Top 10 Best Adventure Time Episodes

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1 I Remember You

I think the big kicker for me is how Ice King/Simon reads his own lyrics that he wrote, and for a moment it looks like he's starting to remember, but then goes right back to drumming and singing all carefree. He is so far gone that he can't even grasp the weight of the situation that he's singing about. Without a doubt the best character in the whole show.

You would probably think that I have favorites. Apparently I do. I love marceline. She's so awesome. This episode will also make you cry like her in this episode. This may lack action but it will certainly touch your heart. Add the great voice of rebecca sugar (voice of marcy), the way she sings there made me cry. Music in this episode is genius.

It was a fantastic episode, I really liked the well thought out song. And it was really tear jerking in the flashback, the aftermath of the war, young Marcy was there cold and all alone, then luckily Ice King came along and gave her the toy to make her feel better. I really enjoyed this episode and I'm pretty sure you all did too.

A true masterpiece, this episode delt deeper into the adventure saga then any before it. Every part of the episode is brilliant dropping Easter eggs along the until it leads up to one of the most beautiful moments in AT, the song. This reveals so much about ice king's true nature and both their pasts. Enjoy watching it every time.

2 Simon & Marcy

One of the most beautifully tragic scenes in any cartoon was when Simon sang the Cheers theme in order to stay somewhat sane while wearing the crown.

I am always "the tough one" in a group but I can't help but to cry in this episode. One would appreciate this more if they watched the series "cheers". I always liked the fact that the setting of adventure time is post-apocalyptic. This episode emphasized its setting. This episode is truly my fave. No wonder why it's an emmy award nominee.

This episode changed the way I looked at adventure time. Although I Remember You is an incredible feat of storytelling on it's own, I still thought that Simon and Marcy was so funny, so heartwarming, and so tragic, that I cried like a baby the first time I saw it. Adventure Time can only get better.

This episode was beautiful. It was funny, and yet sad at the same time. Seeing Ice King trying to protect Marceline was a very heartwarming sight.

3 Card Wars

This episode was such a nice break from all the drama revolving around Season 4. Card Wars pretty much symbolizes that Adventure Time doesn't need to be serious to make a good story and the episode is just Finn and Jake playing a simple card game... or so it seems. When Finn's pig eats Jake's cornfield, that's where all hell breaks loose. The looks on Finn and Jake's faces while they're gloating make the episode worth it. "Face it, man. Cornfields are lame."
"CORNFIELDS. ARE. AWESOME!". And then Jake does all sorts of strategies to make Finn lose the game, turning the game into a heated competition, while Jake acts like a toxic online Pokemon or Smash Bros. player. The game concludes with Jake summoning Archer Dan, the equivalent of 1,000 nukes to destroy Finn's buildings. Also, BMO acts as a spectator. This episode was just so refreshing to watch, in my opinion.

Extremely fun game to watch Finn and Jake play. The game actually seems very fun, and looks very well thought out on the episode creator's part! I also love the "Finn and Jake messing around" part, it's not often we see that. Most of the time we get the episodes focused on a whole adventure time universe and episodes important to the season, but this episode was just pure fun!

I thought that AT was going to be the whole emotional girlfriend/boyfriend thing they had changed it into, but then Card Wars came along. It brought back the original, Finn and Jaje messing around hilarity I thought made the best episode. Also, Card Wars seems like a really cool game.

It was so funny! I thought adventure time was becoming different and just being about girlfriends and boyfriends but then they made this episode! It's just like the old finn and jake goofing off episodes that I miss a lot.

4 What Was Missing

I've seen every episode in all 9 seasons of Adventure Time, most of them multiple times, and What Was Missing is still my favourite. The character development was great in just 10 minutes, and the idea was just genius. I still go back and watch this episode every couple of weeks just because I love it so much and it stuck with me more than any other episode.

This episode is amazing! The music is beautiful, I really love both of the songs, especially I'm just your problem. The characters really open up and we get to see a lot out of them (Marceline in this episode was great, as well as Finn). Not to mention that Jake was hilarious with his "jerk in the band" act. This was just an amazing episode.

A lot of amazing stuff in only 10 minutes! The villain was trippy and funny, the drama was simple yet effective. The relationships between the characters were expressed by singing which was cleverly explained and executed in the episode. I would show this to a AT first timer.

What Was Missing was very heartwarming. It had brung most of the characters together. The singing was very well constructed too, so I appreciated that. The characters' personalities were also expressed, seeing how Marceline and PB fixed the rift between them.

5 Frost & Fire

People hate this episode because they say it ruined Finn, I don't believe this though. It simply showed Finn to be imperfect, sure he was a terrible person for what he did, but it was such a good way to show the extreme consequences of your actions. Also, In the seventh season, Finn became much better just with the episode where he is forgiven by FP.

I think this should happen: Finn gets annoyed of FP so he stabs her with his sword.

6 Vault of Bones

Such a great episode. Really shows the relationship between Finn and FP

7 The Vault

The Vault is a great episode, one which truly revealed Bubblegum's character and rapped up many of the show's strangest mysteries.

Shoko's AWESOME. this episode is so cool and it raises so many questions, I kinda hope we see more of shoko in the future (even though that's pretty unlikely haha)

Really great to watch after season 6 finale!

This is my favorite! It is really cool and you know more about pb and shoko.

8 Puhoy

Adventure Time did great in 2014, and this is one of the best. I wonder if Finn loses the vine arm (first seen in The Comet) and gets a robot arm like in this episode when he is grown up.

Great episode! Finn lived a whole other life in an instance of real time in another dimension. Great story line and concept, one of my all time favorite episodes

The Original Roy. When I first watched that episode of Rick and Morty I thought of this episode. Definitely one of the best

A really good episodes. First time I ever pondered my own mortality.

9 Burning Low

This episode got better and better as it went on. It started off with an assumption and nobody knew it wasn't correct until the last minute where it was too late. For those of you who don't know why this episode is on this list, it had a hooking start, steady middle, and a great conclusion.

This was really a great episode with amazing content, including a good story, character development, comedy, romance and even some action as well. It totally deserves to be the most watched episode untill this very moment!
Also; FP x Finn for ever! (so sad they broke up )': )
But hey, anything can happen in AT, they might get together again one day :D

This episode stands out as my number 1 season 4 favorite and my number 1 overall favorite in Adventure Time, I really love this episode so much, no other episode can top this.

Finn x Flame Princess

It's literally the WORST Adventure Time episode I have ever watched. Fortunately Finn and FP were break up.

10 Marceline's Closet

Not much adventure in this episode, but this is to Adventure Time what This is My Jam to Regular Show. Funny, funny, funny!

Seriously! This is rated higher than touching episodes like Thank You and Princess Cookie?

This episode shows how I react when I see a classmate out in public.

This episode, for sure, because it's funny and very entertaining!

The Contenders
11 Too Young

Too young is my favourite episode ever! Laugh out loud Lemongrabs looks mental when he laughs! You can even hear the lemon juice inside his head shaking around when he laughs.

This is the most mature episode in adventure time. Instead of trying to earn princess bubblegum's love, he waits for her love, because he's too young.

The mix of honest yearning and lemongrab make this episode unacceptably great. The episodes like this that build the characters are the best.

This is my favourite episode! :) But the funniest thing is that when my younger brother is angry, he is exactly like Lemongrab! (Well, except that there's no lemon juice rattling around in his head when he laughs. )

12 Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

Hilarious episode! Nice to have a random story like this with no relation to plot that's still so well done. As a side note, I thought it was fun to see an episode centered around the rough-housing village. Those vikings are so funny!

A good one, problem is that the guy who voiced the mountain man also voiced Hector on Sanjay and Craig.

13 Guardians of Sunshine
14 No One Can Hear You

As much as I love the "Simon & Marcy episodes and the episodes where Finn and Jake just goof off, this episode is fantastic. It has a dark tone, a scary concept (while still having a satisfying ending), it had a lot of suspense. This plot is good enough to be turned into a movie.

The first time I saw this episode I spent like two minutes shocked after the episode finished just looking at the screen. It"s the scariest and weirdest episode of all the show, and this episode is not for kids! But I loved it, it gives me the creeps... Brr!

This episode definitely had the darkest feel to it. It really creeped me out. I think it would make a good movie. I felt bad for jake cause he went crazy.

This episode just shows how twisted and messed up AT can be... And I love it.

15 From Bad to Worse

It was the first adventure time episode I watched when I was 10. I thought it was hilarious

I do not actually like this episode. I do not know why.

Best episode by far. Deserves to be on top 10

16 Stakes

This isn't an episode. It's a miniseries, guy whose brain is made out of spaghetti.

17 Death in Bloom

The very best the show has to offer! The animation is incredibly creative and interesting, the characters are all on top form, and the jokes are hilarious, especially in the first half. Also, how great is Peppermint Butler?

I like the way Death is portrayed in this episode, a deer skeleton living in a castle of light.

I like when Jake is the president.

Peppermint Butler is awesome!

18 My Two Favorite People

Jake tries to get lay rainicorn and finn better friends but things get complicated.

19 Dungeon

"Hello, Frank the human... (gasp) how did you almost know my name? "
"Lady, you are SICK! " this should be in the top ten

20 Come Along With Me

One of the best cartoon episodes of all time.

This is a great finale to an awesome show.

Come on guys! This number 10? Number 5 at Least?

Are you guys really gonna brush this off?

21 Trouble in Lumpy Space

Lumpy Space Princess bites Jake and he starts to turn into a Lumpy Space Person so Finn, Jake and LSP travel to Lumpy Space to cure him. Best Bit: Finn, Jake and LSP jump into the frog's mouth. Worst Bit: None. Characters: Finn, Jake, LSP (Lumpy Space Princess), Brad, Melissa, Lumpy Space King and Queen, Princess Bubblegum, Hot Dog Princess, Lumpy Space People, Snail. Number of season: 1. Fact: It is the second episode of Adventure Time. Title Card: Finn watches Jake be pulled away by Lumpy Space People in horror. Previous Episode: Slumber Party Panic. Next Episode: Prisoners of Love. Rating: 10/10. Best episode ever!

How is this episode not even on the list despite the top 10? This is one of the funniest episodes of the series where you get to see one of the funniest characters in action, LSP!

First episode I watched.

22 The Witch's Garden
23 Incendium

This episode makes me want to free Finn from all his pain and just have him happily single sort of like Prismo.

Adventure time should release an episode showing Finn and Marceline falling in love with eachother!

Incendium begins to a disaster: Flame Princess!

Love Time! This episode is a ballad for the friendzoned. Jake's voice is so awesome

24 The Creeps

I watched this for the first time when I was 6. The part with melted cinnamon bun and BMO's corpse traumatized Me. I cried for my dad.

The episode was a good definition of how creepy and dark this show has become. Still a good episode, though.
P.S. Am I the only one who thinks the ghost that comes out of the wall is creepier than the lich?

This episode is so funny. Prince Hottbod, the bathroom screaming, the whole Brad thing- I just love watching it. And the part with the ghost lady always mystifies me. (even though I've seen the vault I just always thought it was a cool scene)

The green female ghost in the bathroom gave me nightmares! One of the most disturbing AT episodes I have seen!

25 Jake Suit

This episode really funny! One of the best

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