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1 Freak the Freak Out

I love this episode because it shows off cat and jade singing and that Hayley and terra are REALLY BAD singers and that their dad is a cheat I love the songs. But I feel really bad for tori because she has a snob for a sister who is extremely annoying and impatient but anyway 10/10!

Unarguably the best episode of the entire series. Great songs, two hilarious plot lines, Jade and Cat getting some much needed spotlight... This was the peak of quality for Victorious. It's a shame Season 2 was such a disappointment after it.

2 Pilot

This is a really clever episode, because I love the ending. The alphabet acting was truly a great idea! I think the number 1 episode though is "Freak the Freak Out". I love how it's an hour special, and how Jaade and Cat sing in it! There's no better episode in my opinion. I think Cat and Jade should sing much more, the show would be much better if they did!

I love it when they did the alphabetical acting it whatever they call it at the end of the how where Jade really gets irritated with Tori that she lost. It made me laugh when Tori said " eat your pants" then Jade says "no you eat your pants! " It's really funny

3 iParty with Victorious

I love iParty iWish that it will be shown on T.V. I love this episode so much! I will miss iCarly victorious and this episode especially the ong leave it all to shin I love the way that the iCarly and victorious cast sing

Love this episode together both my favorite Nickelodeon shows together creating this amazing episode, I wish they could do that in the near future.

I think the episode was amazing! But Its more of an iCarly episode. But the episode was still hilarious and very entertaining to watch.

4 Ice Cream for Ke$ha

This is such a good episode! And how Ke$ha had a guest appearance and Jade's oNlY tHe pEoPlE wHo HeLp FiNd tHe LeTtErs gEt To cOmE is stuck in my head for some reason and how could I not vote for this

I like how Robbie got beaten up for giving ice cream to the children at the park! I feel bad for him though!

Its good, because Victoria Justice and Ke$ha is my top 2 singers.

5 Sleepover at Schicowhitt's

The best episode they have shot yet. It's funny and original because you can see ability and talent of each actor. Robbie is the best. Sikowitz is weird. Cat is so cute. Jade and beck is a charming couple. I enjoyed every single moment of the episode. It is THE BEST

This one should definitely be #1! funniest episode ever.

The only downside of this episode is that Trina isn't in it. enough said.

6 Beggin' on Your Knees

I'm glad that Tori sang her revenge song on that jerk who was horrible! I like how Jade got a time out from Beck!

'Beggin' on Your Knees' was a TRULY amazing song directed at Ryder, which is what makes this episode so fun to watch

Loved it! I don't know why it's only 13th

7 Wi-Fi in the Sky

Love the sequence of events so funny and besides freak the freak out the best episode of s1!

BEST EPISODE IN THE WHOLE SERIES! Why isn't this number one? I loved the little boy and Trina, and the chaos in the video chat with Robbie and Rex (Lil' Stephanie? "Couldn't you have picked a boy's name?" "Says a lot, doesn't it?"), Cat's special effects, Andre's amazing grandmother, Beck and Jade's arguments (over an 8 year old, I might add), and Perez Hilton. AMAZING. This episode deserves an award.

There were a lot of good jokes in this one, this episode was funny.

8 The Breakfast Bunch

One. Of. The. Best. Episodes. In. The. Whole. Series. NO LIE! It's a hilarious throwback of The Breakfast Club, with the dancing, characters, and VEGANS instead of you-know-what. It's hilarious and fun and iconic!

I loved this one so much. It was hilarious and since I had already seen the breakfast club I got all of the subtlties in it. It was really well though out and so funny. I loved it.

This episode was very well done! Very clever! Changing "virgin" to "vegan" was brilliant. This is easily my favorite episode.

9 Tori & Jade's Play Date

Song is one of the best. It's the only duet between Tori and Jade! Plus those guys getting roasted in song form was hilarious.

I love this episode because Cat and Robbie sing bad news songs.
I also like when Jade and Tori sing Take A Hint.

The song is amazing and I really like Jade.

10 Jade Dumps Beck

I think this is the best episode in season one partly because I think beck and jade were so cute together in it and I really love their relationship. I also liked the fact that jade went to Tori for help for once instead of someone else.

Jade and Beck were really sweet in this episode. The whole cast put in amazing performances, and Trina's performance was hilarious. The jokes in this episode were actually funny. ADORE this episode!

I just really liked this episode, because it's kind a cute and I think a lot of girls like me liked it too. And yes, I maybe loved it because I like Jade and Beck a lot. So that's my thoughts.

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11 Tori Goes Platnum

I remember when this episode first aired and my brother said to me that Cat (Ariana Grande) will become a famous musician after the show ends.. I can't believe I remember that

How come nobodys putting this awesome episode on the list. I mean come on... Seriously... We all know bow cool the song make it in america... Besides vic composed it by herself and bori lover s have to vote for this episode

I liked part one but l wasn't too keen on part 2 the beck and tori but hey who doesn't love the auditions for platinum music awards?

12 Who Did It to Trina?

I love it, it's well-planned and thought of. I believe this deserves to be a Top 5 because not only is it well-planned, we get to see the characters talents, and I thought the story was funny and unlike any other, great episode!

To me that one scene alone with Cat having a flashback to a Drake and Josh episode single handedly makes this the best episode. This episode is funnier than usual, and it even has a plot twist at the end, why isn't this higher up?

13 Locked Up!

I can never get enough of this episode and I especially love the song 'I Want You Back' at the end. An amazing episode.

My favorite episode. They all get arrested but escape. The song they sang in it was cool.

The drama and the song in this episode was amazing and I suggest this for everyone, it's very low on this list and I think this should be higher, one of the best Victorious Episodes

14 Cat's New Boyfriend

I love this episode so much because it has a special twist in it, I mean
You wouldn't expect Tori to squirt cheese on someone. Awesome episode!

I loved this one because it showed how a girl who is so nice can get jealous like that.

I love all the jealousy on this episode is full of gossip gossip!

15 Survival of the Hottest

I loved that the Trina of course was drinking water all along. I also thought it was funny how jade kept saying 'nobody likes you' to Trina

This episode is iconic and one of the first times we see basically the whole gang together.

First disturbing episode, stuck in an RV and nearly dying of heat stroke.

16 Pinkberry

I'm only voting for this to let everyone know that there was no episode of Victorious named Pinkberry. I don't know how in the world it even got on this list without existing in the first place. And if you don't believe me, Dan Schneider even tweeted to a fan that there was no episode titled Pinkberry. So... Just wanted to let you know. My actual favorite episdoe was either Freak the Freak Out, The Diddly-Bops, or Opposite Date because it was one of the only episodes to stand out in the 4th season.

What episode number is it. It is a great episode due to the effort put in to the victorius cast. It also has really hot members in it like victoria justice. I love this episode. It should be first on this list of best episodes of victorius.

17 Car, Rain & Fire

I love this episode so much, I can't believe it's only number twenty four! :O

18 Helen Back Again
19 Victori-Yes

This wasn't even a good finale because if it didn't get cancelled, which it did, then there would have been an actual finale, but this wasn't even one.

Because it's the newest episode so far!

20 How Trina Got In

Best episode ever! It's so funny how everybody keeps making up crazy stories of how Trina got in.

21 Tori the Zombie

This episode is just overall amazing! I love the whole storyline throughout it. The episode is very funny and has one of my favourite songs in the whole series ("Finally Falling"). I love how Cat and Trina have so many scenes together and how their personalities crash is what makes the episode what it is.

I love this one! I know the whole show is a musical but this song has my favorite song in it.

This episode was incredible, especially when Tori slayed the show at the end.

22 The Diddly-Bops

I loved Robbie's broken glass song, it was hilarious! I laughed my butt off! And their "Favorite Foods" Song was so cute! Beck was hot in that episode, as usual, and I loved all those little kids. What is up with Psycowitz and coconuts? Laugh out loud, all right, bye!

The best parts are robbie with his broken glass song and where andre changed the favorite food in Song to you. Has somebody the piano notes from Song 2 You?

Broken glass was the best song ever. How does someone make up a song about broken glass... and why broken glass?
Worth it though

23 Crazy Ponnie

Because this is one of the most funniest and craziest Victorious episodes ever but it was sad to really truly see it go because I really truly saw every episode beginning to end so sad.

Jenette mccurdy was in this and she's really funny so it was a great episode.

24 Driving Tori Crazy

This was my favorite episode. It was very funny.

25 The Birthweek Song

Stage fighting because it is good to see jade and tori finally work it out and it is also funny as well. One of my favourite episodes

Dramatic spoiler. How could trina sell the tori song and I seriously don't like tori but for once I'll stand up for her

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