Most Evil Muhtesem Yuzyil/Magnificent Century Characters

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1 Hurrem Sultan (Season 1-4)

From early on very conniving, even before you could give her the excuse of doing all she did to protect her princes. She burnt her best friends face, she resorted to black magic to get what she wanted ( maybe not effective... but still), she took way too much pleasure in seeing Mahidevran suffer. She killed princess Isabella right? She poisoned Suleimans mind against Mustafa leading to his very sad Death, Suleiman was never ever the same after he executed his son. She forced her daughter to marry someone she couldn't stand because she wanted to insure power... she was quite ruthless.

The most detestable and sinful person. Too many innocent people died because of her. She did not even have sympathy for young children.

She is so damn annoying, her personality resembles nightmare.

2 Rüstem Paşha (3-4)
3 Mahidevran Sultan (1-4)

I felt sorry for her towards the end, especially after the death of Mustafa, BUT she was so conceited and holier than thou from the beginning. Her ugliest quality was her jealousy and the actions stemming from it, and ultimately, it lead to her downfall.

she was always cursing hurrem and suleyman, when she was the one to try aand poison them. She always tries to make hurrem feel bad that the sultan loves her, and after the death of mustafa when I felt bad for her, she reminded me what an evil wich she is wanting suleyman to suffer. Also while she stayed in the palace she always waited for others to take her part and defend her. And again she was constantly wishing bad for others instead of taking care of mustafa

I love Mahidevran. She is just a woman who loved her son and tried to save him from evil Hurem. She endured so much, poor woman!

4 Hatice Sultan (1-3)

She was evil and way too possessive, she was weak for sure and definitely the most annoying character.

Weak, makes drama out of everything, big liar, selfish. Even her husband began to hate her.

5 Fatma Sultan (4)

Stupid, selfish, evil. Thinks she's the most important and beautiful person on earth, which is a lie. Even her nieces are her enemy.

6 Shah Sultan (3)
7 Valide Sultan (1-2)

What else can we expect Fatma, Hatice and Shah Sultan to be when they have such a mother like Valide Sultan?
The apple never fall far from the tree...
At least she became a 'better person' at the end of her life. And she didn't only care about herself.

She didn't care for anyone but herself.

8 Huricihan Sultan (4)

Well... She's the daughter of Hatice Sultan... Don't need to explain more,..

9 Ibrahim Paşha

If he is not an evil, no one is evil! He started everything!

Most evil character of Magnificent Century.

10 Shehzade Selim

Guess what? I think I am the only one who actually likes Selim. He is funny, sarcastic, mischeovous, beautiful. I kinda understand him. He was never liked by his siblings, and they didn't spend much time with him as they were spending the others together (look every time there are Beyazid,Mihrimah, Mustafa and Cihangir together who have fun and when Selim appeared they suddenly stopped without reason)

A complete idiot. He's the only of Hurrems children that actually is like her.

The Contenders
11 Nurbanu Sultan

I actually adore her. She is my favourite Magnificent Century character, but I agree that she is one of the most evil characters from here

12 Sultan Murad Khan

He was insane at the end. Ruthless, unforgiving, and a straight BRUTE. He wanted everyone dead, including himself.

13 Gulbahar Sultan (Kosem Series)

She was BAD @SS. Quite sneaky and her paranoia and thirst for Power destroyed her poor prince Beyazid, who wanted nothing to do with this crap.

14 Sultan Suleyman
15 Sumbul Aga
16 Seker Aga
17 Nilufer Hatun
18 Gul Aga
19 Gülnihal Hatun
20 Nurbahar Hatun
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