Top 10 Hottest Female Big Brother US Contestants

Whether it's the intriguing games, the unexpected alliances, or the houseguest drama, there's no denying that Big Brother is a guilty pleasure for many. But let's be real: part of the allure has always been the eye-catching contestants who grace the Big Brother house. Over the years, the show has featured a diverse array of women - some fierce, some funny, and yes, many who could easily turn heads.

Now, here's the thing, beauty is subjective. What one person finds attractive, another might shrug off. But when it comes to the contestants of Big Brother US, there's been a general consensus that some women have that extra spark, that radiant charm which makes them memorable even after their season ends. This isn't just about looks, mind you. It's about charisma, the way they carry themselves, and that undefinable quality that draws us in.

So, which female contestants from Big Brother US have caught your eye? Which ones had you debating who was the ultimate standout?
The Top Ten
1 Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 6

Definitely the most beautiful contestant to ever play.

Hottest player ever! And a great player.

I would date her!

2 Jessica Graf - Big Brother 19
3 Danielle Donato - Big Brother 8

Danielle was gorgeous!

4 Britney Haynes - Big Brother 12

Britney is the all-around package every guy dreams of. Great personality, great looks, great figure, and a great sense of humor. She is a 10/10, and I would take her out on a date without hesitation!

She only looks good to us because of her personality. Otherwise, she'd just look normal.

Cute as a button and with curves meant to be displayed for the pleasures of males.

5 Sarah Hrejsa - Big Brother 6

James definitely did not deserve a lovely taste like her. Tall, well-curved, and most definitely submissive enough to please males.

6 Ashley Iocco - Big Brother 14
7 Jen Johnson - Big Brother 8

Say what you will about her mouth, but her shapeliness was meant to be bare, and she is another who should be trained to docility and pleasure.

She is so hot! She has amazing boobs and such a nice ass!

8 America Lopez - Big Brother 25
9 Porsche Briggs - Big Brother 13
10 Kat Dunn - Big Brother 21
The Contenders
11 Keesha Smith - Big Brother 10
12 Michelle Maradie - Big Brother 4

Should have stayed around a lot longer and had the opportunity to display her well-curved figure for the pleasure of males

13 Taylor Hale - Big Brother 24
14 Aaryn Gries - Big Brother 15 Aaryn Elizabeth Williams is an American reality television personality, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former model from San Marcos, Texas. She is best known for her appearance as a contestant on the reality television show Big Brother 15.

I hated her socially but I had to cheer for her because she was so hot! She was racist but her looks made up for it! She had no boobs but her ass was amazing!

Was competition beast and if Andy, Amanda, or McCrea had been evicted she would have won Big Brother, slightly.

15 Libra Thompson - Big Brother 10
16 Kara Monaco - Big Brother 14

She was Playmate of the Year in 2006. You can't get much higher than that as far as desirability.

17 Jordan Lloyd - Big Brother 11

A lovely, well-curved natural kajira who certainly deserves better than Jeff.

She was so sweet and pretty!

She is one of the hottest!

18 Diane Henry - Big Brother 5
19 Lisa Donahue - Big Brother 3

Deep brown eyes and a steamy belly.

20 Amanda Hansen - Big Brother 9
21 Jessie Kowalski - Big Brother 15

Short with a huge butt! Love her.

22 Erika Landin - Big Brother 4
23 Cassi Colvin - Big Brother 13
24 Nicole Franzel - Big Brother 16

Makes cute geek girls all the rage, and with curves that were meant to be shown to everyone!

She's so nice and pretty.

I love her. She's so pretty. She's my favorite one. She's been in there twice, that's cool, right?

25 Danielle Reyes - Big Brother 3
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