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1 Spike

I've grown to love almost all of the characters. Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Jenny, Cordelia, Angel, Oz, Joyce, Faith, Wesley, Darla, Drusilla, Anya, Tara, Dawn (she is the reason why The Body, The Gift, Once, More With Feeling, and some of the best episodes television has ever made happen. Plus she been through a lot so stop hating), Jonathon, Andrew, and Riley just to name a few. But Spike is my absolute favorite. He's such a incredibly complex and well written character. Well acted too. I hate how violent and abusive Buffy was to him during the 6th season, when all he seeked was love and affection. He played a great hero and villain. Plus he's super funny and super hot (Though all the Buffy characters are) so what more can you ask?

2 Buffy

Gotta love Buffy. Super relatable, super powered, and I just feel so deeply for her every time something happens to her. SMG is superb at playing her and she's truly one of the greatest characters ever written. I can't say anything more without writing an anthology. She's just magnificent.

Every other show: blond girl walks into ally, gets attacked and killed by monster. Buffy: blond girl walks into ally, kicks monster butt. And you ask why I like her?

Sarah Michelle Gellar is and will always be one of the most underrated actresses because even though she gets plenty of love it will never be enough.

3 Giles

Far and away my favourite character, and so spectacularly acted by Anthony Head. He also blew up the snake is season three, knew the spells in season four, killed the God in season five, and dosed Willow in season six. His backstory is brilliant and so intriguing, and his character development, while more subtle than that of many other characters, is profound and elegant. And the few dark or betraying decisions he makes are so painful to watch because of how well they are done.

He's cool, not the best character though. He's never really the most important character or a standout one, but I do love him, even if it's mostly because of his importance to Buffy and their relationship.

4 Willow

Willow is never a dull character. First she's the shy and charming and witty Willow, and then she gradually gets more confident in herself and more loving and even more powerful as a witch. I love her in season 6, especially as Dark Willow, but there isn't a single moment where I hate Willow. I love her forever and always. Alyson Hannigan is also phenomenal for bringing her to life so well. Whenever Willow cries, I cry too.

Willow has changed so much throughout the series and it really shows! I love dark willow and I absolutely love alyson hannigan! She played willow so well and I loved willow throughout the whole season!

5 Anya

Anya was the funniest character of anyone on the show due to her iconic bluntness and sassiness, plus her trademark fear of bunnies. Despite sometimes getting on other characters' nerves and not being politically correct, she was incredibly useful to the Scoobies because of her extensive demon knowledge, occasional vengeance demon powers, and other magical capabilities. Don't tell me you don't cry during her speech in "The Body" and her death scene in "Chosen." Even if not your favorite, Anya is almost always in the top three.

6 Cordelia

The 'Queen C of Sass' probably had the best character development over all the other characters. From being cheated on, to finding love with Angel, and using her last day alive to set Angel back on track, before dying again, Cordelia is the best character,

I loved her bitchiness on Buffy, but I truly began to love her on Angel where she kept that same "Queen Bee" attitude but also coming to be a maternal figure. She became loving, powerful, independent, caring, and actually useful. Plus her reappearance in "You're Welcome" makes me bawl my eyes out. I just love Cordelia. I can't put it all into words.

7 Xander

Why is he rated so low, granted he is still pretty high up, but he is one of the best characters.

Funniest character on the show with "The Zeppo" being one of the greatest episodes in the show.

So underate, funny but also incredibly loyal and the heart of the show

8 Angel

Angel is far superior to Spike, especially taking into consideration his time on Angel. Endlessly devoted to good and Buffy, he was just awesome. All he ever wanted was Buffy's happiness and to help the world for what he did to it. Spike was entirely selfish. Angel all the way.

I really like him (haven't watched Angel yet though) but I feel like he's a little bit funnier in his show because sometimes in Buffy he was a tiny bit boring, or maybe just quiet when he had a soul I know he was supposed to be in pain but come on... I do really like him though

9 Faith

I love her arc. I always felt a little empathy for her as an outsider and not ever really feeling like she belongs, and her entire dark history was really hypnotic and tragic. What really makes me love her though is the beginning of her redemption arc and how central she is to Buffy's character. Buffy stabbed her, going against her rule of not killing humans. But when the two of them switch bodies and Faith (while in Buffy's body) begins punching her own body? Tragic. Then her time on Angel is even more testament and she reveals her self loathing in one of the most tragic moments on the show. Also makes Angel even cooler. Faith is just amazing through and through.

10 Daniel Oz Osbourne

Oz rules. I love the way he sees the world and appreciates the absurdity of life.

Oz is a great character, his overall unqiue style makes a huge impact on him compared to most of the other chracters.

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11 Tara

Not the most important character or even the best character, but that doesn't diminish my love for her. She's just such a lovable character. So sweet and loving and kind, and "Under Your Spell" is such a beautiful song in every way. It really just goes to show how much she loved Willow. Her death was tragic and gave rise to one of my favorite villains, Dark Willow. Then when Willow visits her grave and thinks she's talking to Tara through Cassie, heart = broken.

12 Angelus

Angelus gives a chilling performance and he is hard to watch but you can't look away.

Evil Angel... What's not to love?

Seriously one of the best villains on the show.

Please vote angelus for the moments when he shaders not just Buffy's heart but all of ours

13 Mayor Richard Wilkins

He was the best villain (after Spike) he was hilarious and honestly his relationship with Faith is cute, very cute

14 Drusilla

One of my favorite villains. I love her insanity and goofiness as well as her surprising capability for evil and destruction. She's quite the villain, but I can't hate her. Every episode with Drusilla in it is amazing.

Drusilla is just so awesome in many ways, especially how paralyzing her eyes can become.

I don't know why she doesn't have more votes, drusilla was quirky, extremely weird and crazy and we love her for that

15 Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

Best character arc period. His transformation in Angel is amazing. By the end, no one in either show comes close to being as badass as Wes.

He is a perfect counterpoint to Spike. They start out as basically the same person, but respond very differently to the realities of living in the Buffyverse.

Faith, Willow and him are the three best characters in the series. Wesley is just so cool!

16 Jenny Calendar

Interesting character with nice storyline but unfortunately she was killed by Angelus

17 Andrew

Andrew was the funniest. Sure he killed Jonathon... But come on, his quirky character was just the thing season 7 needed. I'all be sure to use the guestage line when I get kidnapped.

The Queer character we needed!

How can you not love andrew (excluding when he killed his best friend) but really you're lying to yourself if you claim storyteller didn't make your life significantly better

18 Joyce Summers
19 Glory
20 Dawn Summers
21 Jonathan Levinson
22 Principal Snyder
23 Harmony Kendall
24 Amy Madison
25 Darla

She's the most passionate one from the entire series.

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