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1 Jerome Valeska

My favourite Joker EVER! Such an incredible actor, he really delivered the complete package of the Clown Prince!
The story has so many beautifully executed twists and turns that make an incredibly exciting watch and the Cameron absolutely nailed this performance throughout!

What can I say, besides, BEST JOKER EVER! (I don't care what you say he's my Joker). He has so much character development you almost feel sorry for him, while being creeped out at the same time. Abused by his mother and family, never loved, it makes him relatable. The mannerisms, the look, the laugh, the movement, he's just outstanding. Cameron Monaghan is just perfect for the role. Hold on to your hats folks, CAUSE YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!

He is absolutely an outstanding villain. He has a cult that worships him, and he is alive now. I want him to be a main part of the show because what's Gotham without the Joker's origin story?
I should say that you can't have a Gotham or a Batman story without the Clown Prince of Crime. Cameron Monaghan did great.
Thank you, Cameron.

I love his character, he is entertaining and intriguing, I always want to know what he will do next. Plus he had charisma the size of the Empire State building, a cult dedicated to him he came back to life, not as much as Fish but still very impressive.

2 Oswald Cobblepot

Undeniably the BEST interpretation of the Penguin EVER. Fantastic character development backed with brilliant acting skills.

This character represents the triumph of pure intelligence and penetrating insight into those around him. If he wasn't evil, he'd be great. As it is, he is irresistible to watch. I find myself wishing every moment of the show's time was spent on him. Great creation!

Gotham is not just the story of the fall of organized crime and James Gordon's rising in the GCPD, but the rise of the most underrated Batman villain in history. He's a amazing character and one you can sympathize with, despite knowing what he'll become in later years.

The reason gotham is so interesting is cause of Oswald Cobblepot, he is one of the top villians and deserves his own show being able to beat Edward and being one of the craftiest crime lords in gotham.

3 Edward Nygma

The BEST character on the show without a doubt! Incredible acting, and the character development across the series is top tier.
This is 100% the best version of the Riddler ever made, Edward Nygma is so adorable and annoying at the same time, watching him wrestle with his "darker side" taking control was delivered masterfully.
You could almost feel his pain, he is relatable, witty and engaging throughout.
The series makes you question the line between good & bad in good DC fashion, this character in particular makes you sympathise and almost understand why he becomes the way he does.

I never truly enjoyed Edward Nygma I always thought he was bland and the most beloved versions of him ( the animated series) seemed to have one characteristic: Smug, however on Gotham they make him an interesting character. He starts out kind of annoying it seems he mind have a social disability, Slowly throughout the series he changed into a more cold and calculating character. After his first murder his mind becomes a labyrinth He is lost in his insanity. I love how they make Edward very similar to Norman Bates. Changing his occupation to a Crime scene investigator ( Ala Dexter) was brilliant. I think that his crimes are the perfect middle between over the top and grounded in reality. They stayed true to character. The Riddler wouldn't,t be done justice in a Nolan Movies and in the Schumacher verse his robberies involve s little to no intelligence. His crimes in Gotham fit into the burtonverse. He also works really well as a criminal mastermind (Hush). His plan to frame Gordon was a ...more

Quite simply the best. Even when truly evil he keeps your sympathy. Fun refreshing, really clever. Steals every scene. I loved him so much when he was good I didn't want to see him go bad. Then he did and it was somehow better!

Fascinating character development. I love his emotion!

4 James Gordon

Jim Gordon is the best character by far. With the same morals as Batman what's not to like. He's conflicted. Barbara left him. Depression. Leslie Thompkins loves him, and the feelings mutual. Guilt. Bullock was willing to kill him to save his own neck. Betrayal. Selina lied about the Wayne killing. Rage. People are constantly telling him to lose the Wayne case. I just love his will to keep on going. Gary Oldman was great and I loved him in the Arkham games and even the original Tim Burton movie was all right but this is the best portrayal ever. Or JK Simmons could be excellent. Hopefully he manages to keep his series going for a few more seasons. Tell Nygma to piss off, and I'm even more pleased

He is best.
He is standing for justice.
He is standing for truth.
He is a cop that fights with crime with his everything.

How Oswald Cobblepot can be 1st? James Gordon must be the first on the list.

He's my cinnamon bun

5 Bruce Wayne
6 Selina Kyle (Cat)

Selina Kyle is a loveable teenager who is just trying to survive. I cannot wait to see her as Catwoman

I love this chick! She is the best character. Her and Batman are the best!

7 Barbara Kean

Beautifully insane, manipulative, cunning and cruel. A very powerful character. Loved watching her character development throughout the show.

Top 8? What a joke... She's one of the worst and most hated characters on T.V. right now. Where's all of the sane voters?!?!

She's hands down the best character smart and beautiful as well as deadly

8 Sofia Falcone

Not my favorite but I enjoy her cunning and unpredictable character, seems interesting in my eyes.
The actress has nailed the role, as a result of that a pretty large part of the fandom seems hates her (Sofia Falcone not Crystal Reed)

Just because of the actress?

9 Mad Hatter
10 Alfred Pennyworth

This version of Alfred seemed to be more of a friend to Bruce than any other version. He established his deep friendship with Thomas Wayne even with out Thomas being a full fledged cast member. He shows he cares deeply for Bruce, especially in season 4 when Bruce was on a downward spiral. Alfred shows his combat skills time and time again, and his loyalty is off the charts, as he has never betrays a friend in need, and never puts other lives in front of his own. This version of Mr. Pennyworth is one who should have his own movie about him, as he is Bruce Wayne's friend, not just his butler.

I really like this version of Alfred. He is a very strong fighter and he can be quite amusing.

The picture you have is wrong by the way

Alfred in Gotham is well portrayed! He is a badass, he has coldblood and we actualy see him raise Bruce.

In Batman and Robin, Alfred is useless. In this serie, he is a badass! He trains Bruce and he is stronger than a lot of vilains

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11 Jeremiah Valeska

Okay, so after the finale I have very mixed feelings on Jeremiah. While for the end of season 4 and season 5 pre-finale he was a very typical yet unique Joker with the best connection to Bruce out of all iterations and has lead to some stand out moments (Graveyard reveal, Alfred torture, Selina shooting and all of Ace Chemicals). However he felt sidelined as s5's villain as s4 set him up to be in favour of Nyssa who was really dull. Also as J he felt less strong as a character to me. While he was definitely good he felt less unique and more like another Mark Hamill (which was probably done to appease the new viewers s5 bought in) and less intelligent. However, I don't blame Mongahan's acting for this, he gave a phenominal performance throughout, I blame it on the writer's sidelining him in favour of other, less intersting event's like Barbara's pregnancy and reform

He's just so unpredictable and insane. At first he seemed to be a stable and friendly ally to Gordon and Bruce, but then in reality he was even more evil and ruthless than his brother. I think if jerome were still alive he would be scared of the jeremiah we see today

Awesome character and twist to the whole gotham series, feels a lot like the criminal joker while jerome feels like the psychopath joker
For those who don't know, there are 3 different jokers in the comics

12 Professor Hugo Strange
13 Victor Zsasz

The creators behind the series did a really great job with handling Zsasz.
They definitely changed his character but it turned out to be potentially the best portrayal of Zsasz in any DC related media.
What makes Zsasz such a good villain is that sometimes he'll go on a deadly killing spree, but then he'll have a hilarious moment and so it adds some layers to the character as you never can tell what he's thinking.

14 Harvey Dent Two-Face/Harvey Dent is a fictional villain from DC Comics. Harvey Dent was one of Gotham's most trusted citizens until he had acid poured on his face making him go insane and become a criminal by the name Two-Face. In film, he has been portrayed by Billy Dee Williams in Batman, Tommy Lee Jones in Batman more.
15 Harvey Bullock

Come on, Harvey is the best! He's humorous, interesting, and has great development. His character has become a much more positive person since the beginning of the series. It's just ridiculous that Fish is higher on this list. She's one of the most irritating characters on any show I've ever seen!

16 Tabitha Galavan (Tigress)

Tabitha Galavan is the best character because

1. She's quite the Charmer
2. She turned Selina Kyle into Catwoman.
3. Although evil in Season 2, I noticed that her nice side was as nice as any other characters by the end of season 3 and all of season 4.
4. Oswald Cobblepot is the most evil Gotham character after what he did to Butch and Tabitha.

17 Fish Mooney

Just an annoyance and an eyesore...Top 5 SMH, what's everyone thinking!

18 Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Dr. Thompkins is just so awesome. She makes Barbara look like utter in comparison. You want her to marry Gordon and have a happy life with Oracle as her child and James Jr. Not the best outcome for your kids, but I just think she deserves better

19 Butch Gilzean

He just has lots of personality without being a psycho.

20 Ivy Pepper
21 Carmine Falcone
22 Professor Pyg (Lazlo Valentin)

I love him because he is a creepy serial killer what more can you ask for

23 Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow)
24 Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze)

Beautiful storyline, almost painful to watch at times. Brilliant delivery of a complex character story.

25 Bridgit Pike (Firefly)
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