Top 10 Characters Who Should Compete in Total Drama Season 7

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1 Noah

I think both Noah and Emma deserve to be in the next season of Total Drama because they're both cool and smart, and they make a cute couple. Noah is funny and a great guy who deserves to win the money. Emma also deserves to win the million dollars, but I think they should divide it evenly or Noah should give all the money to Emma so her dream of becoming a lawyer will come true. I'd like to see Kitty on the show also.

Alright, Noah is by far the best character in the Total Drama franchise. He needs to be in the next season or at least a season from here on out. He's never made it to the merge! Why? Because he was voted out for stupid reasons.

Let me explain. In Season 1, Noah was voted out third because he was being annoying. Yes, I understand that. I would've voted him off too. However, his team DIDN'T lose the dodgeball challenge. If you slow down the episode right when Harold caught the ball, it clearly shows that Harold did indeed get hit before he had the ball.

And in Season 3, it's just stupid. First of all, the challenge was to obtain the Ripper, NOT Duncan, so Owen and Noah won. Also, even if they lost like they did, Duncan was just put on their team, and out of all the people Duncan could've voted for, he chose Noah. WHY!

Anyway, yes, Noah should be in a future season. Just saying.

2 Dawn

I vote for Dawn because she never got to have a good romance with any of the guys. But if you read fan fiction, there are a few of her and Noah. And it's actually really cute. The two characters you would least expect to like each other actually complement one another.

Dawn is such an amazing character, but the producers already said she's not coming back, which I think is ridiculous! If she were coming back, then the perfect finale would be either Dawn and Noah, or Dawn and Brick. Well, I hope you guys all vote for Dawn to come back!

3 Duncan

Duncan and Dawn. She would see the goodness in his aura, which would antagonize him to no end. It would be a hilarious, unexpected, yet sweet couple. Let's be honest: his relationship with Courtney is toxic to both characters at this point, and his relationship with Gwen is stale since both chose Courtney over each other. There's too much bad blood between the three of them, so Duncan's got to move on.

His exes' input would likely taint his relationship with anyone other than someone who could see the truth for themselves, like Dawn or perhaps Ella. However, Duncan's aversion to song makes this pairing seem out of character for him. While that input affecting all of his friendships and team-building efforts would be valuable entertainment, Courtney and Gwen's frustration at being unable to sway Dawn's opinion of Duncan could also provide entertaining situations.

All pairings aside, however, Duncan is a boss who regained his mojo and deserves to lie, prank, burn, and bully his way up through the ranks at least one more time.

4 Cody

Cody is liked by most people in the fandom and really deserves character development. Meanwhile, we see others return who aren't even likable. Cody always gets left behind, even though he's a good character.

He's going to compete, and he's going to win if he does. I hate Harold, but I agreed with Harold when he said Cody should hit Alejandro in the kiwis when Alejandro and Cody fought for a place in the final two. Go, Cody!

I love Cody because he's so cute! Nevertheless, I'm not sure how interesting he'd be without Sierra. I think he could still pull it off, like in season 1, but I don't think he'd be as good.

5 Mike

Mike should come back! Mike is a great character, as well as Mal. People are saying that he is boring as himself, but he has had barely any screen time as himself! Also, others are saying that other TD characters should get more story time, but there is plenty of room for other contestants!

I disagree with people who say that Mike's story is complete. He now has all the abilities of his personalities, which could make for another great story. When you really think about it, Mike is one of the most interesting and coolest TD contestants ever, and he definitely needs to come back.

6 Lindsay

Firstly, Lindsay had terrible eliminations in all the seasons she competed in. Season 1: Duncan should've been eliminated. He didn't even finish the race. Season 2: This was more her fault, but being eliminated because you voted for yourself is a bit unfair. Season 3: Eliminated in a fashion challenge. Neither outfit was pretty, but Lindsay should've won because she at least tried. Season 5: Lazy writing. Eliminated for not being able to push a stroller?

She deserves a fifth chance.

Lindsay could win a season. Total Drama Island - She came in last during the bike race because of Heather. Total Drama Action - She accidentally eliminated herself. Total Drama World Tour - She was unfairly kicked off after losing the competition against DJ. Total Drama All-Stars - She once again eliminated herself. I think in Season 7, she should win. She is my favorite character.

7 Brick

I want Brick to come back because he only competed in one season, and that was Revenge of the Island.

Brick totally deserved the win in ROTI. It should've been him versus Jo, even though I really dislike Jo. He is such a kind and friendly character while being strong and protective at the same time. If that doesn't sound like a winner, I don't know what does.

Brick is a really amusing character and could maybe have a bit more storyline in the process.

8 Izzy

Izzy was always my favorite! Bring her back for season 7! She's crazy, just like she's supposed to be. Her crazy randomness is what makes her a fan favorite. Also, her relationship with Owen was cute. It needs to continue. They belong together!

She is very crazy and gets eliminated so early. I would like to see her in the top five and have more fights with Chef. Also, Izzy and Owen have to get back together.

I want her to come back and not be crazy. I want to see her as a somewhat normal person. Please!

9 Eva

Eva has only been in the show for three episodes, so she might have more potential. She could prove to be a tough competitor and possibly make it to the merge. However, maybe she should be eliminated early in the merge because she's a threat.

Eva was only in one season, the first one. I still remember what she said when she was eliminated: "You guys just lost your toughest player! Without me, you guys have no chance!" Maybe her toughness can help out a team.

I'll admit, Lindsay deserves it way more, but Eva only competed once and she has potential to become a very fleshed-out contestant. Hopefully, if she competes in Season 7, she will get past the merge. My Season 7 Cast includes Lindsay, Eva, Courtney, Jasmine, Samey, Amy, Cody, Noah, Ezekiel, Alejandro, Heather, LeShawna, Geoff, Bridgette, Gwen, and Trent.

10 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

Samey is the most underrated and under-appreciated character. She has so much potential to be her own player and become a big character, as she is an underdog. She can break free from that and become a friendly, sweet powerhouse. She's so cute and lovable. She's my favorite character in the entire show, and she needs to come back and be away from her twin issue.

The reason why Samey should come back for another season of Total Drama is that she didn't get to do much on Pahkitew Island. It would be a great chance to show everyone that she's not useless. I think she is better than her twin sister, Amy.

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11 Scott

Most of the Season 4 cast was bland. I only watched it all the way through because of Scott. I liked his tactics as an antagonist and the humor behind everything that happened to him on the island, except for Eat, Puke, and Be Wary and Brain vs Brawn. Those episodes were not cool and pretty sadistic of the writers.

He's just the most natural villain between Heather and Alejandro. Not too much plot armor like Heather, and not too godlike like Alejandro. He's the best boy in this show, period!

I want Scott to win because he is one of the - if not the only - characters who has ever needed the money. Most people just wanted to be on TV or to make friends. Scott, however, is poor and needs the money. He's funny for the most part, albeit somewhat gross, and he's awkwardly cute.

12 Courtney

Let's face it, first of all, everyone knows Courtney. If they brought back Season 1 Courtney instead of making her drool all over guys, then the badass level would hit the roof! Courtney is undoubtedly very skillful and competitive. She almost always makes it to the final 4 (let's not count Total Island where she was booted unfairly), which I really hate because it seems like the show does her so dirty after all her efforts.

I really hope that with the new season announced, they bring her back AND she will win the season because, heck, she deserves that. You can't tell me otherwise.

13 Beardo

Beardo's a fun, comic relief fodder character who, much like Zeke, deserves a chance to get expanded on.

Bring Beardo in the next new season, please, because he was the first contestant to get voted off.

Beardo is really cool, and he was voted off too soon. I wish we got to see and hear more of him, and I also wish we got to see him speak English!

14 Alejandro

He is the best. I think he should actually win for once. I mean, he's the best antagonist Total Drama has ever seen. I really don't understand why people hate him. Just because he tried to win just like every other contestant wants to. I think people just hate him because he eliminated total heroes like Bridgette and DJ. I like them, but Alejandro is a genius to think up that smart plan.

Even though he was a jerk, he didn't deserve to be covered in lava and be put in a robot suit for a year. That's just wrong.

He's the best. He knows exactly how to play the game. Apparently, the people who hate him don't even know how to play the game. They say he's "mean," but apparently, everyone forgets the fact that in Total Drama, you have to do anything to win. Also, he's an antagonist, so what do you expect? If they bring him back, I'm sure the show would be far more entertaining. The tricks he pulls are very interesting.

15 Ella

Ella should not be disqualified for singing again. Let's give her a second chance. And her love interest, Dave? Dave is a "normal person", while Sky is an awesome girl who made it to the finals of TDPI. I don't know why Sky loves Dave back. Ella loves Dave, and Dave should love Ella back! Go Ella, and Dalla forever!

YES! If there was another World Tour, Ella would totally sign up! Have you heard her singing? She would win for sure! She sings like a Snow White angel, not to mention she is my favorite character. You're welcome, Ella!

16 LeShawna

She's a really great character with lots of diversity compared to some of the other characters, and could help bring in more viewers if brought back and left in long enough to develop character. Also, she has unfinished business and has never really been fairly eliminated, so she deserves to have a fair chance at least once.

After the horrible, unfair elimination in Season 1, LeShawna never got her redemption. In Season 2, people flipped out because she fake cried to get a spa day, but even if she hadn't cried, she still figured out that challenge. I hate that she attacked Heather in World Tour because they became friends. I would love to see her either get the revenge she swore on Alejandro and possibly repair the friendship to become an unstoppable force with Heather.

17 DJ

He is totally my favorite character on the show, and he's only made it to the merge once! It would also be cool if he had a girlfriend. Maybe Geoff will break up with Bridgette, and he and DJ would be a couple. Or maybe he would date a new contestant on the show. If I were to name a newcomer, I would name her Ellen!

DJ really deserves another chance, where he isn't eliminated or doesn't quit. He needs to actually go far with a good storyline, or at least get voted off instead of facing a different consequence.

It would be awesome if he came back for season 6! And I say season 6 because, according to the wiki, Pahkitew Island was season 5.2, not 6. I also kind of want Bridgette and Geoff to break up, so DJ and Bridgette can get together.

18 Zoey

I believe Zoey's best moment in the series was when Mike left, even though I still like Mike. I think their relationship just has had too much focus. Seeing what this underdeveloped character can do on her own and see her interact with other contestants would be awesome!

Zoey is super amazing, and I love her so much! I hope I can see more of her soon. Even if it's with or without Mike, as long as I have Zoey, I'll be fine. She is so adorable, and I literally love her laugh. If she comes back, the first thing I want to hear is her laugh.

19 Silent B

B is a really cool character and has honestly been ripped off so far. I would love to see him back again. If there is one thing I wouldn't want to see, though, it would be him talking aloud. Actions speak louder than words, and this guy is proof of that. Also, he's one of my top six favorites, possibly even second. So, for just three episodes, that shows just how cool this guy is and why we should see more of him.

B deserves a good storyline, and an actual relationship. I am not talking about a love relationship, just a relationship. With anyone! A friend, or something, or someone who becomes his translator. He deserves a second chance and could make for an interesting merger.

20 Dave

Dave needs to come back! I hate the way they ruined things for him and Sky, and how Dave's character as a whole was affected. He is so awesome and didn't deserve to have his character trashed at the end.

Bring Dave back for season 7! Sky hurt him. He deserves a chance to win! Or at least another chance at the prize money.

Bring him back. Dave doesn't need to be Sky's boyfriend anymore. Everything Sky said to Dave was mean. Dave should kiss Ella anyway because she's pretty and a beautiful singer.

21 Sierra

Look at Sierra in Season 3. She knew how to make a boat in the first challenge, she can be sneaky (she knows a lot about Chris and Cody), yet she's kind and she saved the contestants from Niagara Falls. She's a strong contestant!

I just wish that in All Stars, they hadn't made her a weak fangirl who couldn't live without Cody.

She has a lot of potential. Her voice actor has also been given an award for her voice acting as Sierra.

She was such a strong foe in Season 3. Then, Season 5 came along…

You need to bring her back. She is funny and crazy but a worse Izzy.

22 Lightning

Lightning is the best, and I don't care what anyone says. He won in ROTI and should be back because of how awesome he is. He deserves to be back, seeing how he was on All-Stars, meaning he is one of the best.

Lightning is sha-awesome! I want to see him again, please. More Lightning! He's my favorite!

Lightning is a really competitive player and should be back, but only with Jo! Those two cause so much drama.

23 Heather Heather was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers, and was one of the finalists in Total Drama World Tour representing Team Amazon.

She makes you want to watch the show. It wouldn't be drama without her. Plus, if she and Al end up together, that would be great too. Like, put all the paired couples together, then turn them against each other. But the only way I'll watch is if I see Heather at least once. Of course, she'll make it way past being the first out. Her technique is magnificent.

Bring Heather back for season 7! She's great at getting what she wants and always knows how to get it. The others may hate her for it, but she plays the game exactly the way she's supposed to! Plus, her and Alejandro are perfect for each other!

24 Trent

I think Trent deserves another chance in the series. He was one of my favorite characters in TD, but in TDA, after he broke up with Gwen, somehow he lost importance, and no one has really paid attention to him.

I really hope he comes back to the series, but this time, he isn't in a relationship with Gwen. Yes, they were really, really cute together, but I think it's okay that it ended. After all, Trent can't be a relevant character just because of his relationship with Gwen.

Trent deserves relevance by himself, and that's why I think they should develop his character more and not focus on his relationship with Gwen.

25 Scarlett

Yes, she should disguise herself. As someone who has been in Total Drama, and when they find out it is Scarlett, she should take two episodes to defeat.

Scarlett should have been the main villain of PI. I want to see how she'd fare in a new season with everyone knowing how crazy she is.

Scarlett is amazing and easily the best character in the franchise. Give her another chance to expand on her evilness.

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