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1 Kageyama Tobio

Geniuses are built different. That's why Kageyama is so different from other players. Being an asocial person can be really hard. Haikyuu isn't just about volleyball it showed what players go through and their everyday struggles to be better. Despite being a genius in volleyball he kind of lost the spotlight after middle school incident which hurt him deeply tho he never showed it. Luckily Karasuno understood him and his character development throughout the show is the best thing in the whole series. He might seem like a cold indifferent selfish kinda type but he actually means well. He just doesn't know how to express his thoughts properly. But he is working on it. Not to mention he is a volleyball monster and the best player in Haikyuu. The only thing he is lacking is communication. Tho I think he will eventually get better at that too. After being called "King of the court" by his previous schoolmates and Oikawa and "Goody two shoes" by Atsumu he got really confused. But Hinata ...more

Kageyama Tobio is a character you can relate to and is someone who has flaws and strengths like us. He is passionate about volleyball, also being a very talented young boy with natural abilities. All though he has vibrant blue eyes and jet black hair, his personality is quite different then you would imagine. As an example in him being betrayed by his teammates for being a 'king' he is just overall passionate about volleyball hand has a goal to win. When he met Hinata Shouyou, that all changed. When Hinata told Kageyama that he is not alone, or along the lines of that, his eyes opened. He is on a team that is there for him, who will support him, and who will be his support pillars. Kageyama's character development is also beyond extraordinary, as he keeps on learning and getting better. But at the end of the day, Kageyama is still our sweet blueberry boy who loves milk.

The fact that Kageyama keeps trying to improve himself and be a better person as well as a better setter makes him an extremely likable character. Although he seems like a rude control freak in the beginning of the show, he's only human---he makes mistakes just like everyone else. But he's changing, and I love him because of that. At first glance, his character also seems like the kind of guy to be "emo" and "cool" and whatever, but he's actually sort of a dork. It makes him even more likable, and it adds some humor to his character.

I actually I have a lot to say about this guy. He was funny and adorkable in the first half of the series, and now he's becoming a total badass. I like how the author bothers to draw him spinning the volleyball almost every time he stands to serve. On court, he's like a menacing antagonist but hey he's the formidable ally! His plays are very enjoyable to watch and thankfully he gets to touch the ball most out of all players of his team.

Kageyama has become the 'control tower' he aspired to be. He leaves all options open to the spikers yet still dominates over them; not by raising his voice like old days but placing the weight of his trust on their shoulders. It's almost like he took the 'goods' of Oikawa and Atsumu's setting techniques and philosophies, and mixed them together to develop something superior. If he's already so good in his first year, how's his story going to progress from here onwards? I don't know, but I believe the author knows what he's doing.

2 Nishinoya Yuu

I really love Noya's character. The writers did an awesome job creating this amazing quirky guy. He is depicted as someone who just goes with the flow and enjoys life the best he can. Moreover the fact that he knows what he lacks in and doesn't shy away from exposing it and betters himself every opportunity he gets is damn admirable. Noya has also been the biggest emotional support to his team throughout the entire series and has also been the biggest source of comedy for us viewers. However, what made his character so endearing for me was definitely the fact (warning: huge spoilers ahead) that he by the end of the manga, did not chose volleyball but stayed true to his biggest character trait that is independence and it's sheer joy. It might not have settled well with a few readers but I must say that it was definitely a genius idea of the author. He showed it clearly through this character that, being confined to what you are good at and what is expected of you isn't necessary. If ...more

Noya is easily one of the most memorable anime characters I have came across. As part of a sports anime, he has absolute skill and mental fortitude to be a strong character yet he has such a beautifully modest and humble disposition that it makes you want to cheer for him and remind him persistently of his greatness. He has never once mentioned of his own capabilities but has always pointed out other's and openly showed his respect for them, he only ever seeked to improve. Moreover, he knows his faults and actively tries to overcome them, the same goes for those in his circle of friends for whom he remains a strong sense of support and motivation. He is funny and cute and has some of the most iconic and memorable lines in the anime. I mean, who isn't remainded of 'rolling thunder!?!' when thinking about haikyuu!
Jokes aside, apart from being such a loving and supportive character, he is also a such an independent and free person. His talent never held him down to be forced to be a ...more

Nishinoya is always looking out for the team. He has amazing saves and is all-together a great libero. He's also energetic and never fails to make the team cheer up. He's always loud (sometimes because of Tanaka) and is my personal favorite character!

A libero every team would fight for. He saves and encourages the team whether in the game or not. He only seeks to improve though he himself is an incredibly strong player. And when he did his ''ROLLING THUNDER'' I realized he is the best anime character ever, I mean how could anyone NOT like him!

3 Oikawa Toru

Ok, listen up - He's a lot like Kise Ryouta from Kuroko's Basketball.
But upgraded.
He's a pretty boy, seemingly carefree, and seems pretty annoying on the surface.
But he's hurting deep down, he's trying to get better than Kageyama, and he's GREAT.
He worked, worked, and WORKED to get better. He doesn't have the natural talent like Kageryama, so he TRAINED. He is so inspiring.
And his relationship with Iwaizumi is wonderful!
He's just genuinely inspiring and great.

He is a hard worker who didn't have immense talent right from the get go. He works harder than most people because he loves volleyball. He is very smart and observant, which helps his team when they are in a tight spot. He is able to draw out 100% from every player in his team, and he has had to play with some challenging characters like Mad Dog and Kunimi. He seems like an immature jerk, but then we find out that he is hiding his fear of not being good enough. The trust he has in Iwaizumi really humanizes him because we see that even "the Great King" is capable of not thinking things through and going with his gut reaction. The scene where he was running for the ball and pointed at iwaizumi from across the court, then set to him was really touching because we got to see that they really do have a bond of unbreakable trust despite what iwaizumi says.

Oikawa Tooru is in my opinion by far the best-written character on this show.
On the first eye he looks like an annoying, arrogant antagonist. But his flashback is actually really important. Oikawa worked very very hard only to easily get surpassed by a new student. And he does everything to get by to the point of overtraining. But he fakes to be okay with his stupid remarks and non-genuine smiles. The only one who understands him is his best friend. Plus he's really cute. I mean, he teaches volleyball to little kids? I honestly love him so much. I relate to his idea of never being good enough and I'll always root for his team.

Oikawa Toru truly is an incredibly well-written character- maybe even the best in Haikyuu. Many people see him as rude, arrogant and even a narcissist, but in truth he's just trying his hardest to be the best player he can be and bring out everyone's abilities. All his smiles and laughs are usually to cover up his pain and sadness, and he even has a knee brace from working too hard. He was simply trying to not get overshadowed by someone younger who was a genius, which can be pretty relatable. He even goes to Lil Tykes to teach his cousin and young kids the joy of volleyball. he's super hardworking and my idol!

4 Tsukishima Kei

He's such a different and interesting character that really stands out from the rest. The rest of the team while awesome is still very "LETS GET ENERGIZED" and overly energetic/optimistic, its really interesting to see a character with a more pessimistic viewpoint. Even though he is more calm and pessimistic though he still helps out the team and while he would give up (Which the rest of the team wouldn't do) he would still put in at least some effort. Overall just really cool to see the variation and he's a very funny/cool guy.

I immediately liked him from the very start. I always feel like those who are often viewed as an antagonist always have a back story somehow like the protagonist does have. He doesn't try hard on volleyball when he first appeared because he saw what happen to Akiteru who had given his everything- and even lied to Kei for the sake of volleyball. He still likes it somewhat 'cause as Yamaguchi said he wouldn't have went to Karasuno nor join the volleyball club.
I love how he appears to be sarcastic, and salty but he always knew what to say to pump Kageyama and Hinata up-- due to anger though.
Though he come as prideful, he doesn't hesitate to ask help when needed. I love how he watched Kuroo and listen to him even Kuroo was talking to Lev that time.
He's rational, and doesn't do anything instinctively. He consider everything during the game which a bit hard considering they're always moving around.
Overall, if people would look past his saltiness - and sarcasm, they would see ...more

Right from his first appearance, I fell for him instantly. His sarcastic side, his rationality, I love everything about him. He's handsome too. And I enjoy his flashback and seeing him becoming more serious in volleyball just make me like him a lot more. He has great character development.

I feel like a lot of people misunderstood him as a "salty/mean character" where in reality he's just a sarcastic dude. I love him since he first appeared, yes, he's sarcastic and tease his teamate a lot but I've never thought him as a bad guy and I never find him annoying at all. He's just chilling in the corner and doing his best. Best boy

5 Bokuto Koutarou

His design looks weird and absolutely out of place at first, but he's actually a very funny character that fits right in to the crowd. He looks like he doesn't take things seriously, which makes people underestimate him, but he's actually a really good player.

Bokuto is my favorite character. He is awesome because he is very encouraging to other teams. It's very easy for him to make friends. Plus, Bokuto's sad face is awesome because his hair goes down as well. He is a lot calmer version of Hinata, Noya, and Tanaka. Bokuto is my favorite Captain and 3rd year ever.

This guy is just on fire and is such a help to the team! I love his energy and how enthusiastic he is, and unlike Kuroo I didn't find him annoying at the training camp. He's just got such an awesome spirit and I admire how much he helped the others.

He used to be my number one favorite before I met Tendou. He's still one of my favorites though. He's funny and his personality really makes me laugh, and he's so talented. He's like a dad, teaching you new techniques and joking with ya.

6 Yamaguchi Tadashi

He worked so hard to try to get his jump float right. He is adorably timid but works very hard, even when he just sits in the sidelines. He also cares a lot about his best friend (Tsukishima Kei) and I couldn't stop smiling when I saw him getting those five points with his jump floats. (Wow. I suddenly want to learn the jump float) His personality is very interesting because he is at first, pretty shy, but gets social once you get to know him. He was bullied and picked on when he was younger, which pretty much explains his nervousness and lack of self-esteem. (Yamaguchi Defense Squad! Join us, it's gucci )

Tadashi was a truly interesting and beautiful character. At first, he was a guy who we hardly saw playing in matches, and when he was called for a pinch serve for the first time, he was basically a nervous wreck. Even though he screws up a lot with his serves, it just adds to our happiness when we finally see his efforts give the team glorious results in the match against Aoba Jousai in the second season. His past explains why he doubts himself and why he thinks Tsukishima is so cool. I loved the scene when he picks up the courage to tell his best friend and the person he admires the most that he's uncool lately and wants him to improve. I can't even explain how nervous he would have been about doing that.

He is driven by that fact that he is the only 1st year not on the starting line up. That drives him to work on his serves. When he fails his first serve in his first official game, he uses the helplessness he feels to become stronger. All his work pays off in season 2 when he scores 5 points against Seijoh. His shy and sweet personality is so charming and endearing. Every time he comes on screen I audibly go "awwwwwww".

Love his whole side-plot story in the show, his character is just so relatable. I really hope we see him improve throughout the series and finally be able to really get some playing time.

7 Tendou Satori

He's a complete dork, a monster on the court, and the only person I've seen who seems to be friend level with Ushijima. The little bit of backstory we got really added to his character and his overall attitude is like 'you're not on my level. Get out of my face.' which really seems to work with him without making him seem like a douche. His blocking skills are on point and he is the human embodiment of 'expect the unexpected.'

Plus, the little dance he does to his mocking song is adorable. Case closed.

Tendou's personality is just perfect, and the fact that he was able to befriend Ushijima is also amazing. I truly love Tendou, his energy on AND off court, and how kind he actually is, though it may not seem like it during their match against karasuno. I think his backstory also adds to his character, really giving him more depth than the others. Not to mention he is really cute and has a unique character design.

This boy is my number one, forever and always. I loved him since the day I met him. He's too funny, really, really, talented, and is himself all the time. He couldn't give two craps about what people think of him. Also has really cute moments like when he was dancing (I love that made up song), or when he went to talk to Ushiwaka in his room. I love him.

He looks really creepy and his song did sort of scare me and make me laugh at the same time. However, I respect the fact that he's the only person who's managed to befriend the cold, distant Ushiwaka. I also love the way he doesn't care at all about other's opinions, and he's just there to play volleyball and have a good time.

8 Kozume Kenma

honestly an amazing character, a lot of people think he's really dependant on Kuroo but in reality he is his own person and even though he can distant at times you know that he genuinely does care about the team and the others. He is one of the best setters and he is very analytical rather than just setting the ball to whoever, he really thinks about his decisions.

Beautiful cat. He is our blonde. Kenma is our very chill character in this who likes to play video games. We can tell he doesn't have very many friends. Besides all that, he is a very good setter and knows his opponents really well.

Literally anyone who has read the manga knows that college Kenma is like best boi. This legend is a pro gamer, successful youtuber, and a board member of a big company and still has time to be the stupidly lovable introvert that me and all my friends fell in love with in seventh grade. Like bruh.

He is very relatable. A lot of people are shy, introverted, anti-social, and love playing Video Games. Like I am literally a living version of him.

9 Sugawara Koushi

He is such an angel. First of all, he treats all the first years as if he's their mom, and he's always so caring. Second of all, even though he is in third year and it's going to be his last year in Karasuno, he immediately gives up his position to Kageyama so that the team can benefit. He is one of the most selfless people I can think of in this anime. Third of all, he's there for people when they need him, but he also knows when to be strict to his teammates. Conclusion- Suga is awesome.

Suga? For sure the mom friend of the team. He will never give up but gets down sometimes. He is very sweet and a really good setter. People depend on him and you feel like he is someone you can talk to about your problems. Suga is a very sweet person. He also is a really good server as well.

Suga is literal the most precious bean in all of anime. He's smart, analytical, fun, and the team mom. What a legend. He deserves to be way higher on the list. He can re vitalise the team and is super useful as a setter as well as being a good twist when all seems lost. Suga is best boi.

Okay let's be honest, he and Daichi are the parents of the team. He and Kageyama are talented Setters (Suga is my favorite Setter tho). He is such a cutie, does slot for his team. He can also cheer you up when you're feeling down, I mean what more do I have to say! He's GREAT.

10 Hinata Shouyou

Yo, people he's the main character for a reason. Listen up. Especially girls. I don't get what you see in Kageyama, he has such a terrible personality. Have you seen his smile? Straight-out creepy! Unlike Hinata who has a better personality and can actually smile. He's the star of the show. I honestly think he deserves at least second place. Also, girls don't even THINK you belong with Kageyama he's an anime character. He's not real (even if I wished characters were! ) I'm not insulting people who for some reason likes Kageyama, but seriously stop focusing on how good looking the person is, and go for their personality. Because there's nothing good, in *dramatic pause* "mysterious personality" and it doesn't make them look "hot" either. It's just straight out annoying.

Hinata Shouyou is a very bright and upbeat boy who loves volleyball and is aspiring to be like his idol, the Little Giant. He is the main protagonist of 'Haikyuu!' and is a bright ball of sunshine. Hinata Shouyou has a lot of character development in the story as he learns teamwork and volleyball. He is a good role model, all though he's small and people underestimate him, he can fly high!

In my opinion Hinata is at least in the top 3. (Sorry bby but Sugamama is #1 and Daipapa is #2) right now his skills aren't very developed. It's his first year in high school. However, his sprint, jump, and pure power in his arms show so much potential. He'll get better at serving and and returning because he is determined. I hate how Kageyama gets all the love as best in the team. He can get very self centered and ignore everyone else, even lash out when they miss because of HIM. Sugamama might not have his accuracy but he takes the time to watch and do his best for everyone. Daipapa is the one who keeps the ball in play people! But yeah Hinata is my vote plus he amps the team up so... :D

The "Tournament's greatest decoy", a title given by his teammates, Hinata has natural reflexes, effective speed and jumping power, which covers up for his major weakness of lack of height. He is also famouly known as Number #10 by his opponents. He and Kageyama form the core of the team and known for their "Freaky Quick"(a super speedy toss followed by a super speed spike). He's in first year.

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11 Kuroo Tetsurou

The fandom of Haikyuu may represent Kuroo as a literal sex god, but in reality this nekoma captain is a absolute dork. He's also very determined and a great captain, and it is obvious on how much he cares for Kenma. He can be serious when he needs to be, and I love the friendship between him and Bokuto. Overall, he's my favorite! His design is unique as well, and I love how his hair looks like he had just rolled out of bed, most likely because he sleeps with two pillows over his head. The captain of Nekoma cannot be beat!

Why is this Man not the top one? I mean just look at him! He's such an adorable kitty! I love him! For me he is the best boi in the series when it comes to looks, Oikawa coming after him

One of the reason, why I watched Haikyuu. This guy looked like Badass, Cool Character. And he doesn't disappointed me at all. This guy is simply superb.

I love Kuroo. He's so chill and laid back. His smile and his hair is so cute. I mean I get him and Kenma are best friends but dang. Kuroo is hot as heck.

12 Tanaka Ryuunosuke

He is the mental MVP. His mental and physical strength is admirable and is very important to the team's moral. Even when other teams try to silence him, he is able to come out on top. His friendship with Tanaka is so hilarious and fun. He is honest and kind, and his energy always puts a smile on his face. He is a big enough person to admit his mistakes and apologize. and when we find out that in the future he is married to KIYOKO?! and is a personal trainer. couldn't have asked for a more perfect path for him! I just love him aghhh 😁

The most outspoken and abrasive member of the Karasuno Team. He's the wing spiker of the team and also sort of a comedic relief. He's in second year.

Best hype man EVER! When he flings his shirt in the air is the best. Tanaka is awesome and shall stay awesome.

Tanaka is by far the most entertaining one.. There is no way you can miss that shirt spin lmfao

13 Sawamura Daichi

Also one of the most underrated characters in the series. He rounds everyone up and gets the monkey circle in order when needed. Him and Suga are the glue of the team, and he is a great strategist and is experienced in many fields so he makes up for the teams flaws in spots that they struggle in and helps them keep a healthy mindset and encourages them like Suga. I like his simple backstory too. He's strict, but fair and human. Good character.

My favorite scary captain. He's nice in general but when any of his teammates get annoying or act up he really be yelling ready to pull that belt off. He really would of Ukai wasn't there. For real though, he is a good captain.

He is the anchor for the team. He keeps them from flying off the rails and panicking. He can effortlessly change the mood with one sentence, calming his teammates down. Daichi isn't a pushover though, and he knows when to put his foot down. It's amazing how he can keep everyone on check, which is almost impossible with Tanaka, nishinoya, hinata, and kageyama on the team. He is strong, and even though he isn't very flashy and is often overlooked by spectators, he doesn't let that get to him, and just keeps playing the game he loves. AND HIM BECOMING A COP IS THE MOST PERFECT THING AHHH.

Best character in haikyuu. Bedt dad in Haikyuu. RIP Daichi he was a good guy I really liked his personality he was a good leader and a nice character.

14 Akaashi Keiji

He is a very professional setter that uses perfect logic. He uses very respectful words toward people who are higher in grades than him. Considered to be one of the youngest in the team, he is the main player of his team and is able to pull up Bokuto when he is in a bad mood and even the entire team.

Literally, this boy is beautiful. Besides, I admire him a lot for being able to put up with Bokuto and his emotional waves. To add onto that, he's pretty smart and he's humble. He just needs love.

This beautiful owl prince needs more love. He's calm, humble and cares a lot about Bokuto. I just really like him.

He is my favorite by far. He is always so kind and respectful to everyone and genuinely cares about people.

15 Azumane Asahi

Asahi is a relatable, adorable character. Despite his appearance, he has a timid and delicate personality and tends to feel a very strong sense of responsibility. We see this when he temporarily stops going to the volleyball club after his attacks were blocked by the "Iron Wall" of Datekou. I know how he must have felt when he lost the match, all of his efforts not being able to give him good results. He blamed himself and quit the club for a while, but came back and became even stronger, fulfilling his role as Karasuno's ace.

He looks scary, but is actually a big softy. He takes his role as ace very seriously. His strength is awe inspiring. He is such a sensitive soul and such a good sport. and I love that he changes his mind about going to college and ends up attending fashion school which is surprising and oddly perfect. I'm so glad that he has kept in touch with everyone and is still the sensitive cutie that everyone counts on.

The way people think he's scary but he's literally the most kindhearted shy person there besides Yamaguchi. He's of course a good ace and a good teammate. I'm still mad at him for wearing that tight bun in season 4 like we didn't just go over how his hairline would recede if he keeps doing that. Like his hair is cute let it breathe!

I laugh every time when people think Asahi is this scary/evil/old guy, but he's actually super-sweet, just a little bit a coward, I love him.

16 Hajime Iwaizumi

Iwa-chan seriously doesn't get enough love, like, he's such a good best friend to Oikawa and looks out for him so much, not to mention his version of 'tough love' when Oikawa overworks himself again. And let's not even talk about that scene when Seijou *spoiler* lost in the final battle against Karasuno in the second season and Iwaizumi says 'What kind of ace am I? ' Because that hurts me so much even now. It baffled me that he's only 14th place!

Someone has to keep Oikawa in check and I'm glad it's him. Enough about him since this is supposed to be about Iwa. He literally doesn't know how to show affection so he would literally give you a concussion before he would give you a hug. He's lowkey like me so that's a plus but he really is a great character.

It takes both a genius and a man with an immense strength of will to be able to control Oikawa and tolerate being his friend. Iwaizumi is strong enough to bear with the wild captain of Aoba Johsai, and this makes me respect him a lot more. He's also a really awesome spiker.

Despite he often insult or hitting Oikawa, he's really caring about him. Some Teammates looks up at him and respects him, even more than Oikawa. I think his pretty cool Ace.

17 Kentaro Kyotani (Mad Dog)

He kinds of reminds me of blueberry head and gives off that kind of vibe, but the only difference is he warmed up to his acquaintances within one game.

Just a crazy character

Best spiker ever

okay at first I didn't really care for him but he made his way into my top ten characters. he's too crazy and I really like how different his personality is from the rest.

18 Kiyoko Shimizu

I love Kiyoko so much she Is a character who is very likable for me personally. I mean this girl had so many cute guys crushing on her but she brushed them off like it was nothing.

She has to deal with simps, like best girl award.

Kiyoko best girl

19 Ushijima Wakatoshi

He doesn't look like a team player, but he actually encourages his teammates and tries to keep them as upbeat as possible. He's a really great player, and a rare lefty-spiker, which is really interesting to see in this series, as there aren't that many lefties.

Don't let his bulky body and serious face fool you! He is also a honey-bean! I love how he's scared of sea cucumbers, which is relatable. He is such an outstanding player, as one of the few left handed spiker.

My quite king! Mans has the best vocabulary on the show even though he spoke 10 words the whole show. He is so cool I don't know how anyone could dislike him. Anyways Oikawa should've went to Shiritorizawa.

A lefty menace, spiker, chosen to represent Japan.

20 Atsumu Miya

He's just so adorable! I know he gives off the vibe that he's a playboy (and he probably is) but I just love his goofy personality, especially when he argues with Osamu! Plus, he's so dedicated to volleyball, which I really admire.

He is honest and one of the best pretty setters. He has 2 serves and is crazy talented+hard working. Has amazing hair. Loyal to Hinata later in the manga and a fortune teller,

He is so cute and smart

I like his vibe

21 Takanobu Aone
22 Lev Haiba

This guy has got a fine character, kinda lot like mine.

Toll bean. Do I need to say more?

Precious, love him

23 Osuma Miya

Hot just like his twin, although I really like his calmer personality. Also, he loves food just like me. If he were real, I'd have a hard time not drooling over him.

The better twin. Boyfriend material. Sweet home Alabama.

His voice is so deep and soothing and I really like his looks honestly

He is the best twin

24 Morisuke Yaku

He is probably one of my favorite characters because the moms of the teams are always the one of the best.

He's so cute and adorable. I felt bad for him when he hurt his ankle in Riku vs Luu.

25 Keishin Ukai

I loved Keishin when I looked at his fanart and when I first heard of him. I laughed at the episode when he was being spyed on by Takeda. It was the most funniest thing I ever saw. Keishin has the most fascinating eyes that I ever seen.

I love Keishin. He looks too young to be a coach for Karasuno. But he looks so hot when he shows up. I mean look at him. His fanart is amazing

Just genuinely a hilarious character that also has many sides

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