and diva temper tantrums.

I'm better off without this inhospitable aardvark to always get spoiled, rotten, pampered over and by her very own parents and family in life.

I'd tell her "Don't be such a brat or baby!" and "Put a binky in it!" just like literally "Put a cork in it!" or even just like Binky (character) himself.
I'd also even tell she and her parents, "Don't be such inhospitable and antisocial aardvarks!"

2 Arthur Arthur Timothy Read is the titular protagonist of both the book series and the PBS children's television show Arthur, created by Marc Brown.

Please respect my opinion, I think D.W. is better. Whereas Arthur is ok.

Seriously, how can DW be higher than arthur?

Why is DW better? He should be number 1

Put Arthur at number 1. He's the star.

3 Buster Baxter

Reminds me of myself (I love eating).

He is the most funny.

He likes food

4 Binky Barnes

Good hearted character who has a few dimensions to him. Tough, strong-willed, relaxed, motivated, funny

Hilarious character. Has so many funny lines

Binky has some of the funniest lines in the show.

Has some of the funniest lines and is a well rounded character

5 Francine

I think Francine can be very overlooked. Sure she can be mean at times, but there are times where she is also kind and shows a softer side. And also she's very talented in sports

Well, I mean, she CAN be kind sometimes.

Very mean but a very great soccer player and baseball and basketball and an awesome cat

6 The Brain

This guy is my intellect plus he's way more athletic and people smart than me.

This kid is really smart

The smartest of all the characters
Plus he's not a nerd he's gifted there's a large difference

Totally underarrated, down to earth, clever and influential. My G

7 Mr. Read

He and Brian look alike

He is super funny

8 Muffy Crosswire

She might be a spoiled brat but she actually has a sweet heart.

9 Mrs. Read

I don't like Jane Read. I blame her for her daughter's mischievous behavior and attitude. She's impertinent. She said in Go To Your Room, DW, "I'm not on anyone's side!" She does indeed pick and choose and take her daughter's side against Arthur's in most episodes of the series. She's just always such a hypocrite about things in life like discriminatory showing favoritism.

Mrs. Jane Read herself can be pretty much a jerk in life and such a pain like with passivity like in Play it Again, DW, she just encouraged her daughter and didn't mind her annoying Arthur. She is princess passivity and so the passive princess and she and her husband both take DW's side over things in life for how they are both and all inhospitable and antisocial aardvarks.

Another time Mrs. Read was a pain and also a jerk was in DW's Baby when she told DW at breakfast while feeding Kate, "Eat your cereal, DW!" even though she couldn't eat because her teeth were tired and like her appetite was affected and lost.

I don't ever at all like her for how she always just doesn't mind her daughter's tomfoolery and is also even passive.

10 Sue Ellen

I love Sue Ellen she reminds me of me. Almost all her Ep. I can relate to she is awesome!

She's so cute and observant! She's my favorite character of the whole show!

She's my favorite character. She's so sweet and jolly.

She is my favorite! She is so cute and smart too!

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11 Pal

Pal can actually talk but none else knows just animals and kate

12 Mr. Ratburn

The scene in the camping one where he tries to use the computer is hilarious.

He loves cake and so do I.

Oh, are you having cake?

13 George

He May be Underrated, But the things I can say about him is that he is creative, smart, and kind.

I love George. He's so cute and kind.

George is Cool. He needs more love

Very smart very polite very great baseball coach and a very good builder

14 Kate
15 Fern Walters

Mainly because I love floppy eared dogs.

Her episodes are always interesting.

Very good writers and very good detective and very good soccer player and very good at making poetry

16 Bionic Bunny

Superhero of the Show!

Saved Arthur from being made fun of even more in the first episodes

17 Grandma Thora
18 Molly MacDonald

Very mean and great it-vice giver and very good artist very good sister for James

19 Marina

Very smart very good soccer player very good reader and very brave

20 Ladonna Compson

I love this character because of her adorable smile.

21 Nadine Flumberghast
22 Bud Compson

He is so adorable

23 James

James is amazing

24 Prunella
25 Spanky
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