Top 10 Most Beautiful Survivor Women

Survivor has had a lot of lovely ladies. But which are the most beautiful. This is not a list of the sexiest, hottest, or cutest. It's all around beauty.
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1 Amanda Kimmel

Amanda and Parvarti at the same time. Whoever cast them should have got a really nice raise.

She has a great mix of hotness and cuteness and I just love her.

Amanda is what sweet dreams are made of.

2 Parvati Shallow Parvati Shallow is an American television personality and was the $1,000,000 winner of the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia.

Parvati is a gorgeous flirt who has one survivor once, and came in second another time. She aligned with James in Fans vs. Favorites mainly because he liked her looks.

If every woman was like her, there wouldn't have to be a such thing as feminism. Women would've achieved equal pay / rights decades ago.

There is something so alluring about her--no one can help but like her. Maybe that's why she always gets so far

What's not to like. She's beautiful, strong, smart and has a sense of humor.

3 Brenda Lowe

One word to describe her: perfection. She diserves to be number one. I've begun to fall in love with her since her first smile in season 21.

Absolutely a Beautiful person! Good Brenda is way better looking than Bad Brenda..

Hands down the best smile out there. She should be number one!

Prettiest Survivor ever. And smart too. (I hope this is the one from Judd's season)

4 Andrea Boehlke

Prettiest girl of all time on survivor, put her up higher!

She is extremely pretty what the hell 9th place?

This girl is so hot, how is she not higher.

Looks like a bambi deer. Cute girl

5 Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Too bad her mouth gets in the way.

I don't know who you are?

Beauty and brains.

6 Stephanie Valencia

She was very attractive, and not overpowering with her ego about it. Very classy, and sexy.

7 Amber Mariano

Truly the most beautiful survivor chick ever. Definitely beats parvati and Amanda. I honestly don't see why people think parvati is good looking. She has a strange face and a weird goofy smile.

Amber is absolutely gorgeous. She is beautiful no matter what scene she is in. Love her!

Watch allstars and outback... you'll thank me!

8 Danni Boatwright

Never, ever say die. With a sweet smile and a sly wit, this gorgeous tomboy made it all the way to the top spot in Guatemala.

She is beautiful on the outside and inside. Hope she comes back!

Way too skinny. Even at the start & she probably bulked up for Survivor

9 Morgan McLeod

Amanda, pavarti, and Chelsea are great looking. However, Morgan McLeod has lifted survivor beauty to a new level. Morgan is in the top 10 for all time beauty She is remarkable.

She's very beautiful, but I don't really like her as a player.

10 Heidi Strobel
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11 Julie Berry

She is so hot! She makes me want to pee my pants! I wish I was there to see her boobs!

12 Jefra Bland

Great ass, amazing eyes, sweet!

Her ass is a thing of beauty!

13 Kelley Wentworth

The most beautiful Survivor woman to ever play the game! She also loved to play in her underwear a lot which made looking at her ass an even better experience

14 Michelle Yi

What was not to love about Michelle? Stunning good looks and a great personality to back it up. I only wish she lasted longer

A cheery disposition can get you far, as this bright eyed cutie showed fans on Survivor: Fiji.

One of the finest.

15 Becky Lee
16 Christina Cha
17 Candice Cody

She is truly the hottest female ever to play this game. She is even cuter at the reunions. While some people didn't know why she was a hero, I followed up on her because she is hot. Love her blonde hair as well.

Brains and beauty is a deadly combination. This bright medical student was a front runner in Cook Islands, until one crucial mistake led to her demise.

She's beautiful! My top 10 would be based on looks and how she played strategically! Candice woodcock, amber brkich, jenna morasca, stephenie lagrossa, parvati shallow, amanda kimmel, kat edorsson, andrea boehlke, brenda lowe & stephanie valencia!

She is pretty, and apperently book smart, but unfortunately quite naive to think she can win survivor by blatantly betraying people.

18 Courtney Yates
19 Shii Ann Huang
20 Eliza Orlins
21 Edna Ma
22 Liz Kim
23 Natalie Tenerelli
24 Chelsea Meissner
25 Ami Cusack

The former Playboy model proved that she could be tough as the leader of an all women's alliance in Vanuatu.

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