Top 10 Greatest TV Moments of All Time

What moments did you see on TV that you thought were either very funny, clever, groundbreaking, emotional, or memorable?
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1 Janet Jackson Has a Wardrobe Malfunction - Super Bowl XXXVIII During the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were performing when a wardrobe malfunction exposed Jackson's breast for a brief moment. This incident sparked widespread controversy and subsequent policy changes in live television broadcasting.

The superbowl is always the most watched teleision program of the year, and the halftime show was highly anticipated. Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were both very popular at the time, and it changed the halftime shows for years to come. Since then, the halftime shows have all been performed by older male singers.

2 Goku and Shenron Leave - Dragon Ball GT In the final episode of "Dragon Ball GT," Goku and the Eternal Dragon Shenron leave together after Goku's final wish. This poignant scene signifies the end of Goku's journey and the conclusion of the original "Dragon Ball" series, marking a significant moment in anime history.

Albeit this wasn't canon, and though GT itself was a bit bad, this moment was the ending all fans of this franchise yearned for; it was simply the best ending to any series, period!

I mean, seriously, this is a series almost every kid during its air-time grew up with, and it finally ended, simply great.

By the way, to this day, the quote the narrator said followed by Goku's still brings a tear ti my eye...

Narrator: And now we end the story of the Dragonballs with the hope that the Earth will never again see the kind of darkness that brought it close to extinction so many times. But if that day comes, there is one who will step out of the shadows and fight in the name of all that is good and true!
[Goku flies away on his cloud Nimbus]
Son Goku: Until we meet again, you guys!

3 American Challenge - Top Gear The "American Challenge" in "Top Gear" features the three main hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, buying used cars in Miami and then driving them across four southern U.S. states to New Orleans. The episode is marked by the hosts' humorous challenges, misadventures, and banter, making it a favorite among fans of the series.

They got chased out of Alabama by angry rednecks, they almost crashed into alligator infested rivers and they had to live of roadkill for a night.

What the Hell is Janet Jackson doing ahead of these boys?

That special were the start point to the TG Specials with the amazing and funny trips!

4 Goku Transforms Into a Super Saiyan - Dragon Ball Z In the anime "Dragon Ball Z," the character Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time during his fight against the villain Frieza. This transformation, marked by a dramatic change in hair color and a powerful surge of energy, became a landmark moment in the series and the genre as a whole.

This moment defined my childhood for at least a year. Goku turning super saiyan was Huge...

The first time I saw goku transform into ssj1 I was mind blown.

5 Rachel Gets Off the Plane - Friends In the series finale of the beloved sitcom "Friends," Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, was about to move to Paris for a job opportunity. However, in a twist, she gets off the plane, deciding to stay with Ross, her on-and-off love interest throughout the show. It is a moment that is iconic for Friends' fans worldwide.

People who watched this show regularly were likely to cry while watching this. The show ended absolutely perfectly with this moment.

That was surely THE moment for sitcoms... People can't make a show that good..EVER.

6 "You Do Wrong and Win" - Green Eggs and Ham In the TV adaptation of Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham," there is an episode titled "You Do Wrong and Win." In this episode, the main characters, Sam-I-Am and Guy-Am-I, are involved in a series of humorous misadventures, reflecting the book's message about trying new experiences even if they seem strange at first.
7 African Challenge - Top Gear The "Top Gear" episode titled "African Challenge" involved the show's hosts - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May - crossing Botswana with used cars purchased in Africa. The journey was filled with humorous situations and mechanical issues, making it one of the most loved episodes among fans.
8 Squidward Saves Pearl - SpongeBob SquarePants In an episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants," Squidward Tentacles ends up having to save Mr. Krabs' daughter, Pearl, during her birthday party. Despite his usual grumpiness, Squidward steps up and manages to turn the disastrous party around, creating an unexpectedly heartwarming and hilarious moment in the show.

When Pearl got beached in the episode 'Whale Watching', Squidward thought quickly and used his bicycle pump to inflate her so that when she deflated, she landed safely on the back of his bike, and fortunately his plan worked.

9 Trotters Become Millionaires - Only Fools and Horses "Only Fools and Horses," a British sitcom, sees the Trotter family unexpectedly become millionaires in a 1996 episode. The climax comes when a rare antique watch they've held onto is auctioned off, making them rich beyond their wildest dreams. It's a turning point in the show that fans had been waiting for.
10 Urgoh and Skekgra's Hug in the Puppet Show - The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Age of Resistance," a moment that stole many viewers' hearts was when Urgoh and Skekgra, two characters representing opposite sides of the world, share a warm hug. Despite their differences, this act of unity showed a powerful message about acceptance and empathy.

It's a brief and overlooked moment, but very sweet.

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? Cat Deeley's Dreadtime Story - Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
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11 Cheap Police Car Challenge - Top Gear "Top Gear's" "Cheap Police Car Challenge" is a fan-favorite episode in which the hosts are tasked with buying and customizing used cars into functional police vehicles. Their creative, and often disastrous, modifications, along with the ensuing challenges, make for a memorable and amusing episode.

James couldn't stop the Stig woth his paint guns, Richard's carpet with nails wasn't big enough and Jeremy did little damage with his spiked wheels.

12 Edd and Eddy's Fight - Ed, Edd N Eddy In an episode of "Ed, Edd N Eddy," a fight breaks out between Edd and Eddy. This moment stands out as it deviates from the typical lighthearted squabbles on the show, giving viewers a raw and emotional scene between the two close friends.
13 Jimmy Negotiates with Tuco - Better Call Saul In "Better Call Saul," Jimmy McGill, the soon-to-be Saul Goodman, has a tense negotiation with the dangerous and unpredictable Tuco Salamanca. Jimmy's quick wit and negotiation skills save him from potential violence, proving just how slick and resourceful he can be. This moment is a key turning point for his character.
14 Reliant Robin Space Shuttle - Top Gear The "Reliant Robin Space Shuttle" is an episode of "Top Gear" where the presenters tried to turn a car, the three-wheeled Reliant Robin, into a space shuttle. Despite their best efforts, the shuttle crashed on landing. The audacious experiment has since become one of the most unforgettable moments in the show's history.

This was one of the challenges that coined the phrase "ambitious but rubbish".

Impossible to watch this without laugh.

15 Dolls Pop Up - Only Fools and Horses In the British sitcom "Only Fools and Horses," one of the most hilarious moments occurs when a batch of inflatable dolls unexpectedly pop up. The comedic timing and physical humor in this scene encapsulates the show's knack for making the audience laugh in the most unexpected of situations.
16 Giant Chicken Fight - Family Guy In the animated show "Family Guy," the character Peter Griffin has a recurring feud with a giant chicken. The fights between them are epic, cartoonishly violent sequences that have become a hallmark of the show. One of the most notable of these battles takes place in an episode where the two characters engage in a sprawling, city-wide brawl.

I laugh hysterically every time I watch the fights. The way which they destroy everything around them and the action is just amazing for it. No matter how many times I watch the fight I always seem to laugh and have a good time watching them. They are without a doubt my favorite parts of Family Guy, which is just an amazingly funny show to watch. This should be number 1 easily!

17 Rincewind Punches Twoflower - Terry Pratchett's the Colour of Magic In Terry Pratchett's "The Colour of Magic," the unassuming Rincewind throws a punch at the overly optimistic Twoflower. It's a moment of humor and surprise, highlighting the contrast between the two characters and their different views of the world around them.
18 Michael Phelps Wins 8th Gold Medal - 2008 Summer Olympics At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Michael Phelps set a new record by winning his 8th gold medal in a single Olympics, surpassing the previous record held by Mark Spitz. His historic achievement earned him global recognition and established him as one of the greatest swimmers of all time.

Nobody has ever won 8 Gold Medals in one Summer before. If you think about how long the Olympics have been around, and how many events there are, and how many people have played in them, having this record seems nearly impossible.

19 Jesse James vs Al Capone Simulation - Deadliest Warrior "Deadliest Warrior" is a television program that simulates battles between historical or modern warriors and leaders. The simulated battle between outlaw Jesse James and gangster Al Capone was a fascinating watch. Using digital graphics and expert analysis, the episode examined who would have won in a hypothetical face-off, creating a unique and engaging moment in the series.
20 Wacky Delly - Rocko's Modern Life In the cartoon "Rocko's Modern Life," a memorable episode titled "Wacky Delly" focuses on the main characters creating their own television show. The outlandish and chaotic result, a deli-themed show filled with nonsensical plots and humor, reflects the show's satirical take on modern life and television.

In a 'Springtime for Hitler' situation, Rachel put as little effort as she could into her next project to get out of her contract. It backfired spectacularly.

21 Eddy Dresses as Grim Reaper - Bottom In the British comedy "Bottom," Eddy dresses as the Grim Reaper in a darkly humorous scene. His portrayal of the character of death, complete with a scythe and a cape, adds a dose of slapstick humor that perfectly encapsulates the show's signature style.
22 Chocolate! - SpongeBob SquarePants In an episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" titled "Chocolate with Nuts," SpongeBob and his friend Patrick decide to sell chocolate bars door-to-door to make some extra cash. The word "Chocolate!" becomes a recurring joke throughout the episode, culminating in a hilarious chase scene involving a crazed chocolate enthusiast. The episode is considered a classic of the long-running animated series.

The whole part with the guy yelling "Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate" Over and Over was hilarious.

I just want to buy all your chocolate.

23 Amy Pond's Entrance - Doctor Who In "Doctor Who," the introduction of Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, was a pivotal moment for the show. Amy first appears as a young girl who meets the Doctor, only to meet him again years later as an adult. Her entrance as the Doctor's new companion marked the beginning of a new era for the show.
24 John Carpenter Wins - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire John Carpenter became the first contestant to win the top prize on the American version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." He did so without using any lifelines until the final question, which he used to call his father simply to tell him he was about to win a million dollars. This moment is one of the most memorable in game show history.

After a while, it seemed like nobody would win the million dollars, and after ourteen of the fiteen questions, John had not used a lifeline. When it got down to the million dollar question, John used his phone-a-friend to call his dad. When his dad got on the line, he told him that he only called him to tell him that he was about to win the money, and he did.

25 Nazi Waffen SS vs Viet Cong - Deadliest Warrior "Deadliest Warrior" has a knack for pitting unexpected rivals against each other. One such episode is the simulation of a battle between the Nazi Waffen SS and the Viet Cong. These two forces never clashed in reality, but their hypothetical face-off offered a captivating exploration of the tactics, weapons, and strategies of two different periods of warfare.
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