Top 10 Survivor Twists

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1 Immunity Idol - Guatemala

Hidden Immunity Idols are plain dumb. Besides if they never existed then Russell Hantz would not have been the player he was same with Parvati in HerAmanda would not have made it 78 days of this game, Phillip would've went to the end in Fans. Vs. Favorites,

It's not even a strategic element. It is just some special tool that advances you further

The biggest Survivor game changer of all time, has impact on every season since Guatemala

2 Purple Rock - Marquesas

Totally changed the whole game and took out Pascal, who had no votes against him the whole game

3 White Rock - Blood vs Water

Same thing as the Purple Rock...

4 Outcasts - Pearl Islands

Even though I wouldn't do this Twist again, at least you have to strategize to get back in the game and admittedly the people that came back did make Pearl Islands a great second half.

It's one of my favorites, I liked how the players got a second chance.

I like this twist because a lot of early boot s don't deserve to goand wish this twist would re-occur.

This game and all CBS competition reality shows should be once you are out you are out

5 Mutiny - Thailand/Cook Islands

Loved it the way Yul and Ozzy took their underdog alliance all the way to final 4 and the mutineers got sent home. Just proves that Yul is incredible and should play again, he was damn straight one of the best survivor players of all time

6 Blood vs Water - Blood vs Water/ San Juan del Sur
7 Tribe Switch - Africa+

Tribe switches are one of the best twists in the show. Ever. The tribe switches can knock out strong players and can also allow a weak player to get further into the game. Tribe switches also make Pagonging less likely.

8 Exile Island - Exile Island-Tocantins, San Juan del Sur
9 Redemption Island - Redemption Island/South Pacific/ Blood vs Water

I liked redemption island because it gave everyone a 2nd chance and if they redeem by beating a lot of people they are a threat so its cool to see what will happen.

The way I see survivor is that if you get voted out you are out for good. There should not be some island for second chances that just ruined the entire format of the game

I liked the Outcasts twist, but Redemption Island got annoying because there were no reward challenges in the seasons it was in.

10 Fake Merge - Thailand
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11 Fans Vs. Favorites - Micronesia
12 One World - Survivor One World

This twist was supposed one of the biggest opportunities ever, you could make an alliances with the other tribe that could possibly give you tons of power come the merge. But, no the two tribes which was a men. Vs. Women tribal division, just argued and bargained with each other. LAME

13 Edge of Extinction - Edge of Extinction
14 Idol Nullifier - Survivor Australia
15 Legacy Advantage - Millennials vs Gen X/Game Changers/Ghost Island
16 6 Players left and 5 Idols Played! - Season 34: Game Changers
17 Old vs. Young - Survivor Nicaragua/Millennials vs. Gen X
18 Fire Tokens - Winners at War
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