Worst Moments in Fairy Tail: Alvarez Arc

Read at your own risk. This list contains major spoilers.
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1 Universe One

This was nothing more than a plot device to randomize the entire continent, randomize everyone's location, get rid of Acnologia, save Gajeel from death, send Zeref straight to the Fairy Tail guild, and to make Hisui and Zeira appear for no more than 2-3 chapters.

2 August is Zeref and Mavis' son

Zeref and Mavis having a child is one of the worst (and frankly disgusting if you think about it) plot twists in fiction. I mean what's the point?

Even if they had to have a child it should have been Larcade, the overall theme of his character, the child of the Black mage having a holy magic would have made a more interesting plot line. He even looks like Mavis!

Using him as a red herring was just terrible and having him as and etherious led to nothing.

Just when we thought Larcade Dragneel was Zeref's son, we, including Larcade himself, were shocked to hear that he was NOT Zeref's son, but just another Etherious Demon born from the Books of Zeref. Not only that, but the biggest shocker is that August was somehow conceived and born while Mavis was "dead", and after Precht Gaebolg encased her body into a crystal.

3 Unnecessary Fanservice

From girls' clothes getting torn to shreds to panty shots and breasts getting groped, just imagine how different this arc would be without the fanservice. Pretty decent, am I right?

4 Irene vs Erza and Wendy

This fight alone just proved that in order to kill a plot device, you gotta fight fire with fire. The body swap between Irene and Wendy accomplished nothing. Erza being able to destroy a meteor with most of her bones broken by a single swipe of dragon Irene was nonsensical. And to top it all off, the fight concludes with Irene commiting suicide.

This fight was a disappointment. The ending especially. Mashima made Irene way too OP and the ending suffered as a result of it

5 Gray vs Natsu

This has got to be one of the worst fights I've ever seen in Fairy Tail. Now don't get me wrong, I liked the action scenes, but there are two things wrong with this. 1, E.N.D appeared much too early, only to disappear after less than two chapters, and 2, they fought for NO REASON. After thinking that Juvia and Lucy were dead, the two run into each other. Instead of Gray helping Natsu calm down, knowing that Natsu is E.N.D, they start to fight, causing Erza to break them up as usual.

6 Makarov dies

After seeing his "children" suffer from fighting Alvarez soldiers, Makarov decides that the best way to defeat the enemy was to use Fairy Law, but at a major cost: his life. This would've been a different story if this were to be a last resort, but Mavis herself said that she had an alternative to that plan. Makarov ignores her, casts Fairy Law and dies, and takes out about 80% of the enemy, and NONE of Fairy Law touches a single Spriggan or Zeref.

7 Gray vs Juvia

Seriously, this fight was nonsensical. After using Ice Lock on the two of them, Invel Yura informs them that the Ice Lock will break after one of them dies. First of all, Juvia could have easily escaped by turning herself into water, or Gray could have eaten the ice since he was given the power of Ice Devil Slaying magic (as seen by Silver). However, they didn't do that for whatever reason and they fight. Juvia decides that she doesn't want to fight and tries to kill herself, only to see that Gray had the same idea. After Ice Lock breaks, Gray wakes up, after losing a ton of blood, only to realize that Juvia learned Water Make magic: Blood Transfusion, to save Gray's life. Not only did BOTH of them lose a lot of blood, but Juvia actually survived. Seriously?

8 God Serena's defeat

This guy was a victim of being the most hyped character, then got shut down within 3 chapters of his appearance. God Serena is the number 1 rank of the Wizard Saints, and was wiping the floor with 3 Wizard Saints all at once. He was about to kill Warrod, but at the last second, Acnologia appears and kills him. After being brought back as a Historia to redeem himself, he fights several Fairy Tail members at once, only to get one shot again by Gildarts. Talk about embarrassing.

9 Historia of Corpses

This was just a cheap tactic developed by Neinhart to bring back those who died in previous arcs. These characters are Kyouka, Azuma, Ikaruga, Ezel, Hades, Ul, Zancrow, Keith, and Simon. The only way to make them disappear is to either take out Neinhart first, or...glare at them until they cower away in fear? Even after all of that, Neinhart creates Historias of God Serena, Wahl, and Bloodman, and claimed that they were "too much for him". Really dude?

10 Wahl's defeat

Even though this was one of the best fights in the entire arc, the ending was what ruined it for me. We see Wahl literally attack Laxus with everything he's got, and soon discovers that Laxus' body is filled with anti-magic barrier particles from the Tartaros arc. He's surprised to see that he's even able to walk, let alone fight, and the two continue to duke it out. Unfortunately, Wahl made two mistakes; attacking Laxus with lightning, and canceling the jutsu-shiki, which ultimately cures Laxus of his disease. Laxus then proceeds to kill him with something called "Red Lighting", which not even Wahl could figure out. The saddest part is that even though Wahl was immune to forms of lightning, this "Red Lightning" shouldn't have killed him. I wish that he was defeated differently.

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11 Alvarez as a whole

This entire arc could be described with one phrase.

'Deus Ex-Machina.'

12 Lucy vs. Brandish

I don't know, this fight simply left a sour taste in my mouth. Not only was Natsu made weak and helpless, which I personally hated, but if Lucy had fought Brandish harder, some very bad things could have been prevented. Including Lucy's and Natsu's capture, Natsu running rampart and maybe even the fight against Gray. Lucy defeating Brandish would not only have been appreciated by her fans, but I am not one of them, it also could've paved a road to a much friendlier outcome between him and Gray.

Why the hell is this so low? It's the truth. So many people are moaning about how Mashima never lets Lucy fight and when he does, he is doing it wrong!
And to be honest I thought that this magical cancer stuff should have just been brushed under the carpet. Mashima could've found another way to turn Natsu...like the classical way of screaming and clutching his head in pain. Isn't that how demon transformations are normally done?

13 Vinegar Doppio vs Risotto Nero

Look, this was an highly anticipated fight, and I loved it. Sadly it was cut short by Irene killing Nero because he wasn't useful anymore. If it wasn't for Irene interfering and killing Nero, I think it would've been one of the best fights in the series. Especially since Doppio is supposed to be an S-Class that returned from a ten year quest. Luckily Doppio was able to warn Erza and Wendy about her magic so they could fight her.

14 Larcade's death
15 Ultear Appearance
16 Zeref vs Natsu
17 E.N.D
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