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1 Maya Hart

Maya, in my opinion, is the best character on the show. Why? Well, let me explain. Maya has been through so much with her father leaving. I've been through it and it is hard. I'm glad Shawn is now there for her because she really deserves it. Riley, her best friend, is there for her always. I appreciate that Riley always wants the best for Maya, although Riley can get on my nerves sometimes. Her loyalty for her friends is amazing. Maya would do anything for any of her friends if any of them got hurt. With Farkle, she wanted to beat up Billy for making fun of him. With Lucas, she was able to stop him from actually beating Billy up and turning into Texas Lucas. Riley, there's no need for explanation. But that's just my opinion...

2 Riley Matthews Riley Matthews is the main character and title character of Girl Meets World. She is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. Riley and August Matthews are Cory and Topanga's only children, of which Riley is the eldest. Her father, Cory Matthews is her ninth grade history teacher... read more

Riley is a kind loving girl and is protective of her friend Maya.. Just see what she did in GM Texas part 1, she sacrificed her relationship with Lucas just so Maya can be with him. She helps people cheer up.. and without her, the show would've been miserable just seeing Maya's problems and her evil side all the time. Riley puts a smile on everything and she has a solution to almost every solution. She supports for strong causes and she has inherited Topanga's smartness and she is able to understand the struggles of life. She is also an angel in real life as she is so kind and is now best friends with Sabrina Carpenter... a.k.a Maya. She helps friends for example when she proved to her father that Maya is a good friend in the first episode. I think she is a really good person and you should stop complaining... It makes her a real beautiful person... and it would be my dream to meet her or Sabrina in real life.

3 Farkle Minkus

Farkle is sooo amazing! He is brilliant and his quirks are so endearing. He will stop at nothing for his friends, which can be said for practically all four of the main kids. But I think that Farkle stands out because he does what is best for his friends in the long run even if it hurts them up front. He does that because he wants them to be happy in the long run. He will be for them when they are hurting and stick with them until and even after things get better.

He is so funny and he loves his friends so much. His and Smackle's relationship is hilarious and also I love when he says,"I AM FARKLE"

4 Lucas Friar

I think Lucus is the best because most other characters can't get a laugh out of me. He actually makes me laugh and I find him more likable than any other character.

I like how Lucas is okay with almost everything. He is very kind and I like when he gets tough about his friends when they're in trouble.

I love the character of Lucas. He just seems like a really
Nice, funny guy. Also, Peyton Meyer is pretty hot, just saying.

5 Cory Matthews

I tried to watch the show "Boy Meets World" but the old camera thing kinda through me off. I do like how he was in "Boy meets World" and was in "Girl Meets World." He is very funny especially with he says "I quit," in Season 2 I forgot what episode. I like how he lets the kids in his class speak freely. He has actually teaches me stuff and I daydream a lot in class. He tries to get his kids to evolve.

I love the lessons Cory teaches. He is so good at applying history to life. I also think he is quite the comedic relief. He can play the role of both teacher and dad and for the most part know when to be the teacher and when to be the dad. Even if it is hard to pick the right one.

6 Topanga Matthews

I like how she is tough and cares about Maya almost as much as she cares about Riley. Topanga is a lot like Maya. She is fierce. She is also like Riley, goofy and silly.

They ruined this version of Topanga Matthews. I expected her to be better than this.

7 Isadora Smackle

She is beautiful in Highschool, I just wish they had done more for her. Like let her lose a few times. I also wish Farkle could have seen her as more than an arcnemasis, before Highschool but I guess that not being together made their relationship an even bigger success

8 Auggie Matthews

Auggie is very very funny to me. It is funny how he is very similar to Riley. They both believe a lot of things. In 1 of the episode's Auggie quotes "I believe you. I believe anything."

Augury is the perfect and funny little brother.

9 Zay Babineaux

He's so funny and he isn't involved in that stupid love triangle.

He's so funny! He needed way more time on the show.

10 Ava Morgenstern

Ava is like a clever fox. She is a trickster. She is funny a lot but not as much as Auggie. She has and attitude that is sassy and charming. I like that about her.

She cracks me up! A good rush of reality on this lovable but highly un-realistic show.

I love her I am Ava-Morgan-Stern! *jazz hands

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11 Uncle Shawn

AT first he may not seem to like Riley. I love Riley, but in the end Shawn finally gets to see something from Riley that he's never seen before. Remember ¨You're Cory with Topanga's hair! ¨ He is very nice and caring for the Matthews family Topanga and Cory and Alan and Amy. So I'm going to add Shawn Patrick Hunter because to me there's something special about him, and we could be twins. Not that I look like him, I don't. I'm just saying we are a lot alike, like to sleep in school. Both are really weird, it just doesn't end whether he's 12 or 35. What I'm trying to say is I love Shawn and nobody can change that whether he's on more episodes of Girl Meets World or he becomes the biggest nobody there ever is/will be.

12 Josh Matthews
13 Eric Matthews

He helped Riley and Maya save their friendship, and all though he may have some odd characteristics.. he is still pretty good..

14 Katy Heart

You spelt her name wrong, it's Katy Hart, or maybe even Katy Hunter!

15 Charlie Gardner

I like him. He knows a lot about the girl he loves, he tried his best to make Riley likes him, he's funny,etc.

16 Harley Keiner
17 Sarah Carpenter

Sabrina is prettier. I don't know why they used her real name though

18 Yogi
19 Billy Ross

This guy was only in one episode and he was Farkles bully! Why is he on the list?

20 Dewey
21 Mr. Feeny
22 Jade

She's barely involved in the show?

23 Coach Kelly
24 Merlin Scoggins
25 Isaiah
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