Top 10 Saddest Moments of the Fairy Tail Anime

At this list, we will vote for the saddest moments of Fairy Tail. Warning! This list contains so many spoilers if you haven't watched the whole anime.
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1 Ultear's Sacrifice

The fact that she felt she had done nothing and that her life was only worth a minute and that she felt worthless and didn't feel she deserved to live anymore made me cry for so long. In that one minute, she saved so many people, including Gray. She caused them to see their future and didn't die because they knew what they had to avoid. The fact that she felt so worthless made me cry so much. When I saw Gray crying when he saw that Ultear had sacrificed herself so he could live, along with others, he felt guilty because he felt he is always the cause of people's deaths, like UI's. He felt it was his fault, he didn't like that people always sacrificed themselves for him to live, felt it was all his fault, which made me cry so much I couldn't even take it. I just burst into tears, I felt I could relate to both of them a lot. They both have gone through so much and I can really relate to them.

2 Silver's Death

Man, Imagine losing a parent twice,
Specially after defeating him in a strong fight.

If you know Gray's full story, you cannot not cry on this one.

For me, it's the saddest moment of whole the series.

3 Igneel's Death

Igneel,the dragon who raised Natsu, got out of Natsu's body in order to stop Face and fight Acnologia. However, he got killed by Acnologia and Natsu was forced to watch his death without being able to do anything. The sad thing is that Natsu was looking for him after he got lost and had so much things to talk with him.

4 Aquarius' Key Being Broken

While Lucy was fighting with all the Tartaros, he had to break Aquarius' key in order to defeat them and save his friends from Alegria.

I cried a lot during this one and he funny thing that Aquarius is my sign

5 Future Lucy's Death

Future Rogue attempted to kill Present Lucy but Future Lucy jumped in front of her and took the attack instead. Happy's speech was so emotional.

6 Laxus Watching the Fantasia Parade
7 Mavis and Zeref's Deaths

Mavis and zeref has none each other for more than 100 years and died so young in there relation ship its heart breaking that they would just die at a point where they just started. love mavis and zeref real ogs

Honestly, they were such a good couple, I cried so much when they died. Zeref was so happy and Mavis wanted to go with him! It's so sad I keep crying even though I know what happens!

8 Lucy's Father's Death

After the 7 years time skip, Lucy looked for her father but she found out that he died 3 months ago.

9 Zera Disappearance

Why is Fairy Tail Zero so underrated when it comes to feels? The whole arc was feels.

This is the only time in the entire anime I cried.

10 Cait Shelter's Secret

Cait Shelter wasn't a real guild and all the members were just the spirits.

The Contenders
11 Erza's Funeral
12 Simon's Death
13 Loke's Almost-Death

Loke was definitely One of my favorite anime characters, at the time. I got extremely emotional when he was dying. I teared up, a lot. I rewatched this scene at least five times. Honestly, I think a lot of these are sadder than Ultears sacrifice. Nightmares death [thing] made me cry. In my opinion... Aquarius' key being broken was probably the one that made me cry the most. Loke x Lucy FOREEVER-

14 Jellal's Arrest
15 Juvia's Death
16 Lisanna's Death
17 Makarov’s Sacrifice
18 Sherria Gives Up Her Magic

When Wendy and Sherria fights DiMaria, Sherria unlocks her 3rd origin with help of the Ultear illusion. DiMaria had god soul so Sherria sacrificed her magic (price to pay for 3rd origin) and used god slayer magic on DiMaria and defeated her. It was so sad for me especially when she said "Magic can't hold a candle to LOVE! " What an incredible shipper! (lol)

19 Juvia Confessing that She Killed Silver
20 Imitatia Turning Back Into a Doll
21 Natsu's Death in the Final Season
22 Laxus Kicked Out
23 Gajeel Almost Drowns

When levy saves him, is probably my favorite Gale scene of all time. It was sad, because I thought they were both going to die. Almost gave me a heart attack.

24 Natsu vs Mystogan

A very emotional fight, although not sad, this fight still gave me chills. Mystogan and Natsu are not really fighting, Natsu is trying trying to make Mystogan look strong in front of the people of Edolas. When They gave that last punch at the end is the best part.

25 Eclair's Death

Only one of many times I've had my heart rent while watching the series, but this is the one that's affected me the most

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