Hottest Female Big Brother US Contestants

The Top Ten
1 Janelle - Big Brother 6

I would date her!

Hottest player ever! And great player

Definitely the most beautiful contestant to ever play.

I would do her

2 Danielle - Big Brother 8

Danielle was gorgeous!

Danielle was hot jn both seasons of 8 & 13

3 Britney - Big Brother 12

Britney is the all around package every guy dreams of. Great personality, great looks, great figure, and great sense of humor. She is a 10/10 and I would take her out on a date without hesitation!

She looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar... But with nice Massive boobies.


She only looks good to us because of her personality. Otherwise she'd just look normal

4 Sarah - Big Brother 6
5 Jessica - Big Brother 19

Who put baldy on the list

Best poolside!

The Bomb

6 Ashley - Big Brother 14
7 Michelle - Big Brother 4
8 Aaryn - Big Brother 15

I hated her socially but I had to cheer for her because she was so hot! She was racist but her looks made up for it! She had no boobs but her ass was amazing!

9 Jen - Big Brother 8

Her boobs were so huge. She should win a big brother Allstars season just cause of her tits.

She is so hot! She has amazing boobs and such a nice ass!

10 Keesha - Big Brother 10

She was gorg

The Contenders
11 Jessie - Big Brother 15

Short with a huge butt! Love her

12 Kara - Big Brother 14
13 Diane - Big Brother 5
14 Jordan - Big Brother 11

She was so sweet and pretty!

Number 1 she is so sexy and hot

She is one of the hottest!

She is gorgeous!

15 Lisa - Big Brother 3
16 Amanda - Big Brother 9
17 Erika - Big Brother 4
18 Cassi - Big Brother 13

Cassie is ALL TIME sexy and amazing smile. Sexy jaw lines. Perfect breasts/ass

I think she needs to be in the 1 place

19 Holly - Big Brother 5
20 Nicole - Big Brother 16

I love her she's so pretty she's my favorite one she's was in there twice that's cool right

She's so nice and pretty

21 Allison - Big Brother 9
22 Brittany - Big Brother 16
23 Alison - Big Brother 4

She would have completely manipulated and played me if I was in the house with her

24 Porsche - Big Brother 13
25 Natalie Negrotti - BB18

Absolutely stunning

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