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1 Briar Beauty

She's very pretty, and I love her excitement! She's always the party girl and bright and lovely at the same time. Let's just say she's not my complete favorite, but she's pretty nice.

True, Briar IS really selfish, for the well . . . But for people like Raven, they don't mind. Apple would be crying her heart out anyways. Who cares?

Briar is nice too. She is pretty. Even though she's not selfless, Apple's more selfless, lemme tell you.

Ok I personally think raven is the prettiest but Briar has development to her wich I find appealing.

Briar doesn't really have the most beautiful tale. She is always partying and doing extreme acts but throne coming is what really made me see her differently. She is going to be asleep for 100 years and pretty much lose the majority of her friends. She is going to be alone and she wants desperately to make her time at ever after worth it. The way she snapped at apple was very appealing. She pointed out the flaw how happy apple's story is and how she couldn't understand the feeling of being alone. Briar even asks her friends if all they see her is a party girl and that really got To me. It got me to see that how narrow minded I was at the royals. Royals don't have perfect stories. This is something apple can't understand. Briar is somewhat like...Polly ( I forget her name). She doesn't want to be a rebel but she wants to remain a royal.

Briar is the prettiest girl in Ever After high at least in my opinion. Her pink shirt with rose-puffed sleeves, brown hair and tan skin suits her perfectly! I love her personality and aura two. I like Briar so much!

2 Madeline Hatter

So WONDERLANDIFUL! I love Maddie's bright nature and playful manner. She always lifts other people's spirits. Maddie is also quite pretty in my opinion- I mean, her hair is so frizzy and colorful!

Maddie deserves more attention! Anyways, she helped Raven and Apple by the babble spell and is so bubbly and supportive, and it's amazing how she can drink tea and pull a mouse out!

Maddie is an awesome character! I love how bubbly, supportive, funny and crazy she is! Her wonderland style is really cute and I think she deserves to be a bit higher on this list. Maddie is a loyal friend and I think it's cool how she is the only person who can communicate with the narrators. She's my favorite ever after high character along with many others like Raven, Cerise, Ashlynn, Hunter, Rosabella, Kitty, Lizzie and Cedar!

I love Madeline because she is not brat or stupid, she is funny, mad in a good way, kind and outgoing! Briar is the one who is stupid brat and selfish in reality. But Madeline isn't. She is always my favorite character and I think she deserves top 3 instead of Briar, who is an idiot. MADELINE ROCKS!

3 Raven Queen

Raven Queen should be the next queen than Apple white. At first, I thought Apple is the best and raven is the worst but very soon I realized that Raven should be the fairest of them all. Apple is just so selfish and only wants her to happy. I just wish that in dragon games raven didn't quit and defeated apple and made Snow White proud of her. Apple just want's Raven to be evil like she said in dragon games, "Don't you want vengeance, doesn't your heart desire victory over me, Aren't you angry.". I just hated when she said these words. I just wish Raven would cast a spell that turn apple to stone but I am proud that she is selfless and she cares about everyone and unlike apple, she would sacrifice herself for her friends and she also joined her mother in order to save her friends... I just wish the Evil Queen would realize that raven just don't want to be evil and side with raven.

Raven Queen is my all time favorite charater. To be honest, I'm not a fan of Apple at all, but Raven? In my opinion she deserves #1. I love the fact that she chose freedom instead of destiney because in my world, destiney isn't a thing. We can choose our own future, so there's no such thing as destiney in my eyes.

Raven is selfless, pretty, and the OPPOSITE of Apple! Raven had the right to be mad at her, because she "changed" Raven's still her friend. Well, Apple would make a good evil queen! If only they switched destinies, Apple would learn how is it to have a bad destiny.

Raven is WICKED awesome and deserves #1 on this list. I mean, COME ON! She's pretty (way prettier than Apple White), sweet, honest and loyal. Pretty much all the things Apple ISN'T. Apple is selfish and only cares about her own "Happily Ever After" and she really doesn't care if she destroys Raven's happiness to get it. Apple is a total BRAT. I really don't see how everyone thinks she's so PERFECT. Because she's NOT. Raven, on the other hand, is AMAZING. NO ONE should be forced into a destiny they don't want. Raven is the opposite of evil. But Apple would be the PERFECT evil queen. Everyone should stop being all "Oh Apple! You're SO amazing and perfect! You're beautiful and Raven is such a REBEL! " like, you can't blame Raven for NOT wanting to be evil. My new motto is, "Apple is awful, Raven ROCKS! "

4 Apple White

Apple's a ditcher. I prefer Rosabella being Apple's friend than Raven, anyway. Raven is the opposite! And people said Apple changed, only a slight bit. At least now the Rebels can do what they want!

Get off your high horse, Apple. Without your destiny, you have nothing to boast, and you need to learn.

Why does Apple get so much hate, and is yet 3rd on this list! When your born in the most spellbinding story ever after, you can't blame her for wanting a Happily Ever After, which only happens if Raven sings! Don't get me wrong, I love Raven and I'm on her side, but Apple wants her destiny and everyone else to go perfectly ever after, however I think Apple needs to learn that things don't always go to plan, and Raven can choose. I'm sad that EAH never flips the script and makes Apple a bit more considerate, and we see some hope in Way too Wonderland, with what she wanted to do with the Storybook of Legends. We must remember that in Spring Unsprung she turned evil. Apple has good intentions, But I don't like how she lied to Snow about freeing the Evil Queen. Please stop hating Apple, please.

I love apple and she is okay with Raven being a rebel now do you guys not remember way to wonderland she new that Raven would never be evil. I love apple she will always be my fave she's not selfish she's worried about her friends Raven is more selfish because if Raven talked to apple she could have changed her destiny a little so she wouldn't have to go to jail for ever after. If your precious Raven is so smart she would know that apple doesn't want Raven to got jail she wants to be friends. I think Raven is dumb and stupid. And doesn't deserve to be second

SELFISH? Really? She was worried about her friends 'going poof' if their destiny didn't go as planned. Not to mention she helps other people day and night. She is a hard worker and a great leader. Apple may not have understood Raven at the start , but she changes throughout the show. Raven's personality is amazing but I think Apple showed the best character development. Can't see why people call her a brat.

5 Blondie Lockes

What I think about Blonde is that she is miss perfect and very cute the cutest and she is smart and beautiful. Plus has a caring heart. I love her voice accent and everything about her from Blonde Lover. She is very popular. Everyone has to vote for her why not she is the best!

Come on guys Blondie is cute popular and kind! Her dress is so cute and her colors are so matching! She is so cute like a Pomeranian. I have the normal Blondie Locks doll and when I read it it shows the true Blondie Locks. All good stuff!

Blonde is a adorable, playful and active character she's always up for the news and smart. I really love her and hope people will appreciate her character soon,

Blondie locks is beautiful and kind she was very funny in the epic winter when she said "how did the sled get all the way up their? " I love Blondie and for all you blondie shatters out their GET A LIFE

6 Cedar Wood

I love how she's honest all the time! I mean, she can't exactly lie at all, but I am very honest and trustworthy, so I think Cedar and I have similar personalities.

Cedar is wicked cool and I like how she can't tell a lie. She really loves her dad and grandpa and I think she doesn't have a mother because she's made of wood. I don't like how she often gets judged because she's made of wood and Maddie and Raven are few of the only people who understand her

Cedar is beautiful in my eyes . Her character is funny and hard not to like. I love all her outfits , especially the one Lizzie made for her in Spring un-Sprung.

Cedar is honest, which is an admirable trait. Although she is blunt, she never says things in a rude way and tries her best to make everyone feel comfortable.

7 Darling Charming

Darling is one of my favorite charaters. I don't exactly like her name or last name, but her personality is brave, kind, and supportative. She stands up for what she believes in, and I also love her hair! I dislike Apple even more when she hurt Darling in dragon games, but everyone's opinion is different, so I understand if someone else loves Apple.

Darling charming's voice is soo cute and I love her outfit, hair and her personality. I just hated how apple hit darling in Dragon Games. Darling should be more mainly character in EAH.

Darling Charming is Daring's sister. My biggest guess is that she's a Royal since her family is a royal. Darling's Family: Prince Charming, Daring Charming, and Dexter Charming. I choose her because she is part of Apple's Royal story since she is related to Daring Charming.

Darling Charming is so brave and heroic! She stands up for what she believes in! Darling Charming could be president! She should really be on the top ten! She is so pretty with her beautiful blue hair! She also deals with Daring always bragging and stuff! Being the White Knight is also very impressive! Darling is loving and caring! She is definitely the best ever after high character!

8 Lizzie Hearts

Lizzie is NOT selfless. She is NOT the 'OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!' person. Her mom told her to.

She acts like a spoilt brat (according to Courtly Jester) but NO, she's not. Once, she all could be released if the Jester became queen, but no, she didn't. Great decision, Lizzie. Some people might say that was selfless because she wanted her destiny, but NO.

Let's all love and appreciate Lizzie, guys. Quit the hating comments!

I think Lizzie is very cool, in her own awesome way. I say keep being the unique girl at Ever After High, Lizzie! I think she is also quite pretty.

Lizzie Hearts is the daughter of the Queen of Hearts. She is a Royal. I choose Lizzie hearts because her fashion style is outstanding! Her hair is beyond fashion!

Honestly the most gorgeous one alongside Briar Beauty. Massively underrated & wish that he romance with Daring developed more in the web series. As it grew into something very sweet & genuine, would have been adorable seeing Daring wanting to learn Wonderlarian for her.

9 Holly O'Hair

I just love holly she is kind, caring, sweet, smart, beautiful from the inside and out ! when apple was poisoned everyone first thought she was dead everyone was sad including her. she has a crush on daring charming if she was a selfish girl she would have been happy that apple was dead but no the reason why I love her, she has been in many big shows and stuff but she was never given special attention she even talked much like in dragon games and spring unsprung. I hope she will have her happily ever after.

Holly O'hair is the daughter of Rupunzel. She is a Royal and her twin sister, Poppy O'hair is a Rebel. I choose her because her long hair looks so magical just like her parent, Rupunzel. She is kind and not evil like what is Raven Queen's story is all about.

I just don't like her by her long hair or beauty I like her because of her kindness and politeness which glows on her face my mother and father didn't allow me to get even holly' s doll on my birthday. But I am still happy I see her episodes everyday on Chrome. Love you dearest holly

Awesome girl! She is smart, enthusiastic and just plain AWESOME! This girl NEEDS to be 9th not 13th! Love her hair

10 Kitty Cheshire

Kitty has the BEST nature in the WORLD! I like her suggestion of being a rebel (it suits her) and she could be very mychievous and kind!
And why is Apple right in front of her huh? Kitty's not selfless; Apple is. I mean, Kitty wouldn't be sabotaging things for people for her own liking, Apple would.

Kitty is so pretty and does believe about being a royal or rebel! Kitty wants to sort of follow her story. She wants to impress her parents and be an amazing trickster like in her story and all good royals follow their story. But playing tricks is rebellious. Kitty's good and bad and is so pretty with her ponytails that are so twisty and a lovely purple. She wants to follow her story her way. Her invisibility can be used to be good or bad. She beautiful inside and out and will always make you laugh when watching ever after high. Kitty should be first!

I personally think that Kitty deserves to be first on this list because she doesn't believe all those silly rumours about you going poof if you don't sign the Storybook of Legends. She should know because Kitty goes poof all the time! Kitty is beyond beautiful, smart and never falls for a prank! She's popular and should be destined to be the Queen of Pranks!

Kitty Cheshire is a Rebel and the daughter of the Cheshire cat. I choose her because she could be invisible for a sec and only a mouth could be seen. She thinks pranks on EVERYONE at Ever After High.

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11 Cerise Hood

Cerise is brave and beautiful. She can do twice as much as anybody else, (including boys.) I love her Black and White hairstyle, though I fear that she still doesn't want people to see her ears. Also, I just want to point out that people don't pay enough attention to her. So help Cerise Hood, to get the attention she needs!

Cerise is really kind hearted and beautiful, I like her because she is a werewolf and I love them and I also like her sister ramona badwolf, I am really happy that cerise is raven's best friend. In my opinion, cerise should be ranked higher than this sucker Apple White. GO CERISE HOOD!

She is honestly one of the most interesting character in the show. If we're gonna go by backstory and personality, it is perfect. She has a troubled family secret that eats her away which then causes her to be more introverted and quiet. By beauty standards, she is very pretty and pleasing to the eye. Her clothing is like her mom's but with a twist and I absolutely adore it. It fits her personality perfectly. She deserves more votes for these reasons.

I'm honestly surprised that Cerise is THIS low on the list. She is one the most complex characters in the series and not to mention her dolls! Her 2014 SDCC doll is on amazon for $300+ while the others, including Raven Queen's, barely reach $100-$200. The mysterious personality makes you love her and her fashion choices, are rather outstanding! I guess that's just my opinion, though. I do believe she needs more votes than she has though.

12 Duchess Swan

I love duchess and she wouldn't be so mean if she had a happily ever after like the other princesses. Duchess was even an orphan and grew up alone with her grandma

! I ❤️Duchess! She is super pretty even though she is mean sometimes. But the only reason she is mean is because her destiny is she has to turn into a swan and DIE! But she is BEAUTIFUL! Please vote for her (and also Ginger Breadhouse) if you don't know who to vote for. Duchess should be in top 5 at least!

As a young girl who has a great taste in fashion, (According to people) Duchess has a really awesome taste in fashion! The way she was designed was cool. She competes with kitty for me! ;P

She isn't mean she just doesn't like her story and she just wants a happily ever after

13 Ashlynn Ella

Ashlyn Ella is my favorite, because my favorite Disney princess is Cinderella. Ashlyn Ella is her daughter she is so beautiful her beauty is really natural and also all animals love her. I didn't hate Briar. In many episodes we see Ashlyn and Briar together, like the movie epic winter and Apple's birthday bake off,the throne coming episode. I think Ashlyn and Briar are very close friends but when the narrators told Apple's tale they also told the Apple and Briar are best friends for ever after. Ashlyn Ella is most beautiful ever after high character.

I vote for Ashlynn Ella because she is the most kindest in the whole world! And just look at her colors! Its just so beautiful! She has animals that she cares for so much! She loves nature like me and Ashlynn is the best and cutest and the beautifulest character I ever seen in that movie! I love everything what Ashlynn does! Not those Raven Queen and Apple White fools yo' From Ashlynn Ella lover and thinks that she is the best!

Ashlynn describes MY personality! I honestly love how she dates Hunter, even when he is not a royal prince. She loves nature and is absolutely beautiful! She is beautiful inside and out and by far THE BEST character in the world in my opinion.

Ashylnn is the nicest person ever and should definitely be number 1 she doesn't take anything for granted and cares so much about her friends and the nature... Ashylnn is amazing and she should have the right to date and fall in love with whoever she wants to.

14 Faybelle Thorn

She is so awesome. She is also the daughter of Maleficent. She also has amazing powers. She can fly!

She's so cool, plus she can fly. How come the producers always make her look stupid?!

She is even much better than Briar of course!

She really awesome, and strong to!

15 Poppy O'Hair

I actually like her more than her sister, mainly because her hair is so different compared to the others. I could never imagine Poppy without the cute, short, purple and ginger hair she has. It just suits her a lot.

Poppy is better than her sister. I don't know why people vote for her. Somebody tell that they like her because ot her long hair but still you can never imagine holly with ahort hair. She looks completely ugly with short hair. But poppy looks beautiful in both short and long hair!

This is the only list I saw poppy above holly! I don't know why people vote for holly. But still this is the truth. Poppy deserves more than holly!

Definitely one of the most unique character of the franchise. She should be higher in this list in my opinion.

16 Justine Dancer

Justine is fantastic! I wish she had a bigger part in the show! She's literally GORGEOUS, and looks like she's fun to be around!

I wish I was as good at dancing.

She is cool and calm

17 C.A. Cupid

Cupid is sooooooo pretty. She is a transfer, but she is waaaay better than Apple. You know what Apple would have done? Apple would have convinced Dexter to break up with Raven, and telling him to be friends with her just because she wants Dexter's friendship! Well, Apple, that's not good. Cupid helped Dexter got what he wanted even though she liked Dexter! That's what you call: selfless. Which is what Apple's not.

We should see more of Cupid, not Apple.

She is the best character! She is so pretty and if I was Dexter, I would date her, not Raven. If you don't know who to vote, please Cupid.

I think she's the prettiest(prettier than Apple White).She is so good at helping people when they have problems about love too.I think she deserves a better destiny.

Even though she is a transfer student, Cupid is friendly and helpful.She is so pretty, cute and nice. I wish that Raven and Dexter break up...Cupid and Dexter look cute together!

18 Ginger Breadhouse

You should see some of the people on this list- I think they didn't have enough characters to fill in the extra spaces or ever after high has made all of their characters so colorful and unique that its hard to pick one out from the rest- because their personalities are all pretty similar, or maybe I'm thinking of their faces? Anyway I really like ginger breadhouse because she has adorable pink pigtails, awesome circular glasses, cute clothes and last but not least- she has a crush on hopper croakington II- who is a ranga sweetie pie who is so dorky and nervous that he turns into a beautiful poetic frog when he talks to girls. Cherry on top and a match made from kindred spirits.

I love ginger , she is an amazing character and has a fantastic sense of fashion . She loves to bake(which I also enjoy) . As well as her admirable ways of being herself instead of being like everyone else.

Ginger is an amazing character! She is so sweet and loveable! And don't forget she is so pretty! You should vote for Ginger! #GingerBreadHouse

Ginger is so kind, pretty, and perfectly shy I think she deserves more votes.

19 Melody Piper

She is independent and kind her music takes me away and ever after high won't be the same without her.

Melody's music rocks! I love her voice it sounds so dramatic! Her outfit is always rocks, too!

So first off, Melody's hair is TO DIE FOR! And don't forget about her rocking music! She should be higher on the list, so vote her! #MusicForever

What I like about Melody is how she is such a rebel and she looks and acts so cool.

20 Bunny Blanc

She's so cute when she's a bunny. If she was a real rabbit, I would want to buy her in a pet shop.

She is my least favourite and every character is ugly in ever after high almost.

She's my favorite character, and I don't really know why she's getting so much hate. by the way, second name is Blanc, not Blythe

Bunny is the Best! I hope she will be the number 1 soon.

21 Evil Queen
22 Snow White

I love snow white

23 Courtly Jester

She may not be the kindest of characters, but I've always thought she is a gorgeous character, and her accent is amazing.

She's like Harley Quinn. I love her

24 Crystal Winter

Crystal Winter is the daughter of the Snow queen. I choose Crystal Winter because she reminds me of Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

Crystal I think should be on the royals team because she is the princess of winter.

I love her outfits and she seems really cool and she's really pretty!

I like her so much, she is so much cooler than Apple!

25 Farrah Goodfairy

Farrah is SO kind and helpful to everyone, and so selfless too.

She is so magical and kind. I want her to grant my wishes!

I love how she puts smiles on faces.

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