Hottest Female Big Brother US Contestants

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1 Janelle - Big Brother 6

I would date her!

Hottest player ever! And great player

Definitely the most beautiful contestant to ever play.

I would do her

2 Danielle - Big Brother 8

Danielle was gorgeous!

Danielle was hot jn both seasons of 8 & 13

3 Britney - Big Brother 12

Britney is the all around package every guy dreams of. Great personality, great looks, great figure, and great sense of humor. She is a 10/10 and I would take her out on a date without hesitation!

She looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar... But with nice Massive boobies.


She only looks good to us because of her personality. Otherwise she'd just look normal

4 Sarah - Big Brother 6
5 Jessica - Big Brother 19

Who put baldy on the list

Best poolside!

The Bomb

6 Ashley - Big Brother 14
7 Michelle - Big Brother 4
8 Aaryn - Big Brother 15

I hated her socially but I had to cheer for her because she was so hot! She was racist but her looks made up for it! She had no boobs but her ass was amazing!

Bitch with no boobs but other than that she has an amazing ass!

9 Jen - Big Brother 8

Her boobs were so huge. She should win a big brother Allstars season just cause of her tits.

She is so hot! She has amazing boobs and such a nice ass!

10 Keesha - Big Brother 10

She was gorg

The Contenders
11 Jordan - Big Brother 11

She was so sweet and pretty!

Number 1 she is so sexy and hot

She is one of the hottest!

She is gorgeous!

12 Jessie - Big Brother 15

Short with a huge butt! Love her

13 Kara - Big Brother 14
14 Diane - Big Brother 5
15 Lisa - Big Brother 3
16 Amanda - Big Brother 9
17 Erika - Big Brother 4
18 Laura - Big Brother 11
19 Cassi - Big Brother 13

Cassie is ALL TIME sexy and amazing smile. Sexy jaw lines. Perfect breasts/ass

I think she needs to be in the 1 place

20 Kaitlin - Big Brother 15
21 Holly - Big Brother 5
22 Nicole - Big Brother 16

I love her she's so pretty she's my favorite one she's was in there twice that's cool right

She's so nice and pretty

23 Allison - Big Brother 9
24 Brittany - Big Brother 16
25 Alison - Big Brother 4

She would have completely manipulated and played me if I was in the house with her

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