Top 10 Philippine Primetime TV Shows

This is to identify the best among the best shows here in the Philippines when in comes to night time.
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1 Marimar-Philippines 

This primetime deserves the first pot... Don't you know that before I click the "The Top Favorite Philippine Primetime Shows" I already expected that this show will got the first pot and it's true it's the first... In my whole life this show attracts me in the first place because the leading celebrities, marian rivera and dingdong dantes, are both very good in acting and of course the director ms. Joyce bernal, the combination is very perfect... And honestly it is better than the original marimar because they put much effort in this show. I love this show much and because of this show I have known the best actress of all, ms. Marian rivera, and all of there shows I watched... Very good show... Like it very much...

The first time I saw the Philippine remake of the hit Mexicanovela Marimar, I instantly fell in love with it. This has never happened to me as a television viewer. Now, I appreciate many Filipino shows, but what had me so glued to this teleserye was the stellar cast. A newbie Marian Rivera, who possesses such angelic beauty, and the more matured Dingdong Dantes (my crush forever), who grew out of his teeny-bopper, boy-next-door looks to become a dazzling and sexy Sergio Santibanez! Whew, that's hot! Marimar is and will remain my favorite TV series, Filipino or not. DongYan!

I'm really fond marimar portrayed by marian rivera a lot of people got crazy about this teleseries it takes a very long show in GMa-7 and everybody were happy and excited contnted when marimar ends. Children. Young adult anything loves to watch marimar its really very nice teleserye this made popular in the Philippines and to other different countries being aired I admired marimar teleseries marimar, you will learned a lot and you will be happy and excited to watch this series made marian and dingdong popular a lot of people admired them very much even in others countries... Nice...

No doubt Marimar will forever be the top favorite Phil. Primetime show.. It had the best cast of artists and directors.. The story will never be forgotten & will always be remembered and treasured by all generation!...

2 Pinoy Big Brother Edition 

Should be number 1

3 Encantadia

I really really love this show. I had fun watching all the characters, scenery, etc. It's a masterpiece.

4 Walang Hanggang 

I absolutely love the story, you have to watch this, if you wont you will regret it badly

5 The Legal Wife 
6 My Husband's Lover 
7 Got to Believe 
8 One True Love 
9 TV Patrol World 
10 Amaya

True simply then the setting of the scene is very suit to the past ancient times.

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11 It's Showtime 

This is the best noontime show ever! It has the trending segment "Sine Moto, "Bida Kapamilya", specially "Kalokalike"! The Best!

Very funny, have fun

12 Temptation of Wife 

Temptation of wife is the best! It's almost as good as tr original one. Marian Rivera is a really great actress!

13 The Voice Philippines
14 Pangarap na Bituin 

The Jewel sisters as popularized by ruby as maja salvador, sapphire as rica peralejo/ nikki gil, and emerald as played by sarah geronimo.

15 Sana'y Maulit Muli  

I love the story of sana maulit muli! this is one of the best shows I ever watched!

16 Mara Clara Remake 

Mara and Clara is the best soap ever to me. In Tanzania we love it.

All characters was awesome!

17 Princess Sarah-Philippines 
18 Yasabella

The best movie... Really enjoyed it

19 Lastikman 
20 Immortal  
21 24 Oras 

I like watching their news because they're not bias. They would air each side of the issues. What I like most is that they have the investigative reporting method. And through 24 Oras they have helped a lot of needy Filipinos just like the Sendong victims and everythin'. They would see to it that the aid will go directly to the people who need it.. Yes they're really TRUE..

They are reliable and honest, I am not into any station only I love watching news so I found them so true...

22 FPJ's Ang Probinsyano
23 La Vendeta 
24 Luna Blanca
25 Munting Heredera 
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