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1 Mehgan James

You seriously can't say she can't fight! She whooped 2 girls' asses at once! She whooped Rima's ass so many times, whooped Falen's a couple times, including the hallway with Rima! Falen got her nose bleed! 😂 Also whooped Julie's ass at the reunion! Even if cranberry juice wasn't thrown, she would still win regardless!

Damn! I didn't like her at all but I sure as hell respect we fight. This girl has got the heart of a lion when she targets someone (or a multitude of people in her case). Strong girl, mentally and physically for sure.

2 Ty Colliers

Season 1 is so underrated that people hardly even mention ty anymore. It's sad because she was the best fight out of allllll the bad girls ever to be on the show. The way she handled Amie, she even gave amie a chance to get herself together. Most bad girls will hit a girl when they're down but ty gave amie a chance and still rocked her

Ty can actually throw decent punches, all her hits connected in her fight with Aimee and it was one of the best fights in BGC history!

Left with a bang in that house the way she whoop amie ass! Had given amie a chance!

3 Camilla Poindexter Camilla Poindexter is an American reality television personality and model. She is mostly known for her appearance on season eight of Oxygen's Bad Girls Club.

She may have been jumped by 3 girls, but not even a scratch! She was the only Bad Girl who at least managed to swung at Erica (red ogre) and whooped Elease's ass too.

NINJA KICK! This girl does not only deliver a fierce punch but she's got them legs too! Her kicks have to be the best out of all the other bad girls.

Camilla can fight, I personally think that Seven can't beat her and Sevens fighting skills are overrated. Camilla has the most strongest kicks of BGC!

4 Christina Salgado

Don't let her beautiful face fool you. She is a fierce fighter, her hits to the face are lethal.

The best fighter because she actually aims while hitting and hits amazing.

She whooped Julie 3 times ripped out her weave and gave her a bloody nose and left untouched.

5 Florina Kaja

The hilarious thing that flo got out that pool and grabbed amber's hair and threw her and flipped her ass! On that ground! Like she was in Pacific Ocean

Just by looking at her you can tell she isn't someone to be messed with. She has so much strength that her punches are painful, she even broke Natalie's finger.

She's badass...She even beat Natalie and you could tell that the security was always on alert when Flo got into a fight.

6 Lea Lorraine

Tosses a fan at Kristen! Like a football

7 Angie Castillo

Pretty face, fast hands. Angie shoved the soul out of Shelly's giant body which takes strength, and clocked Priscilla at the reunion. She and Tiara are on even footing in my opinion, their fights were violent as hell!

Angie proved that Priscilla wasn't much of a fighter. Angie small and handled her ass at the reunion even when Shelly was grabbing her. Priscilla just fought judi that was why she won.

Beat the hell out of Priscilla! Angie can definitely whoop some ass!

8 Priscilla Mennella

You and Tasha cannot fight that's why Angie whoop your ass! On the reunion and left scratches on your face

Priscilla dragged judi like a rag doll and made her bleed and not to forget a black eye

9 Raquel Santiago

The way she swung at Valentina at the reunion with a ring on her finger!

Never got beat up! Held her own being jumped, bullied, everything! She is amazing

Rocky Shoved the soul out of Jennifer's body & ripped out Jenn's weave

10 Nastasia Townsend

Shoved the soul out of Priscilla's body towards that washer machine! while Judi and tiara security breaking the fight up!

Nastasia punched then hell out of Shelly and Tasha and it was so entertaining to watch! :,D

She was the best fighter on her season hands down!

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11 Jennifer Hardwick

Jennifer fighting one of bgcs strongest girls and still managing to hold her own. Her uppercuts and punches were top tier and she managed to hold her own against Nikki.

I look at Jenn as the cocky pretty girl that people don't look at as intimidating. When she fights though people better be scared as she delivers some harsh punches to the face.

12 Jelaminah Lanier

Jelaminah and the clermont twins had the main girls shook! In that house! Jasmine, Jenna, kat, Lauren, jela and the twins are best fighters on their season

Jela is certainly one of bgc best fighter. She is a literal fighter and doesn't pull hair but straight up squares up and fades.

She doesn't pull hair she just punches and hard ones at that. She's quick too.

13 Erika Jordan

She's definitely amongst the strongest bad girls. Those blows to Rima's head were loud and powerful, and Julie...poor Julie had to have lost some brain cells after that beating. Erika is just too strong and too built, she can contend with girls like Shannon, Stasi, and Alicia.

Erika is a powerful girl. When she hits she hits hard, I felt bad for rima and Julie when they got their ass whooped by her because I felt those hits dam!

Erika kicks rima and Julie's ass Erika will lay your ass out! If you come for her!

14 Seven Craft

Her ability to effortlessly drag and beat the brakes out of girls larger than her is kind of scary. She continuously beat up Kiki but I will say, Kiki got beat up by everyone.

Seven got them good ass hands DOn't let her pretty face fool you she'll beat your ass

15 Tanisha Thomas

Woo! Tanisha got hands! Go tanisha!

16 Sarah Oliver

Sarah Beat Gigi ass towards that microwave! And mopped the floor with Milyn ass! Sarah can beat some ass! Don't let Sarah pretty face fool you!

On all star battle she just whooped Alicia ass on the reunion!

Sarah was the baddest bad girl ov all time and had the most fights and won most of them!

17 Briana Walker

Beat Francesca Ass! Two Times! And ripped out her extensions and left scratches on her ass! Beat Francesca Barbie havin lookin ass!

Briana never lost a fight, she wasn't afraid to throw down with anyone...she beat up Francesca and I was so happy to see her clock Keyaira's bullying self.

Scrape Kiki fat ass up! By the wall!

18 Nicole Vargas

Nicky was NOT with the bs, even while crazy drunk and having her hair pulled in one direction she continuously clocked Valentina. Her fists were fast and looked like they hurt, and she quickly silenced Jenn at the reunion too. I wouldn't want to fight Nicky.

Another underrated fighter, hits are HARD and strong, rips hair like crazy, and uses her whole body to fight.

Whooped Valentina twice and rocked Jenn at the reunion.

19 Brynesha Seegers

Didn't like her much but I can't deny that Brynesha fights as if her life is on the line. She's fast, slipped through security like they weren't there and fought Zee and Kandyce whom were larger than her. The way she fights is lowkey scary

20 Elliadria

Wipe the floor with winter and bite her finger!

21 Jada Cacchilli

She fought the whole house! Never backed down

Scrape linsey ass up In the limo! best fighters like Loren, Redd, Brittiany, Camilla,

22 Wilmarie Sena

Kick Nikki's ass 3 times and bit her on the forehead damn! When nikki said she's a replacement She got hard blows! Her blows look mad hard! When wilmarie bashed Nikki on the head 3 times and whooped her ass! And I love the way she handle Nikki ass!

Team Wilmarie wasn't afraid to whoop Nikki's ass!

Gave Nikki a good ass whooping!

23 Alyssa "Redd" Carswell

Beat jada ass two times! & mopped the floor with jada ass! And she even bite Natalie's arm like a dog Redd Can beat some ass!

24 Kandyce Hogan
25 Catya Washington

I'm done chatting, but just to let you know I'll come back to see did catya move to the top 12s

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