Top 10 Hottest Total Drama Girls

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1 Gwen

She's awesome seriously she was nice to everyone I loved it when she was talking to Duncan and they have fun their kiss and interacting was everything!

The goth, the loner, the incredibly sexy woman with the PERFECT makeup, curves, hair, clothes, and don't get me started with those eyes. The fact that Gwen is so smart and independent drives me mad! I would be dating with her every day! For she is the hottest girl in Total Drama history!

Almost on same tier as Heather. It's real tempting not to do it, but Heather is just a tiny bit better in every single way. If you want a description of what I mean, check Heather's comment for a certain "Enfforlife"

They should have done a slave movie in Total Drama Action and Gwen would be a helpless slave and Trent would save your.

2 Courtney

Courtney is hot and beautiful. I love her confidence and her relationship with Duncan. She is always determind to win challenges and never gives up. She was born a leader and she is just my favourite

Courtney is a beautiful and sexy girl. I love that she doesn't feel the need to dress overly revealing to be hot like some of the other girls; that are only hot because they show a lot of body off. Most of her body is covered up a lot of the time, and she still manages to look good just like that. I also love how fiesty she is, and how she's not a Sissy. She's really girly but at the same time isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She also has a really pretty tan, and just the right amount of makeup.

She is just hot! (no explanation needed) She also didn't deserve to be cheated on by Duncan with Gwen. But at least, Gwen had some good morals and broke up with him. He honestly deserved that.

Can't you see? Courtney has the most perfect body ever! Her hair is straight and neat, her perfect tan, her eyes are adorable mostly when she's happy, her butt is big even Harold looks at it you can watch season 1 episode 4 if you don't believe me, and he is curved!

3 Heather Heather was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers, and was one of the finalists in Total Drama World Tour representing Team Amazon.

I didn't find Heather that attractive in TDI and TDA, but when world tour came around and her hair was in that tiny ponytail, I fell in love. Definitely top 3 for me.

Tyler, Dj, Noah, Owen, Justin, Ezekiel, and Geoff doesn't like Gwen! Okay maybe Geoff bothers her but it is said he thinks Heather is hot but the thought of dating her is weird. Gwen has Trent, Cody, and Duncan. Courtney has Justin, Duncan, Scott, Camron kinda, kissed Al, a frog, and Harold actually found her hot at times! Harold literally looked at her butt in the dodgeball episode. Heather has Alejandro and maybe Harold because he likes seeing her without her shirt and bra on. Duncan just finds Heather hot and times and even flirts with her sometimes! Lindsay has Tyler, kinda Justin cause he flirts for her, and Duncan thinks she's hot. Leshawna has Harold and Cody in the first and second episode. Zoey has Mike and Mal and Vito and Manitoba. Dawn has B likely and maybe Scott and cannon Brick. Bridgette has Noah with a tiny crush, Geoff, and Al kissed her, and a pole.

Gwen is without a doubt the hottest Total Drama character. Not only is her character, which I've already talked about on another list, perfect, but her body too. She isn't as stereotypical goth as Gwen, even though the show is basically entirely stereotypes. Heather doesn't need clothes to prove her hotness, as seen multiple times throughout the show. That being said, her clothes, skimpy as they are, make her look almost as good as she looks without them. I don't think anyone would like to see her nudist side more. No matter how bad she is, that only makes characters want to see her even more. Her body is built perfectly and her hair even matches up to perfection with the rest. I could go on further, but to save you all, I won't. I will just say. She is by far the hottest with both body and personality. Heather wins 100% in my opinion of which none of you are forced to believe. -Enfforlife

She really is cool. She's also #3 on the "Top 10 Best Total Drama Characters" list. And here's a coincidence: In TDI, she came 3rd place, and she won (in USA, runner-up in Canada) season 3! Just pointing out a coincidence... Anyway, she is so hot. But I can't blame the person who created this list for making Gwen #1 instead. All the male Total Drama characters from the original cast thinks Gwen's hot. #3 is a good place for Heather anyway.

4 Lindsay

Lindsay is cute and why do people hate her! People just hate her cause she's dumb. Lindsay is a nice person and she helped people out! Lindsay also has a super nice boyfriend! Also at least she isn't Lenni Loud dumb. I heard in almost the last episode of Loud House the producers made Lenni kill Lincoln in a car crash but it was her fault cause Lincoln said it was a bad idea and she didn't have a license to drive!

Lindsay is by far the prettiest girl ever on the show! Her silliness, love of fashion, her free spirit, and her kindness make me fall in love with her every time! She totally deserves to win a season!

Lindsey is by far the best looking girl on TD. I don't even know where to begin with the people who think Bully Heather and Surfer Chic Bridgette but this is all about Lindsey so I'll talk about her. She may not be the most smartest player on the Total Drama series but as we all know good looks can get u very far. Her hair is pretty. Her eyes are pretty. There is know where on Lindsey's body that I't pretty. Anyone who doesn't like Lindsey, DEEL WITH ME!

Amazing boobs and overall pretty face and body. Definitely looks great naked.

5 Bridgette

The nicest girl on the show. Blaineley doesn't deserve to be on this list. She's a heartless sicko. Bridgette is a kind hearted goddess

Smoking hot she is so much prettier than Lindsay. I feel like Lindsay is just trying to be a show off. She is my crush! Hottest girl in Total Drama. Love her so much!

Bridgette is so HOT! She's really attractive and I love her hair and outfit and her style is so cute and she's my favorite character!

I think that Bridgette is the hottest! Only because Geoff is my favorite character and they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

6 Zoey

The hottest sexy girl on the frickin show. I wish I could play on every season of Total Drama so eventually she'd break up with Mal in All Stars so I could compliment her a few times and then MAKE OUT.

Zoey should be above Bridgette! Bridgette just wears basic clothing while Zoey has clothes than can catch your eyes! Bridgette also has basic boring hair while Zoeys hair is neat and has a cute flower. Plus would YOU date someone that isn't a fancy girl?

Zoey is underrated! Most of the original cast is obviously going to take the top 5 but Zoeys the hottest of them all! Not saying the original cast is ugly but Zoey is hotter than then except maybe Courtney!

Zoey should be higher than Bridgette! Zoey is cute and curved! Bridgette has the worlds most ugliest face and hair! Zoey is hot as the original characters mostly ugly Bridgette!

7 Izzy

Izzy is the hottest Total Drama girl there is. She is wild, crazy, fun, sexy, and all around really beautiful and likeable. Her orangish red hair is a good color and goes well with green.

In my opinion, she's the hottest girl of the show. I love her outfit, eyes, legs, and especially her craziness. Her best moment has to be her fight with Chef in Hide & Be Sneaky. She was so awesome and hot that ep!

She might be crazy, but her outfit is my favorite outfit on the show, and her eyes and hair are both really pretty colors.

I don't know why but she is just the most attractive out all of the TDI Females.

8 Dawn

I haven't gotten to far into the show that I have seen her. From the looks of it she is SO PRETTY I love how her hair turns out and her eye color is so pretty

Dawn has a nice voice and natural cuteness. Unlike Courtney who styles her hair, Gwen who uses blue lipstick and hair dye, Lindsay who uses makeup and styles hair, Zoey who has a nature flower, and Jen who has sunglasses.

I wished she would tell Scott she has a crush on him! I shipped those two for like ever! Dawn is also quiet, shy, hot, and nice. Who wouldn't like her? Scott is going to come around one day when Dawn asks him out!

Dawn is REALLY pretty! She doesn't have makeup and died hair like Gwen does! She doesn't having showing clothes like Heather and Zoey! She doesn't have TO much makeup like Josee! Is isn't a wannabe fashionista like Jen! She isn't a brat like Amy! Dawn is perfection!

9 Kitty

Kitty should be in the top 5! Gwen is ugly, Bridgette is plain, Heather is hot but Kitty is hotter, Lindsay is a ditz, but Courtney should be number 1!

Kitty is adorable! Her hair, her clips, her shirt, her face, she sounds like Lindsay. Everyone loves Lindsay. So who doesn't love Kitty? Well, I actually hate cats but this girl is cute!

Since I seen the return the ridonculous race he's kind of like me though by being on our phones like everywhere that we go and I'm a little brother to my sibling but she is cute. Very cute and I kind of have a crush on on her

Kitty is so sweet and kind. Just everything about her is so good! She should she definitely be in the top 5 hottest girls!

10 Dakota

Dakota is awesome because she's a break from the spoiled rich girl, because she is spoiled by her rich father, but she's not mean like others! She actually cares about others and wanted to find love with someone who liked her for who she was!

Dakota was never a rich spoiled girl! She cares about everyone and even zombie Ezekiel! She helped Sam to! She came on the show to become more noticed yes but she didn't care about the money she wanted to get a good job and become successful! She even likes the Bigfoot! And she was a nice mutant who defended people and her friends when they were in danger!

She will never be a selfish rich brat. Dakota is the sweetest and hottest girl here! She also cares so much for her friends and will defend them when they're in danger!

Dakota is amazing. Most rich girl stereotypes will include brattiness, but I didn't see that at all and she is very determined and totally GOT ROBBED!

The Contenders
11 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pim√Ępotew Kinosewak.

I feel bad for Samey. She's always bullied and controlled by Amy. She should follow Jasmine's advice. Anyway, Samey is hot like lava.

Sammy is one of my favorite characters no question. Her sweet little eyes and her little smile will always be my favorite about her.

Sammy looks so cute! She has nice hair and big eyes. Cute tiny hands and feet! As well has a nice voice.

Sammy is cute! Especially without that mole. Just clean and nice, unlike the wicked witch, Amy.

12 Blaineley

Blaineley is the Hottest! She has the perfect body, curves, beautiful face, pretty eyes, huge butt and boobs, and cute hair. She looks like she does modeling, and if she doesn't then she should.

She may be eating gross foods and be Gross. But she is still a really hot and a developed character in my opinion

Way too hated on

13 Emma

Emma is a sweet, kind girl and is really pretty! And she isn't basic like other girls, she actually has a good personality! And should be higher!

Emma should be right behind her sister, Emma is hot but Kitty is cuter. But they should not be this low!

Emma is really pretty and isn't that basic like some girls!

I think Emma is really pretty. But she should be higher!

14 Jasmine

She is tall black from Australia kind and is determined to win. She is one the hottest (black) TDI females.

Jasmine is really pretty. Her accent is amazing, her height oh my.

Jasmine is hot and brave and smart! She will do anything for you!

Jasmine is brave, smart, kind, and knows nature well.

15 Crimson

I have never seen this character, but there is something about her that just makes you have the feeling she is really pretty.

Crimson is so damn hot! She is the hottest goth girl in the universe! Perfect body. Perfect face.
100% Hot! <3 She is even hotter than Gwen. She should be in the TOP 10 as number 2, with Lindsay as number 1.

I haven't gotten this far in the show but from the looks she is beautiful, and has a unique style. I love her outfit and hair

Better than gwen

16 Sky

Hot on the outside, and beautiful on the inside. At least, until she begins to only care about the money.

She reminds me of Zoey. Prettiest girl in gen 3 as Zoey was in gen 2, and they're both Athletic!

Sky is awesome, but I wish her and Dave had ended up together forever.

Sky is my favorite Total Drama girl, and she is very attractive.

17 Leshawna

She is the best girl and best character in my opinion.

Leshawna is cute and deserves to be in top 10 and her attitude helps to

I love her personality

The one and only leshawna is the most funny pretty and nice and will do anything to be on the show

18 Katie

Lets be honest. If she had a better outfit, not the pink lipgloss and simple pretty hair. She would be number 1. Prettier then heather and Courtney bc she has the prettiest face and body to begin with as base.

Katie is hotter than Sadie. And it's NOT because Sadie is fat! Katie just has perfect smile and tan. Sadie is cute as well her fatness makes her curvy and cute! Beth's also not ugly like look at her she's so cute!

I love Katie she's my favorite character cause she's lucky she has friends unlike me who gets bullied for liking Lego's and Minecraft.

Katie is very cute. I can't help but admire her straightened body and tan! I also like her hair and shorts too, and I was really sad when she went. I should have cried. But, thankfully, she has Sadie again, and they got on Skatoony! Yay!

19 Taylor

A preppy girl with good social skills hse's hot but also thick very thick and I think that's why she's lower on the list no.25 thta's a lot lower than I put her on my list for me she's no.10 Taylor is hot and so underrated

Hot preppy brat that's curvy is always nice.

The preppy valley girl

Mean but stupid

20 Jen

Jen should be at least in the top ten! Jen is super super cute! She's not hotter than Courtney, Bridgette, Zoey, Dawn, and Leshawna but Jen is still cute! And should be in the top ten!

Jen should be higher than ugly Beth and Sadie they have to style and Sadie is fat and ugly. At least Owen and Sugar are fat in a good way.

Jen I love your fashion style and your skirt you have on. Except if you where here I would pull it down. Nobody wants to see under everyone else except for the hotties Jen and Courtney. Love ya Jen hehehe!

Tom and Jen are both the OG. Jen has a pretty tan with a cute ponytail. I love her sunglasses. She has cute clothing and her skirt brings her legs out.

21 Ella

Ella is super pretty and has a really pretty outfit. Chris shouldn't have been hating on her singing. She should have met Dawn, as they have a lot in common.

Ella is so pretty if you think snow white's pretty then you think Ella's pretty because Ella's the Total drama version of Snow White so she's definitely pretty because who doesn't think Snow White is pretty.

Yes, she is pretty, and who, what, where, when, why, and HOW is she lower than Amy? She deserves to be higher! At least she is lower than Sugar.

She is very adorable and much prettier than Sugar! Especially on the inside! Yep, I'm judging the girls on the inside, too!

22 Amy

Pretty but I hate her.

"Pretty but so mean."

23 Anne Maria

Anne Maria is the sexiest girl in ROTI! why does everyone hate her?! I LOVE her SOOO much! and haven't you seen her in a bikini?! So hot! I wish I was Vito so I could make out with her!

Anne Maria is beautiful, her hair is perfect, her makeup is perfect, and her outfit is perfect!

Even though. She is a jerk to Zoey by kissing Mike but on her confessional she said "check me out I'm hot" but she's thicc though

Anne Maria should be number one. Have you not seen her in a bikini?!

24 Sierra

I feel like Sierra really had potential, but her character really started to get boring in all-stars when Cody wasn't there anymore. I just think Sierra is more smart than people think she is, and in a way, that kind of makes her hot.

She was my favorite girl character from world tour her body , hair, she was good looking. She did creep me out sometimes but her being a fangirl of total drama is cool

Cody is the luckiest man, Sierra is as hot as hell!

Cutie stalker. Funny hot girl!

25 Josee

Josee is a really pretty girl, despite her awful attitude, she's still pretty, I personally think she is the hottest out of all of them, and I love her accent. Her makeup and outfit is always perfect as well.

Josee should be way up. Look at her she's super adorable like Jen. Her temper tantrums are very cute as well and her smile.

She is hot yes but Josee has way to much makeup on her face and I like natural beauty better than people who wear makeup.

Josee is really underrated! She's a good villain and she has good looks! But she went over the top with the makeup and hair.

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