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1 Chase

Sorry Chase lovers but this hotshot pup is totally overrated and overused; infact he is in the lead for going on the most missions which is 61 to be exact, while poor neglected Zuma is bringing up the rear with just 16.

So whether he is your favorite or not you can't ignore the numbers; I honestly do not hate his character just the fact that he gets called on way too much which is unfair for the other pups, perhaps that's why a lot of other people get annoyed because they are just sick of him.

10/10 great character. It's really stupid that they cut his screen time because our society sucks and blames their problems on a cartoon police dog. I noticed Ryder never said in the recent episode "this is an ultimate police rescue" instead they took out the word police. Like come on! Get a grip Paw Patrol, society can't control what you do with Chase, especially since it's pretty clear he's the fan favorite and the leader. Just act like nothing happened and respect the freaking dog already. He's my favorite character because he's the only character that doesn't get on your nerves constantly, well maybe besides Skye. Overall, he's the best character and I'm disappointed with Paw Patrol on how they're treating him.

Chase, he's my favourite character.
He's the best. He's handsome, cute, strong, brave... the list is endless. He's the most mature of the group. He's definitely the leader. Even though Ryder doesn't say it out loud, he loves Chase and has most faith in him and there is no reason not to.
I don't know why these people hate him.
I mean just get a life, hating him is not helping anyone. What did he ever do to you? He's not overrated. He's overhated.

This show is SO Against cats. My cat's hate it so much! If I were a cat and if they were real and I met them in person I would shred them. If I got ahold of skye's chopper, I would use it like everybody should: Chop Up Ryder! I think these pups should use their powers to kill ryder never become mighty pups gain and lose their ability to talk and their clothing and become and fierce gang of dogs! Chase would be the pack leader. Anybody agree?

2 Marshall

He's cute, adorable and is my #1 favorite PAW Patrol pup on the show.

Marshall may his moments when he trips and falls in every episode, but he always comes out with a smile that I admire, that and his firefighting abilities and EMT training go to excellent use, especially when someone is sick, like Chase was in "pups save a show".

Overall, he's my favorite pup despite what others might say about him. That and he has a beautiful mate Everest who he loves a lot.

Like where can I start. Marshall is my favorite character and I love how he's clumsy. It gives him his own unique taste. I would just say that Marshall is very brave. His best friend is Chase( who seems little bossy, not gonna lie) and I think those 2 are the best duo in paw patrol. I mean if they changed Marshall anyway, I'm gonna flip. He is perfect the way he is. And some of the other characters in the show just need to accept that. Marshall did so brave things like in "Pups save a movie monster" Marshall was the hero in the episode not only that he did other things.

I think Marshall is an important member because without him there'd be no one to stop fires or help heal sick pups or people.

Marshall is the best pup in the paw patrol! I mean he makes me laugh he's exactly like me, it's kinda weird. But at least Marshall looks like a Dalmatian I mean Chase has a square head, his tail is not right I mean it's supposed to be furry not long. So I think Marshall should be the 1st. by the way I once worked at Nick studios and learned Marshall had a ruff past

I feel bad for him because chase is mean to him just because he is clumsy but he actually has a really important job because if there were no fire fighters tons of people would die in fires and be trapped on tall buildings. I give him a 10/10

3 Skye

Skye is the most underrated pup, probably because she is the only female on the team. She needs more love, people! Vote for Skye! Come on, VOTE!

Whoever said in the Chase section, "My favorite paw patrol pup! Anyone else excited to see the new movie? I love how the pup it's focusing the most on is Chase!" I mean, dude, that's not un-normal. Chase got a movie first, and he was the main character in the Mighty Pups movie, and has 5 ultimate rescues. Skye truly doesn't get the credit she deserves for destroying the Cloud Catcher, and saving Adventure City. Skye deserves that <3!

I love Skye and she is my super favourite! I am a female and I am so happy they add a female in. I also love her because I love anything that can fly, even Skye's worst fear eagle. And I like pink the most among all the colours.

Skye truly is the best character you will ever see in this entire show. She is loyal brave caring kind smart and more. I love her! She's amazing!

4 Rocky

He's so perfect, and in my opinion, he should DEFFINENTLY be in the top 3. He's actually been shipped every which way with the pups. He gets so little screen time though! We finally got a movie, and as I predicted, he only got about 1 and a half minutes out of the 1 hour and 26 minutes during the show. He's underrated, and I think it's gruesome how the producers treat him. On the other hand, I think that his aquaphobia is so amazing, and they could go so many places. REALLY hoping to watch a season 9, if Chase hasn't destroyed the series yet.

He's totally underrated and so nice. I like his personality and I think he reserved 3 things: More Screentime, a girlfriend (not only in Fanfictions) and an own Movie or Special.

Rocky is the mixed-breed member of the Paw Patrol, with a great skill of using recycled produce to help in dire circumstances. Why is he not higher up? He has intelligence, knowledge and skill, and a great use of improvisation, being able to whip out genius creations in a few minutes. He isn't the most used, but still isn't completely abandoned. His aqua phobia is interesting though, and I would love to see his backstory and how his fear came across. It also intrigues me that his closest friends, Marshall and Zuma, are connected directly to his fear. Perhaps there will be an episode where he faces his fears? I sure hope so.

I love rocky he is my 2 favorite don't get me wrong but it's not fair to blame it on skye she is underrated. Rocky is sooo sweet and cute I wish him and skye were together or dating they spend sooo much time together and they are the best pups. Rocky and Zuma are the most underrated pups on the programmes even there some of the best. Rocky and Zuma only get one ultimate rescue whereas the rest get 2 or more IT'S NOT FAIR. Rocky is sooo smart. I looked on the internet and found out the percentage of the times he is needed for the lookout missions he is only needed for 11% which is absolutely crazy while Chase is 34% in air patrol missions he is needed 16% and sea patrol missions 14% which just shows how the TV programme treat him badly

5 Zuma

Since I first saw Paw Patrol, I knew that Zuma would be my favourite pup. It can partly be because he's so unassuming and inconspicious. That's his strong point. Other pups are a little bit lackluster given their excessive "show-offs".

Zuma is incredibly underrated. I once read a ranking that forgot him all together. Zuma is the Hawkeye of the group I suppose. He has a great role and when he's needed he's always there. The writers just can't seem to find how to use him apart for water related adventures (even though that's his thing).

Plus his main color is orange which is just awesome.


Trivial Fact That Nobody Will Care About But I Still Want To Say It

Zuma should have been the youngest member in the OG group, however, it was given to Rubble instead.

Zuma is also the 7th, even though he's the 6th member


I think it was just convenient for the producers to make Rubble the 7th member because a pup who is used for water missions would be too hard because back than almost all of them (besides Skye and Zuma) was used for land. So having the seventh member being a water pup would be too difficult. But a pup that digs? That's easy!

That's why I hate that episode, because it confused people and showed how lazy the producers of the show is.

Because I figured out 5 ways of how it could have been Pups Get A Zuma instead. They should totally hire me.

I ship RockyXZuma

I also hope we see more of him in action.

Zuma is the best pup ever! He's so cute, and his toys are great! He should totally be number one! I love, like, and adore Zuma! He should go on every rescue, cause he's amazing and so darn cute. Zuma is sweet and the cutest puppy ever! I'm the Zuma #1 Fan! Biggest Zuma fan ever. If Zuma was real, I'd give anything to have him my dog!

6 Rubble

Because he is the cutest and he has a good personality. I didn't vote for skye because she is stupid and ugly and she doesn't have a good voice

He is a bulldog that is ready for construction! He has a huge bulldozer. That's probably where he got his name. He's cool.

I love Rubble because he is the fattest dog there is. He also is very caring.

Rubble is very cute, and was my favorite pup until Tracker was introduced.

7 Everest

Love her so much. She is so adorable!
In one episode, she really wanted to help the team, but Ryder wouldn't let her. Come on Ryder, she just wants to help!

Everest, like Skye and Ella, is an extremely underrated pup. In Pups Save A Frozen Flounder, Everest asked politely if she could help, and Rider just snapped at her, Sorry Everest, but we've got it! And then, she asked again later and Rider said the same thing. I mean JUST LISTEN TO HER ALREADY! Everyone needs to give the girl pups more love! and stop giving all of love to CRINGE OVERRATED CHASE!
She should have her own ultimate rescue!

Everest has the most versatile skill set out of all of the pups in the series. She is the only oup on the mountain and how many dead people end up on the mountain? ZERO thanks to Everest so therefore she is by far the bravest pup out of the group and she has a snowmobile which is pretty amazing to be honest.

I love Everest very much because he has blue shiny eyes and I also like him because he has nothing to fear for me he is the bravest.

8 Tracker

I think the creation of his Character was a mistake. I get that they added him because "adding a new character worked out so well last season", but man did their logic backfire. The main Problem with Tracker is one Shared with Zuma and Everest: their skills are only situationally useful. The Main way this affects Zuma is that he frequently just ends up as a "tag along kid", and that is why I think they decided to have Everest live with Jake: to avoid giving her that same fate, and they repeated the same Idea, but since the jungle is far from Adventure Bay, unlike Jakes Mountain, This makes it virtually impossible for Tracker to be on call the same way Everest is. I personally find Tracker's degree of exclusion compared to Everest to actually be histerical, and the fact they deliberately try to hide his breed. Overall, I don't think Tracker has succeeded in being the Character he was intended to be.

Hmm. He's alright but I feel like his Spanish should go to use for once in an episode plus, when Ryder calls him and pups how does he get to the tower? The jungle is so far away from Adventure Bay. And it would be cool if he had some mighty powers.

Tracker needs more stand alone specials. I like his personality and skills, but I want to learn more about him. Or have his Spanish be useful at times in missions

An absolute cutie! You can't help but say aww when he does something funny! E.g when he dives into a bucket of bubbles thinking it's snow!

9 Ryder

Practically, he is the only one who is speaking British English in the Paw Patrol, because he came from...United Kingdom! I get it. But some people say that he came from United States.

Ryder is a great leader or a 10-year-old, he commands the pups and ends up saving the day because of Ryder's commands. It's very cool.

Ryder is pretty cool. I do hope he gets in more trouble though so Chase can take the lead again. Otherwise, he's a nice leader.

Ryder is the leader and when someone calls him he tells the pups to come to the lookout an he picks pups for the right job.

10 Mayor Humdinger

Probably one of the more tolerable villains. I did enjoy the Friendship Day episode because he was actually decent towards the end.

I do not like them because mayor humdinger is mean. Arby is beardy in the show. And I don't really know why I do not like daring Danny x

Mayor Humdinger's a pretty decent villain.

The show's main antagonist.

The Contenders
11 Chickaletta

She's the deputy mayor and has a solid gold statue made of her.

And she doesn't even have to do anything, unlike all the other try-hard animals.

Chickaletta is funny. You should Watch episode 'pups save an ace' when Chickaletta stands on the wing of the plane

I ate chickaletta the other day, she was part of my kfc bucket.

The worlds most famous chicken.

12 Cap'n Turbot

Capt'n Turbot is hilarious! He has the best jokes in the whole show. He is also the smartest human resident in Adventure Bay. Plus, he cooks... well, dehydrates squid into jerky, but surely that counts for something!

Very important to the show and funny, I don't see why he's not more popular! He deserves to be the first character on this list. Even his fishing outfit is cool

He makes me laugh with all of his alliteration when he talks!

Best voice ever and super funny!

13 Sweetie

I honestly think Sweetie is a more fun, interesting and cool villain to watch.

Unlike others like Mayor Humdinger, she HAS a goal that she keeps trying to accomplish. She's not just another idiotic villain that just pops up (for a god knows what reason) and causes trouble (yes, I am looking at YOU, Mr. Humdinger! You are not funny anymore, just annoying)!

Just imagine: You are a pup and hour name is Sweetie. You have an owner doesn't really seem to care about you. She has you like "That princess's pup", like an accessory. And even worse, you see your owner calling a random pup her favorite one (and it's not like you have been with that owner for God knows how long). You want to feel like you matter, that you have a role and a position and that people should treat you like a valuable one, just like that random pup from that Paw Patrol team. You aren't really into good plans but you want respect anyway, so have a guess: what represents a queen? As we all thought as kids, ...more

Possibly the best character in the entire show. She's intelligent, she is very condescending, convincing, and manipulative. She just takes advantage over the fact that her owners are morons and easily tricks the Paw Patrol more than the incompetent cliche', Mayor Hundinger.

She is my favorite pup. She is amazing, funny, and 100% MISUNDERSTOOD. She is called a bad guy, but the real bad guy is the princess. That princess mistreats her and everybody blames Sweetie.

Everyone likes Sweetie as a villain, but her working with the pups on a mission or even using her sneaky side for good would be interesting.

14 Robo-Dog

He's cool. I like how he has his own episode and how he drives all the vehicles.

A Robo-Dog for a Robo mission! I love how he can drove all of the vehicles.

He is a kind robo dog

15 Arrby

Arrby may be Sid's pup, but he is cute, funny, and helpful. But I would like to see moments where he shows his more positive goid-guy side. You can tell he has good qualities but it would be interesting for him to act like a good guy for once.
Plus he's so adorable!

You have any questions!

We have the meat

16 Alex Porter

Horribly annoying "character," rarely ever seen in the episodes and quite possibly the most useless person in Adventure Bay.

The only time a luaghed at the kid is " Alex Porter kite surfy thing champion" this dude sucks and hebis so annoying he called rider for his stupid missing peanut butter! Go ask a poor store for more

My god he is so annoying!

I love him. He's cool.

17 Wild Cat

I personally think the creation of this character was a HUGE mistake. I mean, why add a CAT to the Paw Patrol, when it's a rescue team meant for DOGS! And what about cringe Chase's silly little allergy of cats? And also, he IS starting to get kinda overrated.
So, to conclude, Wild Cat just doesn't belong in the Paw Patrol.
(Though I respect anyone's opinion if you think I'm wrong.)

18 Francois

Most hilarious character on the whole show, he should get a spinoff. I love whenever he bickers with Cap'n Turbot (which is a lot)

Great accent and personality.

19 Katie

She is an 10-year-old that can run a pet parlor. That is very interesting since she is just 10-years-old.

Katie, the cutest, smartest, and kind hearted girl ever. (Even the best love team ever)

Made the entire show good even though she should be in a bit more

20 Rex

Australian shepherds are really cute dogs and he's really nice to everyone. I wish I could have a Australian shepherd. I was watching one of the dinosaur episodes with my cousin and any animal with a wheelchair is adorable I watched a video about a dog that had a Lego wheelchair made and it was so cute. I would give him a 10/10 but he's not in a lot of episodes so I give hime a 9/10

MY FAVORITE! Yes, he is not in all of the episode only when you get to the dino episodes, but he is the first disabled pup in all the episodes. And I find it kinda funny that he can zip and side anywhere on his two wheels!

A cute character, a new great addition to the paw patrol! Will he befriend rocky and zuma? Only time will tell!

How can't you love a handicapped dog in a wheelchair? Almost put a dog in that chair but he died. Rex is a great addition

21 Jake

Jake is amazing. I wish they would give him more time on the show. Not a fan of Everest but at least we get to see him!

Barely ever in the show at all. Why is some minor character on the list.

22 Liberty
23 Apollo the Super Pup

Apollo is the top dog!

I am gong to save tou

24 Ella

Ella is SO underrated. I love her. She should really be in more episodes plus she is a great female role model for all the Paw Patrol fans. She truly is the best!

I love her mighty power! Time to think big!

Ella is cool love her

25 Tuck

The twins really need more fame. Like; big and small really go together, I just love them!

Love golden retrievers plus my sons are twins. Got them the Mighty Twins toys for Christmas

Tuck is a good character and it would have been interesting to see him with a job that didn't include his Mighty Pup Powers. Seriously, him and Ella deserve their own non-powers episode

Great new pup

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