Top 10 Best Seasons of American Horror Story

American Horror Story (AHS) is one of the most popular horror anthology series ever, and for good reason. Each season takes on a unique theme and set of characters, making each season a completely new and terrifying experience. Some seasons are more frightening than others, while others are more entertaining and suspenseful.

You may find that some seasons stand out more than others. Perhaps you enjoy the spooky thrills of Murder House or the psychological twists of Asylum. Maybe you found yourself drawn to the quirky humor of Coven or the gritty thrills of 1984. With such a wide range of styles and themes, it's easy to see why AHS has such a devoted fanbase.
The Top Ten
1 Asylum The second season of American Horror Story, titled Asylum, is set in the 1960s at the fictional Briarcliff Manor, a mental institution. It explores themes of madness, alien abduction, and demonic possession, intertwining the lives of patients and staff.

Asylum had the best plot, actors, and ending of all the seasons by far. There were no boring moments, and it was very dark and exciting. Lana, Jude, Mary Eunice, and Oliver made this season perfect. It didn't have that soap opera effect to it like Murder House did, so for me it came out on top.

Shame that a really scary scenarios ended at about 4th or 5th episode, then began some kind of dialogue based drama with from time to time thrilling plot twists and scenes.

A truly haunting season. It had me so frustrated I felt like screaming at some parts and near the verge of tears at others. The ending was amazing.

2 Coven Coven, the third season, revolves around a group of witches in modern-day New Orleans who struggle to survive in a world hostile to their kind. The season delves into themes of witchcraft, voodoo, and the quest for power and immortality.

Are you kidding me? Coven sucked! Compared to the other ones, this storyline was crap. The only good character was Fiona.

This sucked! Murder house and asylum were the two best!

Angela Basset made the series.

3 Murder House The inaugural season, Murder House, is centered on the Harmon family as they move into a haunted mansion in Los Angeles. The story unravels the house's dark history, revealing the fates of its previous occupants and the ghosts that haunt them.

It is just a more effective season than asylum.

4 Freak Show Set in 1952, Freak Show follows one of the last remaining American freak shows and its performers in Jupiter, Florida. The season highlights the struggles and secrets of the circus members while dealing with external threats from the community.

By far the best in terms of acting, horror, and production.

5 Hotel Hotel, the fifth season, takes place in the eerie Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, known for its supernatural occurrences and gruesome murders. It combines elements of horror with mystery as guests and residents uncover the hotel's dark past.

I don't her why people hate hotel. I loved that season. I watched it like 8 times. Even if I just want to chill out after a long night, it's my first choice to watch. The music in the season is awesome, I love the characters and the story.

The worst season Lady gaga was so Bad and The storyline hasnt any sense it is the worst

It was at LEAST, better then Coven!

6 Roanoke In the sixth season, Roanoke, a couple experiences terrifying events in their new home, which is located on the site of the lost Roanoke Colony. The season is presented in a documentary style, blending reality TV and horror storytelling.
7 Cult Cult, the seventh season, is set in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election and follows a cult leader who uses fear and manipulation to gain power. The season examines the impact of political and social upheaval on individuals and communities.

Surprisingly good, great plot and characters.

8 Apocalypse The eighth season, Apocalypse, merges characters and storylines from previous seasons, focusing on a post-apocalyptic world and the rise of the Antichrist. It delves into themes of survival, witchcraft, and the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Brought two of the strongest seasons together while adding something new to the mix as well

Loved it. This list should be 1) Coven, 2) Asylum, 3) Apocalypse, 4) Cult, 5) Murder House, 6) Roanoke, 7) Freakshow. But 4&5 are probably tied

I mean Michael Langdon is one of the best developed characters in the shows history

9 1984 1984, the ninth season, is a homage to classic slasher films, set in a summer camp called Camp Redwood. The season follows a group of friends who become targets of a relentless killer, blending nostalgia with horror.
10 Double Feature The tenth season, Double Feature, is split into two parts: Red Tide, focusing on a writer's struggle and the dark forces he encounters in a seaside town, and Death Valley, which involves an alien conspiracy. Each part presents a unique blend of horror and mystery.
The Contenders
11 Delicate Delicate, the twelfth season, centers around a woman's increasingly disturbing experiences during her pregnancy. It combines elements of psychological horror with themes of motherhood and societal expectations.
12 NYC Set in New York City, the eleventh season, NYC, explores a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances within the LGBTQ+ community during the 1980s. The season intertwines historical events with supernatural elements, focusing on themes of fear, identity, and resilience.
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